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Every Woman Should Know
To Look Her Best


Fashion Editor & Image Consultant Anna Villaruel
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1. What is Style?

Style is completely different from fashion. Fashion is more about trends and being a slave
for what the stores want you to wear.

However, style is about reuniting fashion with your height,
shape, skin, eye and hair color, personality and age.

Think of it as art.

You select colors that harmonize with the complexion of your
skin, hair and eyes. You use the appropriate prints that go
hand in hand with your body scale. You pick certain colors
and accessories to accentuate your best assets so that the
ones youre not so proud of get out of the way.

You compose an outfit that reflects on what kind of person
you are; your personal taste, lifestyle, dreams, goals, hopes
and aspirations. It reflects the person YOU want the world to perceive you as.

Having a great sense of style is about keeping a healthy balance between trends and your
own personality. Worry less about wearing the latest fashion trends and look for bits and
pieces that enhance your own image and style whether theyre hot or not.

Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal
- Coco Chanel

The best way to start developing a great sense of style is to start from the very core:


Get to know and identify:

The contours and proportions of your body and face

The assets that you like and are proud of

The color of your skin, hair and eyes

Your lifestyle

Your personality and taste


Keep this in mind:

Do not compare your style with others or try to imitate their style from top to toe, because
they are wearing clothes that suit their own personal style, body shape and lifestyle, and
that doesnt necessarily mean that the same clothes will flatter you.

If you try to push other trends on yourself without thinking how youll look in them, the
result might not be the same as what you saw on your girlfriends, celebrities and models.

Wear something that is uniquely yours and youll shine!

2. Know What Colors Look Good On You

This is one of the first steps in looking your very best.

By wearing the colors that harmonize with the complexion of your skin, hair and eye color,
youll look alive, attractive and healthy.

It basically works like this:

If you have a pinkish/bluish complexion with ashy or bluish natural hair color, cooler colors
and metals will look great on you. Think silver, snow-white and blue-based colors.

If you have a yellowish/peachy complexion with golden or reddish natural hair color,
warmer colors and metals will look fabulous on you. Think gold, bronze, creams and yellow-
based colors.

Of course, there are thousands of coloring combinations that put a lot of us in-between
these two general groups. Thats why I believe its important for you to grasp the basics of

Seasonal color analysis system:

I recommend you to take a seasonal color analysis as it can give you a clearer picture of
what types of colors suit you. Purchase color swatches and youll have an overview of what
colors looks best on you.

A seasonal color analysis is one of the best systems that give you an accurate and clear
result of what colors suit you. The system consists of 4 seasons and 3 color groups within
each of them, resulting in a 12 season color system.

Lets look at how you can analyze your coloring..


There are 2 steps in determining your season:

1. Determine your dominant characteristic (look below):

Is your coloring dominantly (what stands out more):

- Light or Dark?
- Clear or Soft?
- Warm or Cool?

These characteristics are based on the analysis color theory:

HUE= Warm or Cool (simply the color of an object, eg. Red, blue, etc.)

VALUE= Light or Dark/deep (lightness or darkness of a color)

CHROMA= Clear or Soft (fully saturated or added greyness)

2. Determine your secondary characteristic:

Do you favor warm or cool colors? Do blue or yellow-based colors look good on you?

- Light: Warm = Light Spring, or Cool = Light Summer
- Dark: Warm = Deep Autumn, or Cool = Deep Winter
- Clear: Warm = Clear Spring, or Cool= Clear Winter

If you already know that youre predominantly warm or cool, you need to figure out what
color intensity looks best on you:

- Warm: Medium = Warm Autumn, or Light = Warm Spring
- Cool: Dark = Cool Winter, or Medium = Cool Summer

Take a free seasonal color analysis here.

This can give you an idea of what colors flatters you but it cannot guarantee that you will get
precise 110% results. If you have an unusual coloring then a professional color analyst can
accurately determine your season by looking at you subjectively.
Note: We all belong to more than one season or group (which are similar to each other);
however it is your primary and core season you should put your focus on.


To give you an idea of what other groups you may belong to, here is a chart:

If youre for example a Deep Autumn, youll also suit many Deep Winter colors because of
the same color tendencies.

This is called a Flow Color Analysis chart that tells you what other colors youll tend to flow towards.

3. Wearing Colors That Arent In Your Color Palette

Wearing colors that are not in your personal color palette does not mean that you should
completely steer away from them.

Take black as an example. Although its a versatile color, not everyone will look good in it
but its such a basic color that we need to have a fully functional wardrobe.

You can solve this issue in three simple ways:

Top it off with accessories such as jewelry, headband or scarf that are from your own
palette. E.g. If youre wearing a black dress but it clashes with your warm
complexion, add a gold necklace or a pair of dangle earrings with warm topaz
gemstones. Makeup is also another example to brighten up your face when youre
wearing something that naturally doesnt flatter your complexion

Wear the color away from your face, from your waist down, as pants, skirt, belt,
shoes, bag, etc.

Heres a picture to illustrate where to place the colors your complexion naturally doesnt
harmonize with (grey part is the no-no/grey area):

Work with the specific neutral basics for your coloring. If black looks too harsh on
you, a dark navy blue will look as elegant. Youll also find dark chocolate to be a good
substitute. Click here to learn more about universal colors and neutrals

4. Communicate With Colors

You should know how potent colors really are. Not only do the right colors bring out a
healthy and natural glow in you, but they also send out messages about you and can affect
people around you.

