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May 1st, The day of the Buddha

Who are you Don Juan Matus?

Abdul Haqq Yumare & Krishna

I bow at the feet of the Buddha.
I take refuge in the Dharma.
I take refuge in the Sangha.
"I've tried to live according to your advice, -I said. Maybe im not the best, but I'm the best
of myself. Is that impeccability? "
-No. You have to be even better. You must push yourself beyond your limits.
But that would be crazy, don Juan. Nobody can do that.
Many things you do now would have seemed crazy ten years ago. Things have never
changed, but you changed your idea of yourself; what was once impossible is now
possible, and maybe it's only a matter of time for you to change yourself completely. In
this matter, the only possible way for a warrior is to act directly and without reservation.
You know the way of the warrior enough to know what to do; but you meet and greet
your bad habits.

I understood what he meant.

- Do you think writing is one of those bad habits that I should change? I asked. Should I
destroy my new manuscript?
No, was his response. He stood up and turned to look at the edge of the thicket.
I told him I had received a number of letters in which several people pointed out to me
the error of writing about my learning. Mentioning the preceding fact that teachers in the
Eastern esoteric doctrines demanded absolute discretion with regard to their teachings.

-Maybe if those teachers have the habit of being teachers, don Juan said without looking
at me. I am not a teacher. I'm just a warrior. I do not know really what it is what you feel
as a teacher.
Tales of Power. Carlos Castaneda.
Today is the day of the Buddha, according to the Gregorian calendar, today is the Day of
the Buddha, the Enlightened One, the Grand Master is commemorated. From a simple
man who came to a level of consciousness that you conceibe as impossible for humans. A
Prince who turned beggar, a beggar who became a Buddha and a Buddha who by his own
superhuman efforts , achieved enlightenment.
Buddha has hundreds of millions of followers. Buddhism is the largest religion in the
world, all nine hundred million Buddhists who follow the Buddha ... all around the world,
Buddha's Sangha growing more and more.
But I can not talk about Siddhartha Gautama, you have heard about him, i mean Osho
could say much to you about Buddha, no one better than him, Osho is Buddha talking
about Buddha; He is Buddha, The Great Buddha, and you, you're just another Buddha in
the level of Sakyamuni Buddha. Since 2.500 years ago this day celebrates the Buddha, the
first of May, the day Buddha under the full moon, lit up. And the story continues, and
millions are converted to the Faith of the Buddha, the Buddha's teaching, so vast, so deep,
so unique.
So today I want to talk about a very special Buddha, little known, also want the world to
know that in America there has been men in the likes of Buddha Sakyamuni, Lao Tse, and
Tilopa. Even a Gurdjieff, an Osho. And what's more, they have been transcending and
breaking concepts of the Road of the Warrior.

So, we light our sacred chanupa ... because today I want to speak of a singular Buddha, a
Buddha who broke the parameters of the world forever, a Buddha that shook millions of
readers with emotion, made many mourn, who made a change deep in thousands of
followers, a Buddha that after he was gone, the world was never the same, because this is
a special Buddha, a Buddha for the few who can appreciate it. I can assure you that
millions prostrate at the feet of the Great Siddhartha Gautama, but few know Don Juan
Matus. The Warrior Buddha.
Believe it or not, youth does not even know who Don Juan Matus is. I mean he is Don Juan
Matus, an Indigenous Yaqui , there is so much difference, it is abysmal, Buddha was
prepared as a Kashatriya by his father, he had poise, elegance, studied, had the best, had a
beautiful wife and a beautiful son, a kingdom, had it all, and when you see the story of
Don Juan Matus, I can not believe they are so different, just a Yaqui Indian, he doesnt read
or write, so different, what a gulf of difference between the two and yet I assure you that
around the world there are many followers of many spiritual currents that when you say,
Don Juan Matus. All they tell you my respects. My admiration. They simply better remain
silent, rapt, gone, including many seekers of Truth, which for years have traveled the
world, who do not follow anyone, going alone, when Don Juan Matus is heard, they
understand, they know , they feel him , he is respected, is just that Don Juan is so great, he
transcends so many concepts that were ancient ideas where perception was held for what
was called the "new" world, America.

And in the 60's era of gurus and charlatans, Don Juan is unique, he comes to point out an
EGO that no one had ever pointed out before like he did, the Yaqui Indian, he first pointed
out the concept of self-importance, the biggest EGO that has kept humanity ignorant of
their divine heritage as beings of Light.
An indigenous Yaqui, giving all seekers such a great gift! How to overcome themselves,
pointing out the worst enemy of humanity, of every truth seeker, of every human being,
However, it still seems so little what is talked of Don Juan, many still in silence praise Him,
but still so afraid of trying and testing by themselves his valuable advice of Sage
Grandfather, of Nagual.

