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Channel 2 types physical and logical

Physical full rate and half rate speed

Logical channel 7 type
pCm 2 mbps
sdh and pdh difference
Embedded Engineer with 4 years 3 months of
Experience in Linux Device Drivers
Resume keywords summary: C,linux,STB,DeviceDrivers,Trace-32,
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Work Experience
Experience level: 2-5 years
Profile/Cover Letter: Srinivasan R
23,Sudhugunte Palaya, Mobile 91+ 9886561757.
Byrasandra, Bangalore 560093 Email
Karnataka, India.

An Embedded Software Engineer specialized in low level programming and skills to implement and
develop exciting embedded products such as operating systems, firmware, drivers, applications,
programmable logic and/or coprocessors.

Summary of qualification

4 year 3 Months of experience in Embedded Software Development in the field of Set Top Box and
Mobile Phone domain.
Good understanding and hands on experience of Linux kernels drivers & BSP.
Good programming knowledge in C-Language
Real time experience in DVB-CI ISO standard EN 50221.
Good understanding of ETSI EN 300 744 (Terrestrial) Specification.
Good understanding of RTOS concepts.
Real time experience in Demodulator, Tuner PLL Driver and debugging.

technical experience

Languages C
Systems Linux, Windows.
Real Time Systems OS-20, VX-Works.
Hardware ARM11, ARM9, ARM-Cortex, PCMCIA, I2C, UART.
Tool Sets ARM Tool Chain, ST-Tool Set.
Utilities GNU Make, GDB, Trace-32, Source Insight, Hyper terminal,
Project Management Wincvs, Clearcase, Perforce.

professional experience

Samsung Electronics India Software Operation, Bangalore, India.
Senior Software Engineer Nov-2008 to Till Date
Tata Elxsi Ltd, Bangalore, India.
Software Engineer. Feb07 to Oct08
IVTL infoview technologies private limited, Chennai, India
Software Engineer. Sep06 to Feb07
HCL Info System Ltd, Pondicherry, India.
Apprentice Trainee. Sep05 to Feb 06

Educational Summary
PG Diploma in Embedded System Design, DOEACC Center, (Ministry of Communications & Information
Technology, Govt. of India) Calicut, Duration Feb06 to August 06. Percentage 75.1%.
B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Pondicherry University, Year 2001 2005. Percentage

Projects Involved

1. SHP On Linux Commercial
Client Samsung Electronics Inc.
Platform Qualcomm MSM7227
Duration Jan 2010 to till date
Role Team Member.
Team size 11
Language & OS used C, RVCT, Linux, ARM tool chain, Minicorn, and Perforce.

SHP (Samsung Handset Platform) is the complete mobile framework, which has basic OS support like
Timer, File system, Memory Management, etc/- abstracted by its OEM layer which has the actual OS
mappings. SHP has been proved on many platforms like Nucleus, Rex. This project is dedicated to prove
SHP on Linux.
Design AVMS module for Linux Multi process Architecture.
Implementation of VT Codec layer using OMX IL for different OMX component. OMX IL support MPEG4,
H263, H264, Mp3, AAC and AMR Hardware Codecs.
Debugged and Fixed the Music Player for AMR and Mp3 Codecs.

2. SHP On Linux
Client Samsung Electronics Inc.
Platform S3C6410
Duration Feb 09 to Dec 09.
Role Team Member.
Team size 11
Language & OS used C, RVCT, Linux, ARM tool chain, Minicorn, and Perforce.

SHP (Samsung Handset Platform) is the complete mobile framework, which has basic OS support like
Timer, File system, Memory Management, etc/- abstracted by its OEM layer which has the actual OS
mappings. SHP has been proved on many platforms like Nucleus, Rex. This project is dedicated to prove
SHP on Linux.
Developed The ALSA Driver for WM9713 Codec in Linux kernel 2.6.28.
Ported Android Binder IPC Module in Universal Linux Kernel.
Responsible for basic board bring up right from uboot, cramfs and kernel, for both the MTD and NFS
configuration, with the understanding of given memory map.
Enabled cross Tool Debugging using gdbserver and gdbhost in target board. Downloaded the source
code for gdb-6.8 and cross compiled using arm-eabi-4.2.2 tool chain, added gdb server in target root file
system, and demonstrated the cross-tool debugging technique to the team.
Written the wrapper layer that is exposed to application developer for LCD, Rotator and Post Processor
driver of s3c6410 chipset.
Designed and implemented the OEM layer for Dev Audio Out/In Module using ALSA Library calls.
Development of Codec Adaptation Layer of MFC for Media Player.
3. XlinMo
Client Samsung Electronics Inc.
Platform OMAP 3430
Duration Nov08 to Feb09
Role Team Member.
Team size 7
Language & OS used C, Linux, ARM tool chain, Minicorn, and gdb.

