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Product Steel slag Aggregate

1 Identification
Product identifier Steel slag
Other means of
Steel making slag, metallic slag fines, EAF slag.
This list may not be exhaustive.
Recommended use and
restriction on use
As a construction material, mainly used for road surfacing.
Supplier NSL Chemicals Ltd (Reg. No.: 19!""##"$%
Address #, &an'ong $ling Road, Singapore #!"(1
Phone (1)91) (*ommercial%
+a, #!-(9# . #(99/#
0mergency contact (1)9"/ (1uard house%
Ha!ard identification
12S classification Acute to,icity:
Not applica5le.
Not applica5le.
Not applica5le.
S6in corrosion . irritation Not applica5le.
Serious eye damage.irritation Not applica5le.
S6in sensiti7ation Not applica5le.
Respiratory sensiti7ation Not applica5le.
12S la5el elements Not applica5le.
Signal 8ord Not applica5le.
" Com#osition $ Information on ingredients
*hemical identification Not applica5le.
Synonyms Not applica5le.
*omponent and
composition *omponent *omposition (9 8t%
*alcium o,ide (*aO% #(:("
4ron o,ide (+eO% #":)(
Silicon dio,ide (SiO#% ;#"
<agnesium o,ide
<anganese (<nO% ;1"
Aluminium o,ide (Al#O)% ;1"
*hemical structure Not applica5le
*AS No. (99:-1:
% First&aid measures
4nhalation <o=e source of dust or mo=e the e,posed person into fresh air.
Administer o,ygen or artificial respiration as needed.
S6in contact >ash 8ith soap and 8ater to remo=e from s6in. See6 medical
attention if irritation persists.
0ye contact +lush eyes 8ith 8ater immediately. See6 medical attention if irritation
4ngestion 4f the material is s8allo8ed, see6 medical attention or ad=ice
immediately. 3o not induce =omiting.
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<ost important
symptoms . effects,
acute and delayed
Acute effects: 4rritation of eyes, s6in and respiratory tract.
No 6no8n delayed effects.
4ndication of immediate
medical attention and
treatment needed, if
4rritation of eyes, s6in and respiratory tract.
' Fire&fighting measures
Suita5le fire:
e,tinguishing media
&he product does not 5urn. ?se e,tinguishing media suita5le for
surrounding materials.
Specific ha7ards arising
from the chemical
Sta5le under normal conditions.
No specific information is a=aila5le in our data5ase regarding the
reacti=ity of this product in presence of =arious other materials.
Special protecti=e
actions for fire fighters
?se e,tinguishing media suita5le for surrounding materials. ?se
S*@A during firefighting.
( Accidental release measures
Personal precautions,
protecti=e eAuipment,
and emergency
A=oid contact 8ith s6in and eyes, 6eep dust le=els to a minimum, and
ensure that sufficient =entilation or suita5le respiratory protecti=e
eAuipment is used.
- *ontain the spillage. Reclaim spilled material to suita5le container.
?se appropriate personal protecti=e eAuipment during clean:up.
- *o=er area if possi5le to a=oid unnecessary dust ha7ard.
- Any large spillage into 8atercourses must 5e alerted to N0A or
other regulatory 5ody.
<ethods and materials
for containment and
cleaning up
- *ontain spill, reclaim spilled material to suita5le container.
- ?se appropriate personal protecti=e eAuipment, as descri5ed in
Section ! during clean:up.
) Handling and storage
Precautions for safe
- ?se good house6eeping practices to pre=ent accumulation of dust,
and follo8 sound cleaning techniAues that 8ill 6eep air5orne
particulate to a minimum. 3o not ingest. 3o not inhale dust.
*onditions for safe
storage, including any
- 3o no ingest. 3o not 5reathe dust. A=oid contact 8ith s6in and
- After handling, always wash hands thoroughl y with soap
and water.
- A=oid dust generation during handling.
- Launder contami nated clothi ng prior to re- use.
* E+#osure controls $ #ersonal #rotection
*ontrol parameters .
Occupational e,posure
No specific informati on in our database regardi ng the PEL /
TLV for this product.
A!"# TLV$s%
Total &ust% '(mg/ m
*espirabl e dust% +mg/m
*ompositionBs P0C . &CD

