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By: KODIKARA I N 110300F
KUMARA H.R.C.J.P 110309P
Group member:
KUMARA H.R.C.G.P. 110309P


General information
The name of the industry is W.W Saman Dammika perera
Address :-

NO 528/8, De Zoysa rd ,Moratuwa
The industry is established in 2007
The owner ; W.W Saman Dammika perera
Phone -0722129888
The industry is not registered.
Annual turnover =80 000 12 LKR

Type of industry
He uses semi mechanized equipment for the industry
The industry is a medium sized wood based furniture industry.
There are total of two employees are working at the industry.

There are three machines in the workshop.
They are
1. Wood cutting machine
2. Planning machine
3. Shape cutting machine
The owner said the machines are bought from local machine shop.
He believes that university of MORATUWA has the ability to develop the machinery to enhance the
working stage of the industry

Raw materials

Raw materials that used in the industry are mainly sawn timbers
Teak and the mahogany are the major timber species widely used
The price can be specified as 1200 LKR for 1 sawn timber cft
According to the owner he uses that material in the meaning of it has the most customer attraction
Approximately 300 sawn timber is consume during a period of one month
The owner buy the timber from local market

Sizes of timber used
The timber that most commonly used the size of 0.75 inches
The owner obtain the required sizes by converting logs into necessary sizes by using his own saw

Processing technology

In the processing technology the owner uses seasoning the timber before the manufacturing of the
product for protection purposes
Among the methods of seasoning he uses air drying as the seasoning technique
The owner believes the method of seasoning he is using is not sufficient for proper seasoning
But due to the financial aspects, that for proper seasoning higher cost may involve, he is tends to use
the same procedure for seasoning
He has the knowledge of that through seasoning the quality of product and the timber can be
As his target in the selling he knows better price and demand can be fetched through seasoning
As his attraction towards the comparative market he has the idea that demand to the seasoning
made timber products are increasing.
Actually even with the higher cost 80% of customers are tends to buy seasoned timber products
In his technical knowledge he knows the pre-requisite condition to manufacture products from
seasoned timber in case of export.
The owner already has an interest towards the that seasoning of timber and he is currently
applying it due to above reasons
He dont mind in additional cost involve in seasoning due to its enhanced benefits of the seasoning

Manufactured products
Name of major products that are the outcomes of the workshop
1. Almari
2. bureau of drawers
3. beds

he is selling those items in local market
he has a future plan of exporting some of his product to enhance his business
the main problem that occurs to him preventing from the exporting the product is lose of financial

Design products

the designs that are used are from local sources
there is an expectation in his mind to develop the design that are currently using
he knows the fact that there are graduates from university of MORATUWA
Although he has never obtained their service he is interesting in obtaining their service

Cost of products

the appropriate cost for one product are given below

1. almari- 35 000 LKR
2. bureau of drawers -15000LKR
3. bed -20 000LKR

Energy usage

as the main energy source he uses the electricity
the monthly cost is approximately over 5000LKR with the consumption of 190 unites
but his knowledge about renewable energy source are very poor, that he dont know the energy
efficiency and the energy auditing
Wood waste management
mainly two types of waste can be point out ,they are
1. sawing dust
2. fire wood
about ten sacks of wood waste are disposed each day
the method of disposing the generated waste is using them as fuel for normal cooking

Suggestions/further needs
the owner of the wood based industry determines that he want further technical assistance
according to his requirement he needs only training of operators as the technical support

his idea on the fact that forming forum for issues based on the MORATUWA area wood industry

Forming such a forum is a great as the conventional wood industry in the area needs such a help in
prevailing protecting for generations.
That will bias the industry to new technologies in the world.
The idea about collaborating support given by UOM with few other organizations in order to bring
back the ailing industry.

The industry is being going down due to many reasons like, lack of profit, lack of governmental
support and some technical issues.
As a leading university in SRI LANKA with full of intelligence, university of MORATUWA will be able to
bring back the industry to a gleaming position.