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Multi Genre Text Set

Alexis Pearse
Rdg 301

Multi Genre Text Set
A multi genre text set is used to help develop lessons on a certain topic in different way.
It is considered to be a collection of books about one topic and meant to hit certain TEKS. All
teachers should use this technique in the classroom to help students better understand what is
going on in certain topics and helps them develop their thoughts and what they think about the
certain subject.
My multi genre text set is all about storms. Storms are a great way to cover different
types, what causes them, all the way to how they develop and where they occur most. Students
can learn about different aspects of storms and can grasp certain concepts about math, science,
social studies, and even health. For the text set I have prepared I am able to implement TEKS
112.14. Science, Grade 3 because students are needed to conduct experiments and uses research
to be able to describe location of things and the history of patterns. This is a great way to implement
weather because storms happen in certain areas every year, an example would be Oklahoma with
tornadoes. Every year they have tornadoes just around spring time. The different patterns in the
weather cause this uproar of tornadoes. Kids would be able to research all the patterns and make data
charts and create maps showing where it is most likely to happen. The state standards explain, (1)
scientific investigation and reasoning. The student conducts classroom and outdoor investigations
following school and home safety procedures and environmentally appropriate practices. The student is
expected to: (A) demonstrate safe practices as described in the Texas Safety Standards during
classroom and outdoor investigations, including observing a schoolyard habitat (Aug 2013). The state
standards explain that the students need to be able to observe safety practices as well as investigate
and reason for it, which storms would be a wonderful way to do so.

Title: The Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings
Author: Jan and Stan Berenstain
Summary: When a thunderstorm rolls in Brother and Sister Bear discover that their parents
love and protection is much better than their material things around the house.
Reading Level: Intermediate
Genre: fantasy
Justification: (1):(A) I am able to incorporate mathematics into the reading by the kids counting
by the kids counting in between the lighting strikes to test how far away the lightening is. The
book explains that between the lightning strikes and the thunder you must count the second in
between. Multiply that by one thousand and that is how many feet way the lightning struck.
I would have the students watch and listen. They would watch me raise my hand, and they
would begin to count. I would then clap my hands and they would stop counting. When I raise
my hand it represents the lightening striking, and when I clap it represents the thunder, and
thats when the kids stop counting. Once they have the number they should multiply that
number by 1000 and that is how many feet away the lightning struck. You would just tell the
kids to add three zeroes to the end of the number if they do not yet know how to multiply.

Title: Sosus Call
Author: Meshack Asare
Summary: Sosu lives in a small village on a strip of land between the sea and the lagoon. Many
of the people in the village dont really accept Sosu because his legs dont work. He has to say
at home because he is not accepted in society. One day a storm come through town and Sosu
saves the village people by warning them of the terrible storm coming. He tells them something
is wrong by drumming loud for all the farm workers to hear him.
Reading level: Intermediate
Genre: realistic fiction
Justification: I am able to incorporate the social studies aspects TEKS standards by explain the
location of where they live and why storms are more likely to occur there. The students would
be able to see how they live in that area as well, and that some places dont have running water
and they must go to find their water supply.

Title: A Storm Is Coming
Author: Heather Tekavec
Summary: A farmer tells his animals that a terrible storm is coming, and the dog leads them to
shelter. They all think that the storm is a person and dont know what to expect when it gets
here. They believe that the sky is trying to protect them from this evil storm.
Genre: Contemporary Realistic fiction
Reading Level: Primary
Justification: This book would be a great way to open up to kids about storms and what they
think that they are. Kids will be able to understand that storms arent anything to fear and that
all they need to do is stay inside during one. This would be a great way to show 1
grade TEKS
about the five senses as well and ask the students what they hear, feel, see, taste, and touch
during a storm and have them do an activity over all of those things.

Title: Rain
Author: Marion Dane Bauer
Reading Level: Primary
Summary: When rain comes to the African savanna, the animals use all their senses to track the
storm. The porcupine smells rain in the air. The zebras see lightning. The baboons hear thunder.
The rhino feels the first drops. And the lion tastes the cool water. For a time, the grasslands
abound with new green leaves, juicy fruits, and fresh pools of water. But soon the hot sun dries
out the land, and the animals must wait for the next big rain.
Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Justification: This would be a great book to read to young kids about what they would need for
when a rain storm is coming. Young students would be able to see how storms can be fun a
light-hearted. The students will know how to be safe during a rain storm and they will be able
to use the five senses to sense the storm as well.

Title: Tornado
Author: Betsy Byars
Summary: When a tornado comes to town Pete guides everyone to story cellar, so they can all
wait for the story to pass. During the storm Pete tells everyone about his amazing dog who
once lived.
Reading Level: Intermediate
Genre: contemporary realistic fiction
Justification: I would have the students read this wonderful story of about how a boy guides
everyone into a storm cellar away from the tornado coming toward their small town.

