May 14, 2014

Adequate notice of this meeting held the 14
day of May has been provided through notice
electronically mailed on May 6, 2014 to the Star Ledger, the Daily Record and the Record,
through posting on the County website, and by filing a copy of same with the Morris County
Clerk and the Clerk of this Board. Electronic notice of this location change was provided to each
Freeholder on May 6, 2014 as provided in N.J.S.A. 40:20-77.

ROLL CALL: Director Mastrangelo
Deputy Director Scapicchio
Freeholder Cabana
Freeholder Cesaro
Freeholder DeFillippo
Freeholder Krickus
Freeholder Lyon

4:30 p.m.

American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Central Morris County

Accepted by:
Bonnie Rosenthal, Chair, American Cancer Society
Relay For Life of Central Morris County







CLOSED SESSION: Identify Topic
County Labor Negotiations
One – Open Space Trust Fund Committee
One – Morris County Insurance Fund Commission
MAIN Contract
Security Contracts as it relates to the County Courthouse
Security Contracts as it relates to the Morris County Correctional Facility

*Additional information about any resolution or ordinance that appears on the agenda
can be obtained by calling the office of the Morris County Counsel at 973-829-8060.

- 2 -

The public informal work session of the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Morris was
called to order by Director Mastrangelo at 4:40 p.m. on May 14, 2014 in Room102B at the Morris
County Public Safety Training Academy, 500 West Hanover Avenue, Parsippany, New Jersey.

Deputy Clerk of the Board Susan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the
scheduling resolution and the publication of notice as required by law.

Freeholders In Attendance:
Director Mastrangelo
Freeholder Cabana
Freeholder Cesaro
Freeholder DeFillippo

Freeholders Absent:

Staff Present
County Administrator Bonanni
Assistant Administrator Buchanan
Clerk of the Board Ketchum
Deputy Clerk of the Board Allard
County Counsel O’Mullan
Assistant County Counsel Bush

Others Present:
The meeting was open to the public and press

Freeholder Lyon
Freeholder Krickus
Freeholder Scapicchio

Director Burd
Director DiGiralomo
Director Leary
Director Pinto
Director Roe
Public Information Officer Garifo
Digital & Social Media Manager Spencer


Relay for Life
Director Mastrangelo noted that
everyone has been directly or indirectly
affected by cancer. His family has. The
Relay for Life is a great way to keep
fighting and supporting those who are
fighting this disease. Ms. Rosenthal
noted that May 31 and June 1 is the
Relay for Life in Morris County. On
behalf of the Freeholder Board
Director Mastrangelo presented the
proclamation to Ms. Rosenthal and her
organization. She noted that this
celebrates the survivors and caregivers,
and remembers names in honor or
memory of someone affected by cancer.
They also ask people to fight back by
taking steps to get screened and to quit

Mr. Bonanni reported that the Executive
Director of NJAC, John Donnadio
scheduled great classes for the
convention last week.

He thanked those who coordinated
Students Government Day last week
which took place at the EOC .

Law and Public Safety – He thanked all
those who participated in the all day
catastrophic plan exercise on April 30.

Mr. Garifo announced that on Friday,
May 23 at noon is the Memorial Day
ceremony taking place on the
Courthouse lawn.

Tonight is the 200 Club Honorees event.

The next meeting of the Insurance Fund
Commission is Monday, May 19 at
5 p.m.

Mr. Bonanni has been in contact this
week with those individuals who live on
Central Avenue. They have ongoing
traffic concerns. He will continue to
work with the Park Commission, Park
Police and the Morris Plains Police
Department to alleviate as much as
possible. In addition he will be
coordinating the meeting in Trenton with
the Treasury so that we can begin to plan
for the major egress to the complex
hopefully sometime in 2015.

Ms. Buchanan will be leaving the
County. She has made a great
contribution to county government.

His department has reviewed 55
resolutions for tonight’s meeting. There
are 26 ordinances on the agenda in total
for this evening – seven for introduction
and nineteen for public hearing.
- 3 -
The budget committee has gone through
a number of requests. Everyone is doing
a great job – Mr. Pinto and Ms. Leary
are providing the services and focusing
on costs.

