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Bondo and Siaya Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Lake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB)

Lake Victoria South Water Services Board is mandated by the Water Act 2002 to undertake the
efficient, sustainable, and economical provision of water services as authorized by the Water
Services Provision License within its jurisdiction area of approximately 21,720 km
in Kisumu,
Siaya, Migori, Homa Bay, Bomet, Kericho, Nyamira, Kisii and partially in Nandi and Narok
counties. The Board undertakes the functions related to water services provision through its
agents, the Water Services Providers (WSPs). LVSWSB has nine urban and thirty rural WSPs.
The Project
Bondo and Siaya towns fall under Siaya county. The Board initiated Bondo and Siaya Water
Supply and Sanitation Project with the objective of addressing water and sanitation problems in
Bondo and Siaya Towns. LVSWSB conducted feasibility studies for the project and the detailed
project report for the project was approved in 2012.
Population of Bondo benefitted 39,374 persons
Population of Siaya benefitted 26,567 persons
Population of surrounding area benefitted 47,611 persons

The total project cost is 1.65 Billion Kenyan Shillings (19.6 Million USD).
Water Supply System 1.25 Billion Kenyan Shillings
Sewerage System 0.40 Billion Kenyan Shillings
The project is being financed by African Development Bank and Government of Kenya.
The financial pattern is:-
African Development Bank 90% of project cost
Government of Kenya 10% of project cost

Water Supply Component
The objective of this project is to supply the drinking water to benefit the entire population of
Bondo and Siaya and the surrounding areas of the pipeline corridor. The Siaya and Bondo Water
Supply scheme comprises of Intake, Pumphouse, and Water treatment plant at Yala, and
Reservoir at Nyamninia, Sigana, Gobei, break pressure tank at Ngiya and distribution system. No
power is required for the complete water supply scheme. Utilization of available water head from
River Yala to pump treated water is a unique feature of this project which makes it a zero power
requirement scheme and thus reduction in water production cost. The main features of Water
Supply component are:-
Present Water demand in Bondo 1,919 m
Present Water demand in Siaya 1,264 m
Construction of water treatment works 12,000m
/day (capacity)
Augmentation of the existing WTP to 7,310m
/day (capacity)
Rehabilitation of existing Intake Works.
Construction of RC water storage reservoirs One 1000m
in Ngiya, One 3000m

in Bondo and One 3000m
in Siaya
Construction of Community water points 12Nr.
Hydro turbines/Pumps 5 Nr.
Steel raw water main 280m
Steel rising main WTP to reservoir 4.1km
Steel/PVC-U transmission main 46km
PVC-U distribution pipeline in Bondo 25km
PVC-U distribution pipeline in Siaya 28km
Sewerage Component
The LVSWSB aims to improve general environment by covering 60% of the Siaya and Bondo
towns population having individual connections with sewerage and treating the entire sewage
before final disposal. Sewerage component comprises of total 20 km sewer pipes for collection
of sewage and disposal in the stream after treatment in waste stabilization ponds.
The main features of the Sewerage component are:-
Present Wastewater flow in Bondo 1,241 m
Present Wastewater flow in Siaya 444 m
Sewer length in Siaya 9.5km
Sewer length in Bondo 10.5km
Waste Stabilisation Pond for Bondo 3,762 m
/day (capacity)
Waste Stabilisation Pond for Siaya 1,344 m
/day (capacity)

Engagement of Consultant
LVSWSB had engaged WAPCOS Limited (A Government of India Undertaking) to carry out
detailed designs, tender document preparation, procurement of the contractors and construction
supervision of this project.
WAPCOS is a Government of India owned enterprise under the aegis of Ministry of
Water Resources. Established in the year 1969 to share Indias experience, expertise and
technical know-how in the water resources, power and infrastructure sectors with other
developing countries, over the last more than 4 decades, the Company has provided consultancy
services and opportunities to Indian Technocrats to work in more than 55 countries in diverse
geographical and climatological conditions.
Engagement of Contractors
LVSWSB had procured 2 competent contractors for the execution of the project, both for the
Water Supply and Sewerage component of the project. Both commenced the project on 13

March 2013, and the project intended completion date is 12
June 2014.

Water Supply Contractor M/s China Jiangxi International Kenya Limited
Sewerage Contractor M/s Jiangxi Water & Hydropower Construction
Kenya Limited