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Paty: boss lock-out to dismiss the workers and then re-hire contracted

to increase their super profits

In defense of their job position, workers settle inside the factory

The transnational company Quickfood/BFR made huge profit around the world. It has front man in Brazil and from Argentina
exports the best meat and with high prices in the national and international market gets huge profits. It has a factory in Mato
Grosso, getting advantages of not paying taxes and explodes slave workers. We are facing a company valued at 12.500
MILLION OF DOLLARS at world market. In 2013, with the exportation around the world, the company increases its profit at
432% compare to 2012! It exports to USA and Japan. It controls the Brazilian and Latin American market. In the Pacific and
Middle East has the biggest exportations. It is necessary to open de account entries of this transnational company to show
that the only one who wants to blackmail the workers and smash the workers conquers to keep increasing its super profits!
They want to be the starting point to defeat the most militant Argentinean vanguard working class.
Enough of super-profit for the bosses and the transnational
companies and plundering the nation!
Enough of starving and dismissing for the workers!

The Argentinean government has millions of dollars for Paris Club,
the vulture funds and for the workers retrenchments, jail and income
tax (tax to the wages)!
The bosses concentrate their forces to defeat sector per sector the most militant Argentinean working class, while the union
bureaucracy have sold out the fight for a general strike on April 10 to the right wing politicians from the opposition and the
government, and have divided each of our fights.
In SMATA, with the strike breakers commission the bureaucracy has defended the retrenchments and dismissals that the
car industry imposed.
In all the unions and fights they behaved as policemen within the worker movement, caring the bosses
Enough of union bureaucracy!
Open the road to the ones fighting!
We reproduce the statements and press release of the workers of Paty who are occupying the factory before bosses
lock-out, defending their jobs.
From the occupied factory defending their jobs
Press release N 4 of the workers of Paty (QUICKFOOD/BRF)
June 16th, 2014. Martinez, Buenos Aires 9:30 a.m.

Workers of Paty occupying the factory in en Martinez
The bosses of Paty want to steal the bread of 250 families with a lockout. In the mean time, the bosses of the car industry suspend and dismiss
thousands of workers. They pay miserable wages in every union and make us work harder than ever. In the meat processing plants there are workers
who do not receive 100% of their wages and are losing conquers every day. In the last 3 years in the meat industry there has been 20 thousand workers.
The bosses of the meat industry, cars and spare parts say that they are in crisis. That is a lie. They have great profits and many bills; and workers just
receive some coins. They want slave workers. We cannot allow it.
We want to thank the presence of shop stewards and shop steward commissions of the area, and also the presence of MP Christian Castillo (who
belongs to Left and Workers Front FIT) who have came here to support us. We want to thank the shop stewards of the meat processing plant
Rio Platense who held an assembly in the factory to inform our situation. We also want to thank the presence of the comrades of SUTEBA
(teachers union) Escobar who went to different schools asking for support.
In order to unify all struggles, we call all unions, shop steward commissions and militant students federations at the factorys gates at 5 pm to do
an Assembly to discuss altogether how we face the dismissals and suspensions; how we face the fake collective bargains signed by the union
bureaucracy; how we do to re-hire the workers dismissed in Gestamp; how we end with outsourced jobs; how we fight for decent jobs for all
unemployed workers; how we release the political prisoners like the comrades of Corral de Bustos, Esteche and Lescano; and how we conquered the
acquittal of the oil workers of Las Heras.
We also call the Meat Industry Union of Capital led by Molina and the National Federation led by Fantini to call a General Assembly of the entire union in
Paty and to go on strikes all the meat processing plants now.
Our fight is the fight of all workers, against bosses and Cristina Governments attack, who is an agent of imperialism. An injury to one is an injury to all.
Unity and coordination.
From the occupied factory defending their jobs:
press release of the workers of Paty (QUICKFOOD/BRF
June 15th, 23:00 hs
Press release N 1 of the workers of
see press release
June 16th, 6.20 hs
Press release N 2 of the workers of
see press release
June 16th, 7.30 hs.
Press release N 3 of the workers of
see press release

The bulletin of the Workers Self Organized of the Meat calling to unify all the workers for their demands into a single fight.
We are all dismissed workers of Paty, we are all workers of Gestamp fighting to be re-hire, we are all workers of the food industry fighting for
decent wages in the collective bargain, we are all workers of the car industry fighting against the suspensions and dismissals...
Today we are all workers dismissed of Paty!
Lets impose with assemblies the general strike of all the meat
workers to stop the dismissals from all the meat processing
industry and get our demands!
Lets set up a Fighting Committee now! From the strike of Paty
to unify all the demands: against the wage tax, suspensions,
dismissals and labour outsourcing and for the freedom of all
the political prisoners and drop the charges to more than 7000
persecuted fighters!


Workers of Paty, who are an example of internationalist
solidarity with the fight of the workers of Argentina and
the world, cannot be alone anymore.

June 16th, 2014
Urgent call
Lets launch am international solidarity campaign
with Paty workers, to reincorporation (hire again)
Gestamp worker, against the suspensions and
dismissals in the car industry and all the ones
fighting in Argentina and the world
In Argentina we fight as the mine workers of South of Africa, fighting for an increase of
wages, against the slavery that Angloamerican, Lonmin and other imperialist
transnational companies imposed, in Marikana they have been fighting for 140 days
they cannot be isolated!
Mitsubishi workers fight against the same transnational, who suspend and retrench in
Argentina and Brazil the metal workers.
The working class must recover its militant internationalism against the transnational
companies who seek to settle in other countries with slave workers, moving the
production with the complicity of the government and imperialist lackey regime.
The US and European working class is blackmailed by the governments and own
imperialist bourgeoisie to impose them the same starving and misery conditions than
the workers in the oppressed countries.
For the unity of the international working class and the fight against the transnational
companies and their front men governments for their business!
It is necessary to recover the militant internationalism in the ranks of the world working
Today we are all Paty workers, Marikana mine workers, Car workers of China, of

"12.500 rands or pack your bags and leave the
country"; strikes of Marikana workers

Paty workers occupying the factory
to defend their jobs
Argentina and the world!
Collective for the 4th International (Colectivo por la IV Internacional)

Workers of the car industry striking in China