Product involves design and development of 3g Cellular Technology built over OMAP3430 which is
advanced high performance multimedia version of OMAP series.
Porting, maintaining and validation of advance display features of TIs OPMAP 3430 DSS using V4L2
Drivers (Like Rotation, Mirroring, and Scaling of Input Video Streams).
Implemented Light Sensor driver for ISL29013 sensor for mobile Phone Application.
Involved in Porting LTP, on the Linux kernel residing in OMAP Target, which can be used to test the
performance of the running kernel.
Integration of LTP in to autotest framework, to automate the kernel performance testing from host

Client Pioneer, Japan.
Platform Broadcoms Chipset.
Duration Sep 08 to Oct 08
Role Team Lead.
Team size 5
Language & OS used C, Linux, ARM Real View, Minicorn, and gdb.
Project involves design and development of DVBCI+ Stack, which requires MHEG5-CI + Profile Library,
MHEG5, is implemented using DSMCC Standard.
Prepared and Presented Proposal for DVBCI+ Stack to client.
Lead the 3 members teams. Involved in development of DVBCI+ Module.
Prepared the Link Layer Design of DVBCI+ Stack.

5. SUN Direct
Client SemIndia.
Platform CMS-1200(ARM926EJ-S).
Duration Jan 08 to Aug08
Role Team Member.
Team size 50
Language & OS used C, Linux, ARM Tool Chain, Source Insight, ARM Real View.

Scope of the project is to port open T.V over the CSM-1200 Platform Board, Implementation of Irdetos
secure loader. for Sun Direct STB Box and to Design and Development of DVBCI Stack.

Design and implemented the PCMCIA Client Driver which give access to link layer sits in User process.
Involved in development of front panel Controller Device Driver in Linux kernel 2.6.12 to give support of
various open T.V requirement. Box contains front panel controller LS-164.this controller will control LED-7
Segment Display, Remote controller (RC-5 -and NCE protocols) and Keypad controller.
Involved in implementation of smart card driver IRQ using poll and select support of Linux kernel 2.6.12 to
supports interrupts like Card insertion, Card removal, Data ready, Data empty etc.
Involved in design and implementation of Link Layer of DVB-CI, ISO standard EN 50221. Link Layer of CI
standard involves passing data and commands between STB and PC-Card, This involves actual
communication with PCMCIA host controller using the PCMCIA driver KPIs provided in Linux kernel
2.6.12 system.
Involve in Design, of tuner PLL Driver to use Irdeto Boot Loader (An Secure way of downloading the
Irdeto certified images).

6. DTV
Client CANON, Japan.
Platform C1000
Duration July 07 to Jan 08.
Role Team Member.
Team size 50.
Language & OS used C, Linux, PSOS.
Tool sets TERA TERM, GDB,, Lineo uLinux ELITE 2.2.2E,
Cross Compiler MIPS 4.2-22.
Its all about Canon DTV Middleware maintenance and testing.
Development of test cases for the following modules
1) VRM (Video Resource Management.).
This module is the management layer. It providing the complete Video and graphics related resources to
its lower module.
2) TUN (Tuner Control Front end system.)
This is the module responsible for locking the RF signal, and to provide Transport stream to Back End. it
also responsible for channel selection process.
3) DSM (Digital Storage media command and control)
This module manages the transport streams with DSMCC data carousel.
7. PVR-Stack
Client Seagate
Platform DM644x(ARM926 RISC CPU + C64x+ DSP)
Duration March 07 to June 07.
Role Team Member.
Team size 6
Language & OS used C, Linux, ARM Tool Chain, Source Insight.

PVR-Stack is the middleware module of STB designed as the stand alone and reusable module that can
be port on any Digital media applications irrespective of any hardwares and it was tested in Device
platform (DM644x(ARM926 RISC CPU + C64x+ DSP)).
Designed and Developed Recording Engine module.
Designed and Developed Scheduler Module.

Client Good Mind Industries, China.
Platform STx5517 (32-bit RISC Microcontroller).
Duration Nov 06 to Feb 07.
Role Team Member.
Team size 3.
Language & OS used C, STLiteOS20

A DVB-T FTA+PVR based IRD was developed for either watching the live stream or playback from
storage media (i,e Harddisk) and recording simultaneously using a transport stream(i,e MUX) output from
the tuner.

Supported demod driver for the frontend combination of PN2020AT LinkIC and DTT7592 TunerPLL.
Solved the tuning and transport stream failure issues.
Solved the I2C communication failure issues.

Overseas Experience

Celestial Semiconductors, Inc. Beijing, China.
Work description
Provided the full support for front panel, from drivers to interface (Linux environment driver programs), of
CMS-1200 chipset platform board. Front panel is controlled by LS-164 Controller.

Personal Details

Fathers Name V.Ramachandran
Date of Birth 20th December, 1982.
Sex Male
Marital Status Single
Nationality Indian
Language Known English, Japanese (Beginners Level) , and Tamil(Mother tang)
Permanent Address #13, Sathani Street, Kosapalayam, Pondicherry-605013.
Passport No F7478911.

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Job Category: 3g RF Design WCDMA UMTS Job
Job Type: Any Job Type
Job Status: Flexible
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Willing to Relocate: No