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Name P0C.&CD (mg.m
*alcium o,ide &>A: # (mg.m
% from A*142 (&CD%
4ron o,ide &>A: ( (mg.m
% from A*142 (&CD%
Silicon dio,ide &>A: "."#( (mg.m
% from A*142 (&CD%
<agnesium o,ide &>A: 1" (mg.m
% from A*142 (&CD%
<anganese &>A: ".# (mg.m
% from A*142 (&CD%
Aluminium o,ide &>A: 1" (mg.m
% from A*142 (&CD%
Abbre,iati ons%
A!"# - American onference of !o,ernmental "ndustri al
#ygienists .A!"#/
T0A - Time weighted a,erage
TLV - Threshold Limit Values
PEL - Permissible E1posure Limit
Appropriate engineering
control measure
?se general =entilation under normal conditions. ?se mechanical
=entilation if dust is generated.
4ndi=idual protection
measures, such as
personal protecti=e
eAuipment (PP0%
3ust E <ist Respirator 3ustfoe !! or North --" if
dust is generated during handling.
?se leather faced glo=es.
0ye protection ?se safety glasses. <aintain eye 8ash fountain and
Auic6:drench facilities in 8or6 area.
*lothing fully co=ering s6in, full length pants, long
slee=ed o=eralls, 8ith close fittings at openings.
+oot8ear resistant to heat, imper=ious to 8ater and
a=oiding dust penetration.
1eneral safety
and hygiene
Periodically 8ash e,posed s6in 8ith a p2:neutral
soap. >ash again 5efore eating, drin6ing, smo6ing,
and using toilet facilities. >ash 8or6 clothes after
each use. 4f clothing 5ecomes saturated 8ith 8et
material, it should 5e remo=ed and replaced 8ith
clean, dry clothing.
, Ph-sical and chemical #ro#erties
Appearance physical state Solid (lump or granular%.
*olor 3ar6 grey and grey.
Odor Odorless.
Odor threshold Not a=aila5le.
Property <elting point Not a=aila5le.
@oiling point Not a=aila5le.
+lash point Not a=aila5le.
0,plosi=e limit Not flamma5le.
Dapor pressure Not applica5le.
Dapor density Not applica5le.
@ul6 density &ypically 19"" 6g.m
Solu5ility 4nsolu5le.
Partition coefficient Not applica5le.
<olecular mass Not applica5le.
p2 !:11
+lamma5ility (solid, gas% Not flamma5le.
3ecomposition temperature None.
Auto:ignition temperature Not flamma5le.
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1. Sta/ilit- and reacti0it-
Reacti=ity .
4ncompati5le materials
No specific information is a=aila5le in our data5ase regarding the
reacti=ity of this product in presence of =arious other materials.

*hemical sta5ility &his product is sta5le
Possi5ility of ha7ardous
Not 6no8n.

*onditions to a=oid None.

decomposition products
11 To+icological information
Acute to,icity 3ata for the product is not a=aila5le, ho8e=er, C3(" for se=eral
components in the product are as 5elo8:
11 Calcium o+ide 21".'&)*&*3
Oral C3(" Rat: ("" mg.6g
1 Iron o+ide 21".,&")&13
Oral C3(" Rat: F1"""" mg.6g
"1 4uart! 21%*.*&(.&)3
Oral C3(" Rat: ("" mg.6g
%1 Aluminum o+ide 21"%%&*&13
Oral C3(" Rat: F(""" mg.6g
'1 5anganese 2)%",&,(&'3
Oral C3(" Rat: 9 g.6g
Acute effect E long
term e,posure
0,posure to dust may irritate the respiratory system, eyes, or s6in.
1 Ecological information
&o,icity +ish *omponent analysis
*alcium o,ide (*aO%, on *yprinus carpio, C*(" G
1"-" mg.l (static% for 9 hours.
Not a=aila5le.
AAuatic plants Not a=aila5le
Not a=aila5le.
Not a=aila5le.
1eneral effect No information a=aila5le for the product.
Persistence and
Not rele=ant for inorganic su5stances.
Not rele=ant for inorganic su5stances.
<o5ility in soil Not a=aila5le.
1" Dis#osal considerations
3ispose as general 8aste.
1% Trans#ort information
?N num5er Not allocated.
?n proper shipping
Not allocated.
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&ransport ha7ard class Not allocated.
Pac6ing group Not allocated.
<arine pollutant No.
&ransport in 5ul6 Not allocated.
Special precautions Not applica5le.
1' 6egulator- information
Applica5le national
>or6place Safety and 2ealth Act E >or6place Safety and 2ealth
Regulations: &his product is su5'ect to the S3S, la5eling, P0: and
other reAuirements in the Act.Regulations.
*omponent steel slag aggregate has 5een re=ie8ed against the
follo8ing listings:
: SARA &itle 444 Section )"# 0,tremely ha7ardous su5stances: No
components are listed as e,tremely ha7ardous su5stances.
1( 7ther information
Ris6 phrases R) 4rritating to eyes.
R)- 4rritating to respiratory system.
R)! 4rritating to s6in.
Safety phrases S## 3o not 5reathe dust.
S#/ A=oid contact 8ith s6in.
S#( A=oid contact 8ith eyes.
S# 4n case of contact 8ith eyes, rinse immediately 8ith plenty of
8ater and see6 medical ad=ice.
S).)-.)9 >ear suita5le PP0.
&he information a5o=e is 5elie=ed to 5e accurate and represents the
5est information currently a=aila5le to us. 2o8e=er, 8e ma6e no
8arranty of merchanta5ility or any other 8arranty, e,press or implied,
8ith respect to such information, and 8e assume no lia5ility resulting
from its use. 4n no 8ay shall NSC *hemicals Ctd 5e lia5le for any
claims, losses, or damages of any third party or for lost profits or any
special, indirect, incidental, conseAuential or e,emplary damages,
ho8soe=er arising, e=en if NSC *hemicals Ctd has 5een ad=ised of
the possi5ility of such damages. &he information contained herein is
5ased on the present state of our 6no8ledge and information o5tained
from internet as listed 5elo8. 4t characteri7es the product 8ith regard
to the appropriate safety precautions. 4t does not represent a
guarantee of the properties of the product.
0nd of the safety data sheet
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