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Vol. II, No. 8 Thursday, October 30, 1980

Nader YOu Say,

Speaks SD'Amato
Interviewed by the Press,
Ralph Nader comments The conservative Senatorial candidate
on the electorial system, /
Defends his record to the Press
the candidates
and the issues.
1(4 Cover, Outlook
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Jake and Jerry

President Ford Endorses
Jacob Javits for
N.Y. Senator at
Waldorf Astoria Breakfast
' .ig,i.
.. . ,.
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At its annual meeting,

the Faculty-Student Association
elects a new board amidst politicking,

and new president Rich Bentley

speaks on FSA 's future

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Tom Twomey
Bill Carney fights for

seeks reelection liberal values

and change and against the odds

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Come Hang Out Ah AýA, , ,.A

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4 EROS is a peer professional, counseling, referral, and patient

I advocate service for birth control, pregnancy, abortion, human

sexuality, and sexual health care. We have men and women coun-

I selors who deal with men, women and couples. We are free and
If you have any questions, problems, or need
please call of visit us at Room 119 in the Infirmary.

We are also available to do dorm lectures. Mon. - Fri.,
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%b -- L. -- .- r , ^,i niir uri
New FSA President Plans Reform
by Melissa Spielman Number two is Lackmann's [food administrators. How will you deal with disunity to their benefit.
The Faculty Student Association is at a service] role on campus. Are they this? Press:There is a fear among some
crucialperiod. With its financial situation fulfilling the need that we have, or are Bentley: By settling the 'amidst students that the University would like to
improving there is a potential for they just paying lip service to the controversy' issues as quickly as possible move in on FSA. Do you think this is a
providing more businesses and services for students and grabbing as much money as so [administrators] can't use student Continued on page 6
the campus; with the phaseout of they can?
dormitory bars, some of which FSA Number three, to assist students in as
operates, and rumor of attempts at many new operations as possible that wil
greater university control over auxiliary be beneficial to students. And if it's good
services, there is a potential for
for students and faculty, it's good for the
administrators not to block anything the
Student Split Evidenced
FSA's newly elected President, Rich FSA Board wants to do. Disunity among voting student as Associate Sociology Profesasor
Bentley, recently granted an interview to Press:Some people have said that FSA members of the Faculty Student Andrew Collver was elected \ Wice
The Press in which he offered some has been afraid to start new programs Association led to a two hour delay President, Junior and Polity Elect ion
comments on the direction of the because of their past financial problems. of the Annual Meeting while students Board co-chair Jackie Lachow was
Association fth year and the conflict Would you rather stay with existing argued over whom to support for elected secretary and Dan Melu cci,
surroundinr hi ion operations or take chances? FSA President. the University's chief accountaant,
Bentley:I think there's got to be Rich Bentley, a Continuing was re-elected treasurer.
innovation in FSA so it doesn't find itself Education student, outpolled Senior Also elected to the Board of
stagnating. If one place is losing, and we Owen Rumelt 12-10 after the Directors were Sophomore and
don't want to give up that place, we nominating committee, seeing the 'Toscanini Residential Assist ant
should start other things that will be students had reached no consensus, Maryellen Sullivan, Rumolt, MiN1iael
fiscally sound. suggested that both run for Kennedy (a graduate student and last
Press:What new operations would you president. year's FSA secretary), and Po lity
like to see? The president of the FSA has President Rich Zuckerman, v,ho
Bentley:Whatever the students want to traditionally been a student relinquished his seat to Po liLy
do. I'm going to start by looking at other since students gained a majority on Treasurer Larry Siegel. IThe
FSA's - the type of operations they have Class A, the body which elects the administrators' scats on the Bo ard
around the state. Board of Directors, in 1974. The were filled by Vice President for
Press:Why do you think you're FSA is a non-profit corporation Finance and Business Carl Hanes, and
qualified to be FSA President? responsible for auxiliary services on Assist .r.t Vice President for Stud ent
Bentley:'ve had experience in campus, such as Lackmann food Affairs Emile Adams.
students' rights, from organizing rallies, service. Aside from the pre-meet ting
Rich Bentley
chairing [college] legislatures, and getting R u m e l t c o m m e n t e d, politicking, additional evidence c f a
Press:What are your plans for FSA this grants from Albany [for the H-Quad "Unfortunately, due to the student split came wt ien
year? rehabilitation] to helping anyone I could factionalization the administrators Chris Fairhall, who ran against Si<egel
Bentley: To have FSA involved in as through the bureaucracy of the [on FSA] were able to see division, for Polity Treasurer, challenged Sie-
many issues concerning the quality of administration building. and able, for the first time since gel's right to hold a Class A seat.
student life on campus as possible, and to Pressr Your election was controversial, students have held a majority of The Polity Treasurer is an ex
lose the decaying image that FSA has. in that the students on Class A [which Class A seats, to elect a non-student officio member of ClassA; Fair hall
Press:How do you plan to accomplish votes for the Board of Directors] were ob- president" attempted unsuccessfully to convi nce
that? viously split over which candidate to sup- Since the FSA bylaws have no the other Class A members tthat
Bentley:By involving as many students port. Do you think that division was harm- provision for CED students, Bentley Siegel, who was elected vice trefsiurer
as possible in FSA through Polity, GSO ful to students? held an alumnus seat on Class A prior last year and later stepped in(o the
[Graduate Student Organization], and to his election, treasurer's position, was merely an
Bentley:Yes, and I'm going to do my
college legislature influence on FSA best to correct it as soon as possible, by Bentley responded, "Fm going to interim treasurer.
committees. speaking with all the people involved and do my best to correct [the division] A source later explaineo "Th elore
Press:What issues will you focus on finding out their concerns, and making as soon as possible...if I have to fight was never any question that SiEegel
first? student leaders realize that I can be a Polity because of my status as an was Treasurer... Fairhall was
Bentley:Number one, FSA's large asset to the operations and issues alumnus, it will make me less waging a political fight to insure that
involvement in dormitories - in pubs, which they feel are important. eff e at fighting administrators." Bentley would be elected F'SA
vending machines and places for students Press:Some students are worried that After the presidential election the president." -by Melissa Sp ielmanl
to have a good time. the division will be used against them by meeting proceeded with greater calm,

Rape Hotline Commitment Honored

by Jesse Londin Center rally and sit-in at the Administration building last
May. This semester, the question arose as to whether
Pursuant to the Womyn Center's committment to
Schmidt's promise would be honored.
confront rape on campus and violence against women,
"Yes, the promise still holds," said University
the group this year is organizing a 'Rape Survivors
President John Marburger. "I'll try to find whatever
Hotline,' scheduled to begin operation in January.
funding is necessary. The promise has been made and I
According to organizers, the service will be "the first
want to honor it and be as supportive as possible."
and only rape hotline on Long Island."
However, Marburger admitted that he had "no idea
The 24-hour hotline will be staffed by volunteers
where the money will come from at this point," but
trained in rape counseling. The service will not function
affirmed, "I want to address this problem the way
on a walk-in basis; it will handle clientele over the
women want to do it."
Hotline organizers have estimated the annual
The five week training program began last Friday,
operating cost at $15,000. Calling this figure
headed by Janet Geller, a coordinator of Victims "ridiculous," Vice President for Student Affairs
Information Bureau of Suffolk (VIBS), a telephone Hotline holds first meeting.
Elizabeth Wadsworth pointed out the University can not
service on the Island that deals only perfunctorily with
afford the hotline if it is coordinated by the Womyn's
rape. t-he rape to the police and to press charges. The
Center as an independent project. "That's not how
At the training program's introductory lecture, counselors will be prepared to provide referrals and
EROS got set up, that's not how Bridge to Somewhere
attended by over 35 women, Geller explained that one information on legal and medical options for the victim.
got set up," said Wadsworth. In order to be monitarily
goal of the hotline is to provide "immediate response" The hotline will also be able to contact Public Safety or,
feasible, "these things need to be done through Polity
and comfort for the caller. The voice of the counselor in the case of an off-campus call, the Suffolk County
and through the University," she said.
must convey "understanding for the traumatized Sex Crime Unit, and will assist in arrangements for the
Wadsworth, who expressed support for a rape hotline
woman," and "assurance that she can go further in her victim to be taken to a hospital emergency room if
necessary. for the campus, said that she has made attempts to find
cry for help." "We're not looking at rape in the strict legal sense of operating space in the University hospital and Infirmary.
Geller pointed out that one reason women are so These attempts were subsequently "aborted," but
traumatized by rape is that, "very few victims leave the word. Any physical abuse against women will be
handled," said Deidre Black of the Womyn's Center. Wadsworth is presently scouting locations for a hotline
themselves blameless. Women don't react by saying 'this office within the Department of Public Safety.
guy's fucked up, there's nothing wrong with me'." The Funding for a rape survivor's hotline was promised by
Womyn's Center activists are enthusiastic about
last year's Acting University President, Dr. Richard
coordinator concluded, "Rape is not an act of passion or beginning the hotline; the project has been in the
Schmidt, shortly before he left the University. The
lust, it is an attack with a weapon - rapists are using planning stage for a long time.
their penises as weapons." agreement to assist in making arrangements and paying
"Women have been carrying the burden of rape
The hotline will serve to support and reassure the for a room, phones, and coordinating fees was one of the
around forever," said Lillian Brennan of the Womyn's
concessions granted in the aftermath of the Womyn's
victim and whenever possible, encourage her to report Center. "It's not our problem, it's the rapists' problem."
page 3
The Fourth Estate: Editorial MR
Voting For To the Editor:
On the Subject of Women Learning to Whittle.
In response to the October 16 article on Rape Prevention,
advice was given to women to carry and/or improvise weapons

The Future to maim, not kill. I have a modest proposal.