He presented the 2014 budget to
Denville last night. They complimented
the County with its Shared Services
Programin Health Mgmt. and the GIS
program. They expressed interest in self
insurance with the County. They are
pleased and enthused about the road and
expanded road programs. We have been
able to find a way to finance it all.

Human Services – Older Americans
Month continues through the month of
May. The Morris County Council of
Older Persons luncheon is this Friday.
Artwork is on display this month at the
County library representing senior and
disabled citizens’ artwork.

Budget – the committee met with the
auditors this afternoon. They will be
coming to the next Freeholder work
session on May 28 to give us an update.
Last year we discussed the unfunded
health care liability that was $875
million; this year the figure has come
down to $845 million. That is the first
time in many years that it has come
down instead of going up. It will be
good if we can continue on this trend.

As he has been giving the budget
presentations, a recurrent theme in the
southeast region of Morris County has
been the amount of new development
going on and the need for some regional
transportation planning specifically in
this area.

Ms. Leary updated the Board on this.
After the mayors meetings we had talked
about using the Economic Development
Corp. municipal council quarterly
meeting to talk about this topic – Paul
Boudreau was very open to that. In
addition we also have the circulation
element of the County Master Plan
which is our next big project through the
NJTPA that will not start until the fall.
At that point there will be a significant
outreach to all the municipalities. By
using both those avenues, we should be
able to address it.

Heritage Commission – they have toured
three proposed sites to house the
Heritage Commission. Ms. Shultz will
prioritize her interest in the sites and will
bring this back to the staff.

Earlier today she sent out a notice from
NJTPA about a special event/workshop
on June 19 regarding creative
placemaking in New Jersey communities
to see if any of the freeholders or staff
could benefit fromthis.

May 12 – she attended the NJTPA
meeting. Four projects were approved
by the Board at $3.3 million in federal
congestion mitigation and air quality
funding. The programsupports projects
that reduce congestion and the level of
pollutants through the use of fossil fuels.

With respect to how it affects Morris
County, the New Jersey regional truck
replacement program, the Port
Authority-NY/NJ received $2 million to
replace older, high emission trucks with
new fuel efficient vehicles. The New
Jersey Clean Diesel Program/NJDEP
received $600,000 providing funding for
municipalities, government agencies and
construction companies to retrofit road
construction equipment used in urban
areas. The Board amended the 2014 –
2017 transportation improvement
programto add $2.5 million in federal
funding for NJ Dept. of Transportation
upgrades for signage on State Highways
through the region at $500,000 per year.

The Pulaski Skyway Project is part of
our region and is moving along
smoothly. They are hoping to complete
in less than two years.

He noted that due to the Pulaski Skyway
closure/construction process Hudson
County is convening court at 10:00 a.m.
to allow for extra time needed to

Transportation – the next meeting is in
July. The Transparency meeting was
cancelled. There is nothing to report on
Shared Services.

Mosquito Control – In addition to the
usual control measures, seven
municipalities needed to have extra
spraying performed on May 6 due to the
four plus inches of rain received.
- 4 -
Freeholder Cesaro asked when the Board
should discuss retracting the vote taken
previously for the study of a potential
Morris County Police Department.
Freeholder Mastrangelo would like to
hear fromthe committee chairman first.

He reported on the following:

• The Department of Planning &
Public Works continues to work in
partnership with the Morris County
Economic Development
Corporation. Planning Director
Christine Marion will be providing
presentations, along with JimJones,
to the Montville Township Economic
Development Corporation on May
and Long Hill Township
Economic Development Corporation
on May 28

• Resolution No. 2 authorizes release
of $1 million in State bridge funds to
East Hanover Township for the
replacement of the Melanie Lane
Bridge. As discussed last year, once
construction is complete, the bridge
will fall under the County’s

• Resolution No. 53 is an amendment
to the capital budget – adds the
additional funding that we all
supported for road resurfacing. With
that amendment and additional
funding, the County will be paving a
little more than 33 miles of our
county roads. Back in 2009 the
county only set aside $500,000 in
road resurfacing. With the winter
that we had Ms. Leary and staff have
done a great job in putting together
the list of needed repairs.

