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Cæta Rica
The Crestones of Chlrrlpó
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Costa Rica is located in Central America.
The country is linked to North America and
South America. Due to its location, bordering
Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the
south, the warm weather prevails. However,
there are various microclimates that can be
found throughout the country. According to the
last national census from the Instituto Nacional
de Estadística y Censos (National Institute of
Statistics and Census -INEC), the population
in Costa Rica is about 4,652,458 citizens, from
which, 2,351,032 are men and 2,301,426 are
women, with a level of life satisfaction of 8.5
–according to the Gallup World Poll.
The country is divided into seven provinces
(San Jose –it is capital city; Alajuela, Cartago,
Heredia, Puntarenas, Guanacaste, and Limon),
81 counties, and 463 districts –in 51,100
square kilometers (19,730 square miles), which
is the country size. It is a democratic, free and
independent Republic. Most of the population
is Catholic, but it offers freedom of religion. Its
official currency is the “colón” and Spanish is
the native language.
One of the most significant and well-known
characteristics of the country is the abolishment
of the army –which was removed on December
1st, 1948 by former president José Figueres-
Ferrer. On that date, peace became one of
the significant features of Costa Rica, thus
distinguishing it from the rest of the Central
American countries that share that method of
Costa Rica has a number of national symbols
that represent Costa Ricans and their traditions.
One of the most important symbols of Costa
Rica include the National Anthem, the Coat
of Arms in the Republic of Costa Rica, the
National Flag, the White-tail Deer, the Guaria
Morada (Guarianthe skinneri, a purple orchid),
the Marimba, the Oxcart, the Yigüirro, the
Guanacaste Tree, among others that can be seen
by clicking the following link:
http: / / www. asambl ea. go. cr/ Centro_de_
i nf ormaci on/ bi bl i oteca/ Centro_Dudas/
Li sts/ Formul e%20su%20pregunta/
Attachments/ 419/ S%C3%8DMBOLOS%20
%20NACI ONALES%20%20DE%20%20
COSTA%20%20RI CA. pdf
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!"# Institutional Press Kit
With natural beautiful landscapes, it is one
of the most visited destinations in Central
America by lovers of natural adventures
and ecotourism, a term that was created in
Costa Rica. Mountains, valleys, volcanoes,
beaches, lakes, caves, forests, national
parks, mineral springs, thermal waters, and
several species of fauna and flora are some
of the natural things visitors can enjoy while
visiting Costa Rica.
Twenty-six percent of the country is protected
and due to the richness of fauna, the
Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación
(National System of Conservation Areas)
preserves Wildlife Areas and National Parks
of the country, in order to preserve natural
resources; life sources that ultimately
produce tourism.
In the link below you can find information
about Costa Rica’s Wildlife Areas and
National Parks:
Additionally, Costa Rica is a cornerstone of
sustainable tourism –an economic activity
where the environment is utmost respected,
thus causing the minimum impact possible
while maintaining a positive social and
cultural environment in the country. In 1997,
Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (The Costa
Rican Tourism Board -ICT) implemented the
Certificación para la Sostenibilidad Turística
(Certification for Sustainable Tourism
program) –a standard recognized by the
World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), as
a pioneer program that has transformed
the way to enjoy tourism. Each day, more
accommodation companies, tour operators,
car rentals, and theme parks, continue to
show their commitment to sustainable
management, through specific activities such
as the improving waste management, using
the most out its resources, making their own
efforts to protect the environment, while
respecting local culture, and contributing to
the communities they belong to.
The sustainable tourism development model
is the hallmark positioning of Costa Rica as
a destination. All of the country’s initiatives
are built around the social and economic
development, and the preservation of the
country´s cultural and natural richness.
According to the World Economic
Forum, Costa Rica ranked 47th in
the world and third at the Latin
American level in the Tourist
Competiveness Index rating 2013.
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Costa Rica’s territory extends from
the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean
Sea, and its distance is 200 miles.
The varieties of landscapes and
microclimates that can be enjoyed
in a single day make this Costa Rica
a distinct and desirable destination.
In Costa Rica, a traveler can find:
sun and beach, adventure, nature
and culture –that can certainly fulfill
the tastes of all kinds of travelers.
Costa Rica is a perfect vacation
spot, which offers everything any
traveler could ever want combined
with nature, and the kindness of its
genuine people.
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Besides being characterized by the people’s warmth and
cultural traditions, this destination is internationally
recognized for its natural environment –it has 5%
of the world’s known biodiversity.
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!"# Institutional Press Kit
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Vacation seasons in Costa Rica are not
well-defined; however, from November to
January, Holy Week and the first three weeks
of July are the times that are most traveled
in Costa Rica. Nevertheless, the remaining
months of the year visitors have possibility
great opportunity to enjoy this destination at
more affordable prices with the same quality
International travel continues because of the
number of strategies and tactics implement
year-round in key markets, including the
expansion of cooperative campaigns, training
of agents, hosting international press
tours, and the participation in prominent
international trade shows and exhibitions
worldwide, among promoting the country’s
initiatives through a variety of key marketing
and public relations strategies and tactics.
