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Simple Crocheted Earrings
WHAT YOU”LL NEED: 28-gauge wire (2 feet) in any color Beads of your choice, enough for two earrings Size 10 steel crochet hook; kitchen shears Earwires of your choice


STEP 1 Cut your wire into two 12” pieces. Twist one end of each wire to keep the beads from falling off.

STEP 3 Leaving a tail of 3”, make a slip knot on the hook in the untwisted end. Take out the slack in the wire loop before continuing.


STEP 2 Thread on the beads in the pattern of your choice. It works well to graduate the sizes of the beads so the largest and heaviest beads land in the center of the earring drop. You can also leave chain stitches unbeaded if you want to do so.


STEP 4 Crochet a chain of wire, slipping one bead for each chain. Keep your stitch tension even; take excessive slack out of each chain before making the next one. Your chain should look like the photo at right. Trim off the twisted end of the wire with kitchen scissors (don’t use your good fabric shears!) and pull the wire through the last loop to finish. STEP 5 Twist the wire ends together very tightly for at least one-half inch. Add any additional decorative beads at this point, beads, then cross the twisted wire over itself near the beads in preparation for making the loop that will be used to attach the earwire to the drop.




STEP 6 Wrap the wire end around itself several times tightly until a secure loop is formed. Trim off the excess wire and press down any burrs with pliers. Attach the completed drops to the earwires. Enjoy!
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