THE YOUTH FARM at the High School for Public Service

NEWSLETTER Week of June 16
IkCM 1nL IAkMLk.
uear ?ouLh larm CSA members!

Welcome! We are so exclLed Lo be
harvesLlng our flrsL shares of vegeLables Lhls
week. lor us, Lhls ls whaL lLs all abouL.
CeLLlng fresh, exclLlng, challenglng,
nuLrlLlous food Lo people. 1hank you so
very much for [olnlng us Lhls season as
members of our farm - your farm! ?our
supporL aL Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe season ls so
helpful. lL enables us Lo purchase our seeds,
new equlpmenL llke knlves and cllppers
(whlch are ln good use Loday), and run
educaLlonal programmlng.

ln case you're new Lo Lhe ?ouLh larm, we
are a 1-acre farm locaLed on Lhe fronL law
of Lhe WlngaLe Plgh School campus. Pome
Lo 3 schools, WlngaLe ls a 1lLle 1 school,
meanlng Lhe ma[orlLy of Lhe sLudenLs are
ellglble for free meals. We have a close
relaLlonshlp wlLh Lhe lncredlble Plgh School
for Þubllc Servlce, whlch supporLs us vla
land, offlce space, asslsLance wlLh waLer
access and grounds malnLenance, as well as
Lhe lncredlble communlLy of Leachers and
sLudenLs who are Lruly excepLlonal ln Lhelr
pursulL of creaLlng en[oyable and
meanlngful educaLlon. We hope you'll come
vlslL us someLlme Lhls season, see Lhe farm,
and meeL some of Lhe sLudenLs and
apprenLlces who wlll be worklng wlLh us
Lhls season. Þlease read more laLer ln Lhe
newsleLLer abouL our programs!

ln Lhls newsleLLer, you can expecL Lo flnd a
leLLer from myself, Lhe larm Manager, or
from oLher farm sLaff: Llz uowd, AsslsLanL
larm Manager, ÞaLrlcla noLo, larm Lo
School Llalson, !osh kalln and 1arl Ayala,
Crew Leaders. ?ou wlll also en[oy ºMeeL Lhe
larmer" columns whlch lnLroduce you Lo
farm sLaff, our 8 lncredlble 2014
apprenLlces, and Lhe 12 ?ouLh Leaders we
are hlrlng for Lhe summer. ?ou'll hear abouL
whaL's happenlng on Lhe farm, and whaL's
ln your share. ?ou'll geL 1-2 reclpes and
hlghllghLs abouL Lhe veggles and flowers
feaLured each week. llnally, you'll hear
abouL upcomlng evenLs on Lhe farm.

We very much look forward Lo sharlng Lhe
bounLy of Lhe season wlLh you!!

larm Manager

IN ¥CUk SnAkL 1nIS WLLk!

• MIN1
• kADISn

THE YOUTH FARM at the High School for Public Service
NEWSLETTER Week of June 16
1he long, cold wlnLer we all experlenced
Lhls year had lLs effecLs on Lhe farm, of
course. Whereas lasL year we had planLs ln
Lhe ground by laLe March, Lhls year we
could noL prep our beds unLll early - mld
Aprll. March was exLra chllly, wlLh lows
hlLLlng Lhe 30s conslsLenLly. We began
sLarLlng seeds lndoors ln laLe !anuary, and
goL creaLlve wlLh houslng our young and
vulnerable seedllngs - Snapdragons, SweeL
Wllllam, SLock, and evenLually LomaLoes,
peppers and eggplanL - Lhrough a mlx of
ºrenLlng" greenhouse space aL oLher urban
farms, uslng classrooms overnlghL, and
double or even Lrlple-coverlng Lhe seedllngs
lnslde our very own hoop house, who we
call ºParrleL." lL's wonderful Lo flnally begln
Lo reap Lhe beneflL of many monLhs of
nurLurlng lnfanL planLs, now ln Lhelr
buoyanL and boasLful adolescence. ÞesLs
are beglnnlng Lo show Lhelr greedy faces -
cabbageworm, leaf mlner, aphlds, flea
beeLles. l llke Lo Lhlnk a healLhy varleLy of
pesLs ls a good slgn of a healLhy farm. We
do noL use synLheLlc 'conLrols' on Lhe farm,
buL raLher use an lnLegraLed ÞesL
ManagemenL approach of prevenLlon
Lhrough companlon planLlng, adequaLe
spaclng, composL and good soll nuLrlLlon,
and lf necessary, organlc reclpes such as
baklng soda and soap, or garllc and cayenne
pepper sprays.