Finally, in order to deseasonalize the
vacation seasons and continue to promote
domestic tourism throughout the year, the
campaign ¡Vamos a Turistear! (Let’s Travel!)
aims at reaching local tourists to learn
and enjoy all the experiences that can be
enjoyed within Costa Rica. With the purpose
of increasing domestic tourism, discounts
and instant promotions were promoted to
create opportunities for domestic travel and
encourage quick-decision making to go on
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One of Costa Rica’s main assets is the size of
the region. Being that it is a relatively small
country with a diverse natural, cultural and
tourist offerings where travelers can enjoy
unique experiences without the need to
travel hundreds of miles. It’s likely to enjoy
an amazing daybreak at the beach with the
fresh ocean breeze and warmth of the sun,
and two hours later be ziplining over trees
in mountains, thus enjoying the country’s
sustainable ecotourism that offers a wide
variety of accommodations, transportation,
food, tour operators, among others.
Four key ingredients were used to determine
Costa Rica’s new country brand including:
the pride of the Costa Rican people, the
country’s innate peace and democracy,
education and innovation, and sustainability.
Costa Ricans are generally believed to be
genuine, happy, warm, inviting and creative.
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thc countrg i: smal|, i/
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valuc, natura| beautg,
biodiversitg, cultura|
diversitg, and innovatioa,
al| of which pæitioa thc
countrg a: a onc-of-a-kind
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Did you know that Happy Planet Index and
Forbes magazine chose Costa Rica as the
happiest country in the world in 2012, due
to its life expectancy, natural resources,
Costa Rican spirit, job opportunities,
among other characteristics of the country’s
inhabitants? According to surveys completed
at the country’s airports, the element that
international tourists remember the most
about this country is the warmth and
kindness of its people, who state that they
have had an opportunity to experience the
people’s cheerful and positive spirit.
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Natural and sustainable wealth is combined
with Costa Rica’s culture -which comprises
of delicious traditional foods made with
authentic products, and “tico” expressions
like “Pura Vida,” which is internationally
renowned. This combination of culture and
nature within a sustainable environment
is exactly what makes Costa Rica a
unique destination, that offers authentic
experiences that result in the best vacation
for travelers.
The in-country roads and routes,
airports, the nearly 2,500 lodging
and hospitality accommodation
companies, more than 29 National
Parks, more than 300 beaches,
Costa Ricans’ warmth, among other
elements that are unique to the
country, make travelers feel fulfilled
since the destination offers truly
delightful experiences, and being that
the country’s cornerstones are built on
sustainable tourism, environmental
education as well, which ultimately
encourages travelers to protect and
love the earth and its people.
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According to Banco Central de Costa Rica (Costa Rica’s Central Bank), tourism represents
approximately 4.9% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which makes it one of the main
components driving the national economy. In 2013, this industry generated revenues for over
$2.253 million, ultimately growing faster than coffee and banana production, which are the
country’s main exporting products.
Our country is divided into seven tourism developmental units including; Central Valley, the
Caribbean, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Northern Plains, South Pacific and Mid Pacific. Each of them
has a variety of tourist options that include lodging and hospitality accommodations for every
palate and budget, a variety of culinary options, tour operators that offer a myriad of adventure
and relaxation options to enjoy everything Costa Rica has to offer, including car rentals options
that are easy and convenient or guided tours and transportation. Whether travelers are looking
for rural tourism, cultural experience or adventures, Costa Rica offers everything travelers will
need whether traveling for business or pleasure.
Tc Touris/ certificatioa consist: of a volunteer proclamatioa
program tha/ guarantee: thc qualitg of thc sustainablc tourism
servicc being offered.
It is a physical inspection program and verification process that authenticates a company’s
certification level whether they are: a hotel, apart hotel, condominium hotels, cabin, rural
tourism hostel, boutique hotel); travel agency, restaurants, theme activity park, car rental venue,
shipping company, meeting and convention facility, or air carrier. Some companies have a
specific measuring system; for example, in the case of hotels, it is rated by the number of stars
(from 1 to 5) it receives, in the case of restaurants, it is rated by the number of forks (from 1 to
5) it receives. The minimum rate they can obtain is 3 forks, so is also the case of night clubs, bars
and entertainment venues.
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Toto| Xumoer of Componles wlth |CT's Tourlst 0ec|orotlon ln Costo klco
Source: Tourist Planning, ICT/ Up to February 2014
1. Central Valley
2. Caribbean
3. Guanacaste
4. Puntarenas
5. Northern Plains
6. South Pacific
7. Mid Pacific
4.9% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
20I3: revenues for over $2.253 million
!"# Institutional Press Kit
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