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Event Calendar
• Thurs-Fri, Mar 20-21
Parent/Teacher Ma r c h 1 8 , 2 0 0 8 P a t r io t We e kly Ne ws le t t e r
• Friday, March 21 . . .
NO SCHOOL Parent/Teacher Conferences
• Mon-Fri, Mar 24-28
Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled
Spring Break; NO
SCHOOL for Thursday, March 20th, 3:40p-7:30p and Tips for Preparing for
• Monday, March 31 . .
Friday, March 21st, 10a-2p. Elementary
students brought home letters last Thurs-
Your Conference
Classes Resume
day with their assigned conference time.; Before your conference . . .
• Tuesday, April 15 . . . 1. Determine the purpose of the
Secondary Progress please call the office if you need to sched-
Reports & Eligibility ule a different time. Middle School and conference and what you want to accom-
High School conferences are on a drop-in plish.
• Mon-Fri, April 14-18
SAT10 Week basis. Secondary teachers will be available 2. Know and follow the proce-
in Fireside Chapel. Report cards will be dures for scheduling your conference.
distributed at conferences. Please demon- 3. Prepare talking points or ques-
strate to your child the importance you tions that you have.
place upon their education by choosing to
attend these special conferences. During your conference . . .
1. Start on a positive note; don’t
start on the negative.
Thursday, March 20 2. Have a positive attitude; state
Late Stay will your concerns with the proper attitude.
be provided. 3. Be active in the problem
solving and give suggestions.
• Tuesday, March 18 . . Friday, March 21 4. Establish a way to communi-
Baseball @ CCS
cate and stay in touch.
• Tuesday, March 18 . .
Soccer @ CCS 4p After your conference . . .
• Saturday, March 22 Lunch Time Menu 1. Reflect on the conference and
make any notes to help you remember
Baseball Home (Gold
Crown Center) vs This week’s main entrées what was discussed.
Belleview 1:30p are $1.50 each. Students 2. Discuss the conference with
may purchase the main
• Monday, March 31 . . you child and let them know
Soccer @ Ressurec-
entrée or the a la carte items.
the plan and expectation.
tion 4p
• Wednesday Nachos (Beef & Cheese) 3. Follow through
• Monday, March 31 . .
• Thursday Pizza and make sure that what
Baseball @ Denver
Academy 3:30
• Friday NO SCHOOL was agreed upon and
• Monday Hotdog or Potato Bar decided on is carried
(March 31st)
• Tuesday Spaghetti (April 1st)
Home of the Patriots
Competition Winners . . . Great Job!

Middle School High School

Mathematics—1st Daniel Park English—1st Daniel Odom
Essay—3rd Mikayla York Physics—1st Brandon Hellwig
OT Bible Knowledge—1st Christina McCrorie 2nd Joey Achenbach
Brass Solo—3rd Jonathan McCrorie World History/Geography—3rd Jesse Miller
Male Vocal Solo—2nd Jonathan McCrorie Music Theory—3rd Sherin Cherian
Female Vocal Solo—3rd Stephanie Menzor Biological Science Fair—2nd Alyssa Beil
Classical Piano Solo—Carrie Beth Mays 3rd—Michelle Menzor
Flute Trio—1st Amber James, Mindy James, Physical Science Fair—2nd Shawn Cherian
& Bernadett Luna OT Bible Knowledge—1st Brandon Hellwig
Choral Group—2nd Middle School Choir Choral Group—3rd High School Choir
Handbell Choir—2nd Middle School Choir String Solo—2nd Alyssa Beil
Humorous Interpretation—3rd Alex Shrader Debate—1st High Speech Class
Duet Acting—3rd Alexandra Peats & Duet Acting—3rd Jess Miller &
Christina McCrorie Francis Cheung
Dramatic Interpretation— Extemporaneous Speaking—
—2nd Alexandra Peats —2nd Kellie McDaniel
Religious Reading—1st Christina McCrorie

State Spelling Bee The following families have

Winners turned in donations to the
Spring Break High School—2nd Candace Kearns school office this past week.
Next Week —3rd Daniel Odom
1st & 2nd —3rd Antoine Thomas
Thank You!!
March 24th—28th
Kindergarten—1st Joshua McManus
♦ Huerena
Congratulations to all ♦ Nash
of our winners
NO SCHOOL in every In order for
the auction to
Great be a success, we need
In providing challenging
Job! every family to participate!
academics and a broad
extracurricular program, Study to Show Thyself Approved!
The Answer to Last Upcoming Bible Mystery Question
CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Week’s Question: Reading:
teams with families to What languages did Pilate
The name of the high
educate the whole student • Tuesday Jn 19: 23-30 use for the title on the
priest was Caiaphas.
to honor God, love others, • Thursday No Reading cross?
and walk in biblical truth. • Monday No Reading
The Winner: Write your name, grade, and
Austin Jessup (March 31—April 4) answer on a note card or
Silver State Mission Statement
1st Grade • Tuesday Jn 19:31-37 paper, and give it to your
• Thursday Jn 19:38-42 teacher.

Silver State Christian School is Educating for Eternity.