I own a camping tool I use to whittle with. It is red and has
multiple tools attached that come in handly, like a
screwdriver, and saw. Whittling, to me, comes from my special
love of wood; most of all whittling takes me to the mountains
where I usually have to whittle a walking stick to assist me in
Opinion polls, news media analyses and preempt the preeminent two, much time my climb. One can whittle any shape that can be used as a
even grocery store conversations tell us of and support will be needed. weapon to maim, not kill.
the electorate's growing disillusionment The Citizens' Party, for instance, is So, my modest advice to all women on the Stony Brook
with both Jimmy Carter and Ronald seeking not so much the election of its campus is learn to whittle, but most important be certain to
Reagan. This is nothing new. Every four candidate and leader Barry Commoner, but have your tool with you at all times. I wear mine in a leather
years there is the rediscovery of the basic dissemination of its ideology, and 5 percent case that fits conveniently on my belt.
dissatisfaction with the Democratic and of the overall vote - something which GaiI D. Vocht
Republican parties and their candidates. would bring essential federal funding next
To begin with - and assuming a large
part of the electorate, though politically
aligned, is fed up with the two leading
election year.
And so, many voters are faced with the The Press has
perennial sticky-wicket: whether to be a
parties (witness the enormous independent
registration )- there is something wrong
conscience voter or a strategic voter. That
is, to vote for a candidate, not because one
openings for trainees
with the quality of candidates that our
primary system produces. Men of vision,
feels strongly for him but because one feels
so strongly against his opponent; or to
in: news
integrity and energy are the exception.
Or, as one political analyst put it, "You're
"waste" one's vote on a smaller party
whose ideals one embraces, becuase, feature
always voting for someone you don't like."
The voters, faced with two relative
though one knows it can't
possibly win this time, the hope exists that arts
unknowns - in the case of Eisenhower with enough support it might someday
versus Stevenson in '52 - may often find grow into a viable alternative to the
ludicrous national parties.
themselves voting against one candidate
rather than for the other. The latter Obviously, the dilemma is not so nearly
as cut and dried, and for the depressingly
candidate is called the Lesser of Two Evils.
In other years, the incumbent will run
for reelection. Only one president who had
meager number of people who manage to
drag themselves down to the polls, the
Call 246-6832,
won the presidency on his own right -
Franklin Pierce in 1856 - was denied his
mental gyrations they go through in
making their decision must resemble a or come down to
party's nomination four years later. Of the
Presidents seeking reelection - and that is a
double helix in a blender.
What if I vote for the alternative, and 020, Old Bio.
very popular course with Presidents - only throw the election to Reagan? What if
three have been defeated. everyone thought that way and nothing
Election '80 interviews were arranged
These facts may suggest a traditional ever got changed? What if mediocrity in a
by Prakash Mishra.
contentment with the incumbent President. major party is unavoidable, and when the
Yet, though certain Presidents may have alternative becomes the standard, it too
certainly been beloved, the majority have will be unacceptable? The pursuit of
evoked little emotion and much torpor. answers to these questions alone can be
The basis for their reelection runs along the exhausting, much less consideration of
topics such as national defense and the
lines of the old proverb: "Detter the devil
Letters do not necessarily reflect
you know than the devil you don't." Not
exactly a mandate for action. There is no formula, of course. Each the editorial policy of the Press.
Are the national parties victims of the individual exercising his franchise must
same social ill? It would certainly seem so. decide if he will Cast a strategic vote or a
In the most accessible example, we might conscience vote based on a little reasoning,
state that the Republicans are for business, a little luck and a little instinct. One guide, I
the Democrats for labor. Yet industry however, was offered by consumer
contributes equally to the parties, and advocate Ralph Nader. He suggested that
workers certainly vote for both. The
differences, though they do exist, are
voters take into account their region's
partisanship. In states that are extreme in
The Stony Brook Press
nevertheless insubstantial in the long run. their disposition towards one candidate Editor
The language, approach, even the goals are (California for Reagan, for instance) a Eric Brand
imbued with a numbing sameness. (Witness lieral voter will know his vote will not be Managing Editor
the ease with which veteran Republican wasted if he uses it toward an alternative Melissa Spielman
John Anderson casts aside his 20-year party. Business Manager
voting record, takes on a liberal platform, But these tactics, as important in their Chris Fairhall
and is immediately embraced by consideration and implementation as they
are, are merely band-aids for a sor'e that has Arts Editor . ........................... .Jeff Zoldan
DI)emocratic voters. Why bother an old dog
Assistant Editors .................... Vivienne Heston
to learn new tricks when no one really its roots far below the surface. To battle
Scott Higham
wants him to perform?) stagnation and ineptitude, alternatives to
Jesse Londin
The Republican and Democratic parties the major parties must be sought; and Senior Photo Editor . . ............... Vincent McNeece
have, over the years, become watered-down though this scheme may not bear fruit for Photo Editor ......................... Eric Wessman
ec*hoes of their original innovative, vigorous many years, it is still only a temporary one. News Director . . ........................ Debra Marcus
Assistant Arts Editor ................... . Lindsey Biel
selves. Small parties, answering the call for Alternatives to the two-party system News and Feature: Joseph Bollhofer, Joe Flammer,
new solutions and fresh approaches, itself are needed. As it exists now, the Norman Fuchs, Robert Hayes, Cameron Kane, Ray Katz,
responding with sincere proposals rather electoral system must produce mediocre Kirk Kelly, Bari Rogovin, Chris Schneider, Mark L.
than tired rhetoric, can offer an alternative. candidates espousing short-sighted policies. Schussel, Leslie Super, Mary Zartman.
With five or six major parties, each capable Arts: Larry Feibel, Mike Jankowitz, Gary Pecorino, Mike
Jlut the electoral system is a two-party
Rezanka, Sheena, Mary Thomey, Steve Tiano.
system, and events and strategies maintain of producing a winning candidate, varying Photo: Dana A. Brussel, Marty Marks, Sue Miller, Kathy
the leading parties. Not since the political viewpoints would prosper. Real choices Rogers, Shirley Zribic.
realignment of 1860 (when the Republican would present themselves. Competition in a Graphics: Clara Dee, David Spielman
party came to the fore), have the choices free market might finally produce a leader Advertising and Promotions Director ...... Peter W. Beery
changed. Teddy Roosevelt came close with and an agenda that would address needed
Phone: 246-6832
his Hull Moose party, but it was based on a change, maintain stability and establish
Office: 020, Old Biology Building
personality rather than an ideology; and strong direction. Mailing Address:
though it prevented the reelection of Taft, In the meantime, we will struggle with P.O. Box 591
it did not result in the election of our sticky-wickets, and concede hope to East Setauket, New York 11733
Roosevelt.) For an alternative party to the future.

pWae 4 The Stony Brook Press October 30, 1980

. ... ... 4-_

. .Tfi-
I 0XV:
I t,.:.I
Ford Endorses Javits ...... page A2
Nader Discusses Election '80 ...... page A3
Three Major Platforms ...... page A4 ANNA*-
Twomey Challenges Carney ...... page A7


