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USB Recovery from Uboot/MiniBoot
AOS 6400/6850/6850E/6855/9000E
Note that uboot/miniboot must be minimum (for usb)

Make sure to use an official Alcatel-Lucent USB flash driver (512MB)

If switch stops at Miniboot

Need an Alcatel-Lucent USB with the Latest images copied in the following
folder "/AOS_model/certified".
where AOS_model corresponds to 6400 or 6850 or 6850E or 6855 or 9000E

Note: The OmniSwitch 9000E must have the rescue.img file in the root
directory of the USB Flash Drive to support Disaster Recovery.

The 6.4.3/6.4.4 Supports AutoDisaster Recovery.
[Miniboot]-> /uflash Bulk device is created
Bulk Device mounted at 12 Mbps. With 1 Logical Units at
node 2
USB Disaster Recovery Activated

Thus if the swicth is stopping at Miniboot with the Images being corrupted,
please insert the USB with the new set of Images you need. The Recovery
starts on itself and Images get copied. The switch reboots and comes up with
the newly loaded Images.

Note: If a backup boot.cfg file is on the USB flash drive it will be copied along
with the image files and can be used to recover the switch configuration.

The following is an example for an OmniSwitch 6400 using the usb disaster-
recovery automatic process:

copying file /uflash/6400/certified/Gbase.img ->
Copy OK: 17252663 bytes copied

copying file /uflash/6400/certified/Geni.img ->
Copy OK: 5487398 bytes copied

copying file /uflash/6400/certified/Gos.img ->
Copy OK: 1905296 bytes copied

copying file /uflash/6400/certified/Gsecu.img ->
Copy OK: 623972 bytes copied

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USB Recovery from Uboot/MiniBoot
AOS 6400/6850/6850E/6855/9000E
If switch stops at Uboot

First, you have to clear contents of folder certified:
=> fatdelete ide :1,0 /certified/K2os.img
Note: Do it for all images and files in this folder.

Reboot the switch with USB key plugged into the switch, and recovery starts
on itself.

If the USB is not getting detected try doing the following and check
if it is is activated:

a) Miniboot-> sysUsbSetAdminState 1

b) Miniboot-> cd /uflash/6850/certified/

c) Miniboot-> cp K*img,/flash/certified/

d) After you get the prompt back, give:
Miniboot-> DoImageRollback

Note: above example is for AOS 6850/6850E

Official Alcatel-Lucent USB drive from Price List:

Miscellaneous OS-USB-
Certified OmniSwitch USB Flash
drive for Disaster Recovery and
File management (Backup and
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