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Gezi Festival

“To live like a tree, single and at liberty
and in solidarity like the trees of a forest...”
June 21 – 22 / Bergse Bos
Towards the end of May of 2013, a resistance began in Istanbul Gezi Park and sread across entire
Turkey during the !onth of "une# This resistance was that of the eole rising u against go$ern!ental
oression# Those of us, li$ing in the %etherlands, ha$e shown our solidarity with the !illions li$ing in
Turkey and ha$e also organised rotests in the %etherlands fro! the first day of the resistance#
&ollowing the resistance, we ha$e regularly co!e together in foru!s, under the u!brella of Gezi
'olidarity %etherlands, where we ha$e debated issues related to, not only Turkey, but also to the
%etherlands as well as global issues and ha$e our reactions to these issues through $arious acti$ities
and rotests#
(e ha$e decided to organise a festi$al in honour of the first anni$ersary of the "une 2013 resistance# This
festi$al is being organised entirely on the foundation of a sirit of solidarity and with the collaboration
of $olunteers# (ith this festi$al, e$en if si!ly sy!bolic, we wish to bring the Gezi sirit and solidarity
to the %etherlands and e)erience the acco!anying *oy# +t the sa!e ti!e, we shall co!!e!orate
those who ha$e lost their li$es during the resistance, which sread throughout the country#
+s an awareness and a re!inder nailed to our !ind, to our consciousness, to our assion, to our !uscles
and *oints, and to our ways of ercetion, saying -Taksi! e$erywhere, resistance e$erywhere-, we are
going to !eet again with all of our colors and $oices#
How can you support this festival?
 .ringing food and drinks to Gezi kitchen and beco!ing art of our shared /world buffet0#
 The festi$al is free of charge# 'elling ite!s or ser$ices is not allowed within the festi$al area#
 1ou !ay suort us financially as a sonsor#
 2oaning all !anner of technical !aterial that can be of use to us#
 3rganising any of the $oluntary acti$ities and adding your contribution#
Any support from and collaboration with you is of great value to us !e loo" forward to your
participation and contribution to our festival

#or contact$
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4 7utch'uort&orTaksi!3ccuy
What happened in Gezi Park?
It all began for the sake of a few trees# The !oti$ation was to rotest the building of a shoing centre that
would de!olish a ark that ser$ed as the only green sot left in the !iddle of a city# This de!ocratic rotest,
si!ilar to other rotests, was sub*ect to $iolent olice inter$ention# The tents that were itched in the ark
were looted, and the ark was ruthlessly cleared of rotestors# &ro! that !o!ent on, the real resistance
began# .ecause the underlying issue was not *ust about a coule of trees, but about the growing go$ern!ent
oression that was already in effect for years, it was about the go$ern!ent8s inter$ention in indi$idual0s life
styles, and it was about the increasing li!itation of freedo!s# The resistance started in Gezi Park, and wa$es
of rotests sread first to Istanbul and finally across all of Turkey# Millions filling the streets rotested against
the go$ern!ent# Protests of solidarity ha$e been organised all around the world#
The Gezi resistance has brought together holding different $iews and those who ne$er articiated in any
tye of olitical rotest before in their li$es# 'olidarity flourished under tear gas and olice attacks, and a new
culture which we now na!e as the /Gezi 'irit0 bloo!ed#
Taksim Community
The olice cleared out the ark following attacks on those who rotested in the tents set u in the Gezi Park#
&ollowing this incident, the ublic owned this resistance, and thousands ca!e to suort# Peole built
barricades surrounding the area around Taksi! '9uare and did not sto resisting until they reoccuied Gezi
Park and the olice finally had to retreat#
7uring those days of the olice retreat, eole !anaged to create a historical alternati$e !ode of li$ing by
building a co!!unal life in the ark# The Taksi! :o!!unity took a in which no hierarchy e)isted, where
eole of different backgrounds and classes ca!e together for a co!!on goal, and where a co!!on
understanding of direct de!ocracy resided, with a sontaneous sense of har!ony and functionality#
3ne of the Gezi resistance fighters described the ark in those days as “the most joyful place on earth at the
moment where no one is poverty stricken, where even the poor enjoy art, books and the touch of humanity to the
maximum”# +t all hours of the day, food was ro$ided to e$eryone free of charge by ublic kitchens# Those
wounded were treated at the infir!ary by $oluntary doctors, and health officers# 'ecurity, cleaning and other
tasks were carried out through *ob;sharing in the ark, where eole created their own self;go$erning
!echanis!# +n alternati$e li$ing sace was created with its own cafe, educational area and !arket garden#
+longside this, cultural and art acti$ities were organised all day long# +cti$ities such as a chess club, a Gezi
library, concerts and erfor!ances on an oen stage, ainting e)hibitions, were arranged with free of charge
access for e$eryone# The ark took on a colourful at!oshere where so!e racticed yoga in the !ornings,
so!e icked u trash and cleaned u, where those who rayed and others who drank alcohol could stand
side by side and where an understanding based uon resect for all hu!anity and nature re$ailed# (ith the
Taksi! resistance, eole learned to co;e)ist in a collecti$e life# + olitical transfor!ation occurred# Peole
!anaged to listen to, understand and feel e!athy for those who thought differently to the!sel$es and to
resist together, hand in hand with others, e$en though they did not necessarily share the sa!e $iews#

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