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Francisco Ramrez Medina (09-22-1960)

Adress: Paseo av. #208 Col. Santa Rosa

Gmez Palacio, Durango. Mxico.
Zip Code: 35078
Phone: (011)+52+ (871) - 722 - 6243
Mobile: (011)+52+ (871) - 265 -1306

I. Empresa Lala Y Derivados.
Logistic department.
As supervisor of receipts and final
(july 2009 - april 2014).

II. Constructora RG Obras SA de CV.
Industrial Engineer in constructive processes.
(february 2002 - may 2009).

III. Empresa Montiac SA de CV.
As supervisor in the fabrication area,
processes control, inventories and production.
(july 2000 - january 2002).

IV. Empresa Parras de La laguna
As supervisor of yarn spinning and specials
(1997 - 2000).

V. Empresa Cia. Minera Autln.
As supervisor in production of foundry.
(1995 - 1997).
VI. Empresa Fundival SA. de CV.
As supervisor in the finishing department
(1990 A 1993)

I. Profesional: Instituto Tecnologico de La Laguna.
Industrial engineering in production (1984- 1989)

II. Tecnical: Esc. Tcnica Insutrial de Torren AC
Assembly and electrical installations (1977-1980) .

III. Special courses:

1) ISO Quality 9002.
2) Diplomate in comprehensive development Project.
3) Principle-centered leadership.
4) 5 s course.
5) Course of statistical process control.
6) The art of being a person.

I. High and low voltage electrical installation.
II. Welding machine.

I. Teamwork.
II. Enjoy to solve problems.
III. Competitive.
IV. Ordered.