1hls week ln your share ls some of our flrsL
garllc of Lhe season! ?ou are recelvlng
!"#$$%& "(#)*+, garllc LhaL was planLed as
Llny cloves (you know, Lhe klnds you usually
Lhrow ouL or composL because Lhey're Loo
small Lo deal wlLh peellng). 1hese can be
planLed aL LlghLer spaclng ln Lhe beds, and
are meanL Lo be harvesLed aL Lhe sLage
prlor Lo 'bulblng up' when Lhe skln coverlng
each clove ls sofL and edlble, ln oLher
words, Lhey should look llke leeks buL LasLe
llke garllc! ?ou can use Lhem as you would a
Scalllon, buL for Lhelr mlld garllcky flavor.
Soon, you'll have Carllc Scapes, Lhe nexL
sLage of developmenL for garllc, whlch ls
pulled from Lhe ground 90-130 days afLer lL
ls planLed ln november. 1hls garllc was
lovlngly planLed by sLudenLs and farm sLaff
lasL fall ln anLlclpaLlon of your cullnary
dellghLs Lhls summer.

Slnce Lhe garllc you are recelvlng has noL
been cured, you wlll need Lo use lL wlLhln a
monLh. lLs exLra waLer conLenL, and subLler
flavors wlll also sllghLly effecL how you cook
wlLh lL, careful noL Lo burn lL. lL's a speclal
LreaL and we hope you noLlce Lhe dlfference
ln LasLe and LexLure.

Iun facts:
Swlss Chard, a Lall leafy vegeLable ls a parL
of Lhe CoosefooL famlly -- apLly named
because Lhe

THE YOUTH FARM at the High School for Public Service
NEWSLETTER Week of June 16

leaves resemble a goose's fooL. CLher
members are 8eeLs and Splnach.

Chlcago was named afLer Lhe Amerlcan
lndlan word for Lhe wlld garllc LhaL grew
around Lake Mlchlgan- ºchlcagaoua."

SCu8CL: MarLha SLewarL, Whole Llvlng
SpagheLLl wlLh !"##$%& (%))*+ ,-./ 0)1"*
1hls qulck pasLa sLarLs and ends ln Lhe skllleL. A handful
of fresh zesL coaLs Lhe noodles and lends brlghLness Lo
Lhe collards.

• 2 1bsp exLra-vlrgln ollve oll
• 2 cloves garllc, sllced
• 1/4 Lsp red pepper flakes
• 1 bunch collard greens (12 oz), rlbs removed,
Lhlnly sllced
• 1/4 cup plne nuLs, LoasLed
• CraLed zesL of 1 lemon, plus more for garnlsh
• 2 1bsp lemon [ulce
• Coarse salL
• 12 oz larro spagheLLl
• 1/4 cup freshly graLed Þecorlno 8omano
Cook's Note
1hese noodles are made from farro, an lLallan
whole graln LhaL's galned a followlng for lLs
complex, nuLLy flavor and hlgh proLeln conLenL.
1. PeaL oll ln a large skllleL over medlum heaL. Cook
garllc and pepper flakes unLll Lender, abouL 1
mlnuLe. Add greens and cook, sLlrrlng unLll Lender,
abouL 3 mlnuLes. 8emove from heaL and sLlr ln plne
nuLs and lemon zesL and [ulce. Season wlLh salL.
2. Meanwhlle, cook pasLa ln well-salLed waLer
accordlng Lo package dlrecLlons. 8eserve 1/2 cup
pasLa waLer and Lhen draln.
3. Add pasLa Lo skllleL, Losslng Lo coaL, and add
reserved waLer Lo ad[usL conslsLency. Sprlnkle wlLh
lemon zesL and cheese before servlng.
We have [ust embarked on an IC8¥
campa|gn to fund an Ant|-oppress|on and
Undo|ng kac|sm 1ra|n|ng for farm staff and
summer youth. No donat|on |s too sma|| -
our goa| |s 53000 by Iu|y 7!
Donate here:

Get farmy: VCLUN1LLk DA¥!
SaLurday, !une 21, 10am- 3:30 pm
CeL your hands ln Lhe soll and en[oy Lhe sunshlne.
Cur volunLeer uays are open Lo Lhe publlc. !usL
sLop on by! 8rlng a lunch, good worklng cloLhes
and close-Loed shoes!