.......... !iiiili!ii•i!!•iiii


......... MAR

.. You Say D'Amato
Conservative Candidate defends his record to the Press
by Vivienne Heston few newspapers, including The strength" was the theme behind
and Jeff Zoldan New York Times and The Stony the conference where D'Amato
The biggest problem that Brook Press. However, on attacked his opponents for their
Republican Alfonse D'Amato October 21 he held a press low support of military
has in his campaign for Senator conference in Manhattan that spending.
of New York is that the media is dealt with defense. Calling for a Most reporters left the Hotel
questioning his integrity. five percent "real increase" in Warwick immediately after the
With allegations that D'Amato the military budget. conference except Arthur
received a blank check to use for D'Amato called the Greenspan of the New York
his campaign, and that fiscal conference to release a paper, Post, who locked horns with
improprieties have occurred "Military Strength: The Key to D'Amato on several occasions.
under his tenure as Hempstead Peace," but said little himself, But, then again, that was to be
Town Supervisor, D'Amato's relying on three advisers to indicative of much of the Press'
integrity is on the line. explain his defense policy. One interview.
Complicating matters further, as of them, Bruce Caputo. former While D'Amato does not
reported in the newspapers, are Congressman from Westchester, support ERA, which is one of
problems concerning D'Amato's declared, "The United States has the reasons why he gained
turnaround stance on the Equal neglected its role as a protector support of the Conservative
Rights Amendment, and the of the peace, and Al D'Amato is party, this has not always been
Town garbage recycling plant going to change that." his position on the topic. In
emitting toxic wastes. According to D'Amato's March, 1972, D'Amato informed
Asked of his dislike of the paper, the United States trails Senator Javits that he supported
media, D'Amato snapped, "Do the Soviet Union in all phases of the amendment. Asked of his
you wonder why? If you were defense. However, it also showed change in position, D'Amato
me would you be angry?" that the U.S. has a greater countered, "All you got to do is
Running on the Republican and number of nuclear weapons and look at my wife. She's getting
Conservative tickets, and not too strategic bombers than the her master's degree in Computer
far behind Democrat Liz Soviets, but that the U.S. Science. You're not going to
Holtzman in the polls, D'Amato equipment is outdated by Continued on page A6
has given interviews to only a comparison. "Peace through
Gerald Ford Endorses Jacob Javits
by Chris Fairhall special education, community activity in
Manhattan - Former President Gerald Ford last underpriveleged areas and military spending.
Friday gave his endorsement at a breakfast press Attacking Liz Holtzmann, his Democratic opponent
conference in the Waldorf-Astoria to incumbent Jacob who continues to lead in the polls, Javits said she does
Javits. who is seeking his fifth term as Senator of New not have the senate experience necessary for a good job.
York. On military spending, he said, "She can vote against any
Relating an endorsement that Bear Bryant had once defense authorization of the U.S. for the last eight
given him, the former President said, "I'll put it this way years," but that defense spending is needed. "I did vote
- If I had a quarterback who took my team from his against the B-1 and for a good reason," explained the
own one yard line and brought the ball down to the Senator. "The cruise missile for a fraction of the cost is a
opponent's ten yard line, I'd keep him in. I wouldn't much better weapon."
take him out." In regard to economic problems, Javits said he feels
"I'm on Jack Javits' team from beginning to end." he they are contingent upon "improvement of the business
declared. Defeated in the Republican primary by industry." In terms of Holtzmann, he added, "I
Hempstead Supervisor Al D'Amato. Javits for the first thoroughly disagree with the attitude she has against the
time ever will run on only the iiberal line. Ford said it was American business community."
the first time in his political career that he was While many pollsters have said that D'Amato is
supporting a candidate not endorsed by the Republican running a highly ethnic campaign to attract Italians
party. "I don't care what label Jack Javits is running statewide, Javits said he is doing nothing to fight it, and
under." Ford told Javits and the 40 reporters and is counting on the middle class.
community leaders present. Javits considers himself middle class, and said he has
"I don't care whether you have an R or L in front of been working on jobs, inflation and peace for them.
your designation on the ballot. Fm for you, and the "What can be more unified than that to the middle
voters of New York I hope and trust will show good _ class?" he asked.
judgement in supporting you on November fourth."
With Ford's endorsement. Javits tried putting to rest
the notion that he will pull out of the race. "I'm not
considering pulling out. Im in here campaigning," said
the Senator. "'ve heard lots of suggestions on the
Liz Holtzman
subject," he added, "But I certainly give no indication of Due to Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzr'an's
Jacob Javits and Gerald Ford at the Waldorf.
a candidate who's going to retire." tight schedule she was unable to grant The Press an
As Javits is 76, many people have questioned whether With 24 years in the Senate behind him, Javits boasts interview.
he can serve another full term. "You judge people on the an exceptional record. As ranking member on the Holtzman is the New York state Democratic
basis of their capabilities, not on the basis of some foreign relations committee, Javits' name often comes nominee for the US Senate. Her background includes
number," said Ford. "He is fully qualified in every way I up in foreign affairs, but he explained that he also leading the fight to ratify the Equal Rights
know to be the Senator for the state of New York for spends much time on domestic affairs: Amendment, starting an investigation into deporting
"The answer is of course that those jissues pertaining Nazi war criminals who had illegally entered the US,
the next six years."
and exposing fraud in the summer lunch program,
While Javits is also confident he can serve another to Senate programs in the state I don't get the publicity
saving $40 million for taxpayers in New York City
term. it is unusual for an incumbent to lose a primary, that the foreign policy does. But I've spent certainly
and in part that has been attributed to Javits'age. Ford much more time in domestic matters than on forign Holtzman supports aid to mass transportationand
commented, however, "I don't think the relatively small affairs. So ...I'm doing what needs to be done, and a increased military and economic aid to Israel, and
vote in the primary is indicative of the broad great deal more." Javits said he has been involved with opposes the B-1 bomber and MX missiles.
philosophical views of Republicans." housing, personal affairs, secondary education, aid to

oween at
lowling A
Dct. 29 to Nov. 7

or 2 hours
our Hearts Out
6 PM
(minimum 2 people per lane)

Special/Friday and Saturday:

Halloween Grab Bag

(a mysterious selection of special prizes you
I can pick. Come Down! Have Fun!

