“Abuse” means the infliction of injury upon an

adult by himself or others, unreasonable
confinement, intimidation, or cruel punishment
with resulting physical harm, pain, or mental

Multiple/severe bruises, burns, welts
Bilateral bruises on upper arms
Clustered bruises on trunk
Old and new bruises
Signs of bone fractures
Internal injuries
Sprains, dislocations, laceration, cuts, punctures
Black eyes
Bed sores
Untreated injuries
Broken glasses/frames
Untreated medical conditions
Restrained, tied to bed, tied to chair, locked in
home, isolated
Under/over medicated
Verbal assaults, threats, intimidation
Prolonged interval between injury and treatment
Demonstrates fear of caregiver
Visitor can’t see client alone
Recent/sudden changes in behavior
Unexplained fear
Unwarranted suspicion

“Neglect” means the failure of an adult to
provide for himself the goods or services
necessary to avoid physical harm, mental
anguish, or mental illness or the failure of a
caretaker to provide such goods or services.

Untreated medical condition
Untreated mental health condition
Dirt, fleas, lice on person
Fecal/ urine issues
Animal infested living quarters
Insect infested living quarters
No functioning toilet
No heat, running water, electricity
Lacks needed supervision
Lack of food or inadequate food
Uneaten food over a period of time
Accumulated newspapers/debris
Unpaid bills
Inappropriate or inadequate clothing
Needs, but does not have glasses, Hearing aide,
teeth, prosthetic devices
Soiled bedding/furniture
Hazardous living conditions
Frequent moving
House too hot or cold

“Exploitation” means the unlawful or
improper act of a caretaker using an adult
or his resources for monetary or personal
profit or gain.

Unexplained disappearance of funds/valuables
Dependent relationship – (adult child is dependent
on older person or older person is dependent for
care giving by the abuser)
Misuse of money or property by another person
Transfer of property or savings
Excessive payment for care or services
Adult unaware of income amount
Depleted bank account
Sudden appearance of previously uninvolved
relatives or friends
Change in payee, power of attorney
Unexplained cash flow
The adult is kept isolated
Documents signed when adult is unable to sign
Adult complains that they don’t know what
happened to money
Checks no longer come to the house
Adult reports signing papers and doesn’t know
what was signed
Unusual household composition
Chronic failure to pay bills
Personal belongings are missing

Information provided by Ohio Coalition for Adult Protective Services/Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

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