Title: Science: A Closer Look
Author: Macmillan
Genre: nonfiction
Reading level: Intermediate
Summary: The text about weather explains tornado watching and searching. It gives
explanations of where tornados are most likely to happen and what to do in the case of a
Justification: I would use this book to show kids the up close and personal part of how
thunderstorms are created. The TEKS for 6
grade want the kids to do research on certain parts
of the aspects of science. This would

Title: Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll
Author: Franklyn M. Branley
Summary: Did you know that lightning bolts can be over a mile long? Or that they may come
from clouds that are ten miles high? Storms can be scary, but not if you know what causes
them. Before the next thunderstorm, grab this book by veteran science team Franklyn Branley
and True Kelley and learn what causes the flash, crash, rumble, and roll of thunderstorms
Justification: I would have the student read the story and say terms they didnt understand. We
would discuss these terms in class and make references toward the book. They would then
write a sentence using each of the words to make sure they do understand the terms. This is a
wonderful way to show kids how storms develop.
Genre: nonfiction
Reading Level: Primary

Title: The Secret Life of A Snowflake
Author: Kenneth Libbrecht
Summary: Told by a scientist who knows snowflakes better than almost anyone, the story
features the authors photographs of real snowflakes, snowflakes forming (water evaporating,
clouds developing, ice crystals, rain, dew, and frost--all the elements of the world and weather
that add up, flake by flake, to the white landscape of winter. The Secret Life of a Snowflake gets
to the heart of one of natures most magical phenomena while making the wonder of the
snowflake all the more real.
Genre: nonfiction
Reading Level: Intermediate
Justification: I would have the students popcorn read the story in class and I would take pauses
to talk about each part. They will then go through and list the important terms we talked about
during the reading. They will then list the information about the term and what the term
means. They will then draw a picture of what helps them think of the term to help them
remember the meaning. This would be great for them to know how snow storms come about
when the water freezes and comes down to the ground.

Title: A Drop of Water
Author: Walter Wick
Summary: The nature of water has fascinated people for ages. Wick is a great admirer and
collector of 100-year-old science books where, according to his afterword. The results seemed
magical, but not because of any photographic trick; it was only the forces of nature at work. It
was from these explorations that the idea for this book emerged.
Reading level: Intermediate
Genre: nonfiction science
Justification: I would read the book out loud to the kids. If possible, I would use a smart board
edition of the book so they are able to see the text and pictures. I would then have the kids
create columns according the strategy of the terms that we discuss in the book. The terms they
dont exactly know we would go over in more detail in class.

Title: Dust Bowl: The 1930s Black Blizzards
Author: Richard H. Levey
Summary: The Dust Bowl was a huge hardship in Kansas in 1935. The giant grey cloud of dust s
wept through and the people didnt know how to handle it and did not know what to do.
Reading Level: Primary
Genre: informational
Justification: I would be able to incorporate history along with social studies TEKS because of
the book describes he location of the storm. The students would be able to look up where the
storm was on the map. In 17. A. the student will research what life was like during the storm
and what they did about surviving through it.

Title: The Magic School Bus: Inside A Hurricane
Author: Joanna Cole
Summary: Miss Frizzle takes her class to learn about hurricanes, but its not your typical cass
field trip. She takes them to the inside of a hurricane and explains what happens and when.
Reading level: Intermediate
Genre: fantasy
Justification: I am able to incorporate the TEKS by having the kids understand how a hurricane
is formed and the technicalities of them. They will be able to understand that hot air rises, and
the calmest place in the hurricane is in the very middle. They will be able to understand which
way hurricanes move and why they die when they get to land. The students will also be able to
understand the safety precautions taken before hurricanes and that we are able to see when
they are coming now.

Title: Storms
Author: Seymour Simon
Summary: Describes the atmospheric conditions that create thunderstorms, hailstorms,
lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes. It also is able to explain to the students what effects the
storms can have on the environment and the people living in those environments.
Reading Level: Intermediate
Genre: informational science nonfiction
Justification: This will be able to have the kids realize how much technology has advanced. This
book would be for about 6
grade. They will research the tools used to predict thunderstorms
in the 1980s and then they will research typical tools used in 2014 to predict thunderstorms.
This will be a wonderful way to help them realize how technology is important for our society.