October 30, 1980
page A2 The Stony
The Brook 1~ress
Stony Brook Press October 30, 1980
Nader Envisions Third Party Growth
By Prakash Mishra nevertheless. He's pretty much now knuckled under to but right now, who do you think would win?
Since his victory in Congress against the auto industry the power of big business and particularly big oil. He's Nader: Right now, Id say that Carter will squeak
in the early 60sý Ralph Nader has been a powerful voice given them what they wanted. He's lifted price controls through. But, there's still almost two weeks left.
in the American political forum. With a range of on U.S. oil and gas. He's funneling billions of dollars into Press: How do you think Barry Commoner's going to do
experience from Harvard Law to the U.S. Army to a synthetic fuel program which involves a subsidy to the in the end?
extensive consumer advocacy, Nader brought his insight Exxons, and Texacos, and Mobil oils. But if you look at Nader: Well, you know the whole campaign is run on a
to bear on the current election in an interview with The him compared to Reagan, Reagan would turn the entire tight shoestring. He'll probably get somewhere around
Press Following are excerpts from that interview.. country over to the oil companies. So it's kind of the three quarters of a million votes.
Press: What are the qualities necessary to be a good least worst choice that we're confronted with so far as Press: Mr. Anderson has dropped a lot in the polls. What
President, and do you feel any of the candidates have the Democratic [and], Republican candidates are doyou think of the chances of third partiesgrowingin the
these qualities? concerned. next several years?
Nader: In addition to dedication, integrity and Press: Do you think voters in clear conscience should Nader: I think there are going to be more third parties
compassion and insight ... the most important quality vote for Mr. Carter because he is the lesser of two evils? and more significant ones. This year I'm sure the
after that has to be a sense of what presidential Or should they vote for someone they really believe in, Libertarian Party will do better than it did four years
leadership is all about. And a good part of presidential and risk the chance of getting Mr. Reagan? ago. Anderson has shown that the two parties can not
leadership is to empower the citizens around the country Nader: Well, it's not that simple. You can have a take the public erntirely for grante-d any more.
with the kinds of rights and remedies and information so conscience vote and you can have a strategic vote. A Press: \ha. w r'-nces . between a
that they can improve their own quality of lives, their
own self-government, pursue their own rights.
Press: What do you think the candidates should add to
their platforms?
Nader: Well, for example, they can pay attention to the
issues that they are now ignoring. Clean up the campaign
finance system, it's full of corruption. Private money
coming in to buy senators, buy representatives or to
defeat good senators and representatives. That's got to
be replaced with public financing of campaigns and
access to the mass electronic media by the various
Second, there ought to be a simplification of voting
practices in our country. Some states like Wisconsin
have election day registration. Why don't all states have
that? There are so many barriers to voting that it's no
wonder that we have the lowest voting turnout in the
western world for our elections.
There's got to be nrto: attention in campaigns paid to
monopoly corporate power. That adversely affects small
business, innovative competition and consumer rights.
There's got to be more attention in the programs to
the health and safety questions. The papers are full of
chemical waste dump contamination, contaminated
drinking water, air and water pollution, polluted food
products. And where are the candidates? They're not
conscience vote is when you vote for who you want to Carter administration and a Reagan administration?
talking about that.
and let the chips fall where they may. Nader: It would just be an extension of what now
There also needs to be attention paid to the issue of
In a strategic vote, you look over the situation, and occurs. More military spending. Less scrutiny of waste in
poverty. Poverty used to be a campaign issue 15 years
you can say to yourself, look I am in California, and the military budget. More big business power over
ago. 20 years ago. Now it's like a taboo subject even
Reagan's going to win California. And so I don't have to government. I think poorer choices for the federal courts
though 30 million Americans live in dire poverty and are
and the Supreme Court. Less minority voice in the
not benefitted by regular economic growth in our throw my vote to Carter. I'll vote for my conscience...
Reagan administration. Certainly, virtually no consumer
society. There are the elderly, the handicapped, the So, that's one strategic factor you take into account.
protection. Weak regulation for health and safety
minority poor. Another one would be vote your conscience and you try
standards... A real reduction in environmental health
There also needs to be more attention paid to what I to persuade someone to switch from Reagan to Carter if
activity. More subsidies to big business from small tax
call the empowerment issues. And that is, consumers you really want Carter to win, and cancel it out. I mean
payers... And morebelligerance overseas.
should be given new rights to challenge corporations in people go through those kinds of exercises. A lot of
court - consumer class actions. There should be legal aid people are staying home. saying they don't want to
for consumers and citizens who want to participate in participate at all in the election. ADVERTISERS
government proceedings like the Food and Drug Press: What do you think government should do to get Did you know that the PRESS - the
Administration and who can't afford it, unlike the drug the people to come out and vote? most popular on-campus newspaper -
companies or other corporations who can. Nader: First of all, you have it on a holiday. Second of
all, you open the polls for 16 hours. Third of all, you
now reaches 8,000 local residents
These are some of the issues that are neglected in the
campaign. Political campaigns are supposed to be about eliminate obstructions to voting like ridiculous residency through its Community Edition,
power, political power, who has it, who doesn't have it, requirements for national elections ... registration "Outlook?"
who should have it. And the grand issues of political requirements. . . The PRESS delivers the university
and economic power are neglected by all the presidential Next, you facilitate transportation for the people who market - including 15,000 students and
have trouble getting to the polls. And just that alone will
increase [voting] probably from 55 percent to 70, 75
4,000 faculty/staff members (spending
Press: Why has poverty become a taboo? Why wasn't it
percent. $70,000,000 locally for consumable
taboo 15 or 20 years ago?
Because we're in particularly inflationary, Another way of course is to give people the feeling goods and services each year!) - and
recessionary times, and the poor are always getting low there is a real choice, not tweedledee, tweedledum, that a readership equal to many local com-
priority, it wasn't by accident that the poor received there are real issues, differences between the candidates munity papers.
so that the campaign is important and exciting, instead
some attention when inflation was low and employment The PRESS circulation embraces com-
was high in the 1960s... There's a kind of middle class of trivial and dull.
Press: While we were talking before you said that you
munities from Smithtown to Rocky
now concerned because they've been told that they pay
feel that Mr. Reagan would do less than Mr. Carter for Point, Ronkonkoma to the sound -
more taxes and the poor don't. [ And the poor] take the
benefits. And there are some people who are most consumer advocacy, but the polls show that Mr. Reagan featuring the most comprehensive
susceptible to that point of-view instead of looking up to is ahead of the President. Why do you think that's the market coverage of any local weekly.
the big corporations who are ripping the country off. case?
Nader: First of all Carter has a record, and people tend
Press: If you had to rate five of the candidates, take
to have the feeling, "throw the rascal out," if they don't
just as you are reading this, so are
President Carter, Mr. Reagan, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Clark, thousands of your customers.
and Mr. Commoner, which one do you feel is more than like him - no matter who's coming in. Second, the polls
the others a champion of the consumers'? are beginning to shift. Third, Reagan is a very slick Be sure to capture all of your
Nader: Mr. Commoner, without any question. His campaigner. He manages to avoid reminding people what market.
he said a year ago.
positions and platform on consumer protection,
environment, energy policy, corporate reform are far
He changes his issues. Like he said he doesn't care Be sure - with an ad in the PRESS!
and ahead more public spirited than the
other much for New York, or aid to New York, and last year Be sure to capture all your market.
by far. he said that. This year, suddenly, he's all for New York.
candidates. The worst one is Reagan,
So he's kind of slick in that way. But the tide seems to To arrange for an ad. call 246-6832.
Press: flow does Mr. Carter rank?
least be changing a bit.
Nader: Of the three major candidates he is the
but he is quite objectionable, Press: I don't know if you would want to answer this,
page A3
page A3
The Party Platforms of
3. Oppose involuntary and/or I. Regulation Reform: IV. Environment:
DEMOCRATIC PARTY 1. Deregulate business operations to
uninformed sterilazations.
4. Oppose the restriction of funding induce competition on the market. 1. Favor congressional passage of
for health services for the poor. J. Tax Reform: hazardous waste clean up proposal.
1. Close tax loopholes and use the 2. Stricter adherence to automobile
I. Economy: B. Abortion: money this generates to aid lower and pollution standards.
1. Support the 1973 Supreme Court middle class citizens.
A. Employment: decision protecting women's right to V. Agriculture:
2. Restrict the deduction of expense
1. A $12 billion job program to create abortion. account items on tax forms.
at least 800,000 jobs, especially for those 2. Oppose any constitutional 1. Expansion in the exportation of
3. Reform tax laws to lessen
of minority background. amendment designed to change this farm goods.
discrimination against working married
2. Target tax reduction to inflation decision. 2. Protect farm prices and income by
fighting measures, especially for low and targeting prices to cover the cost of
moderate income individuals and families. C. Social Security: production.
3. New tax laws on depreciation in an 1. Oppose raising the age limit at which 1. Support the ratification of the Equal VI. Foreign Policy:
effort to increase capital investment. benefits can be collected. Rights Amendment.
4. Simplify the tax code to assist 2. Oppose any cut in taxation of 2. Oppose states' ability to rescind A. Defense:
business planning. benefits. their vote for ratification. 1. Increase wage standard in all
5. Incentives for savings by low and 3. Push to invalidate past state actions volunteer force to retain experienced
D Welfare:
moderate income taxpayers. personnel.
1. Require work in public and private to rescind ratification.
6. Reform patent codes to stimulate 2. Registration for the draft of
sector or necessary job training for all L. Civil Rights:
research, especially by small businesses. nineteen year olds.
capable of work except the elderly and 1. Support affirmative action goals in
7. Government cooperation with labor 3. Oppose a peacetime draft.
those with small children. education and employment.
and management of the steel, auto and 4. Oppose the exclusion of women in
shipbuilding industries. 2. Stop the abuse, harassment and
registering for the draft.
E. Education: searching of minorities by police and
1. Support
5. Favor the development of the iMX
B. Labor: the Department of immigration officers.
Education and favor the enforcement of
Missile System, Trident and Cruise mi.-le
1. No cut in minimum wage level for programs.
allworkers, regardless of age. school integration with busing as a means M. Civil Liberties:
to achieve this. B. US- Soviet Relations:
2. Specifically help unemployed 1. Reform the grand jury and revise the
1. Ready to negotiate to maintain and
workers in the steel, auto and Uniform Code of Military Justics.
F. Housing: increase peace and a successful detente on
shipbuilding industries. 2. Enact charters for the FBI and
1. Establish lower interest rates to intelligence agencies to allow them to issues including strategic arms control and
induce lower inflation. perform their duties but with respect for forces in Europe.
C. Consumer Protection:
2. Aid to stimulate jobs in housing and civil liberties. C. Arms Control
1. Favor the establishment of an
construction industries. 1. Favor the ratification of the SALT
independent consumer protection agency
III. Energy: IITreaty.
to protect consumer interests in I. Cut oil imports by one-half by the
government proceedings. G. Transportation: 2. The deterrance of Soviet aggression,
1. Federal funding to maintain mass end of the decade. and a balanced arms control agreement,
transportation. 2. Favor the establishment of massive are security priorities.
II. Government and Human Needs:
residential encrgy conservation grant D. Mid-East:
H. Urban Policy: program. 1. Autonomy for inhabitants of the
A. Health:
1. Favor a national health insurance 1. Increase employment in the private 3. Launch major effort to develop West Bank and Gaza.
sector to stimulate business activity in the synthetic and alternate renewable energy 2. Committment to maintaining Israel
plan, with universal coverage.
sources, especially solar, and an increase as a nation.
2. Cover diagnostic and therapeautic cities.
2. Support a public works program to in coal use. 3. The Camp David peace accords are
activities, and cost of "catastrophic"
injury or illness. rebuild cities, jobs and the revitalization 4. High priority in dealing with the the basis for peace in the Middle East.
of ritiz hv resIdpnts disposal of nuclear wastes. 4. Support a continued generous
0 A14
the Leading Candidates 2. Oppose use of federal tax money to volunteer armed forces.
V. Education:
pay for abortions in cases where the life 4. Call for adoption of comprehensive Department of
supply of military and economic aid to 1. Support the
Israel. of the mother is not in danger. military strategy.
5. List specifics for immediately
5. Oppose the sale of sophisticated 2. Oppose discrimination based on
C. Social Security: modernizing nuclear forces; reject Mutual
offensive equipment to Israel's potential handicaps in federally funded programs.
1. Insist the Social Security System be Assured Destruction as nuclear policy.
enermies. 3. Support federal funding for higher
6. Jerusalem shall be undivided with reformed to insure "sound and stable" 6. Revitalize US intelligence capability
protection. by general, specific steps.
access for all faiths to the holy places.
7. Oppose the establishment of a VI. Health Care:
D. Education: K. US/Soviet Relations:
Palestinian state. 1. Support transferring general federal
•REPUBLICAN PARTY 1. The USSR's global ambitions are the 1. Close gaps in existing medical
educational funding programs back to the "premier challenge facing the US...and
state and local school districts along with the entire globe." coverage.
tax resrources to pay for them. 2. Reform health care financing.
2. Negotiate with the Soviets from a 3. Support health and safety federal
2. Support abolishing the Department position of unquestioned
regulatio ns.
1.Economies: of Education. 3. Oppose transfer of high technology
1. A balanced budget. 4. Encourage preventative medicine.
to the USSR and its sattelites.
E. Housing: 5. Attend to alcohol and drug abuse
II. Employment: 1. Support tax incentives to encourage debilitating diseases, and health needs of
1. Committment to full employment L Mid-East: the elderly.
investment in the construction of
without inflation. 1. Central objective of American
housing. VII. ERA:
Middle East policy is to prevent the
2. Encourage development of small 2. Favor expansion of urban extension of Soviet influence or 1. Support the ratification of the ERA.
businesses in areas most affected by homesteading as a means of restoring 2. Vote to extend deadline for
unemployment. domination.
abandoned housing. 2. Support Israel. ratification.
3. Reduce tax rates to restore incentive 3. Favor combining public and private 3. Reject involvement of PLO in the VIII. Civil Rights:
to produce. efforts to spur availability and Mid-East. 1. Vote for the Open Housing Act
4. Reform Business depreciation. affordability of housing. LIBERAL PARTY of 1968.
5. Increase surtax exemption.
6. Abolish excessive inheritance taxes. 2. View housing as an essential r ght.
F. ERA: 3. Oppose a constitutional amendment
7. Incrase small business' share of 1. The Equal Rights Amendment to banning busing to acheive school
federal research and development funds. the federal constitution would not itself I. Economy: desegregation.
8. Reimburse small businesses which redress inequalities in rights.
win legal suits against federal agencies in IX. Regulatory Reform:
2. Support equal rights and equal 1. Rebuild the steel and auto
regulatory matters. opportunities for women, including 1. Support Regulatory Reform Act of
III. Labor: enforcement of equal opportunity laws 2. Rebuild inner cities.
1979 to promote competition and reduce
1. Support fairness in labor relations - and elimination of discrimination. 3. Support adequate assistance to
government red tape.
free from unecessary government 2. Set an 8-year time limit for a
provide job training and education in the
involvement. G. Energy: Congressional review of regulatory
private sector.
2. Support state right to work laws. 1. Conservation can help in the short 4. Promote special assistance for agencies.
IV. Governmental Operation and Reform: term, but it cannot permanently solve the unemployed youth. X. Energy:
1. Pursue federal deregulation. problem of diminishing domestic oil and 1. Support a 50 cent energy
2. Reduce the cost of government as a gas supplies. II. Inflation: conservation tax on each gallon of
percentage of our gross national product, 2. Favor elimination of energy price gasoline to fund Social Security tax
by reducing federal savings. controls. 1. Support tax incentives to encourage reduction on income, and rebate.
3. Reduce the size of the executive 3. Favor the development of coal's saving and investing. 2. Support decontrol of gasoline and
branch. potential as an energy source. 2. Oppose tax cuts as a means to natural gas prices.
4. Impose a freeze on hiring federal 4. Favor exploration of domestic curbing inflation. 3. Support conversion of oil burning
employees. off-shore and land oil and gas supplies. 3. Support a larger interest and electrical plants to coal plants.
5. Reform lending practices of federal 5. Call for reduced government dividend income exclusion. 4. Propose federal aid to accelerate
credit programs. intervention into the nuclear power 4. Increase productivity through development and commercialization of
6. Conduct a detailed review of every industry. research and development, through 10 renewable energy sources and technology.
department and agency that lives by 6. Favor the reduction in the time for percent tax credit and upgrading labor 5. Support a moratorium on
federal appropriation. government licensing of nuclear power market skills and patent reforms. construction permits unless adequate
7. Decentralize federal government ' plants. Reform and simplify safety standards can be employed.
e 6. Support increased research into
returning power to state and local levels 7. Support exploration of synthetic tax-depreciation allowances and promot
fuels and solar energy, but a control of oil new incentives to promote capital nuclear fusion.
V. Tax Reform: and gas will eliminate any necessity for investments. r XI. Environment:
1. Support an across the board federal government support. 6. Balance the budget for fiscal yea
H. Environment: 1981.
tax cut of 10 per cent. 1. Support federal regulation of air and
2. Propose 30 per cent federal tax cut S 1. Recognize importance for safe anc SIII. Labor: water pollution.
over the next three years. clean environment. "Environmentalism'
S 2. Support Alaska National Interest
3. Support exemption from incomeSmust not be pursued. 1. Oppose the exemption of smal
than tenr Lands Conservation Act.
taxes of at least some portion of th business employing fewer
S 3. Support legislation to restrict coastal
I. Agriculture: from health and safety
interest earned from savings. employees development and to clean up oil spills.
4. Support indexing of tax rates fo r 1. Emphasize the need for free market standards-
inflation so that cost of living pay raise s 2. Call for less regulation.
do not push poeple into higher ta•S 3. Expand markets, particularly th e IV. Senior Citizens:
5. Support tax credit for persons wh o
export market.
4. Condemn government grain reserves . 1. Liberalize Social Security.
2. Strengthen the enforcementof
the .•ct.
ITes pa
p cI u
i 1-vL -&--
l tforms
were compi