Thats not all...

Colors will affect:

Your apparent shape and size light colors highlight, dark colors minimize

An emotional level colors will affect how people or you feel about yourself. If you
want to appear lively wear bright and warm colors like yellow and orange. If you
want to appear fiery and sexy go for reds. For a trustworthy look go for dark brown
and dark navy blue. For authority opt for black.

What they will communicate to others about your personality people will create a
first impression of you as a person, if youre confident, sexy, classy, down-to-earth,


How appropriate the color is for the location, occasion, time of year, your personal
colorings and age. Some colors are more appropriate for specific seasons. Like black,
grey, brown, purple and red look best for Fall/Winter. Yellow, white, baby pink are
best for warmer months.

If youre aiming to create a great first impression, whether it be for a job interview, going
out on a first date, first day at school or at work - know what colors are appropriate for the
occasion, time of the year and how you wish to be perceived as to others.

5. Focus on Your Best Features

Do not waste energy on what you cant change and start focusing
on the parts you love and are proud of!

By enhancing what you like about yourself the bad parts will be less

So what should you highlight?

What you have received many compliments on
What makes you feel great about yourself

Wear clothes, accessories and colors to accentuate those parts!
In the next pointer Im going to give you the low-down on how to bring out your best parts
and de-emphasize the ones youre not so happy about.

6. Know How to Minimize and Enhance

Use colors and embellishments to minimize or enhance different areas of your body.

Bright colors, embellishments, sparkles and prints work as focal points. On the other hand,
dark colors work as a camouflage as people notice them less.

Dark colors minimize & light and bright colors maximize

If you wish to draw attention to a certain part of your body - wear white, red or any other
noticeable colors for areas that you want to highlight. Wear a pair of bright colors shoes to
highlight your toned legs, or a white shirt to widen narrow shoulders.

Or if you want to minimize your arms but still accentuate your chest, wear a dark colors like
black, dark brown or navy v-neck cardigan with a light or bright color top underneath it.


Patterns, sparkles and embellishments draw attention

That includes straps, large earrings, thick and bold bracelets and pendants, sequins, stripes,
floral, ethnic prints, ruffles, tiers, buttons, polka dots, metals, studs, checkers, you name it!

Note: So when you add a detail carefully think about where you place it. Like if you have
great legs go for strappy buckle gladiator sandals or if you love your cleavage opt for ruffles
or lace along the neckline. Or if you like your curvy butt, wear bag that falls right around the

7. Why a Proportional Hourglass Silhouette Is Ideal

The facts:

According to scientific research, an hourglass body
shape looks symmetrical and is pleasing to the eye and
makes people more instinctively attracted to this
proportional body figure. Also, the wide bust, narrow
waist and wide hips signal fertility and being a good
child-bearer for a mans offspring.

It has curves on all the right places. The curves between
the waist and upper and lower body part projects a
feminine look which many people find attractive. Not to mention the slim waist.

With these points in mind, an hourglass is considered the most ideal body shape.

No matter your weight or height, as long as your body is proportional youll look visually

There are 5 main body shapes:

Celebrity pictures are not being used because its difficult to exactly determine what body shape they have when theyre fully-clothed.

HOURGLASS: The width of the hips is at approximately at the same level as the shoulders
but with an inward curve at the waist

PEAR: The width of the hips are noticeably wider compared to the shoulders

INVERTED TRIANGLE: The width of the shoulders and considerably wider than the hips

RECTANGLE: The width of the hips and shoulders are the same but lack definition around
the waist

APPLE: The torso (chest, waist) is wider and/or full with little or no waist definition

For a more detailed guide to determining your body shape, click here.

Note: The trick here is to identify your body shape and then dress to fill out whats missing
and trim down on what looks prominent in your body figure compared to an hourglass

8. Achieving a Proportional Body Shape

If you are one of those who are not comfortable with big hips or wide shoulders, or a thick
waist, then you might focus on creating a symmetrical figure. By doing this youll minimize
your bodys heavy point, meaning if your luscious curves seem to attract too much
unwanted attention people will start noticing them less because it wont be obvious.

Theres nothing wrong with having prominent physical attributes YOUR features make
YOU unique. But you might be faced with dress codes and occasions where over-
emphasizing them might be inappropriate.

Unless youre confident and dont care about your prominent features, then thats what
matters. This styling trick is mostly for women who feel self-conscious about their dominant
features and that drag their confidence down.

The good thing about focusing on proportions is that the symmetry will draw attention away
from the parts youre not so proud of. You could say that good outfit proportions create a
more streamlined silhouette that smoothly guides the eye!

Now lets take a look at how you can combine your clothes that help create proportions..


So how do you create a symmetrical figure?

First you have to determine your body shape and work around that to balance out your
body figure.

PEAR: Add more volume and highlighting details to your shoulders and upper body.
Examples: Puffed sleeves, white top, horizontal stripes, boat neck. Minimize your hips with
dark colors.

