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Quinn Austermann

University of Connecticut, Neag School of Education, Storrs, CT
Masters of Arts, Curriculum and Instruction May 2014
Masters Thesis: Climate Change for Social Studies Teachers: How school climate and
educational reforms influence teacher morale and practices, UConn
Bachelor of Science, Education, Concentration in Secondary Social Studies May 2013
Cum aude

Bachelor of Arts, istory May 2013
Magna Cum aude
Study A!road "rogram: !e"eloping #lo$al Teachers May 2013
#orld #ar II Study A!road in England, $rance, The Netherlands, % &ermany
Manchester Hih !choo", Manchester, CT %all 2013&May 2014
#raduate 'nternship
Mentor and su''ort students (ith their National istory )ay 'ro*ects
Taught mini+lessons and assisted in United States istory classrooms
,rgani-ed and de.elo'ed National istory )ay com'etition at Manchester igh School
E#$in O% !&ith Hih !choo", Mansfield, CT %all 2013&May 2014
Su$stitute Teacher
Interdisci'linary su!stitute teacher
Taught lessons and lead discussions in .arious classrooms across grades /+01
E#$in O% !&ith Hih !choo", Mansfield, CT %all 2012&Spring
Student Teacher
)e.elo'ed lesson 'lans for three classes of /
grade Contem'orary Issues in &eogra'hy
Co+taught t(o sections of ninth grade Social Studies Assistance classes
"ro.ided indi.idual instruction and differentiation for students (ith .aried learning needs and
English 2anguage 2earners
)e.elo'ed formal and informal assessments to measure student com'rehension and gro(th
Colla!orated in &eogra'hy "rofessional 2earning Communities
Attended and engaged in 'rofessional de.elo'ment and faculty meetings
,!ser.ed and assisted ninth grade "olitics course, designing and teaching mini+lessons
Acti.ely assisted in ninth grade Social Studies Assistance courses, 'ro.ided e3tra hel'
!&ith Mi##"e !choo", &laston!ury, CT Spring
Clinic 'ntern
Assisted eighth grade team, s'ecifically the social studies and s'ecial education teachers,
o!ser.ed and 'ro.ided e3tra hel', attended Student Inter.ention Team 4SIT5 meetings
,ne+on+one and grou' assistance in resource room, focused on home(or6 com'letion and study
'in#ha& Hih !choo", #illimantic, CT %all
Clinic 'ntern
,!ser.ed freshman &lo!al Studies classes, ele.enth grade U7S7 istory classes, and senior 2a(
Assisted teacher in creating lesson 'lans, teaching lessons, grading, and organi-ation
!&arter +a"ance# Assess&ent !yste& in Connecticut 'or,sho-, Storrs, CT Spring
(C)T* )ccredited
, of the im'lementation of the Smarter Balanced System
Colla!oration (ith .arious school districts and a 'anel of res'ecti.e sta6eholder grou's
Hu&an Rihts E#ucation 'or,sho-, Storrs, CT Spring
"artici'ated in (or6sho' s'onsored !y the 8o!ert $7 9ennedy Center a!out incor'orating human
rights into curriculum
E3'lored the S'ea6 Truth to "o(er 'rogram, created lesson 'lans and sam'le units across
multi'le social studies content areas
Museu& an# Monu&ent (ie"# E.-erience, #ashington, )C %all
:isited and analy-ed multi'le museums including the United States olocaust Memorial
Museum, the Ne(seum, the Smithsonian U7S7 istory museum, and .arious monuments
Colla!orated (ith museum staff a!out educational resources and the creation of the museums
and e3hi!its
Connecticut Counci" for the !ocia" !tu#ies Conference, Ne( Britain, CT %all
"artici'ated in 'rofessional de.elo'ment (or6sho's and seminars 'ertaining to Social Studies
education in secondary classrooms, (ith em'hasis on the ne( C; frame(or6
Ho"ocaust E#ucation 'or,sho-, Storrs, CT %all
Colla!orated (ith fello( ' teachers, analy-ed and e.aluated the hardshi's and
im'ortance of teaching the olocaust
Colla!oration !et(een the United States olocaust Memorial Museum and the Uni.ersity of
8ay Neag School of Education Endo(ment Scholarshi' < S'ring 1=0>
&lo!al Citi-enshi' Scholarshi' < Summer 1=0;
Sidney S6olnic6 $und Scholarshi' < S'ring 1=0;
Neag School of Education )eans 2ist
College of 2i!eral Arts and Sciences )eans 2ist
Academic Center for E3'loratory Students )eans 2ist
The Nationa" !ociety of Co""eiate !cho"ars Spring 2010&Spring
onors society for first and second year college students (ith outstanding academic achie.ement
A"-ha )a&/#a De"ta, University of Connecticut Cha-ter Spring 2010&Spring
onors society for $reshman and So'homore Undergraduates
UConn Counse"in Prora& of Interco""eiate Ath"etes %all 2013&May 2014
)cademic Mentor
"ro.ided one+on+one tutoring sessions (ith a freshman athletes (ho struggle (ith learning
Assisted in organi-ation and fostered effecti.e study s6ills
Horace '% Porter !choo", Colum!ia, CT %all 2010&Spring
+olunteer Tutor
Tutored a se.enth grade student through the orace "orter "lus Community ,utreach 'rogram
Assisted in home(or6 com'letion and de.elo'ed !eneficial study s6ills
Connecticut E#ucators Association %all 2010&%all
Colla!oration !et(een future educators, discussed im'ortant to'ics (ithin the teaching
)esigned a lesson 'lan and assisted in organi-ing ideas for 2iteracy Night, an e.ent (here
UConn CEA read to May!erry Elementary School students and e3'ressed literacy in a fun,
e3citing (ay