education. 5. Call for immediate termination o f Jeanne Williamson and George

pay tuition for Age Discrimination in Employment Nct. Kimrmerling of NYPIRG.
6. Support ending the "marriage tax. Carter's grain embargo.
3. Minimize the need fo r

and workin
J. Foreign Policy:
1. Top priority to insure comba t institutionalization of the infirm througi h
h Due to lack of space, the platforms
e of Barry Commoner and Ed Clark
C the expansion of federally assisted hhom e
abroad. readiness of armed forces and prepar health services. were ommitted, and the platforms
VI. Government and Human Needs: industrial base. escalation f or

2. Revitalize military research an( d 4. Support cost-of-living printed were condensed.
A. Health: Social Security.
1. Oppose national health
B. Abortion:
insurance. development. 5. Oppose limitations on earning
3. Reject peacetime draft at this time1l allowed by Social Security.

1. Support a constitutional ban o n Pledge specific steps to support al

abortion. Amp-
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page A5
Continued from page A".
D'Amato Defends His Record
deposited in non-interest bearing County Administrative Code contracted to for a recycling million recycling plant. Because
find anyone more liberated, and accounts, accoding to a Grand empowering the receiver to center. Barbra Waks. a former of environmental and economic
the amendment didn't do that Jury report. Because of a change deposit tax monies in interest D'Amato aide, recently told problems, however, the plant has
for her." Hle then assailed his in a Federal Reserve Band bearing accounts was not Village Voice reporters that she been shut down indefinitely. An
opponents for their "inadequate regulation in 1974. The Receiver followed, and found the town personally witnessed D'Amato Environmental Protection
action on showing and of Taxes, a separately elected practices of Hempstead and accept a blank check from Carl Agency report last spring
identify ing discriminator' laws.-" official. could have deposited other municipalities to be '"a Landegger, then President of the revealed that dioxin was present
The Right to Life Party also tax monies into interest bearing waste of taxpayer money." Parsons and Whittemore firm in the plant's emissions.
endorsed D'Amato. The accounts. This was also Referring to an opinion made which the Town hired to build "'I'm sad we don't operate the
Republican Conserv ative permissible under the Nassau by the State Controller in 1974. and operate a recycling plant. plant right now because the
asserted. "We've gone too far on County Administrative Lode. which said that town receivers According to Waks, "Al held up federal government doesn't have
the abortion issue ... rm not D'Amato declared that the were not to invest collected the check, and said, 'I can write any standards in terms of
telling you what to do wit1 your allegations of financial abuses monies. D'Amato declared. "If I any number on it I want.' "" dioxin," said D'Amato. Dioxin,
body. That's your business. But are "Totally wrong. absolute show you that damn opinion, Records filed with the Nassau an element of Agent Orange, has
there is a right of the unborn." distort ion." will you take my word when I Board of Elections indicate that been banned for use in pesticide
D'Amato howexer supports the "That monev which is under told you about the situation that ID'Amato accepted a check because scientists consider it a
Hyvde amendment, permitting my responsibility." D'Amato I didn't give these guys a great signed by Landegger on October carcinogen. Dioxin in addition is
abortion in cases of incest, rape. continued. "every peinv nickel big deal and a great big break?" 28, 1977. This directly coincides considered a "no threshold"
or endangerment to life of the and dime has been invested into D'Amato received three loans with the date that Waks claims cause of cancer because no safe
mother. interest-bearing accounts, if the,, from the Bank of New York, she witnessed the blank check level of exposure to it has been
While D'Amato was presiding possibly could."' The Grand Jur. which held lHempstead incident. established.
super'isor of Hempstead. '3 report of 1978. which dealt with non-interest bearing accounts. "The Landeggers are furious," "Whenever you have new
-io n of poteniailly earned asserted. "She technology, you have those
0 Nassau Count% fiscal policies, The interest rate on the first D' Amato
nterest revenue wa1 not realized con : radic t ed D' Amato' loan was 10.5 percent, which obviously went and looked up problems," D'Amato
, [ax mo4mes were assertion It said that the Nassaui was eight points below the prime and saw when the check came in commented.
"xv LAND) 4ARK ., commercial lending rate offered
that day. The second loan was
from the records, because everv
single penny I received. I
"We were able to dispose of
the garbage at the lowest rate
DELICAIrESSEN again at an interest rate of 10.5 reported. She saw the records possible." D'Amato told the
percent and the final loan was and went ahead and made up Press.
only a half point above the this grand story." It was agreed that during the
prime rate. D'Amato. however. Law enforcement agents and test runs of the plant,
e don't nak. contended that his loans were three Parsons and Whittemore Hempstead's garbage would be
Sandwviches "borrowed at the highest rate of officials, according to the Voice, processed free. However, the
interest permissibkle under the have said they gave blank checks town immediately paid $16.30
BUILD 'em.' .