After World War II ended , came Don Juan Matus. Even more, Osho came , Krishnamurti,
De La Ferriere, Ramacharaka, and many more that spoke of new concepts for such
uncivilized humanity. But among them all, Don Juan, like everyone, was unique. Millions
of readers were in suspense with Carlos Castaneda. That nagual.
Yes, Carlos. Always Carlos, Carlos once and again, people everywhere searching for
Carlos, they wanted to interview him, take pictures of him. A simple unknown man, who
was claimed Peruvian, Brazilian, some more Argentinian. American in short, no one knew
of this strange man named Carlos Castaneda. That overnight his books were international
bestsellers, and soon impostor disciples published books trying to get rich with his name.
But the point is not that, how fortunate of Carlos to find a Don Juan and how fortunate of
Don Juan to find a Carlos Castaneda.
His books will live on in future generations like you have no idea, and today is so reviled,
so vilified, slandered, everyone turning their back to the Nagual, but Carlos, just him and
his teacher Don Juan, together made a unique, fantastic odyssey worthy of being written
in the sacred books of mankind. A Yaqui Indian, instructed by two Naguales before him,
speaking to the world, from America, the geographic location of the planet from where
the Toltecs are. One Yaqui Indian turned over the world for years.
After don Juan went, after he flew to Total Freedom with his fellow adventures, the fifteen
warriors, nothing was the same. The world was left, forgotten, is just that it was Don Juan
Many today do not feel that indigenous feeling of don Juan Matus, that Love of Mother
Earth, so they cannot understand his words, they have been recorded, saved, but have not
been implemented.
The words of a Buddha that moved millions of people, who made thousands of seekers
throw themselves into the strange quest of the Sacred Plants, the way of the warrior. A
Buddha, a real Buddha like Sakyamuni. A Buddha that transcended concepts known to the
Western mind. Don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian.

So I pay tribute to the Buddha's feet.
I pay pure reverence to Dharma.
And I refuge in the Sangha.

The Shanga for me is my Mother Earth. Today, in many countries in East, West, Oceania,
Africa and even America, I know that many are making offerings to the Buddha's feet,
other, great instructors and guides of mankind (because there are) are taking advanced
lessons to their communities groups, schools, ashram, ecovillages, anyway. Even a few
more, maybe if you are alone, and remembered it was the day of Buddha.
So from America on behalf of my brothers in sacred plants, I raise my hand to speak of
Don Juan Matus ...

This morning my family and I went to a day of camping on the banks of a lake. I wanted
some rest, family days are unique, I rarely can enjoy being with my children and Krishna
together for several days in a row.
We have not ceased to be out of town all the time, going back and forth, anyway, these
days have been wonderful, but they go a little fast, school, work, anyway. Back to the
matrix. In and out, anyway, double efforts, efforts at double, is the same when you learn to
move in no effort. Everything flows.
We arrived at the camp site, got the tent, it was very windy all day long the wind blew, my
children were having fun alone, Krishna ate one hikuri, I ate another one, medium size.
The occasion called it actually, it was the day of the Buddha, even smoking ganya
warranted the occasion to celebrate Buddha. In our fashion clearly.
I immediately went to walk barefoot on the lake, Krishna was being mother for a while,
when I returned, Krishna and I practiced "pases brujos" or "magic passes" , but because
convincing Krishna to leave her ego aside and work with pases brujos has been a ritual
for years, I better let her alone start things. Then we started performing pases bujos and I
instructed Krishna on how to top her energy with her vagina. And I tell her when I see
she`s connecting:

-You're carrying energy with your pussy Krishna.

And Krishna loose a huge laugh, which rarely has such until her eyes wept, but i did not
looked for delicate words to say it from male to female, so I told her in confidence directly.
I guided Krishna with chi kung breathing in water buffalo and golden turtle, with nine
deep breaths, Krishna was in a mudra and ultimately got all the energy down to the
vagina, guided up the spine and down again to Hara down the front channel. And
Krishna opened her eyes and said:

- Oh, why does all look royal blue? I was writing down in my notebook the energy effects
and Krishna sees me and says:
-And what are you learning through me? Says laughing

I say nothing, I keep noting:

- I'm an experiment for you right?
-That's right, -I say as a real scientist writing on a block of little notes his mental
calculations of quantum energy action-reaction talking to itself- now you know where
your Hara is?
Yes, I am also not so dumb, do not overdo...
-Let's see, you could point it out with your hand? I say to Krishna