Mr. Soriano of the Planning Dept.
prepared a report on New Jersey
employment figures. Morris County’s
unemployment rate for March 2014 was
5.7%, down from5.8% in February and
6.7% in March of 2013. At 5.7% Morris
County had the lowest unemployment
rate in New Jersey with Cape May the
highest at 15%.

NJAC Conference – John Donnadio and
staff did an excellent job. They came up
with a good educational program. The
seminars were timely and very much on
point. There was something for

Hudson County won the Vo-Tech
challenge. Not all schools are able to
participate each year and he is hoping
Morris County School of Technology
will be able to do so next year.

• He had the following to report on
Park Commission activity:

• The Shrine Circus at Mennen Sports
Arena, runs fromMay 15
thru May
with various show times

• Sheep Dog Trials take place at
Fosterfields Living Historical Farm,
June 7
& 8
sponsored by the U.S.
Border Collie Handlers Association
(40 handlers/80 dogs)

• NJ Council Figure Skating
Competition is being hosted at
Mennen Sports Arena on June 6
, & 8

• The Park Commission and the Town
of Morristown are partnering on an
NJDOT Transportation Alternative
Grant to complete Patriots’ Path in

• Park Commission Trail Foreman
Russ Nee has been asked to serve on
the September 11
Memorial Trail Board of Directors
and Project Steering Committee.
The intent of this project is to link
1,100 miles to connect the three
national memorials commemorating
the tragic events of September 11,
2001, by way of hiking, biking and
driving. (Pentagon, Shanksville, PA,
World Trade Center). Sections of
Patriots’ Path are a primary route
through Morris County.

Dave Helmer suggested that the President
and CEO of the September 11
Memorial Trail Alliance speak before the
Freeholder Board to give us an update of
what they are doing. The Freeholder Board
could give thema proclamation to support
their efforts.

Law and Public Safety - At the April
Park Commission meeting the Law
Enforcement Study Committee met with
the Commissioners to discuss the current
study. They do not support giving up
the Park Police to the Freeholders. They
- 5 -
did, however, express interest in
increasing efficiencies and services
within the Park Police and asked us for
ideas. The three committee members
discussed what those items should be
and submitted the following to the Park

1. Speed enforcement on County
2. Truck enforcement weights.
3. Lake Hopatcong patrol.
4. Search and Rescue Task Force –
the Park Commission currently
has equipment necessary for this
operation and many officers are
trained for search and rescue
because of the need in our parks.
5. Patrol the park area using the K-9
dog unit.

The Park Commission is in the process
of studying the items and will get back
to the Law Enforcement Study

Director Mastrangelo noted that this all
started as a result of a campaign promise
in 2012. We studied alternatives to
reduce taxes and costs to the citizens.
We looked at merging the Park Police
with the Sheriff’s Office and discussed
looking at a County Police Dept. with
Law & Public Safety. We heard the
citizens loud and clear that they want to
maintain a status quo with the way our
law enforcement is structured in the
county. We still have a multi-million
dollar agency and the areas we are
studying to increase efficiencies could
be implemented without any additional
funds fromthe County. Concern is that
the Park Police generate very little
revenue. He would like to see what the
plan could look like with the areas we
have outlined to the Park Commission.

Freeholder Scapicchio noted that the
meeting with the Park Commission was
very productive. They were already
working on some of the initiatives we
presented to them. He feels we will
have a good working relationship with
the Park Commission and the Park

Freeholder Cabana noted that last week
at the NJAC Convention in the
Legislative Forum, legislators were
talking about the need for consolidating
local police departments – the future was
going to be county police departments,
county detective agencies to cover the
region. These are our legislators who
control this and are now talking about it
more openly at a forumin front of
county officials. It will not happen for
us now, but it could down the road.

Freeholder Mastrangelo noted that he
heard the Governor speak about regional
policing because of the cost and other
considerations. At some point we may
have to do that. It comes down to the
taxpayers, better and increased services.