law." to D'Amato on occasion. per ton, while private carters in

D'Amato denied that there "Did I ever get a blank check the area were paying as little as
was any connection that he got from anybody?" ID Amato $8 per ton.
his loans from the same branch demanded. Amidst the roar of streetnoise
Construction -

D' Amato
of The Bank of New York where " Absolutely not," he on 54th Street,
Reduction: he deposited millions of dollars responded. concluded his interview with
= DFF any sandwic:h with this ad in interest free accounts. 'I "When a person .. besmirch- The Press in front of his
borrowed $100,000." he said. "I es a person's character, they Countv-owned car. On the final
- Super Savings As Always ... - have on deposit $50 or $60 have to be willing to pay ,he question. whether the integrity
=- * A j'13 . '., .5C * -jo CoG CC teno --
thousand with that bank. I've price. There will be a day of issue will hurt his campaign,
0 ge ECos
, gz 9 -se P atters =
done business with that bank for accounting in regard to that," D'Amato affirmed: "Oh, I think
Sc Ba rk Del, 743 Rt. 25A, 941-s
a dozen years. They're right the Senate hopeful warned. "If there are some people who may
around the corner from me." you think that when this not be supportive as a result, but
In other fiscal questions, this election is over, that I'm not I also think that there will be a
- Landmark Deli, 743 Rt. 25A, 941-9200 = to sue, then you're backlash because I'm not the
time relating to campaign going
contributions. D'Amato wrong." kind of person to sit down. I
.....- I, =.....^--

allegedly received a blank check Waks three weeks ago was have the record, I cut taxes. I
from a firm that Hempstead subpeoned to appear before a reduced the number of people
federal grand jury investigating on my Town (staff) from 3200
alleged corruption in the to 2600. I've corrected most of
building and operation of the the abuses . . . I dealt with
recycling plant. them."
GRAVY! k "I kept from having to bury a
half a billion pounds of
(Special thanks to Prakash
Mishra, Matt Tallmer, Wayne

THERE IS I garbac'." ,
I) Amato boasted,
I-- '., 135
Barrett and Joe Conason for all
their research he/p

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page A\ T['he Stony Brook Press October 30, 1980

T meyA
Chal.lengzes Incumben-t Cre IF-
II - - ýC ýMW MIw lmulkA&A 00 60Aa 46144ow&A AA16

L Twomey gets Grass Roots

by Chris Fairhall
In order to win the race for the first Congressional District, Democrat Tom Twomey

I will be making a lot of pit stops at the local supermarkets.

Acknowledging that his opponent, Republican incumbent Bill Carney, will outspend
him 2:1, Twomey says he will go directly to the voters in a grass roots
Money is not the issue; Twomey, who has collected less than $25,000, asserts,
"If I
can get the kind of help I need from the grass roots."
Twomey, 34. has been sweeping back and forth throughout the district, which
includes Stony Brook, and has spoken on campus several times. His last appearance
October 23 was scheduled to be a debate against his opponent. Carney, however,
showed up at the Stony Brook Union auditorium. Taking advantage of the
as about 125 persons came to see the debate, Twomey had a one hour question
answer session, and also attacked Carney on many fronts:
-Claiming that Carney's "record is one of the worst in the country,"
declared, "One of the reasons Long Island hasn't seemed to be getting it •share.
. is
Bill Carney because he doesn't show up to work in the morning." Twomey claimed that
Carney is
often absent from Congressional meetings.
-In 1978, according to Twomey, "He received $85,000 between October and

Carney opposes end of that year for the election .... Seventy-three percent of that money came from
"big business, including the oil companies. Consequently, Twomey claimed,

s I Anzpin n inotfnn
single time they [ the oil companies ] wanted a vote, he gave it to them."

social programs ....weng que~sutuons ro tne audience, Twomey said that residents of the East End
of Long Island should be given the right to ,have their county. "Even if it costs
more, they should have it," he said.

He added that he wants to "break the oil company grip," and spent a great deal of
by Chris Fairhall
While the power of incumbency in an election is great, Bill Carney said it also time discussing energy policy."
has its Giving his credentials on energy, Twomey said, "I've been on the New York State
drawbacks. "We're in Washington until October 4," said the Republican candidate
for Energy Advisory Council . .. as a result of that experience, I concluded that energy
the First Congressional District. "I was in Washington during the primary race." is
Carney, however, has sufficient name recognition so that he does not need to work the number one issue of the 1980s." Working as a public interest attorney in the last
in a grass roots campaign. "I visit political clubs, service organizations . . . whatever," seven years, Twomey said he was the trial attorney during the Long Island Lighting
he said. He in addition has the funding to make himself known in the district through Company's court fight to build several nuclear reactors on Long Island. And. he
media blitzes. exclaimed, "We stopped LILCO's plans at Jamesport and nine more after that."
Carney said he will spend about $75,000 on his quest to recapture the House seat. "I worked with hundreds, hundreds of individuals," Twomev said of his experience
fighting LILCO. Many of these people were farmers from the East End who feared
His largest contributors are Grumman, the National Republican Party, the American
they would lose their property. Twomey in a prior interview with The Press said
Medical Association, and the National Rifle Association. "All contributions are he
also "fought a number of battles to preserve Suffolk farm land." This included fighting
under FEC rules, said Carney, and "once or twice we turned back contributions,"
against the construction of a super highway that would have run through the East End.
because he feared the contributors were seeking political favors.
While many Long Island roads were deliberately constructed in such a way by
In regard to economic policy, .Carney attacked President Carter on inflation,
Robert Moses to be unusable by mass transportation, Twomey declared, "I believe in
saying, "He's approached that problem. He's doubled it." Carney did not lay blame on
mass transportation. . . . We've got to spend more money just to conserve energy if
Carter alone, however. "The Congress for the last 25 years consecutively has been
nothing else."
Democratic," he asserted.
In regard to energy, Twomey said that "hydroelectric from Canada, natural gas
Because the Democrats hold such a majority, Carney conceded that it is tough for
from Mexico" and coal can be used until the year 2000. He also advocates using solar
Republicans to implement their policies. "It is frustrating," he declared. "We're going
energy, and added that "centralized power sources should be built only when they are
to see a lot of change, though . . . With the census, and many seats changing, people
are leaving the Congress," and Carney believes they will be replaced by Republicans.
On student matters, Twomey said he "would be in favor of students voting where
In overall economic policy, Camrney said he would like to see a "balanced budget,
they live 10 months out of the year" so long as it would not affect local town
increased military preparedness, and clean up of governmental waste."
"Only 20 percent of the military budget goes to hardware," Carney complained.
In addition, he said, "I'm opposed to the draft. The first priority of the country is
Twenty years ago, he said, 9.5 percent of the annual budget was spent on the military,
to spend the money to keep up the volunteer army." The Armed Forces presently are
while now it's only five percent.
having problems retaining people because their salaries are too low.
Carney's views on military spending and preparedness seem to coincide very well
On women's issues, Twomey said he "fully supports" the Equal Rights Amendment,
with Ronald Reagan's. In an interview at his office in Farmingville two weeks ago,
and is opposed to any sort of amendment making abortion illegal. Abortion, he said,
Carney said he looks forward to a Reagan win. "He's got three more weeks to make no
"is the last place that government should interfere."
more mistakes. Carter is an incumbent President. He was elected from the public's
Twomey feels that New York is not getting its fair share of money from Washington
trunst.... Four years later he's done nothing but go back on what he said."
in terms of education. "All we have to do is get our fair share of our own tax dollars,"
Carney said business should be regulated as little as possible. "The business
he said.
community believes in that," which is why it supports him, Carney said. And to gain support of the different groups he mentioned, in order to secure
Claiming that Democrats "have stayed to the theory that you can solve problems by victory
on election day, Twomey will have to bring his supporters in by using
spending money," Carney said he is adamantly opposed to a number of established the same
techniques that stopped LILCO. It starteted small, and grew. he said, "and
social programs. The food stamp program, for which the requirements have recently when two
people Po out and cet two others, and thev get four, and eight and 16 ... it's
been made tougher, has skyrocketed from $700 million a decade ago to $11 billion magic."
today. "It's the most abused program I can think of," he declared.
Carney is also against the CETA program, saying, "We have to put the incentives
Cedarbrook Restaurant
back to save jobs." He added that Democrats have taken out incentives through social Featuring C Breaktast, Lunch
programs, and, consequently, "It solidifies class structure."
In respect to higher education, Carney said that the federal government should have III and Dinner Specials