INVERTED TRIANGLE: Add more volume and attention to your hips and legs.
Examples: wide leg jeans, bright colored shoes, hemlines that flare outwards, light colored

APPLE: Slim the chest and waist. Add more width to your hips.
Examples: See RECTANGLE. Deep necklines, print skirts, boot cut/flare/wide leg pants.

RECTANGLE: Add more width to the shoulders and at the hips. Trim the waist.

Examples: See PEAR and INVERTED TRIANGLE. Slim down the waist with a simple black
fashion belt, waist-cinching tops and dresses.

9. Right Scale

Wearing something bigger or smaller than your size can make the difference more obvious.

Like for example, if you are skinny then a top with large prints or too many heavy layers can
overwhelm and tip over your frame. People will also notice how thin you are in

The same issue applies to full figure women, if you are a plus size and tries to wear small
prints or very fine and sheer fabric, and then youll make your figure look heavier in

Or if you have a wide face and wear narrow sunglasses, the shape of your face will be
enhanced and it will look wider and bigger.

Or if you are a petite (54/163cm) or shorter and tries to wear a regular-sized clothing, the
sleeves will most likely be an inch or two longer and the short frame of your will become
more obvious.

So basically, pick prints, clothes and accessories in conjunction with the scales of your body
sizw. Big on big. Small on small. If you have a wide face go for big sunglasses. Or if you have
narrow faces opt for slim sunglasses.

10. Understand Why An Oval Face Shape is Ideal

An oval face shape is considered the most ideal face shape because its projects a feminine
look that is versatile, which means it suits all haircuts, necklines and jewelry without making
it look round, long, square top or bottom heavy.

Just like an hourglass figure, an oval face shape is proportional without any heavy point,
making it a visually pleasing to look at.

Here are the main face shapes:

Image credits: Megan Fox (oval), Kirsten Dunst (round), Liv Tyler (oblong), Angelina Jolie (square-rectangle), Ali Larter (triangular), Scarlett
Johansson (diamond-heart)

OVAL: The length of your face equals one and a half times the width.

ROUND: Face is almost wide as it is long

OBLONG: It looks like an oval but has more length.

SQUARE: Hairline is of approximately the same width as the jaw line

TRIANGULAR: Your jaw line is fuller/wider than your forehead

DIAMOND/HEART: You have a visibly wider forehead than your jaw line.

Click here for a step-by-step guide to determining your face shape.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An oval face shape (as well as hourglass body) is just
pleasing to look at but there are other great features men and women will notice about you
that make you beautiful in their eyes. Like your smile, eyes, nose, personality, etc.

However, if youre not comfortable with for example a square face that might appear
masculine or a young baby-round face, then there are several ways to tone it down which Ill
explain in our next pointer

11. How to Create a More Balanced Face Shape

Like when youre dressing your body shape to create a proportional hourglass body shape,
you need to identify your face shape and figure out what needs to fill out and slim

Here are the basic guidelines:

OBLONG: Shorten and add more width. Do the opposite of the round face shape. Look for
rounded shaped earrings and pendant necklaces.

Opt for rounder and straighter necklines.

Use some shimmer blush on your cheekbones to expand your face shape.

Go for bangs and chin-length cuts and bobs.

ROUND: Elongate and add more height. Stay away from flat hair styles; opt for volume at
the crown. Wear your hair loose, with the hair close to your face.

Go for vertical necklines like a V-neck, long earrings and necklaces.

Use bronzer to minimize your cheekbones that are the widest point of your face shape.

SQUARE: Soften the edges. Opt for rounded shapes. Go for vertical lines like a v-neck, long
necklaces and earrings to create a longer chin, making your face look more oval.

Wear rounded print tops and sweaters.

Long layers, side-swept hair and wavy/curly hair soften your face shape.

TRIANGULAR: Add more width on top and trim down the jaw line. Draw attention to the
narrowest part of your face which is the forehead.

Go for design details at the top of the earrings and sunglasses.

Opt for irregular layers and wispy styles, curls and waves to add more weight on top.

If you have a very wide or round jaw line adding more volume on top might make your face
appear round. Follow the tricks for round face shapes to slim down your wide jaw line.

DIAMOND/HEART: Add more width to the bottom and slim down your forehead and mid-

Both shapes consist of a wide mid-point, but the diamond has a narrower forehead than the
heart. The heart face shape tends to be wide so follow the tips for round face shape.


If you have a diamond face shape, your goal should be to soften the spikes (cheekbones) on
the sides with earrings with curved shapes at the ear post. Youll suit any haircut as your
shape is similar to an oval but with slightly sharp and protruding mid-points.

12. Shapes Opposite from What You Dont Want to

Jewelry, necklines, prints, reading glasses and sunglasses easily affect the outline of your
face and body shape. Basically, you want to avoid shapes that repeat the shape you do not
want to emphasize.

Here are some examples on how it works:

Make a wide face look longer with vertical details.

Make a round face look more angular with sharp edges.

Make a narrow face look fuller with round shapes.

Soften a square face with rounded details.

13. Create a Solid Wardrobe Foundation

There are specific clothes and accessories that are versatile to wear with absolutely
anything. They are considered to be the building blocks of your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe essentials are:
Trend proof - you can wear them on all occasions without sacrificing style.