Freeholder Lyon questioned No. 5, the
K-9 unit whether the concept is for the
Park Police to take over the unit fromthe
Sheriff’s Office. Freeholder Cabana said
that would not be the case.

A consensus of the Board supported the
committee’s five requested initiatives for
expanding Park Police services as long
as it will not cost more to taxpayers.

Freeholder Cesaro said he understands
what the governor and legislators are
trying to do to save money. If you could
show himthat we are going to save
taxpayers money, bring in money to help
balance and do a strong budget, he has
no objective to that. He does not believe
in growing the size of the government.
We are moving in the future, trying to
find ways to make it easier for taxpayers.

Freeholder Cesaro was in favor to retract
the idea off the table of doing a county
police department study. Freeholder
Scapicchio supported taking the study
off the table as well as the remainder of
the Board.

Director Mastrangelo wanted to clarify
that at no time has any Freeholder on the
Board suggested bigger government.
The case was to look at alternatives to
the way things were done. The
committee was trying to deliver some
solutions to save dollars and cost less.
They never lost sight of the goal.

Freeholder Lyon asked to address the
Board at next or a future meeting for 20
minutes to review his feelings of the
study and the five initiatives that have
been presented. He feels that the five
proposed initiatives could be a
progression to move closer to a county
police department.

- 6 -
It was pointed out that the five initiatives
are to be looked at and that the Park
Commission may come up with
performing only one of the topics.
Freeholder Cabana said we are still part
of the process and we are waiting to hear
what the Commissioners are going to
come up with. Once we receive that
information, we will sit down and
discuss this with the Police Chiefs

Freeholder Cesaro felt there should have
been more transparency with the
committee. It caused a lot of
controversy. If the County ever needs to
go forward again with a County Police
Department study, he suggested that
more Morris County stakeholders be
involved. Director Mastrangelo
responded that we used some out of
county people because they had
experience in the area we were looking
at and that the intent was to bring in our
police chiefs to be included. We needed
to get an understanding first and speak
with people who had experience. We
were as transparent as legally allowed
based on the advice of counsel.

Freeholder DeFillippo supports the
motion – this exercise supports what she
has been saying all along. Our
departments continue to look for
efficiencies with the goal to yield cost
savings or to bring in additional revenue.
What the Park Commission wants to do
is an exercise in the right direction. The
ultimate goal is to see efficiencies that
will be cost savings or bring in
additional revenue.

The discussions going on today and that
have been going on as well as the
discussions at NJAC and at the state
level -- this is telling everyone the
writing is on the wall and we must look
at efficiencies.

Freeholder Cabana left at 5:40 p.m. and
returned at 5:50 p.m.

Since Mr. Tugman was absent fromthe
meeting, Director Mastrangelo read the
following report on Information
Technology activities:

IT Centralization:
• Prosecutor office priorities required
the May 9, 2014 meeting to be
rescheduled until May 29
or 30
• OTA and Morris View:
Coordinating with Frank Pinto to realign
dedicated OTA IT staff (1 FTE) to OIT
to include full IT support responsibilities
for this office.

Enterprise Storage Initiative:
Meeting with Hewlett Packard (HP)
scheduled for May 13 to receive an
overview and demonstration of HP’s
3PAR storage solutions. Topics planned
• Automated Tier’ d Storage reservoirs
(Active, Semi-Active and Inactive files)
• E-Mail archiving
• Scalability to support Municipal
Federated Services i.e. VDI
• Ability to reutilize and integrate
existing county storage system
investments for use as Disaster Recovery
Network Vulnerability Assessment:
• Coordinating with the Center for
Internet Security or Multi State-
Information Sharing and Analysis Center
(MS-ISAC) to conduct a network
vulnerability assessment.

Dual County Internet Circuits:
• Joining the Passaic County Co-Op
access to Lightpath’s services. Plan is to
install two (2) diverse paths. One to the
building 450 data center and the other to
the 30 Schuyler data center. Unlike
Verizon that provides all Internet
services fromits Newark NJ location,
Lightpath offers true diverse routing
fromgeographically separate facilities
located in Parsippany NJ and White
Plains NY.
• Timing these services is planned for
activation in December 2014 to coincide
with the completion of the VoIP project
and transition fromCENTREX services
to SIP.