Krishna touches almost just below the navel:

-No, not like that, I'll tell you the Toltec method, you measure from the legs to the head,
barefoot, no heels or anything, and to the top of your head, divide in half and there is your
power center, or Hara, therefore without fail, the mere half of your body. Because the
Hara must be lit, first is the Hara, then the passes are made in Hara and two upper Dan
Tian, but all three are primary energy factories, but you have chakras even in the feet, and
underfoot, a meter and a half above your head, two meters. In short, you are a super
complex system of energy but so simple yet, so the first thing is the Hara, light up your
Hara and with the power of your pussy, never forget, inhale everything around you when
you come to the field, ALL, and re-channel through your nadis, fill your nadis with this
- What were the nadis?-Wonder Krishna
-Let the train take me!- I said laughing, let's look at all your veins inside nadis go first,
but the nadis also go out of your physical body in your luminous egg.
-Oh yes, the wiring...
Exactly, that's right! I said and continued scoring in my notebook.

You know ... dear reader? I see the East coming to America, to twin with America, a dream
coming true, like thousands of years ago, America and East again united. For a cause that
affects us all, regardless of race, group, religion, spiritual path. Help this humanity to be
aware of itself.
I know that everyone wants to help in his own way, his way, but in the end we are all
brothers, and it is obvious that a person who becomes more aware of himself, cannot
stand to see such a mass of human unconsciousness because they are human, believe me a
Buddha like Don Juan Matus did not bear to see this humanity so deplorable, so decadent,
so handmaid of Ego. Therefore he spoke, therefore he strove so many years following the
Spirit with all humility, with all possible impeccability and the Spirit recognized Don Juan
in something big, guided only by the Spirit, Don Juan Matus broke forever , fractured the
belief system of the modern world. The Yaqui Indian who flew to Infinity.

I remember once ... my first walks with Isidro, eating Hikuri there, we were walking on
the hill and Isidro kept insisting:

Eat-more, more, and a minimum of seven hikuris.

Then we came to a cave, the world stopped completely. Looking around, everything was
Toltec, everything was alive, I turn and see Isidro and say:

-This is Crazy, it moves one to other realities and with body and all, right Isidro?
-Yes it does
But know that this is too heavy for me cabron, I cannot, really, this is fucked up, I..., no...,
its something else this Mezcalito... nothing to be said, I want out!.
-Uh!-Isidro said laughing-you already do as if you were a member of the chicken
cowards club too?
-Well, I think yes, it is just that this can't be possible, as there is no explaining this, it's not
like in the fucking books of Carlos , no, this is more serious Isidro you bastard!
Ay fucking Pancho! you are a coward, and what you are missing still, this is not nothing
and you're already a chicken.

Don Juan Matus, as a Toltec Visionary knew the Three routes to reach the Absolute, the
Way of Father, Mother and Son. However Mother, Spirit, took him on a fourth way, i
mean, Don Juan Matus went his own way led by the Spirit. To try to get to the source of
I initially did not understand the concept of the Three paths in Mezcalito, Mukeno once
explained it better:

Look, -said Mukeno one time- the concept is simple, Don Juan is the only one who gives
much emphasis to the DOUBLE, he has been the only one that gives special emphasis on
the DOUBLE body, because in that DOUBLE lies a great secret.
- But why the Double, why not mental body or the astral body?
-Is just that first is the DOUBLE, for me the Astral that Gurdjieff talks about and the
DOUBLE of Don Juan, are the same, Gurdjieff speaks of an astral body that you have to
build with effort, i mean the crystallization of a body you create yourself with your will
and acts of power. Don Juan is talking DOUBLE born even in dreams. What Don Juan
does is that he takes the astral and the mental, even the physicall in to the double, and
goes for a ride to the infinitum
Ay guey! - I said open-mouthed- That is the real deal!
Yes, Don Juan saw the double, liked it and.... I don't know...
Look, Don Juan is a visionary, he can "see", he clearly sees God, the Divine Mother, the
Eternal Son, sees the mold, of course he sees, it is Don Juan Matus. Then he thought, but
why to follow these three ways, why not otherwise? Then Don Juan jumps the three paths,
breaks all the rules, goes large, and with his group and everything, i mean, look how far
Don Juan got.
- But they left or were taken? - I ask Mukeno- is just that everything here feels weird..
even ET seems possible in the hikuri.

Mukeno laughed like drums beating.