Flexible - you can change the whole look of it by adding a couple of accessories.

Your wardrobe foundation - without them you'll end up feeling like you never have
anything to wear.

Style savers - use it to tone down a dressy or an overly trendy outfit.
Here is the list of all the essentials any woman should own.


So what exactly are the essentials? Here are the guidelines:

Neutral colors such as black/grey, white/off-white, dark brown. They look good with
any other color and can be worn through-out any season.
Solid colors without any prints make it easier to mix.
Simple cut, like a bag without any fancy details that makes it lean more towards
Clothes that can be worn with at least 3 other items
Clothes that blend in with most styles and occasions. Like for example a black knee-
length cocktail dress and a black blazer.
Clothes that you wear more than once a week

Examples of wardrobe essentials are: black coat, dark blue jeans, simple stud earrings, black
pumps, black skirt, black v-neck sweater, black dress, black stockings, etc.

An example of how a black dress can work many wonders:

14. Updating Your Outfits and Style on a Budget

Remember that you can solve your outfit block without having to go out and buy new
clothes. You can still mix and match with whats in your wardrobe!

Updating guidelines:

Find new ways to pair up different items with each other.

Take khaki pants as an example. The standard way of wearing it is with a camisole. Now
you have to think of other ways to wear it. Like swap up the basic tee with a blousy
tunic. Switch from sandals to high heel gladiators. The possibilities are endless!

Concentrate on accessories

You can choose between splurging on a $200 trendy designer dress that youll wear a
couple of times, or 10 accessories for $200 that can transform your boring black dress
into 10 different outfits. With accessories you can turn a basic dress into something
casual, glamorous, bold, edgy, sexy or eclectic!

15. How to Update Your Summer Wardrobe

You dont have to give up your summer clothes when Fall is around the corner. If youve
already secured the wardrobe essentials then you wont have any problems updating your
summer closet.

Here are some examples on how to update your summer clothes:

Top off your tops with a cardigan or v-neck sweater. Let the top peek a little from the
neckline or wear it loosely or wrap a black or brown belt around the waist

A knit vest can also transform a nice summery top into Fall-trendy

Wear opaque or ribbed wool tight, denim or black leggings with the open toe shoes. It
looks fresh and chic!

Add a winter scarf or a hat to create an appropriate outfit for the cooler months

16. Get to Know the Color Wheel

If you want to maximize your wardrobe options then gaining a basic knowledge about the
color wheel is a must.


The color wheel is a round chart, divided into different segments with each segment
assigned a color. The colors are in a certain placement on the color wheel. It begins with
primary red, yellow and blue. By combining the primary colors, youll create secondary
colors such as orange, green and purple. These can again be combines even further to
create tertiary colors like red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green and blue-

The color wheel is simply a model that can be used to create various color combinations. It
basically gives you ideas on what colors to wear together and the impact they make.

17. Working With the Color Wheel

By understanding how the color wheel works youll be able to create gorgeous outfit color

There are 3 fool-proof ways to mix and match colors:


Monochromatic color combos consist of different shades (darker) and tints (lighter)
of the same hue. Like for example: sky blue dark navy blue turquoise blue. The
result is elegant, soothing and balanced.

But can also be different colors but in the same intensity (eg. Dark blue with deep



Analogous color combos consist of colors that are next to each other on the color
wheel. Like for example: blue and green, green and yellow, yellow and orange,
orange and red, and so on. The result is a rich yet appealing mix.


Complementary color combos consist of colors opposite from each other on the
color wheel. Such as green and orange/red, blue and purple. The result is a high-
impact and rich yet harmonious color combination.

18. Quality Beats Quantity

So just because something is inexpensive it doesnt mean it will be cheap. Lets take cheap
jewelry as an example.

The typical cheap silver and gold jewelry is made of a very thin layer of precious metal that
will start to peel off after just a few months (or even weeks). Youre bound to buy yourself
new ones every time they start to lose their coating and the ugly brown metal resurfaces.
However if you opt for quality jewelry such as gold filled and real gold then youll discover
that they last a very long time because the metal coating is thicker and stronger.

The same thing happens to most cheap clothing. If the clothing is of low quality youll
probably experience fraying, pilling, loss of color and shape, which just isnt worth it.

Invest in quality clothes and accessories that will last you a couple of years.

Note: Expensive doesnt necessarily mean good quality. You can find many cheap womens
clothing that is of reasonable and often good quality, but theyre usually hard to come by.
The best way to test it out is to try the stuff out in the store or you can also take note of the
item description and the stores reputation to get a feel of what type of clothes they are

How to choose a high-quality garment:

Always check the fabric content to see what maintenance it required to keep it
looking good.

Make sure that all of the stitches are secure and straight. You should see about 8 to
12 stitches per inch. Double-stitches make sure that it wont fall apart

Viscose is one of the worst fabrics, and has a tendency to pill and fracture - no 100%
viscose garment will be long-lived.

You should generally look for the highest percentage (for example 80/20) of
natural fiber you can afford. Note: Most manmade/synthetic fabric like acrylic,
viscose and nylon do not wear well, and since they aren't natural, they wont allow
your skin to breathe. Many fabrics are also cold to the touch and arent capable of
keeping you warm. Natural fibers, on the other hand, like cotton, cashmere, sheep
wool and alpaca feel more comfortable on the skin.

