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2 CAMPUS : La Rochelle - Casablanca 2 CAMPUS : La Rochelle - Casablanca

The International Executive

Engineers Program (EEP)
Septemer !st " #ecemer !$th% 2&!'
International Experience
At EIGSI our EEP Semester will be an enriching and exciting experience to
work in international and interdisciplinar teams!
"#er $% ears o& International Exchanges with more than '% partners on '
A warm welcome &or our international students!
A pro(ect-based Program including linguistic) cultural and academic skills!
*he Executi#e Engineers Program prepares &uture pro&essionals to the
mobilit re+uirements and work in international teams
International Team
(annelore )uerran*) ,ead o& International "&&ice
C+cile Sol*ati) ,ead o& the International .e#elopment
Contact for partnerships, double-degree programs
Annic, Millet% Coordinator &or International Exchanges
Contact for incoming students and Erasmus Program
St+phanie -onac% International o&&ice assistant
Contact for outgoing students
An international environment .orstering innovation% valuale
intercultural an* technical s,ills an* executive ,no/le*ge
0ur o1ective
*he labor market toda increasingl re+uires bi-lingual engineers able to
thri#e in the international workplace! Recruiters target adaptable
emploees who understand languages) cultures and di&&erent work
/orld class enterprises re+uire engineers with high technical 0
engineering leadership skills
An intensi#e orientation and 1rench language week upon our
"ngoing 1rench and cultural courses2 during the semester!
1rench &or Engineers
*ell 3e 3ore2 a sel&-learning so&tware programme &or rapid
personali4ed language ac+uisition!
56LA*S 2 international 1rench pro&icienc test to certi& our 1rench
Language le#el &or &uture emploers
EEP (2th semester)
A great opportunit3 to learn 4rench an* stu*3 in English5
a 6& ECTS pac,age 7 !& mo*ules taught in English7over !&& hours o. 4rench
Energ3 S3stems Mo*elling Case stud 7
8 wri tten exam 8)'
Conti nuous assessment 8
"ral presentati on %)'
Multicriteria optimi:ation an* goal programming Case stud 8
8 wri tten exam 8)$'
Case stud %)9'
Compan3 Simulation /or,shop Case stud $
3aster pl an0 report 7
Conti nuous assessment 8
"ral presentati on 8
Executive Management .or Engineers Conti nuous assessment $
Pro1ect Management Conti nuous assessment $
Team/or, Conti nuous assessment $
0rientation /ee, :ot appl i cabl e :ot appl i cabl e
4rench as 4oreign ;anguage Conti nuous assessment $
4rench communication an* conversational s,ills Conti nuous assessment 8
Technical 4rench .or the Engineer Conti nuous assessment $
Tell me more on line "nl i ne 1rench 8
Intro*uction to 0rgani:ational <ehavior an* ;ea*ership Conti nuous assessment $
T0TA; 6&
Intro*uction to In.ormation S3stems
8is, Management
@ Sigma Pro1ect
Executive Engineers Program (EEP)
A.ter the EEP
A A )ran*e Ecole B Engineering *egree
*he ; Grande Ecole < Engineering degree is internationall recognised
b the industrial and research worlds &or its excellence
Sta longer to obtain this Engineering 3aster=s .egree 2
Semester C2
>ou can begin one o& our 3aster-le#el Specialisations2
- 3echanical Sstems .esign and Industrialisation
- Energ and the En#ironment
- Industrial Sstems Engineering and 3anagement
- 3echatronics
- :etwork and In&ormation Sstems Integration
Semesters $ ? !&2
Enroll in EIGSI to &inish our specialisation and a ? month Industrial placement @in the countr o&
our choiceA!.ouble degree agreements are possible @Conditions to be determined between EIGSI)
ou and our schoolA
Stu*ent li.e at EI)SI
Located on La Rochelle 6ni#ersit Campus with
its numerous &acilities
Students= restaurants) sports center) cinema and seaside all close b!
"#er 7% students clubs at EIGSI to de#elop our personal interests and make
&riends 2 aeronautics) robotics) automobile) planning e#ents) humanitarian
pro(ects) sports) en#ironment) etcB
;i.e in ;a 8ochelle
An Exceptional ;iving Environment
C La Rochelle 2
A beauti&ul) #ibrant historical cit on the seacoast and an international leader &or its
en#ironmental policies and pro(ectsB
C "ur students lo#e the modern transportation sstem @buses) &erries) biccles and
electric #ehiclesA
3an Cultural and Leisure Acti#ities2
- Sports) the :ational theatre) cinema)
concerts) exhibitionsBetc!
- 3usic &esti#al D1ranco&oliesE) the
International 1ilm 1esti#al) the
International :autical 1air called
DGrand Pa#oisE) the *F 1iction 1esti#al
All students ha#e to be nominated b their international o&&ice!
*hen to appl) ou ha#e to &ill out the student application &orm and pro#ide with our
application &ile the &ollowing documents2
- Co#er letter
- *ranscript o& records
- RGsumG
- Cop o& id card or passport
- Learning agreement @signed and stamped b the coordinatorA! Please note that this
learning is a pre-learning) the &inal one will be &inalised upon our arri#al!
Please indicate on this document the ma(or ou ha#e chosen i& ou go on with Semester H!
EC*S @European Credit *rans&er SstemA are cumulati#e and can be trans&erred &rom one school
or uni#ersit to another!
#ea*line to Appl3 6& April
All the documents have to be sent by your international office by email to:
EEP " Class 2&!D
2 CAMPUS : La Rochelle - Casablanca 2 CAMPUS : La Rochelle - Casablanca
4ollo/ us on
an* the social net/or,s
International "&&ice
EIGSI I $? rue de Faux de 1oletier
89%J8 La Rochelle Cedex 8 I 1rance
Email 2 incoming-eigsi!&r
*el 2 K77 @%A' J? J' H% %L