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... through Bertha Dudde
Grace of the act of Salvation: fortified will ....
Tie and again !ou need advice" #! adonition$ and warning$"
#! in$truction$" in order to lead that %ind of life which re$ult$ in
$uch aturit! of $oul that !ou will &e a&le to enter the %ingdo
of light. 'nd ( will not $to) conve!ing the$e in$truction$ to !ou
through #! Word" ( will hel) !ou in ever! wa! and al$o $teer
!our de$tin! of life $uch that !our will can turn around and enter
into #! will $o that !ou will con$tantl! a$cend in !our $)iritual
*et living u) to #! coandent$ of love for God and !our
neigh&our alwa!$ reain$ )araount .... for then !our own
thin%ing will &e right and !ou will alwa!$ ta%e the right )ath ....
the )ath to the cro$$ ....
(t will not &e )o$$i&le for !ou to co)letel! enter into #! will &!
!our own effort$" &ecau$e !our will i$ wea% $ince it i$ $till
deterined &! #! adver$ar! a$ long a$ !ou are not relea$ed
fro hi" a$ long a$ !ou are $till en$laved &! hi .... 'nd thi$
fetter can onl! &e $evered &! +e$u$ ,hri$t" Who died for !our
freedo on the cro$$ and there&! al$o ac-uired for !ou the
&le$$ing$ of a reinforced will. Through .i$ crucifi/ion .e
redeeed the ien$e guilt" the con$e-uence of which i$ !our
&ound and wea% will ....
(f !ou are therefore relea$ed fro thi$ guilt the wea%ne$$ of will
i$ $urounted too" and through +e$u$0 rede)tion !ou al$o
)o$$e$$ the $trength to live !our wa! of life according to #! will.
*our entire earthl! life i$ at a $tand$till a$ long a$ !ou have not
found the One Who will deliver !ou fro the adver$ar!0$ )ower"
a$ long a$ !ou don0t ac%nowledge Him a$ the Redeeer of the
world" a$ the Son of God" in Who ( #!$elf &ecae a huan
&eing" and a))eal to .i for hel)" for with thi$ call !ou
ac%nowledge Me Myself again" to Who !ou once denied !our
ac%nowledgent and there&! fell into the a&!$$" into !our
wretched $tate.
Without +e$u$ ,hri$t !ou will never &e a&le to return to #e"
without .i !our earthl! life i$ futile" for a$ long a$ !our original
$in i$ not reoved fro !ou" !ou will reain di$tant fro #e"
and neither can !ou &e ha))!" !ou reain wea% and
unenlightened &eing$ who$e $tate i$ )ainful" &ecau$e !ou once
originated fro #e in light and $trength and freedo and lo$t
light" $trength and freedo &ecau$e of !our )a$t a)o$ta$! fro
#e ....
'$ huan &eing$ !ou $hould e/)re$$ !our will again &! $triving
toward$ #e and !our original $tate" and thi$ will onl! &e )o$$i&le
if !our will)ower get$ $trengthened through +e$u$ ,hri$t0$
rede)tion" if !ou turn to .i with an a))eal for forgivene$$ of
!our $in" if !ou want that .e al$o $hed &lood for !ou ....
*ou don0t %now how e/treel! $ignificant !our ac%nowledgent
of +e$u$ and .i$ act of Salvation i$ for !ou" for !ou don0t reali$e
that &! calling u)on +e$u$ ,hri$t !ou call u)on #e #!$elf and !ou
there&! alread! te$tif! to !our will to return to #e" for +e$u$ and
( are One.
(n +e$u$ the 1ternal Deit! anife$ted (t$elf for !ou" #! living
creation$" $o that !ou are a&le to &ehold #e $ince (" a$ a whole2
of2 infinit!2)ereating $)irit" could not &e vi$i&le to !ou and
therefore $o co)letel! )ereated a for that #! created
&eing$ were $u&$e-uentl! a&le to &ehold #e face to face ....
*ou will never &e a&le to under$tand thi$ !$ter!" !et !ou $hall
%now that !ou cannot &!)a$$ +e$u$ ,hri$t and under$tand that
tie and again ( will infor !ou through #! Word that thi$
huan anife$tation of #ine in +e$u$ i$ the greate$t evidence of
love that !our God and Father ha$ given to .i$ living creation$"
and that faith in 3God0 can never e/clude faith in 3+e$u$0 &ecau$e (
can onl! &e conceiva&le to !ou in +e$u$.
'nd $ince ( e/)ect !our ac%nowledgeent of #e in !our earthl!
life" $ince thi$ ac%nowledgeent i$ the )ur)o$e and goal of !our
entire earthl! )rogre$$ generall!" !ou u$t ac%nowledge +e$u$"
Who i$ the e&odied Deit! .i$elf and Who redeeed !our
original $in in order to facilitate !our return to .i ....
For thi$ rea$on nothing i$ ore i)ortant than to infor )eo)le
of thi$ and to adoni$h the to love" $o that the! will &ecoe
enlightened and $u&$e-uentl! al$o fulfil the )ur)o$e of their
earthl! life ....
'nd in order to a%e thi$ %nowledge in all truth acce$$i&le to
)eo)le ( conve! #! Word to earth directl!" for truth i$ the light
which $hine$ into !our heart$ and which will al$o acco)li$h !our
regeneration into !our original nature" for onl! through truth will
!ou learn to recogni$e and love #e" onl! truth will illuinate the
)ath which lead$ to the cro$$" and !ou will find rede)tion fro
$in and death ....
4u&li$hed &! friend$ of new revelation$ of God 5(nforation"
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