If youre buying anything that youll be wearing really close to your body, like for
example leggings, shapewear, pants and fitted sweaters, make sure it contains
around 5% of Elastan (Lycra). This gives the fiber enough stretch and 'give' to allow
it to recover after wear without adversely affecting the other qualities of the fabric.

Most quality pants today contain about 2 per cent Lycra to prevent them giving at
the knee.

19. How to Get Gorgeous Legs

If you want to look feminine and stylish then showing off your legs will help. However not
everyone is born with a pair of perfect model legs. But there are indeed simple ways to
cheat you to great-looking legs when wearing a skirt or dress:

Note: If you already have great-looking legs, use these tips to
enhance them.

Whether you want to get that dark and exotic look or just the
sun kissed type, a little color on legs will do the trick and
make them look super-healthy.

Shimmer lotion.
For special occasions like a formal event, going out or a date
with a guy, if youre wearing a knee length dress make sure
you apply a little shimmer for a luscious look.

If you have razor bumps, ingrown hair, marks and scars, wear a pair of sheer tights or
stockings to instantly disguise the flaws. The sheer fabric will make your legs look

Right hemline.
The hemline should never end at your bodys widest point as it will only highlight the
width; shortening your legs and making you look stubby. There are exceptions which you
can learn more about here.

Right shoes.
By wearing heels and showing more skin, the slimmer your legs will appear. To really
elongate your legs, go for pointy toes and vertical straps.

If you have thick ankles avoid ankle straps at all cost as the line will visually break them

When it comes to boots, the hemline rule will apply. If you have muscular legs and want
your legs to look long and lean, avoid letting the top of the boot hit your legs widest
point which is the calf. If youre wearing boots with pants, let the color of the shoes
match the color of the bottom to avoid high contrasts that will only shorten your figure.
Like for example black and dark brown boots with dark blue jeans.

20. Choosing and Wearing Trends

No one wants to look like a fashion victim. In my opinion, dressing your body with a full
outfit taken directly from the Elle magazine make you look like you dont have any unique
personality because you cant think for yourself.

One golden rule to picking the right trends to your wardrobe is this:

Pick garments and accessories that blend well with your colorings, body shape and size,
and of course, reflect your personal style.

So basically if it doesnt look good on YOU then do not buy it.

Here are some guidelines on how to choose and wear fashion trends:

If the piece is something youll be wearing close to your face. Make sure the color
suits your complexion and that the cut (neckline) flatters your face shape.

Pick pieces that bring out the best in and complement your body shape and size.
Like if you are not comfortable with wide shoulders then reconsider buying a short
jacket that will balance them out and making them less noticeable by adding more
width to them. However, its ok to show off curves so if youre proud of your hips
and thighs, by all mean, wear something that highlight them!

If you just fell hopelessly in love with a new trend but discovered that it doesnt
look good on your body shape, find ways to make it work. Like if you have wide
shoulders but want to wear shoulder pads but yet wish to avoid highlighting your
shoulders, then add something to balance out your frame, like for example a pair of
bright colored shoes. This falls back to the basics on getting to know your body

Versatility. To save money, make sure that you can combine the item with at least 3
other garments in your closet.


If its an expensive garment take some time to decide if its worth the money. What
will you gain out of wearing it? How many times will you be wearing the garment?

50/50 combo. Creating a balanced outfit is a key essential to looking chic and at your
best. When putting on clothes keep the trendy pieces and wardrobe essentials at a
50/50 level.

Here are some examples:

A trendy dress: Keep everything else at a minimum. So stick to simple jewelry, shoes
and other accessories

A trendy top: Add an extra up-to-date accessory like a ring and a pair of shoes.

A trendy accessory: Feel free to add 2 more trendy accessories.

21. How to Look Slimmer

Wearing colors monochromatically which means placing the same hue or nuance
from top to toe. For example: Black shoes, black pants, black, top and black jacket
OR khaki pants, beige blouse and cream scarf.

Blending the color of your bottom garment, skin, hosiery and shoes together for
leaner and taller legs

Strong vertical details such as zippers, pleats, vertical stripes, vertical trimmings, iron
creases, oblong prints, t-straps.

Long and vertical shaped necklaces, pendants, earrings to create a longer upper

Show more skin around the chest with for example a deep v-neck sweater for a
slimmer torso

Hats with a slightly tall crown to create height

Matte and jersey fabric finishes make you look slimmer, however shine expands your

Avoid repeating the shape of a round tummy or wide face with for example a round
yoke just above the stomach or wide shaped dangle earrings or square neckline.

Balance out your body shape to look like a proportional hourglass body shape. Often
if you have wider hips than shoulders, youll appear curvy and heavy. Or if you have

wide shoulders and narrow hips, youll look top-heavy. To create slim silhouette
balance it out by accentuating and minimizing parts of your body to look more like
an hourglass.

Make your legs look lean by showing more skin with open toe shoes, strappy sandals

Wear shoulder pads to draw attention away from wide hips and big bust and
lengthens your frame

Wear high heels for leaner looking legs

Slim heels

Thin soles

Three-quarter tops and sweater to expose more skin. You can also roll up the sleeves
to just below your elbow.

