Global Volume for Bioplastics to Reach Nearly 6 Billion Metric Tons in 2019; hift To!

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Wellesley, Mass., June 16th, 2014 – B$$ Research ( reveals in its new reort,
G%&B'% M'R()T 'N* T)$+N&%&G,) -&R B,&.%'T,$, the !lobal mar"et volume #or
biolastics is e$ecte% to !row to nearly 6 billion metric tons by 201&, with a #ive'year comoun% annual
!rowth rate (()*+) o# ,2.-.. )sia, secon% only to the )mericas in terms o# mar"et share, is #orecast to
climb at a si!ni#icant ,2.2. ()*+.
/ver the ast #ive years, suort #rom ower#ul comanies such as (oca'(ola, 0.J. 0ein1, 2or%, )343,
an% 3oyota is uttin! real win% in the sails o# the biolastics in%ustry. *rowth in this mar"et is bein!
a%vance% by the %rive to re%uce %een%ency on etroleum as a #ee%stoc", surre% by rice volatility an%
imminent environmental concerns, inclu%in! sustainability an% !lobal climate chan!e.
3he )mericas, by #ar the %ominant re!ion in the overall mar"et, is e$ecte% to reach ,., billion metric
tons in terms o# mar"et volume by 201&, re!isterin! a tremen%ous ,6.&. ()*+.
Meanwhile, the (hinese !overnment has thrown its suort behin% a!ricultural %eveloment in suort o#
areas such as biolastics as a means o# roin! u economic stability in its rural re!ions, as well as to
a%%ress its own ressin! environmental concerns. )s a result, )sia, the secon% lar!est mar"et, is e$ecte%
to sur!e to 1., billion metric tons in 201&. 3hailan% an% 5ra1il are also emer!in! as biolastic'ro%ucin!
65iolastics still #ace si!ni#icant challen!es, inclu%in! costs, materials7 er#ormance an% %esi!n inertia,8
says 5(( +esearch lastics analyst Jason (hen. 69n a%%ition, !rowin! cros #or lastic causes a !reat
%eal o# lan% conversion, a##ects the rice o# #oo%, an% uses a consi%erable amount o# #ertili1er that can
ollute waterways such as the Mississii +iver.:
G%&B'% M'R()T 'N* T)$+N&%&G,) -&R B,&.%'T,$ rovi%es an overview o# the
!lobal mar"et #or biolastics an% relate% technolo!ies. 9t inclu%es analyses o# !lobal mar"et tren%s, with
%ata #rom 2012 an% 201,, estimates #or 2014, ro;ections o# ()*+s throu!h 201&, an% ro#iles o# "ey
comanies in the in%ustry. 3he reort #ocuses on biolastics rather than bio%e!ra%able lastics. With
biolastics, the #ocus is on their ori!in, or the source o# the carbon. 5iolastics, as a rule, come #rom
renewable resources such as cros, biomass or al!ae. With bio%e!ra%able (also calle% compostable)
lastics, the #ocus is on en%'o#'li#e or %isosal, in%een%ent o# carbon source stan%ar%s. 5(( +esearch
%e#ines a #ully bio%e!ra%able olymer as a olymer that is comletely converte% by microor!anisms to
carbon %io$i%e, water an% humus. <ome, but not all, biolastics are also bio%e!ra%able.
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