-Look, is just that there are many things you cannot say, people are still very backwards,
but overall, if they went away, they went away because they were in a Merkaba that was
made by their design, or if they were taken away, they might just be rolling around up
there in the worlds, but the important thing is that Don Juan went for a ride... BIG TIME,
to higher planes, because infinity is big Yumare, you have no idea.
Only Don Juan gifted to humanity the secret of the Toltec sorcerers, the assemblage point,
that's already more than enough. To have told you that secret, it deserves a stand up
ovation, it is such a great gift that the Spirit made through Don Juan, to at least talk to you
about the existence of the assemblage point, as you have no idea. That means you almost
got half ticket to freedom.
It is rare, seems to me that everything here, Mukeno -I said- always ends all circling
around don Juan... who is don Juan Matus?
-The very master -said Mukeno- The Tolteca-Grandfather
-But how can we transcend death and all complete with sandals?
-Then there's Don Juan as a proof -Mukeno said- you just started in this, no man, don
hurry because you have a shitload to learn.

Krishna and I did some pases brujos, after a while Krishna told me she would prepare
something to eat, so i gathered firewood and she made some delicious veggie burgers,
with some hunger I ate two, but then I regretted because I had eaten Hikuri. So I stayed
for almost two hours or more walking back and forth along the lake, occasionally gave
me a tank of power, but not very eager, as Hikuri had charged me quite much. My state of
being only stayed in the Buddha's day that it was today.

I did not meant to write anything, however Mezcalito came to me.

'Remember,' said Mezcalito-life of the Buddha is your own life.

Walked a while barefoot on the lake shore, two crows flying, cawing and approached the
lake to pick scraps left by campers and obvious garbage, sometimes seems that people
today do not understand the concept of cleaning.
One of the crows was large, hard standing for a while in front of me as I walked, we both
doubted each other, but stood looking at eachother for a long, long time, not moving and
the wind was strong.
-I know I said to the raven talking-I know, don Juan, I know you are his messenger,
messenger like you were to Odin, and many others, you are a great teacher Crow Chief,
but what can I talk about Don Juan?

The Raven teacher looked at me, said nothing and began his solo flight and squawking.
Joined by side crow and the two flew all day near the place, giving cheerful laps then
leaving, returning then left to close, disappeared, in short, a lot had they noticed me today,
never like so, Raven is always more regularly as a messenger, which guides you with
much wisdom, who carries important messages.
I got back with my family playing near the lake and got inside the tent, I had a book by
Yogi Ramacharaka. Gnani yoga lessons. But I preferred to smoke a little and I only lied
down at the tent, which I told Krishna I would call as of today "the room of the
I just lied there, not thinking anything, Hikuri fiddled a bit, but I wasnt asking to know
anything. With magic passes, I noted that my arms were pure light fibers, no energy,
when you hear that everything is energy, you imagine wires and other things of the mind,
but as Krishna and I were doing the passes, I could define that my body looked like pure
light, cables grouped into gold and blue light.
While lying down a lot of Don Juan came to my mind, I reviewed all the teachings of Don
Juan, especially his last teaching before leaving the world saying "Forget the I and you
wont fear anything".

It was don Juan Matus. A Buddha as few, if in the ordinary world they saw him with
astonishment, at Hikuri we all saw Don Juan Matus as the Grandfather, the Nagual, the
sage who guides you with a flawless mastery. We knew he was the Visionary Teacher,
what don Juan told you was certain, without words, without argument, whenever you
walked in Hikuri , you knew that don Juan was right. Mezcalito lessons and Don Juan are
so similar, it seems that it was Mezcalito himself who taught Don Juan Matus many years,
they teach you the same thing, slowly but essentially the same.

