Rifenburg Literacy Task II Engl 2230

Engl 2230

ENGL 2230
Writing for an Online Audience

Final Draft due: June 22 by 11:59p.m., in the appropriate D2L dropbox
Quick Reference Guide
 Word count:1500-2100 words
 Stance: Your choice
 Topic: Rhetorical effectiveness of a Wikipedia page
 Format: MLA or APA format; be sure to add a works cited (references) page
 Audience: Me
 Images: One is required
For the past week, we have been working toward creating and editing portions of UNG’s
Wikipedia page. Through the Wikipedia Adventure and working with your classmates,
you have spent a great deal of time writing and editing digital content.
In this literacy task, I invite you to select a specific Wikipedia page and, pulling from
your personal experience creating and editing UNG’s page, consider the rhetorical
effectiveness of the page under analysis.
Through engaging with the Wikipedia Adventure and collaborating on aspects of UNG’s
Wikipedia page, you are in a strong position to begin thinking critically about the
rhetorical effectiveness of a specific Wikipedia page.
As we think about rhetorical effectiveness, refer to the handout/assignment found on in
the D2L content page. But in brief, we are thinking about:
 The particular response a text is designed to create in its audience
 How well this response is generated
 The strategies used to generate this response
When selecting a Wikipedia page to rhetorically analyze, consider one that
 You may not very familiar with
 Has amble content (photos, references, text)
 Is recently updated (refer to the history of the page)
Rifenburg Literacy Task II Engl 2230

 That speaks to a relatively generative topic
Finally, when evaluating your writing, I will be looking for the following:
 Construct an articulated main point early in your writing
 State the particular response(s) the page is designed to generate
 Discussion of the strategies used
 Detail the page’s effectiveness at generating this response
 Reflect on and pull examples from your Wikipedia creating/editing experience
 Connect with your audience
 Properly format your essay according to MLA or APA guidelines
Good luck! I’m happy to help if you need some additional assistance at any stage of this
paper. My office hours are before and after class and by appointment. You can reach me
as well via email at Michael.rifenburg@ung.edu or on Twitter @JMRifenburg.

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