as little to do with it as possible. He explained that "block grants" should be given to 3f

individual states, and that the Department of Education is "a political ploy" and is
used to "overregulate."
Working on the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, Carney said, "We've
passed an ocean dumping bill" and he also supports a "fisheries promotion act
prohibiting foreign fishermen in a 200 mile zone" off the American coast.
Projects in which Carney is involved, dealing with the local area, include a bill
"introduced to protect the Fire Island National Seashore," and a "solo effort"
involving preserving the Moriches Inlet.
Carney also works on the Science and Technology Committee, and is in favor of
solar energy. He added, however, "that to become energy independent of the OPEC
nations, the first thing to do is conserve."
There is no discernible foreign policy being carried out by the government.
according to Carney and because of it, he said, "We have very few nations now in the
world that trust us." Carney cited a weakened Central Intelligence Agency as a major
problem. "I would not have allowed the CIA to be disseminated to the point where it
can not be an intelligence gathering agency," he explained.
"We have become second to the Soviets in military capability," warned Carney.
"Worse yet, he added, "The U.S. no longer carries a big stick and speaks softly. ItU
speaks softly, and hides in the corn r.

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ART EXHIBITS - -Otto Piene," inflatable sculpture METROPOLITAN CONCERTS - Grateful Dead. Radio INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCING - 8 - 10:30 PM,
and works on paper through Nov. 21. Fine Arts Center City Music Hall: Hubert Laws. Carnegie Hall; George Tabler Cafeteria, Students, senior citizens $1, others
Gallers . M-F. 12-5 PM. "SB Fine Arts Students." exhibit Thorogood & the Destroyers. Town Hall; The Crusaders. $2.50, Info: 935-9131
through O-ct.. SB Union Gallery. M-F. 9 AM - 5 PM. Avery Fisher Hall: Frank Zappa. Palladium; The
Info: 216-3657. "Photographs by Ivan Dunaief." Nov. 4 Plasmatics. Malibu. New Riders of the Purple Sage. ock PIANO RECITAL - Pianist Joh., J' eek, 8 PM, Recital
- Dec. 4. Administration Gallerv. M-Sun.. 8:30 AM - 6 Away Beach. Queens Hall, Fine Arts Center
PM. "Tape stry of Long island." human and natural
history. tours available. Museum of Natural Sciences.
ESS. Info. 246-8373: Museums at Stony Brook. Info:
Saturday, November 1 METROPOLITAN CON '"RTS - Airto & Flora Purim,
Bottom Line; The Slits Aull Hand, My Father's Place;
751-0066 VARSITY SOCCER - SB vs. NY Maritime, 12 noon, Ry Cooder & Friends, Ritz; Talking Heads, Radio City
Athletic Field Music Hall
LITERATURE LECTURE - Prof. Thomas Kranidas.
"The Poetry and Fiction of Owen Barfield." 12 noon.
2S-3 Humanities
FOOTBALL - SB vs. ST John Fisher. 1:30 PM, Athletic
Tuesday, November 4
COCA MOVE - "Halloween." see Friday ART EXHIBITS - Photo Exhibit begins, see Thursday
PARENT TEEN WORKSHOP - For teenagers and their
parents to improve communication. 3 PM. Health House. CONCERT - Harpsichordist Robert Zappula. 8 PM. ELECTION DAY: NO DAY OR EVENING CLASSES
555 North Country Road t25A). St. James. Info: Recital Hall, Fine Arts Center
S 2-67 4 3 PSYCHOLOGY LECTURE - Prof. Richard E. Whalen,
METROPOLITAN CONCERTS - Frank Zappa. "Gcnadei Hormones and Behavior Cycles," 1:30 PM,
GEOLOGY LECTURE - Geologist James O'Neill (US Palladium; Larson-Reiten Band,, My Father's Place: Surf HSC, L-3, Room 110
Geologicai Survey). topic to be announced. 4 PM. 450
Punks, Malibu: New Riders of the Purple Sage, Rock
ESS TUESDAY FLICKS - "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,"
Away: Angel City. Ritz
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Sunday, November 2 BLUES - radio program with Mike Bifulco, 7 - 9 PM,
BAND CONCERT - University Band. 3 PM. Main Stage. WUSB 90.1 FM
Fine Arts Cenrter
GUITAR RECITAL - Pasquale Biancolli. 8 PM. Recital
CLASSICAL GUITAR - Howard Greenblatt. 5 PM. Star Cafe; Airto & Flora Purlin, Bottom Line; Burning
Hall. Fine Arts Center
Sunwood Estate. Mt. Grey Road. Old Field, S6. part of Spear. The Ritz

RAPE CONFERENCE - Film and discussion including the Sunwood Sundays at Five series, Info: 246-5678
myths and misconceptions about rape. 7:30 PM. Health
SINO '80 - radio program with So Chang & frien
Wednesday, November 5
House. 555 North Country Road. St. James, Info-
862-67 43 WVUSB 90-1 FM ART EXHIBITS - See Thursday

METROPOLITAN CONCERTS - Grateful Dead. Radio METROPOLITAN CONCERTS - The Larson-Feiten PSYCHOLOGY LECTURE - Lyn Abramson (Clinical -
City Music Hall: Frank Zappa. Palladium: George Band. Bottom Line: Frank Zappa, Palladium; The Depression and Helplessness), discusses her life and
Thorogood & the Destrovers. Malibu: Wilson Pickett. Sits Max Romeo, The Ritz: Talking Heads, Radio Cty work, 11 AM, SSA 111
Music Hall
The Ritz
Friday, October 31 Monday, November 3 Chairaman R.C. Anderson, "Women's problems at the
LAST DAY FOR UNDERGRADS TO WITHDRAW Stony Brook campus," 12 noon, S-216 SBS, Buffet
COCA MOVIE - 'Halloween.' by John Carpenter. 7, lunch ART LECTURE - Prof. Ilona Elinger, "Art as a
9:30. midnight. 100 Lecture Center, two per Stony Mirror of Religion; Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam in the
Brook ID WOMEN'S TRIBUTE - "Women's concerns in the Indian Subcontinent," 12:15 PM, Fine Arts Center
Upcoming Elections." an interview with Berty Schlein, Gallery, part of the Topics in Art Lecture Series
TOGA PARTY - For the - Yacub E.L. Shabazz Special Assistant to Gov. Carey for Nassau Co. and Glen
Scholarship Fund. Kefll Cafe. Info: Lance. 246-4996 Cove Councilwoman Ann Gold, radio program, WUSB LECTURE - Elinor Polansky, "Women as Caretakers of
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Bentley Brings Vision to FSA
Continued from page 3
valid concern?
Bentley: I see that as one of the biggest
problems that we'll be dealing with this
Business, I was involved with projects
that brought me up to SUNY Central,
where I dealt with Vice Chancellors and ~1I Vy
year. There is already talk of another
auxiliary services corporation which
might not have the student influence the
FSA has. It took so long for us to create
an FSA with student domination that it
members of the Board of Trustees. The
administrators here at Stony Brook...had
to deal with me as upfront as possible and
by doing that we were able to make
13 1
Stony Brook look a lot better than it had
would be a great loss if FSA doesn't get
to Albany. We even got the H-Quad
its act together and prove that it can be
rehabs done over the summer, and that
the best auxiliary services corporation on -was something that two students, [last
year's Polity President | Dave Herzog and
Press: Who's been talking about another myself - not administrators - initiated.
auxiliary services corporation? Students must be the innovators if h Aý ac
Bentley: It was rumored that it was the student life is going to be in students' MaI
President's office, but in my first meeting interest. presents
with the President he only offered as Press:Because you're a Continuing
much help as he could give to make this Education student, FSA regards you as an
FSA work. But I will have to investigate alumnus. Do you think this will affect i Nov. 8th An Evening with
8 p.m.
that rumor...another auxiliary services
corporation would undermine the FSA.
students' influence on FSA?
Bentley:That's a worry that students
F*ineArto James Whitmore
Press:Last year you were the Polity on FSA. and Polity leaders, have. I will Main Stage Tickets $4, $5, $6
Liaison to Finance and Business. There's just nave to prove that that worry is a
some concern among students that you manufacured worry.
w i h av e a som ewhat
administration-influenced point of view.
If I have to fight Polity because of my
status as an alumnus, it will make me less Nov. 17th
8:00 p.m.O
G. Gordon Liddy
Bentley:.-As Liaison to Finance and effective at fighting administrators.
! Lecture Hall 100 50t Tickets on sale NOW!!