Avoid horizontal contrasts like for example white top and black pants.

22. How to Look Curvier

If youre skinny and wish to add more curves to your frame then read these pointers to add
volume to the right places on your body:

Wear skirts and dresses that flares or expands from your hips and down

Go for puffed sleeves for curvier shoulders

Accentuate or define your waist. To create more curves from the waist up and waist
down, simply wear a dark colored simple belt around the thinnest part of your waist.

Wear pants with pockets and other details like trimmings on the front and/or back

Wear light colors like for example a white or light blue dress

Wear boy short bikini bottoms to the beach to widen hips


23. Shopping Strategies

If you want to be budget savvy, stick to the 30 and 70% rule when it comes to
trends and staples. That means that trendy pieces shouldnt take up more than 30%
of your wardrobe. Why? Because too many trendy pieces are harder to mix and
match, plus they come and go, forcing you to update your wardrobe too often. 70%
of essentials are enough to create a rock-solid closet foundation, and the last 30%
keep your outfits interesting.

Buy the wardrobe essentials that you frequently wear in the best quality you can

Only shop when you know what you want. So if you
decide to go shopping one Saturday make sure you
have a list of your must-buy items

Speaking of shopping lists, review the wardrobe
essentials-list and secure the pieces your closet lacks

Buy the essentials and versatile pieces first and decide
if you have more money on impulsive and fun clothing
and accessories

To ensure that youll be using the new pieces than just
a couple of times, ask yourself 4 questions: Can it be
combined with at least 3 pieces of whats already in your closet? Can it be dressed
up and down? Can you wear it for all seasons? Will it outdate 3 months from now?

Never go into debt for clothes. It feels good when you see all those beautiful clothes
right then and there, but at the end of the day youll regret it.

After securing the staples, concentrate on accessories as theyre cheaper and can
create multiple looks!

Always figure out what youre going to wear for a special event at least 5 days in
advanced. If you wait until the last minute youll feel stressed out and only buy
whats under your nose, whether expensive or something you wont be wearing
again. Youll likely to regret your purchase. Been there, done that (many times)! ;-)

Consider the price beyond the price tag. If youre less likely to afford to dry-clean
the garment, just drop it.

Think twice when buying beaded garments. Theyll eventually fall off one day, and if
youre not that crafty or patient when it comes to sewing back small sequin, then itll
only dust in the corner of your closet.


24. How to Always Have Something to Wear

Secure all the wardrobe essentials. Theyre easier to mix and match compared to
complicated trendy pieces

Cut down on impulsive shopping! Or better yet, stop it. Impulse pieces are usually
worn a couple of times before they land in the back of your closet. A carefully
thought out wardrobe helps you save time and money. If you dont completely love
it or badly need it, then put it back! Save the money for something else that youll be
wearing for a long time.

Gain knowledge in what really suits you. Determine your body shape, face shape,
best colors, and personal style. In this way youll avoid buying what doesnt look
good on you.

Declutter your wardrobe. Set at least a whole day every 3 months (a Saturday or
Sunday is great) for cleaning out your closet. Toss anything that you havent worn for
a year or just dont like. Gather the pieces that need to be fixed (whether theyre
missing a button, loose seams, etc.). Organize your clothing according to types
and/or colors. This helps you update your mind of what you have too many of and
what you need.

Start a wardrobe inventory list. Put all of your clothing and accessories on file on
your computer or a ring binder. That means take a picture of each item, write
important details such as date of purchase (or when you received it as a gift), store
and name of the item. Create folders by type. Gather them on your computer so that
you have an organized access to what your wardrobe consists of. It makes it easier to
mix and match when your pieces are out of sight. Pictures of your things also serve
as proof for your insurance company if your luggage ever gets lost or stolen.

Go outside your comfort zone. We all tend to get stuck in a fashion rut or just dont
dare to try anything new.

Here are some examples on how to think outside the box:

1. Try new color combos (like for example, red always go with black, but it looks
terrific with green as well).
2. Try other colors from your personal palette. If youre into dark colors try colors
that are more bright and surprising.
3. Visualize several combinations with the same garment. Like say, if you always
wear a white shirt with office work dress pants, try pairing it with casual jeans, a
vest, cardigan, bold necklace, shorts, sexy high heels, etc.

Buy more solids than prints. Theyre easier to match.


25. How to Select a Handbag

Handbags are accessories that can easily affect the outline and the proportions of your
body. And without you knowing it, you can instantly look heavier, smaller or bigger in an

Here are some guidelines on how to choose the right handbag
for your body shape and lifestyle:

Secure at least 2 high quality bags in versatile colors
such as black or brown. Tote and hobo bags are also
very basic designs that go with everything. Theyll
blend in with most color combos, occasions or outfit

Go for bags that go hand in hand with your body size.
Like for example if youre petite and skinny go for narrow handbags that wont
overwhelm your small stature. Or if youre a full-figure woman, stick to wider and
bigger bags with thicker straps. If youre anything in the middle, go for medium-sized

Avoid carrying bags that highlight areas of your body that you dont like. Like for
example, if you want to minimize your hips then black and dark brown are the way
to go. Light colors and flashy details will only highlight the area youve placed them

Dress your body shape. Ive mentioned this rule earlier in this e-book.