Title: Thunder Cake
Author: Patricia Polacco
Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Summary: This book is about a little girl who is scared of the storms coming and her
grandmother distracts her from the storm by saying they need to gather all the materials to
make a thunder cake! Tis get the girls mind off of what she is afraid of and she sees that is can
be fun.
Reading Level: Primary
Justification: This would go wonderfully with 2
grade TEKS because of finding the location of
all the materials. They would be able to see that they family lives in the country side. The kids
would be able to determine rural area along with city areas and see the difference between

Title: Hurricanes: Earths Mightiest Storms
Author: Patricia Lauber
Summary: The book talks about all the aspects of hurricanes. It is a wonderful insight on where
they occur, all the way to the way they rotate and why. It is a wonderful way that kids can be
Reading Level: Intermediate
Genre: picture book, informational
Justification: This would be a great way to introduce hurricanes to the students and would be a
grade 5
grade level TEKS because they would need to map out where hurricanes happen and
when they die off and what causes them to die off.

Title: Lost in the Storm
Author: Carol Carrick
Summary: Christopher and his friend gray go caught in the rain while playing pretend. They run off to
grays house, but Gray dog has gone missing. Once the storm was gone they go and try to find the dog
in the day light.
Reading level: Primary
Genre: realistic fiction
Justification: This would be a great way to incorporate safety to young kids and why they should always
be with an adult. This would be a great 1
grade TEKS.

Title: Terrible Storm
Author: Carol Otis Hurst
Summary: Walt and Fred go through a terrible snow storm and were stuck in each others
homes. One was stuck in a barn alone, while the other was stuck at an inn with lots of people
and bother were unhappy.
Reading Level: Primary
Genre: Historical fiction
Justification: I am able to incorporate 3
grade TEKS of science because of how fast the blizzard
came down, along with what made it arrive so fast and what starts it.

Title: Walter was Worried
Author: Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Summary: The book has an explanation of the characters emotions along with their facial
expressions. The book explains the way they feel which the weather gets dark and cloudy as a
storm comes in.
Reading Level: Primary
Genre: picture book, realistic fiction
Justification: I would be able to use the fine arts TEKS because in the pictures of the kids they
have the letters that spell out their emotion. I would be able to have the kids do this as well and
put how their feeling in a picture of themselves as an art project.

Title: Rain
Author: Linda Ashman and Christian Robinson
Reading Level: primary
Summary: When rain hits the city and its a wonderful way to show kids to embrace everything as good
and not be grumpy like the grump old man in this book.
Reading Level: Primary
Genre: Contemporary realistic fiction
Justification: This would be a great way to use 1
grade TEKS as to where the storm could hit in a
big city. The teacher would be able to show the students the difference between a city and a rural

Title: Hurricanes!
Author: Gale Gibbsons
Reading Level: Primary
Summary: This book explains what a hurricane is really like. It explains the power and force a
hurricane can truly have and the damage is can actually do.
Genre: Contemporary Realistic fiction
Justification: This book would go wonderfully with 6
grade TEKS because of the actual content
of the book. The kids would be able to do research of what tools are used to predict such
storms and the different categories of the storms.

Title: The Great American Dust Bowl
Author: Don Brown
Reading Level: Intermediate
Genre: Non Fiction
Summary: This book wonderfully explains how the Dust Bowl of 1935 happened and how it
affected the people of the town and what they did to protect themselves against it.
Justification: This book would go wonderfully with the 6
grade history TEKS because they need
to know about different events in time and this was a very historical moment that Americans
will never forget.

Title: Weather Wiz Kids
Author: Crystal Wicker
Summary: This website is a great way to show kids different aspects of weather and how it all
works. Crystal is able to explain different details and created links as to how to calculate the
wind chill.
Reading Level: Intermediate
Justification: This would be a great 3rd grade TEKS because it explains to do research and find
their own answers. This would implement the TEKS that I am going by wonderfully.

Title: Science Kids
Author: Rene Smith
Summary: This website shows how to make all different types of weather tools to show how
much it rains, all the way to the wind speed. This is a wonderful learning tool for aa 3
science class.
Justification: This website is a wonderful way to implement research because of the ideas the
website has about how to gauge rain and how to make your own wind speed box. This is a great
way to implement research in two types of ways.

Title: Kids Health
Author: Alfred I. dePont
Summary: this website allows students to be able to listen to a thunderstorm and it explains
what everything is to them.
Justification: Tis would be a great way to have kids learn about one fo the five senses for 1

grade TEKS. They describe what they hear and how they feel when they hear it. They can then
see what causes the noise.

Title: Web Weather for Kids
Author: National Science Foundation
Summary: This website explains the impacts of hurricanes, how they start, and what to do in
case of a hurricane.
Justification: This would be a wonderful way to implement my TEKS of researching because the
students can see how hurricanes have impacted our society, along with how they form, and
where they collapse

Title: Hurricanes
Author: FOSS
Summary: This is a great activity where the students dress the bear for the type of weather it is
outside. The students must read the thermometer and determine if the temperature is hot,
cold, cool, freezing, or warm.
Evaluation: This is a wonderful way to show kids how to read a thermometer, which would be
great for around 2
or 3