I remember I started in Hikuri with a big crave, a desire for everyone to have that
encounter with Hikuri so holy, so divine, but at the time I understood that simply the vast
majority of those who sought to Hikuri, as would don Juan Matus say: they were cracked.
If anything I learned of Don Juan was to respect Hikuri, not because of Don Juan, but
because of Hikuri, Don Juan was just his spokesman, Don Juan did not dare even talk
much of Mezcalito his Master, he had enormous respect, and was very grateful. Don Juan
fought for their indigenous brothers to eat Hikuri, but they reneged, called him crazy, but
in the background it was fear, it was lack of value, the concept that indigenous people
have of Hikuri is very different from the modernist mind and absorbed ego. Not that they
would'nt eat Hikuri, is just that as Indians they knew Hikuri is a teacher of the heart, and
is relentless with his disciples, and the Indians knew, saw him with much respect,
preferred to get drunk, dying in misery before eating Hikuri.
So often begged don Juan, including his grandson Lucio. Don Juan wanted his grandson
Lucio to had Hikuri, that he inherited the knowledge, but Mezcalito chose a stranger, a
stranger to the Indians, Carlos appeared.
It was impossible, is a yori, a foreign Mezcalito pointed as the new Nagual? He tested him,
led him to Mezcalito himself, because it was a big question, do you Mezcalito really want
this strange man from the city?
Yes, Mezcalito proved it, and then together, Don Juan, his Master Mezcalito and Carlos
Castaneda, start a huge saga, monumental, a franchise that transcended borders in a
world then full of hate , wars, devastations, and alienated young Americans, millions of
them forced into a war that had nothing to do with them in Vietnam. Then Mezcalito
appears, don Juan appears, Carlos appears.
And the world responds to one of the last original Toltec grandparents, who has left the
Bacatete, the most hidden of distant Yaqui lands in Sonora. An indigenous nobody knew, a
simple Indian going around the world talking to the modern man in words that anyone
would understand, incredible, the legendary Juan Matus appeared.
Amazing, atomic, with a sense of life so great that U.S. universities came to be filled with
hundreds of young people reading Don Juan. The world began to know, America then,
started to doubt if what anthropology said was true or false.
And the world fell in love forever with Don Juan, when ten years after meeting him,
Carlos Castaneda published his book Journey to Ixtlan.
One of the most famous books for all readers, each book Carlos is so extraordinary, so full
of so many teachings, but everyone agrees that Journey to Ixtlan is his most poetic book,
which portrays the hard life to become a true warrior .

- That is pure idiocy! He exclaimed. Death is the only wise adviser that we have.
Whenever you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and you're about to
be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if it is true. Your death will tell you that you're
wrong; that nothing really matters other than its touch. Your death will tell you: "I have
not touched you." Carlos Castaneda. Journey to Ixtlan.

Death. A topic that does not shy away don Juan, this topic is so beautiful, so full of a Toltec
legacy that transcends the vision of other spiritual paths, Don Juan does not run from the
world, he is not going to the Himalayas, he knows death will come wherever he is, so his
only chance is to escape alive from his own death. Die before dying, take death not as an
enemy but as a friend and counselor.
Don Juan was so great that even transcended death, death didnt touch him, that's what
makes it so great of Don Juan. You can look at India, they call the birthplace of
spirituality, 900 million Indis , tied to ancient beliefs about the soul, life, reincarnation,
vedas, but looking at the India you note that their resign for life and acceptance of death
is nothing more than cowardice. In India you will see thousands of sanyasines, but that
means nothing, they have fear of life, they renounce to fight with their own death, they
give up too easy, so India is not a country of spirituality, it is false, is a defeated country,
surrendered, poor, destitute, a country in poverty, whose men have renounced the world
saying again and again that it is an illusion. But then, for the first time, from America Don
Juan uses a counter culture of what seemed to be spirituality up until then.
A boy whose father was killed by the government, to seize their land. The same happened
with the Tzotzil, the Coras, Tarahumara, Mayos, Triqui, and many indigenous ethnic
groups, the government took all away from them, the Conqueror who came from another
continent suddenly stopped being friends to become enslaver of the new and yet not so
New World.
And that little boy, growing up before all the adversities of life, never forgot where he was
born, he does not come to the world with a message of "resign" to the world, of leaving all,
but contradicts everything written and said that the Death is real, it is a relentless hunter,
he talks to his apprentice Carlos about death, over and over again he wants him aware of
death, aware that there is no time.
Similar to the first time that Siddhartha saw the body of a dead man. Siddhartha so young,
so full of vitality, beauty, grace. Prince Siddhartha was noble, beloved, had great poise and
elegance, yet seeing the body of the man, he asks his driver what that is:

-That my Lord -replied the coachman- is death, the end, the body ages and we die, we all
die my lord
- Even I? Siddhartha asked astonished
-So is Lord, even you, no one escapes the lord of death.