However heres a refresher for each body shape:

1. Full or wide upper half (inverted triangle or apple body shape): Choose bags that
add weight around your hips and legs (hip-length messenger and cross body
2. Full or wide lower half (pear body shape): Opt for handbags that add more width
to your torso (waist-length and wide bags)
3. Straight figure with no waist definition (rectangle body shape): Add dimensions
and details to your stature (fringes, woven straps, studs, buckles, etc.)
4. Upper and lower part in line with each other with a defined waist (hourglass):
This is considered an ideal body shape that suits most shapes and designs.
Choose handbags based on other factors, like if you want to look taller, slimmer,
curvier, etc.

If you want to look super-chic then create a juxtaposition by wearing different styles
in one. Add the unexpected!

Buy inexpensive trendy handbags to stay current on the trends.

Invest more money in quality and versatile handbags

This is just a basic guideline on what looks best on different body shapes. Whats most
important is that you choose whatever you feel good in. Like for example, if you dont mind
having pear body shape with wide hips and thighs then by all means, show it off with a bag
that draws attention to that area!

Now youre ready to shop for handbags!

26. Good Posture

What is it about good posture that is important? There are several things actually:

Youll appear taller and thinner
Youll confident and attractive
Youll look healthy (because slumping just make you look weak and out of shape)
People will respond positively to your good posture

I cant stress enough about complementing great style with good posture. Combining both
result in a maximum high impact and appealing glow that people just cant resist.

Im not talking about standing in an exaggerated way, like youre in the army. Its rather
about standing with your body in its natural alignment.

Note: If youre already tall and thin then slumping isnt going to fix it. Stick to good posture
no matter what.

This is how a perfect posture works:

It starts with a long stretched neck (the back of the neck, not the throat). Your shoulders
should be rotated up and back in a relaxed manner and your hands facing your body. Make
sure your head is aligned with your spine and release back from your hips.

27. How to Ensure Perfect Fit

The fit is hands down the most important step to looking your best.

Basically, if the garment is slightly tight, it will feel uncomfortable for you because youll be
fidgeting and probably concentrating on having it stay put on your body. Love handles,
bloated tummy, fat thighs and uniboobs are among the few things youll be worrying
about. Another downside of wearing tight clothes is that you might come off as a little tacky

because tight clothes automatically highlight areas of your body that are inappropriate for
the occasion or situation.

However if its a little too big, youll look bigger and it will exaggerate your figure. You might
also appear like a little girl trying to wear grown-up clothes.

We want to find the right balance of fit!

Heres how:

No garment is universal in its size. If you usually shop at a specific label but then decides to
try another brand, then youll often discover that the garment run a little bigger or smaller
than what youre used to.

By knowing the your bodys three dimensional angles youll know if the item youre planning
on buying, whether it be at a store or online, is a good fit for your shape. Youll basically save
a lot of time and money.

Here's What Youll Need:
Cloth tape measure
A pencil (measurements will change over time) and piece of paper
Full-length mirror
Roll your shoulders back to open your chest.

Well be measuring in inches. So if youre doing centimeters, divide the number with 2.54
and you'll get the numbers in inches.

An example: If your waist measures 75 centimeters, divide it by 2.54 and youll get the
measurement in inches. 1 inch=2.54cm.

Always use two fingers under the tape measure to build in the right amount of ease (except
for when measuring your shoulders and rise).

Take your measurements and fill in the appropriate spaces provided right here:

Shoulder to shoulder
Measure in a straight line from the largest points on each shoulder.

Under your arms, around the fullest part of your chest (right above your nipple bra area).

Wrap the tape around your back and forward to the fullest part of your bust.

Natural waist
Around the narrowest part of your torso.

This is one of the areas we tend to pull in when its exposed. Its natural. I do it myself when
Im wearing my bikini or a fitted dress. But we need to find the exact waist measurement, so
don't hold your breath.

Low waist
One inch down from the narrowest part of your torso.

High hip
Thats about 4-5 inches down from your natural waist

Low hip
8-9 inches down from your natural waist usually at the fullest part of your hips. This should
be done with your legs close together.

At the widest point

Measure from your natural waist down to your crotch. Hold the tape a little loose, gently
pull it through the legs (from your crotch, between your legs) and up to the same level as
your natural waist.

From crotch to the inside of your ankle. Start from the ankle and up. This is best done with a

Tips on How to Take Exact Measurements
Measure yourself after a meal (like lunch or dinner) to get the most accurate read of
your body
Do it a couple of days after or before having your periods. Who doesnt retain more
water during menstruation cycle?


28. How to Find the Perfect Pair of jeans
One of the trickiest purchases to make online is jeans because they all vary in size.
However having your body measurements ready will simplify the task because instead of
relying on differentiating sizes because some brand have sizes that run smaller or bigger
than the true measurement. So to get the best fit, you'll need to measure yourself

How to do it:
Use a cloth measurement band and measure:
Your waist -- the narrowest part of your
This will be your measurement when buying high
rise jeans. Note that your actual waist
measurement will not equal jean waist size. For
example, if you have a 26-inch waist you typically
wear jeans with a 28-inch waist because it usually
sits just below the waist.
Your hips -- the fleshiest part of your hips
This will be your measurements when buying
jeans that sit around your hips. For example, if you
have a waist of 26 inches, your butt might be bigger and you'll have to opt for a bigger size
like 28 or 29.
Your inseam -- the length of the legs from your crotch.
It's super-important for how long the jeans will be on you. If you don't pay extra attention to
this, you might end up getting a too-long or cropped-looking jeans.