584-6688 265-2727 24-HOUR SERVICE S8:00 p.m. ARTHUR BLYTHIE
8 Serving Campus & Community U Local & Long Distance Fine Arts
M Special Rates to N.Y.C. & Airports Main Theater Together for a very special concert
^ Tickets $6, $7, $8, ON SALE SOON
^ *|:i $ .:.iSei*..-.....*. Expre St.
^ $100t^ Peik; NCr so A Reggae Spectacular with
........ $-try o terW p f
l...i. .
..... SNov. 23rd Jimmy Cliff THIRD
19p.m. and
________ _______ ______

Gym Oneness WORLD

Tickets $7 and $5



NOV. 6., 1980

25 KEGS 3/$1 Beers
nf mipd drinks and winp

Cars. The
Playing: The
4lwv wv4wl
f.,mwwA.. mv4wl a V-vw4 %,w
, o WW%
. FI&-I
Browne, Nell Young, etc.
FALL '80 Sponsored by Kelly E & A

pi,'gt' 6( The Stony Brook Press October 30, 1980

Jazz/Bluegrass: No Generation Gap
by Richard Silverman "Nima," were of his own wild imagination. Heavily extreme loudness or special effects of some modern day
Introduced as "the new sound for the 80s," the David influences by the traditional mandolin form, Grisman bands.
Grisman Quintet thrilled a packed Carnegie Hall October has taken the instrument far beyond its former Highlights of his set included a solo by each guitarist,
18 with perhaps the most innovative acoustic music to limitations. Not only does his mixture and perversion of some downright sly bass improvisation, and a short but
come along in years, if not decades. Mandolinist Grisman scales set him apart, but so too does his emphasis on well received rendition of "Sweet Georgia Brown."
split the bill with his long time idol, jazz violinist off-beats when chopping chords. The resulting barking For his finale the violinist called upon both bands to
Stephane Grappelli. sound serves as percussion for both bluegrass and join in for a dizzying, triple fiddle -version of "Tiger
Performing first was Grisman, known by many for his Grisman's hybrid, neither of which use drums. Rag." Unfortunately, this super high energy point ended
session work with Old and in the Way, James Taylor, The show marked the first New York City appearance the two hour concert which occasionally, though rarely,
Linda Ronstadt, and more recently, as composer of of both the Grisman and Grappelli groups on the same lost some steam.
three brilliant instrumental albums. A relative necomer ticket. The two first met in 1977, after the mandolinist Despite a 10 minute standing ovation, the crowd was
to the jazz field, though he prefers to call his style requested Grappelli to record a score with him for the disappointed as house lights were turned on and stage
"Dawg," the 35-year-old New Jersian is a bluegrass film King of the Gypsies. They have since played several hands began dismantling the acoustic backdrop. "We're
musician turned virtuoso. concerts together, including a show last summer at My
"This is sort of a classical-reggae-bluegrass-jazz tune," Father's Place.
joked the bearded Grisman as he introduced a piece Early recordings of Grappelli with the legendary
from the band's latest album, Quintet '80. Four tunes gypsy-jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt have had a
had mysteriously elapsed and expressions of amazement significant impact on the Grisman sound. Said the
had softened to satisfied grins. Many were shocked that Frenchman in an interview with "'Rolling Stone"
two mandolins, a fiddle, string bass and guitar (all the magazine, "I like my programs to have something soft,
makings of a folk hootenany), could produce such something energetic, something slow, something blue,
rhythmic intensity. Yet, despite frequent stops, starts, something red, and something burning." Apparently,
and syncopations (not to mention mid-tune style that plan was followed last weekend, as his fiddling
changes), the ensemble maintained each arrangement's indeed revealed its multifaceted personality. Resembling
continuity with split-second precision, returning often to the shifting moods of Grisman and company, but with
the gypsy-like drone that has become their trademark. greater emotional impact, Grappelli mixed long,
As expected, each instrumentalist was featured on melancholy strokes with sizzling harmonic runs and
lead. All breaks were clever, some were astounding, and swing rhythms. The 70-year-old violinist charmed his
reactions ranged accordingly. When 19-year-old flatpick audience with an ease that could come only from
guitar champ Mark O'Connor tore into a Spanish performing worldwide for nine months every year.
mandolin style solo on "Dawgma," the often silent Grapelli's brand of jazz also excludes percussion, and
crowd literally gasped, then roared with approval. The features string instruments rather than traditional brass.
guitarist's technique, again with bluegrass roots, could be Rounding out the quartet were three London based
compared somewhat to that of Doc Watson or Norman musicians: John Etheridge and Martin Taylor on
Blake. "F-hole" guitars, and Jack Sewing on string bass. All
Second mandolin Mike Marshall, swing fiddler David instruments were of acoustic design with transducer
Anger, and bassist Rob Wasserman, whose solos were not pickups providing amplification (Grisman's quintet
as awe-inspiring (it's hard to shine when playing with the played directly through microphones).
likes of Grisman and O'Connor), functioned well in The resulting sound was quite clean, though basic
creating rhythmic effects,, dynamics, and formation of electrification and use of volume pedals allowed for
frequently used harmony lines. greater flexibility. Grappelli once remarked, "We are a sorry but when you're out of time you've got to go,"
But clearly it was Grisman's show. All works bit victimized by the new aspect of electric music." said the announcer. "Let's hope we can have them
performed, with the exception of John Coltrane's implying that he couldn't (thank God) attain the return some day soon." Amen.

Zappa Induc es
Lukewarm Rece tion mm"NFAI
by Ray Katz
"Welcome to the show but sit SUPPER &
down," said Frank Zappa,
blandly greeting the packed I SANDWICH
house at the Stony Brook
gymnasium Sunday night.
Thirty-nine years old and
emaciated, with stringy black *o

hair, Zappa looked more like a

derelict than an innovative §:
underground rock musician
turned star. As two mountains Sup|reBreakfstScia
of speakers blasted his songs out
for an hour and a half,
some fine blues guitar, backed longer hits so sharply.In 1980.
up by the blood-curdling cynicism is rampant. Songs like
Or h"'^|i
alternating yawns and screams of the bass player, "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted"
enthusiastic whistles emanated as Vince Colaiuta, the drummer, click because of its musical Anapetzf^AM`Id
from the audience.
Zappa's music is difficult to
set an exhaustively varied and merit, rather than sending an 99.
relentless beat. One thing was important message.
describe. It is a heavy metal very clear. The style of music
sound combined with varieud this band plays may be erratic, I The concert did have some ---


doses of jazz, blues, synthesized but the playing itself is tight. faults, at least relative to what
classical, and extra-terrestrial Zappa's message has changed one would expect from a Frank Oct. 30-Oct.31 7:00 to 8:00 A.M.
cacophony. The consistency of very little over the years. His Zappa show. There was a
the blend ranges from farina to lyrics aim to tickle and jab with peculiar paucity of antics menu with this ad (coffee & juice not included)
lumpy outmeal. It is a strange satire. He attacks chic culture, and a thoroughly dismal light "From the University, you're only ten minutes from
bunch of seemingly amorphous referring to the "ruins of Studio show (five washed out color a great deal & wholesome meal."
sounds, but pleasantly 54" and batters religion by slides were shown on a screen).
unpredictable. reminding us, "there's a Zappa spoke to the audience Modells Plaza, Centereach
The performance at the late difference between kneeling very little and sometimes one - A mile west of Nicolls Rd., off Rt. 25
night show was, more than down and bending over." He couldn't help but wonder if the
598-9809 981-7659
anything else, an impressive
display of technical skill. Besides
attacks politics
"Washington ' takes
well. man knew what town he was in
of (he said that the story of the I N Beer & Wine Served with Meals
Zappa himself, who somehow number one/And that number "Enema Bandit" was
manages to keep a low profile one ain't you/You ain't even particularly relevant to this an epidemic of smiles.) Overall, been limited. Most of those
even at center stage, several other number two." area). Also, the audience seemed no true Zappa fan was too songsfreceived only a lukewarm
performers did an outstanding The lyrics are still funny, but bewildered by hearing so much disappointed. response. But for his followers,
job. Ray White's resonant voice some things have changed. What new material at once, though If Zappa's purpose was to the true believers, the faithful
and intricate guitar solos were a was shocking, controversial or some favorites were played promote the material from his Zappa addicts, thelconcert was
joy to hear. In a (more or less) disgusting in 1966 when Zappa during the encore. ("Don't You new album, Crush All Boxes, his like a breath of fresh nitrous
blues number, Ike Willis played began his recording career no Eat That Yellow Snow" started success at the concert may have oxide.

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