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Table of Contents
 Caught in the Moment
 Goals for the Future
 School Spirit
 The Best Thing About Me
 Favourite Memories
 The Real Meaning of Leadership
 Quotes I Can Live By
 I Admire…
This photo shows a group
of us from the Leadership
Retreat. This was an
overnight event at which
time we spend time
together as a group doing
many group activities. It
was important because
we planned activities for
the following school year.
This photo is of me
dressed up once I was
„purchased‟ at the senior
auction. The girl that
bought me picked out my
outfit (no, it wasn‟t
something in my closet!)
Proceeds from this
auction went to raising
money for the school for
things such as; water
refilling stations, picnic
tables etc
Goals For The Future
1. I want to make the honour roll in grade 12
1. I will hand in my assignments on time
2. I will study for all tests
3. I will meet with teachers if I have questions or concerns

2. I will improve my baseball skills
1. I will attend all practices as well as games
2. I will play catch with my dad who is a great ball player
3. I will take private lessons this summer

3. I will get into university
1. I will follow goal #1
2. I need to focus more in class
3. I will decrease my socializing

4. I will remain positive in life
1. I will remain close with my family which keeps me happy
2. I will balance that with maintaining my friendships
3. If I make mistakes I will own them and then learn from them

5. I will save some money
1. I will put half my paycheck into a savings account
2. I will eat out less
3. I will think before I purchase things to limit impulse buying

6. I will find a soulmate
1. I will take care of myself physically
2. I will always be a nice guy and stay true to myself
3. I will learn from all my relationships

7. I will find a career that I love
1. I will be successful in obtaining a university degree
2. I will continue to participate in events where I can make connections
3. I will be open to all possibilities

8. I will stay physically fit
1. I will try to eat more healthy
2. I will remain physically active
3. I will learn more about fitness

9. I will contribute to making my community a good place to
1. I will try to be aware of more community events
2. I will continue to participate in leadership at school
3. I will help others to be respectful

10. I will communicate effectively
1. I will continue to use proper spelling and grammar
2. I will continue with public speaking
3. I will learn to answer questions concisely and with meaning

School Spirit – We Are
School Spirit – I am lucky to be part of a
school where positive spirit is promoted everyday!
The Best Thing About Me!

The Best Thing About Me!
Throughout my high school career I have really enjoyed
myself. Being a leader at Jacob Hespeler has really taught me the
value of contributing to the community. No matter how big or small,
your contribution can make an impact and a difference.

My all time favourite memory at JHSS this year was the
leadership retreat. Being part of a group with common interests
resulted in a great 2 day experience! It taught me that when a
group of student leaders come together, big ideas can be had.

Another favourite memory was at an event called “Count
Me In”. It was such a fantastic experience and I feel very fortunate
to have been part of it. It was an event that reinforced the
importance of helping out in your community.

The Real Meaning of
 In my opinion, the real meaning of
leadership is being involved in your
community and trying to make a
 Throughout the year I have met many
people with terrific leadership skills. One
example is Brandon Ferguson. He is the
co-president for next year and is almost
always involved in school events which
is our community. He is a great public
speaker, and has already made an
impact on our school.
 Meeting these types of leaders has
helped me to define my idea of a leader.
The Real Meaning of
Quotes I Can Live By
 As long as you have fun
 Harry Boomer (papa)

 Leadership is unlocking people‟s
potential to become better
 Bill Bradley

 If your actions inspire others to
dream more, learn more, do more
and become more, you are a leader
 John Quincy Adams

 As a leader your every action has a
consequence, make sure it is one
you intend
 Katherine Bryant

 Leadership and learning are
indispensable to each other
 John F Kennedy
 Being positive in a negative situation
is not naïve – it‟s leadership
 Author unknown

 Success is when I add value to
myself. Significance is when I add
value to others
 John Maxwell

 You only get out what you put in
 Author unknown

 You have brains in your head. You
have feet in your shoes. You can
steer yourself, any direction you
 Dr Seuss

 Be the kind of leader that you want
to follow
 Author unknown
I Admire…
 My papa
◦ Foundation of our family
◦ Goofiest person I have ever met
◦ Taught me the value of kindness
◦ Selfless
◦ Encouraging
◦ Loving
◦ Involved
◦ Always there for me

Dear Papa,
You are the biggest person in my
life by far. You have been my #1
best friend since the day I was
born, and will continue to be until
the day I die. You‟re the
foundation to our family, making
us all happy all the time.
Whenever you‟re around, you
and I are the goofiest duo out
there, and I love it. You have
taught me the value of kindness.
You are the most genuine man I
have ever met. You do so much
for others, and do not ask for
anything in return. You
encourage me to always try my
hardest, and to always have fun
with whatever I‟m doing. You are
the most loving person I have
ever met, and I am so lucky to
have you in my life. I cannot
thank you enough for everything
you have done for me, I love you
Papa, you big goofball.