You can take a pair of pants that fit well and measure from the beginning of the crotch meet
seam and down to the leg opening. This will be your inseam/jeans length measurement.
Your rise -- from the crotch meet seam to the top of the waist band.
Measure jeans you already known and which rise you're comfortable with. Compare the rise
measurement of the jeans to the rise measurement on the shopping description. Pay special
attention to the rise, it tells you how low the jeans will fit, whether they're true waist, mid-
rise waist or low rise waist.

Tips: Refer to the sellers sizing chart to see which size is best for you.


Use a flexible cloth measurement tape to measure yourself. Hold it a bit loosely.

You can also measure a pair of jeans that you already own and that you already know fit you
perfectly. Measure the jeans flat, and then remember to double the hip and waist value.

29. Think Outside the Box

If you want to dress stylishly and change the way you feel about your style, you need to take
a couple of bold moves every now and then. We all get stuck in a fashion rut; your style may
get predictable sometimes, thats why you have to pinch yourself in arm and figure out how
you can get out of it.

Im not saying that you should go crazy and put on the latest trend without thinking. There
are many small ways to transform your style and image! For me, whenever I see a person
(I know) wearing their clothes differently or wear something that Ive never seen her with, I
often think: She/he is fun to be with because she dares to be herself and try something
new. And thats an attractive quality.

Here are a few suggestions on how to spice up your style:

Wear garments, accessories and colors youve never worn before or rarely wear (just
make sure it flatters your complexion, body shape, lifestyle and personality)

Try new color combos. Purple goes good with black and white, but have you ever
thought that it also looks gorgeous with turquoise? Check out the Color Wheel
mentioned earlier in this e-book and get help on finding other flattering color

Wear a garment or accessory differently than what you normally do. Like for
example, most women automatically think of a pearl necklace as something elegant
and classy, and they automatically tend to pair it with a plain black dress or anything
that equal classy. That would be a double-classy outfit. Its a standard and timeless
look, thats for sure, but if you want to look a different and up-to-date you need to
add a little bit of personality in it. Try combining it with a casual outfit, like jeans and
a v-neck tee and a pair of sexy boots. Oh and maybe a nice cocktail ring.

Find your celeb fashion muse. Skim through celeb style forums and discover whos
style you wish to implement into your style and maybe imitate. Look up for their
official fan sites and keep you updated on what theyre wearing. But remember the
trend-rule: If the cut, colors or style of the piece dont look good on your body
shape, skin complexion or personal taste, then drop it like a hot potato.

Browse through fashion and street style blogs for original and refreshing outfit


Subscribe to at least 1 or 2 fashion magazines for more outfit ideas

Go out for a walk and take note of what the store mannequins and other stylish
women are wearing

Need more ideas? Click here!

30. How to Buy Shoes

If you want your legs to appear long and lean, then
show more skin with open toe shoes and t-strap
sandals. Avoid "cutting" your legs in half with lots
of details and contrasting colors like white on
black. Avoid anything that might diminish visual

Achieve ultimate long legs with hosiery or pants
that match the color of your shoes. For example
black boots with black opaque tights.

The higher the heels, the more slender and defined your calf muscles will appear

Secure the basic, versatile and trend-proof shoes before buying other trendy styles
that youll only wear a couple of times

Pick shoes that complement your body frame and visually balance out your shape
and create a proportional hourglass figure. Like if you want to minimize your big hips
you need something dark and solid colored to avoid attracting attention to that area
with thick platform shoes.

Here are some guidelines for each body shape:

1. Wide or full upper half compared to your hips (inverted triangle and apple
body shape) go for bright colored or detail-rich shoes that fill out the empty
space around you bottom half
2. Wide hips and legs compared to upper half (pear body shape) opt for black or
anything plain colored to make the eye blind to your lower part. Focus on
adding more volume on top with a nice necklace or a waist-long handbag.
3. Straight figures (rectangle body shape) go for shoes that add more
dimensions to your body, like studs, buckles and other embellishments.
4. Proportional figure (hourglass body shape) is the most ideal body shape and
suit most styles. However you should focus on either elongating your body
shape if youre short and pick the right pair of shoes to flatter the shape of
your ankles.


Always triple-check the size of your feet and the stores shoe size chart.

Heres a simple way to find your accurate size:
Heres What Youll Need:
A piece of paper, rules and pen.
1. Place the paper on the ground and stand on it with your weight slightly
forward to make sure your foot is flat.
2. Draw a line behind your heel and another line in front of your longest toe.
Note: Its common to have one foot longer than the other, so use the longer
foot to measure.
3. Measure the distance between lines in inches.
Note: One inch is approximately 2.54 centimeters.
4. Find your measurement on the store's size chart to figure out the best fit.
Round up if your size falls in between.
Now youre ready to shop for shoes!


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