VoIP Project update:
• Preparing to migrate the Schuyler
building on May 19, 2014 which will
raise the migration count to 774 County

Windows 7 Deployment (Windows XP
Replacement) Status:
• Replacements: 62 of 130
• Upgrades: 196 of 326
• Planned completion date: July 2014
Clerk Ketchumreminded the Board
about the Freeholders’Volunteer
Reception taking place this Tuesday,
May 20.
- 7 -
Assistant Administrator’s Report
The Facilities Review Committee will
meet on Monday at the Non Profit Mall
at 3:30 p.m.

Mr. Roe reported that this Friday he will
talk to Standard and Poor’s and on
Monday will make a call to Moody’s to
get County ratings. He will have the
rating report for the Board at the next
work session meeting.

Mr. Pinto noted that his department
participated in the catastrophic hurricane
exercise at OEM. It was good for those
employees who did not participate in the
actual hurricane emergency a couple of
years ago to see what it was really like in
that situation. It was time well spent.

Ms. Burd noted that there is an employee
Service Awards luncheon at the
Arboretumon June 5 at noon. If would
be good if some of the Freeholders could
attend. Also the Safety and Wellness
Fair will take place on Friday, June 6
8 a.m. to noon.

Mr. DiGiralomo thanked everyone for
participating in the April 30
The preparation was the most labor
intensive than the actual day of the

He reported that there have been two
cases of MERS in the U.S. – none in
New Jersey. This does not spread easily.

The Board reviewed and discussed the

At 5:50 p.m. Council O’Mullan read the
following resolution:

WHEREAS, pursuant to the Open Public
Meetings Act, the Board of Chosen
Freeholders of the County of Morris in
the State of New Jersey may exclude the
public to discuss matters as are provided
under the Act (N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)).

RESOLVED that this Board hereby
excludes the public in order to discuss
six (6) such matters:
1. As it pertains to contracts, security
arrangements and protection of the
public, to discuss matters related to
Courthouse security pursuant to
N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)(1)(6) and (7);

2. As it pertains to contracts, to
discuss renewal of County contract
with M.A.I.N., Inc. pursuant to
N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)(7);

3. As it pertains to appointments, to
discuss one appointment to the
Open Space Preservation Trust
Fund Committee pursuant to
N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)(8);

4. As it pertains to appointments, to
discuss one appointment to the
Morris County Insurance Fund
Commission pursuant to N.J.S.A.

5. As it pertains to contracts, security
arrangement and the protection of
the public, to discuss matters
related to work to be done at the
Morris County Correctional
Facility pursuant to N.J.S.A. 10:4-
12(b)(1)(6) and (7);

6. As it pertains to labor negotiations,
to discuss the current status of
County labor negotiations pursuant
to N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)(4).

The Board reserves the right, as the
Board exchanges ideas related to the
above matters and attempts to develop
appropriate plans of action as may be
suggested by individual Freeholders or
staff members, to broaden discussion
and to attempt to arrive at nonbinding
consensus provided such broadening of
discussion continues within the limits set
forth in N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b)(1) through
(9). Matters discussed in Executive
Session will be made public at the
earliest point in time that the need for
confidentiality for each such matter shall
no longer be necessary.

Resolution shall take effect immediately
and be in full force fromand after its

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Allard,
Deputy Clerk of the Board

The meeting returned to open session at
6:59 p.m. Those present were
Freeholders Mastrangelo, Cabana,
- 8 -
Cesaro, DeFillippo, Krickus, Lyon, and

Also present were: Dan O’Mullan,
County Counsel; John Bonanni,
Administrator; Mary Jo Buchanan,
Assistant Administrator; and Randy
Bush, Assistant County Counsel.

At 7:00 p.m. Freeholder Cesaro made a
motion to adjourn and Freeholder
Krickus seconded the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane M. Ketchum,
Clerk of the Board

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