No one escapes, not even the great Siddhartha escapes, so leave everything, there is no
point to continue living in a palace if you're going to die, death is inevitable.
But then 2,500 years later, another Buddha appears, a Yaqui Indian, whose message
transcended many parts of the world to get millions of loyal readers, a man who
conquered death, not just a man, but a whole group of men and women.
This is unique of Don Juan Matus, the power that he gives back to women. We see the
western world, western male mind. All the world is male, however don Juan Matus, and
his eight female warriors, transcend many ancient supposedly spiritual paradigms, even
in India, the birthplace of spirituality, they see women as "inferior" spiritually. In schools
of Yoga where thousands of adherents believe in reincarnation, Don Juan again disrupts
their theories, their myths about the immortality of the self and their thoughts about
women, he calls garbage that knowledge. Proves that he is an Indian who sees, who
knows what he's talking about, who knows the process of Samsara can be stopped,
transcended, as if a dream. And not only that, but in the company of warriors, not only
him, but with other yous.
No Buddha never in history had taken his disciples with himself, all Buddhas are gone
alone, that vision of Don Juan speaks of a humanity that takes many years of spiritual
advancement over modern human mass, is a vision of a super-man, the real super man.
But Don Juan Matus humble as always just did one thing, he talked about their dormant
spiritual abilities as luminous beings to his sieblings on the planet Earth. Don Juan did not
shrink, did not say that this world is illusory, i mean, the objects that we see are illusions,
but behind them is the naked truth, endless fields of light, conscious of itself, the realm of
the universal energy.

In his latest book. Carlos Castaneda memories everything he learned of Don Juan, at least
in certain teachings that Carlos regard as the most essential in his warrior album. One in
particular, when Don Juan speaks of shadow beings, and takes him to "see" these things
for himself. Carlos Castaneda almost went crazy to see face to face energy predators of
humanity, what he nicknamed, Flyers.
Don Juan then takes a monumental leap, he had spoken of lucid dreaming, inorganic
beings, old sorcerers, had witnessed everything, but then, don Juan reveals that the Flyers
come from the depths of the cosmos, that is, they are beings from outer space who are
smart and know how to move in the fourth dimension, the man does not know because
these beings moan, i mean consume the energy from his luminous cocoon.
Carlos cannot believe, beings from outer space? Yes, and don Juan proves it to him, Carlos
then goes silent, says no more, it was a great secret of the visionary sorcerers before the
time of Don Juan, the Flyers, or known today as reptilians. The beings that enslaved great
cultures around the world, who enslaved humanity, or in other cultures called fallen
angels, demons, Chitaurii.

Information today is accelerated to the maximum speed, then other shamans appear as
Credo Mutwa, speaking he also saw the reptilians, he even saw a dead one.
Nobody believes anything because nobody sees anything in the world, there are really few
visionarys who can perceive the layers of energy from dimensions different to the third.
Don Juan could see not only all 48 bands on Earth, but the whole cosmos, could see the
pure energy and conscious life in the infinite sea of consciousness. He knew what he
spoke, he didnt theorized, he "saw", he did not received teachings from books, he saw the
energy flow in the universe, and in Mezcalito, any trainee received this first, the teaching
that he can also see the energy as did Don Juan and witness firsthand what don Juan
Matus spoke, and not just in Mezcalito, also in other sacred plants.

The yag and Mezcalito know the same thing, shows the same teachings, the Sampedro,
and more, India also had power plants, in China, in Africa. Plants were the first teachers
of mankind, which taught the primitive man without the Flyer mind to "see".
Primitive man was not like the modern man today, he was genetically modified, millions
of years ago by more evolved beings, biblical Elohim, Gods, older siblings however the
inner essence of man, the divine light belongs only to the Absolute.
The old Mezcalito teachings say that, when Older brothers came, a cosmic tunnel opened
into our universe and for that same cosmic tunnel came the reptilians, flying from
another latitude of the Infinite onion, from the emanations of the Eagle, and Big Brothers
taught the ancient man science, evolution, the mysteries of the cosmos, but when these
went away, the cosmic invaders stayed here, they took the world, it was a dark era,
enslaved humans, in cosmic times that was just a day or maybe two, in human time were
many centuries. They erected as the true gods and demanded human sacrifices, to eat the
heart. In America many people surrendered them tribute. After the Toltecs marched to
higher planes, the teachings were perverted, the gods now cried for blood, from South
America to North, from America to China, Egypt, India, all countries of the world, began
to offer blood to these "gods", tributes of slaves, children, women, warriors. Priests in
return received powers and magical abilities to keep the ignorant people that were
dominated by non-human beings who had given their own parasite mind to the then
innocent human.
That is said in Mezcalito's teachings and much more, infinitely more. These beings know
how to handle the fourth dimension, however the man is the Absolute, he can handle up
to the seventh dimension, but having the parasitic mind, the ego within him, managing
his life, being invaded by a thousand selves, he is asleep, he does not "see" the energetic
truth behind the apparent veil of illusion.
And if Don Juan himself said so, who could be so bold to discredit without similar training
that he received as an apprentice Nagual?
There is a small excerpt with which I would like to close today on this day of the Buddha.
The Ultimate Journey of Don Juan Matus and his fifteen warriors. From the book The
Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda.

