To whom it may concern at The U.S.

Justice Department A NON-FALSIFIABLE and NON-JUSTIFIABLE creation
If you had a secret investigation where 10 parents agreed to be used as bait

and they were accused of child abuse, at least 4 of those 10 would have their children removed and put into the custody of CPS. There will be nothing that they can do about it. No amount of money to pay attorneys and no evidence will suffice to get the children back. The Child protection, Family court system methods are as near nonfalsifiable as anything man has invented. Here are the reasons why. 1. Much or all of either the income or retirement for Judges, casa workers, attorneys, ad litems, officers of the court, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, drug Companies and other professionals, are provided ONLY if children are taken. 2. Judges and Child Protective Services are partners for the protection of the children. In an adversarial system, you cannot have the Judge as a partner to either side. The Judge must be neutral. This is not the case, as is very clear to any one who have had to deal with child protective Services. If you don’t know how devastating this is to justice, the next time you are in a law suit, make sure that they choose a Judge that is a business partner with the person suing you. You will get the point, immediately. 3. In reality, during these cases, Child Protective Services is the DEFAULT JUDGE, because it is the finder of FACTS for the Judge. It is these perceived facts by which the judge makes decisions. What’s the problem, you say? Next time you are in court, make sure that the finder of facts are getting paid bonuses for making sure the Judge makes a certain decision and you will not fail to see clearly for long. In just about ever other situation, officers of the court goes to jail for being influenced by money. If a Senator, Representative, Judge, lawyer, cop or

anyone in legal authority made a decision for which they received money it would be considered a QUID PRO QUO and a reason to throw out the results. Why is it then, that when it comes to the children, we have lost our collective minds? We have codified an exemption to these simple but profound and necessary principles. We have created a mess. I say we, because we elected these people and it will take us to end this fiasco parading as erring for the benefit of the child! Get this, if you err in these cases, it will not benefit the parent or the child. Only the child protection industry benefits from errors. DROP A PARENT AND CHILD INTO THE SYSTEM Drop any parent against whom an allegation has been made into the system and this is what happens. 1. Judges’ bench guides advise them to always check the little box on the form that says that DCFS was justified in taking the children. The reason, often explained, is so that the matching Federal money is secured. They are advised to do this even if there seems to be little reason to do so. So right off the bat, for Federal matching funds sake, the Judge has declared for Child Protective Services and themselves and the whole child taking industry. 2. DCFS can present whatever they want as fact. Because of their chartered position whatever they present is considered credible. Often parents are given only a few minutes if that long to rebut. Many times, at DCFS whim, no witnesses are allowed to testify on behalf of the parent or child. The witnesses that are allowed are often ONLY those that advance DCFS path to more money. Judges routinely accept or reject allowing additional evidence on ONLY the word of DCFS. There are 5 different way DCFS can get paid and their paths always lead to the money. Some of these can be repeated a number of times.

3. DCFS and the Judge will recommend parents and children go through lots of different services. The professional overseeing each of these are certain that the court has ruled correctly and therefore assume that they are treating a real abuse victim or abuser. All their reports will reflect this. The end result of all this is that the innocent parent and child are much worst off that at the beginning. DCFS the Judge and all the people in the industry that are involved with Parents and children will pat themselves on the back. They will present their GOOD work to our Senators and Representatives and tell them why there needs to be more money in the system. Our elected officials, thinking that they are helping the Children, seek to find even more money for this insidious monster that on principle alone, one should see, it CANNOT consistently dispense justice. The average parent that call on their Senators, representatives, Governors or even media outlets, find that all will side with DCFS and refuse to get seriously involved. Besides, because of secrecy laws, they cannot get the information they need from dcfs and assume that there must be much more incriminating information that the good dcfs is holding in confidence. It is a system designed for corruption and dispenses injustices. TEST THE SYSTEM Go ahead, drop a perfect parent into that system and see in your mind if you could be reasonably sure that parent and child will be able to prevail. It is nearly impossible! Within the last 3 weeks, I got a call from the head of DCFS in my State and we talked about a particular case. I was told, “Mr. Sullivan, I cannot even twist my mind to imagine a reason why the child ever was taken in the first place.” These were new leaders, only months in their new positions. Yet what was so easy for them to see would not be hard for all the people that were involved in the case to see. A child kept 18 months for NO REASON. The

child was kept for no reason that, new leaders, of the State DCFS could see. They couldn’t imagine a reason. Think about it! If that can happen, what cannot happen? I’ll tell you what cannot happen, Justice. A system that cannot be falsified without the perpetrators honesty is a system that is no good for America or any human being. So everyone that I know supports Dr. Shirley Moore for the reasons expressed above. I hope that you at the Justice department realize that many 10s of thousands have been violated in ways that you cannot remedy. You can at the least recognize that this injustice should not continue a second longer than you can put a stop to it. Bill Sullivan

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