Pow lL works

user Culde
Account Dashboard
Cnce you have slgned up wlLh Lhe Creen 8oad and you have logged ln successfully on Lhe Lop rlghL hand corner wlll be your ºAccounL uashboard summary"
wlLh Lhe followlng opuons:
• !""#$%& ()*+,#)-( +#./ - (whlch Lakes you Lo your full AccounL uashboard)
• 0/12/3 )%( 4#%56$-/ (/721/-2/* - (allows you Lo revlew your currenL orders, amend your currenL orders & creaLe new orders)
• 0/12/3 &-)%*)"8#% +2*&#-9 - (glves you a deLalled descrlpuon on your credlL Lransacuons)
• :2*& #; <)*& (/721/-2/* - (glves you a deLalled llsL of your prevlous dellvered orders)
• 4$--/%& "-/(2& ,)7)%"/ - (llsLs Lhe amounL of credlLs you have avallable)
• =$9 "-/(2&* - (Lakes you Lo Lhe credlL purchaslng page)
• 0/12/3 (/721/-9 2%1#2"/* - (allows you Lo revlew your lnvolces generauon on purchase of producLs and orders placed)
• >(2& <-#57/ - (conñgure, updaLe and amend your personal deLalls)
• :#6 #$& - (log ouL of Lhe AccounL dashboard)
Signing Up
When you have declded Lo slgn up wlLh Creen 8oad you need Lo ñll ln Lhe followlng deLall on Lhe slgn up page:
• !"# %& '()*%+,-
Lmall address
• .(/,"&*+ '()*%+,-
llrsL name
LasL name
1elephone number
Moblle number
• 0%++%&# '()*%+,
• 1"234*2"&,
Cycle remlnder vla emall
Cycle remlnder vla SMS
• '(+%5(/6 '()*%+,
uellvery / collecuon preference

Buy Credits
Aûer slgnlng up and before conñgurlng your new dellvery you need Lo purchase credlLs, Lhe process ls as follows:

• Cllck on 8oy cteJlts on your Accooot uosbbootJ
7/(8%) 4*/8 9:/4;*,(,, speclfy Lhe amounL LhaL your wlsh Lo load
• Cllck on 8oy
• 1he webslLe wlll be redlrecLed Lo our prefered 3
parLy paymenL opuon 5oqe loy
• lollow Lhe Sage Þay prompLs
• CredlLs wlll be loaded auLomaucally
<"/ =<> 9:/4;*,(,?
Cllck on Lhe Ll1 buuon, Lhls wlll dlrecL you Lo our banklng deLalls
• Cnce you have Ll1'd your chosen amounL forward us Lhe proof of paymenL Lo orders[greenroad.co.za
• We wlll Lhen load your credlLs Lo your accounL
* Þlease noLe LhaL Lhe Ll1 process Lakes longer Lhan Lhe 5oqe loy - please allow 2-3 buslness days for your credlLs Lo be shown on your accounL dashboard
Review & Configure Deliveries
1o begln wlLh your ñrsL order, Lhe followlng sLeps need Lo be Laken:

wbeo slqoloq op yoo coo cboose op to fve weeks lo oJvooce wblcb boqs yoo wlsb to tecelve. lot lostooce, yoo coo cboose o ltolt 8oq fot tbe ftst week, o veqetoble boq fot tbe secooJ, o Iolce 8oq
fot tbe tbltJ, o 5boppet 8oq fot tbe foottb ooJ o ltolt & veqetoble 8oq fot tbe ffb, ooJ tbeo tetoto to yoot ftst cbolce, o ltolt 8oq oqolo.
lf yoo Joo't woot o boq 1nl5 wíík, eotet loto 'AJJ oootbet week' ooJ Joo't select ooy ptoJoct ooJ 'sove' ot bouom of poqe - tbls wlll eosote oo otJet fot tbls week.
¥oot weekly "tbytbm" coo be JeclJeJ ot set. 5boolJ yoo wlsb to oJjost tbls tbytbm, yoo moy Jo so lo yoot occooot semoqs befote tbe otJet cot o[ ot 5pm evety MooJoy.

• Cllck on kevlew ooJ coofqote on your Accooot uosbbootJ
• Cllck on add anoLher week
• Speclfy lf you would / would noL llke Lo order for Lhe nexL cycle
• 1lck Lhe box of Lhe bags you would llke Lo order & speclfy Lhe quanuLy
• lf you opL Lo choose any add on producLs for Lhe week, please uck Lhe box and speclfy Lhe quanuues you would llke
• Cllck save

We wlll Lhen process Lhe order and slgn-oñ Lhe bags, noufylng you by your preferred communlcauon meLhod of your order and generaung an lnvolce whlch wlll be auLomaucally deducLed oñ
your purchased credlLs. Cnce Lhe order ls ready, you wlll recelve a nouñcauon of dellvery or LhaL your order ls ready Lo be collecLed, agaln by your preferred communlcauon lndlcaLed when you
slgned up.

Additional Dashboard Features
• @(5%(A )/*&,*42"& ;%,)"/6
1hls feaLure allows you Lo vlew your deblLs and credlLs on your accounL

• !%,) "B 9*,) 8(+%5(/%(,
1hls feaLure allows you Lo vlew your pasL dellverles

• '(+%5(/6 %&5"%4( ;%,)"/6
1hls feaLure allows you Lo vlew your lnvolce hlsLory