"I cannot stand the idea of you going Don Juan" -I heard myself say-. The sound of my
voice and what I had said made me feel embarrassed. When I started to sob involuntarily
due to my self-pity, I felt even worse.
No one stood, not millions of readers Juan, you are gone great Grandpa, What else was left
to tell us? You flew, you left our hearts forever empty without your wise teachings you
Nagual Matus.

- What happens to me don Juan? -I muttered. I'm not usually like this.
-What happens to you is your conscience is back to the level of your heels-he replied,

Then I lost the last apex of domain and gave myself completely to my feelings of decay
and despair.

Have you ever seen a warrior of such magnitude as Don Juan in your life? He is about to
take the final leap, he is about to return to infinity, only came to give a notice to Carlos, to
show the true level of a human being.
Don Juan laughing and Carlos desperate, because Don Juan is going, and is forever and in
front of Carlos, him to witness.

'I'm going to be alone,' I said in a shrill voice. What will happen to me?
-Put it this way don Juan said calmly. So I can leave this earth and face the unknown, I
need all my strength, all my domain, all my luck; but above all, I need every bit of steel
balls of a warrior-traveler. To stay here and battle as a warrior-traveler you need
everything that I need. Venturing out there where we go is no joke, but neither is staying

How humble this Yaqui Indian, until the last moment reminds Carlos the true value of
humility. Don Juan, who said that to be a warrior, you have to truly love this Earth. Earth
is now rewarding him by sending him to something higher, to endless infinity. By a life of
total impeccability. However, Carlos had to stay, otherwise the message would never be
brought to his brother the man, Don Juan is showing Carlos that the TOTAL FREEDOM

I had a burst of excitement and kissed his hand.

- So, so, so! - He said. Please dont go and make an altar to my sandals!

How many Buddhas have you seen at the level of Don Juan Matus? He will fly for infinity
and Carlos kisses his hand in gratitude, he teached him lots, it was ten years, unique, in
ten years, and Carlos is there to see him gone, forever and ever, his friend, his teacher, his
Tolteca grandfather. And he kisses his hand, and Don Juan as always, laughing, without
personal importance. Have you seen the gurus of the world? Not for comparison my
friend, thats why there are very few who follow Don Juan, the Toltec path, the path of the
heart, because there is no personal significance, you're like me, everything is In Lak 'Ech, I
am another you. Look at all, making images of Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Lao Tzu,
Bodhidharma, however don Juan avoided the photos, not because he could not, but
because he "saw" what would happen, don Juan did not wanted a church or a cult nor did
he wanted to be anyone's savior. He was a Warrior, his path was different, it was to
demonstrate with his own life what a true Impeccable Warrior is. A Nagual.
And he goes, he is gone forever from this planet. Back then about 30 years ago, Don Juan
was gone forever, but the ones who do follow him will not make him altars, the ones who
do love him will not erect monuments, we will not make it a religion but we take our hats
off and we say: How great you are Yaqui brother. How high you fly Indian brother.

The anguish came over me and changed my state of self-pity to a sense of loss

- You are going! I muttered. You are going forever!

At that time don Juan did something he had done repeatedly since the day I met him. He
puffed his face as if taking a deep breath would have inflated it. He gave me a hard touch
in the back, with the palm of his left hand and said:
- Get up off your heels! Arise!

Instantly, I was again consistent, complete, with total control of myself. I knew what to
expect. There was no hesitation on my part, nor concern on myself. I did not care what I
was going to go through when Don Juan had left. I knew that his departure was
imminent. He looked at me, and in that look he said it all.

-Never again we'll be together -He said quietly. You no longer need my help; and I do not
offer it, because if you are worth as a warrior-traveler, you will spit the offer in my face.
Beyond certain parameters, the only happiness of a warrior-traveler is his solitary state. I
would not like you tried to help me either. Once I leave, I'll be gone. Do not think about
me because I will not think about you. If you are a warrior-traveler worth his weight, Be
impeccable! Watch your world. Honor it; watch it with your life.

Much wisdom lets out Carlos in the last words of Don Juan, I know, you have read this
many times, you know, maybe dozens, and still thinking that there is something behind
the words, there had to be something, is just that it was Don Juan.
And there is something is called Value, called Total Freedom, called impeccability, Don
Juan is leaving, and his last words said to Carlos is always be impeccable. Watch YOUR
WORLD. Honor it; watch it with your life.
This is the final statement of Don Juan Matus, always humble, he will not say this planet is
worse than hell, on the contrary, it is your Mother Earth, letting go of one of her sons who
finally has matured, who took care of her, who spoke on behalf of her, the ever beloved
Mother Earth. The one that made don Juan so fortunate as to be apprenticed by the
Nagual Julian. But Don Juan is different, he is not like the oriental mind who has denied
life, the love for our neighbor, Don Juan affirms Life, the Love of Earth, he took care of her
his whole life, his whole life was nothing but enrapture us with short words, as a Tolteca
Lao Tse, short, few teachings, but at a sublime level.
Watch Your world-Don Juan tells Carlos.
And I see so sadly remembering these words of Don Juan, look at us all, destroying our
world, destroying our Mother Earth, the only Mother Earth, the Mother of our children,
our parents, ancestors, grandparents. We honor gurus, gods, statues, books, gitas, Bibles,
Korans, men, but never remember our Mother Earth, we never honor her, we are unable
to put our knees down in love with her and hold her, to love her as Genaro, Emilio, as
Silvio, Manuel, Eligio ... Eligio, one more, an Indian who had nothing since childhood,
reaching the total freedom, standing on pair with the group of Don Juan, a mere
apprentice reaching Total Freedom.
Vicente Medrano, Clara Grau, Nelida... they are all going, I'm missing some more... why
should i mention all of them? You know it, they all go, men and women, because Olinda,
the nagual woman, the companion of Don Juan is waiting on the other side of the second
attention, right on the edge, touching the infinity. Olinda waited for Don Juan, in the same
way as Talia waited for the great nagual Julian... the mother, always the Divine Mother.
In this, nagualism is unique, it is female, the nagual woman is the key to everything, the
nagual man is just the messenger, but the woman is the key, she is liberation, she is the
daughter of the mother, without the woman nagual there is no way out.
But Don Juan will guide, to rise at infinity where somewhere is Olinda waiting for them ,
and then vanish forever.

He walked away from me. The moment was beyond self-pity or tears or happiness. He
shook his head as if to say goodbye or recognizing what I felt.

Forget the self , and you wont fear anything, no matter the level of consciousness in
which you are -he said.

Forget the self. If Sakyamuni Buddha had heard these words, he would have found himself
in Don Juan.
Forget de self, Anantma, the very doctrine of Buddha 2.500 years ago. Everything is
empty, forget about the self forever, what sense does it make to suffer for something that
is not yours? Why loving so much the desire that makes you suffer? The cause of
suffering is desire, desire is generated by self, leave the self forever and you will see that
no matter your level of consciousness, you will not fear anything. That's the whole secret
of Don Juan, he forgot the self forever.

He had one last rant of levity. He joked with me one last time on this earth.

- I hope you find love! He told me.

Monumental, gone, palm to palm, Gate, Gate, Paramgate ...
He goes, you are about to leave forever brother Indian Yaqui, I will not hear your great
advice, I will not hear from you, you go forever and a final joke, but what a joke, a laugh,
you'll fly this infinite and you are giving us a laugh.
You'll forever remember us we must not feel important, you, Matus the Nagual ... you are
going and you laugh, you are going and you laugh at the self ...
Grandfather Matus palm to palm. Om Tat Sat ...

He lifted his palm to me and stretched his fingers like a child, then pulled them back
against the palm.
-Ciao he said.

Ciao. Yes, goodbye, goodbye like in Argentina, not to forget that America comes down to
Patagonia, who are also our brothers who were also great Toltec teachers. Ciao Carlos, the
nagual goes, you have to stay, you have to do it, otherwise who will say to people that this
can be done, that you can become a man of knowledge?

I knew it was useless to feel sadness or regret and it was so hard for me to stay, as it was
to don Juan go. The two of us were in an irreversible energy maneuver that neither could
stop. However, I wanted to join Don Juan, follow him wherever. I got the idea that maybe
if I died he would take me with him.
Then I saw how don Juan Matus, the Nagual, led his fifteen visionary peers, his proteges,
his delights, to disappear one by one in the mist of that plateau to the north. I saw each
one of them become a bright balloon of light, then they ascended together and floated
over the top of the mountain as ghost lights in the sky. They circled on the top of the
mountain as don Juan had said they would; his last view, which is only for his eyes; his
last view of this wonderful land. And then they vanished.

They gave a final round. For your eyes only. Quetzalcoatl is back, Quetzalcoatl is gone.
Proving that it's real, it was not just a mythical journey.

And the warriors of Quetzalcoatl flew...

May 1, 2014
Ah Yumari.