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how satisfied with life; most serious problem faced by the country; evaluation of the

country's economic situation; evaluations of own economic situation; requested help

from: member of congress/ parliament, local public official, minister, public agency or
institution; attended town/ city council/ other meeting; have tried to solve a problem in
community or neighborhood in last 12 months; attend meetings: religious, parent
organizations, community improvement, association of professionals, political party or
organization, association or groups of women; scale: worst to best possible life; people
in this community are trustworthy; political orientation; political participation
(demonstration, march, protest); would military coup be justified under following
circumstances; president acting without congress/ parliament or supreme court/
constitutional tribunal justified; victim of any crime; authorities should abide by law in
curbing crime; how much crime is threat to well-being; faith in judicial system for
justice; neighborhood is affected by gangs; fair trial; respect for political institutions;
basic rights well protected by political system; pride/ support in political system; trust in
institutions (Congress, national government, National Police, Church, political parties,
mass media, etc); evaluation of current administration (fighting poverty, promoting
democracy, combating corruption, etc); fear of terrorism; evaluation of president/
congress/ parliament; government should be most responsible for issue (ensuring well-
being of people, creating jobs, reduce income inequality, provide retirement pensions,
etc); satisfied with democracy in country; how democratic is country; approve or not
(participation in legal demonstrations, participation in organizations solving community
problems, working for political campaigns, blocking of roads for protest, seizing private
property or land to protest, participation in overthrowing elected government, taking
law into own hands when government does not punish criminals); people who only say
bad things about government have right to vote; such people have right to peaceful
demonstrations; such people can run for public office; such people can make speeches
on television; homosexuals can run for public office; same-sex couples have the right to
marry; democracy vs. authoritarian vs. apathetic; country needs democracy vs.
authoritarian; electoral democracy vs. strong leader without popular vote; how often
convince others to vote for a candidate or party; worked for any candidate or party in
last [prime minister] election; asked for a bribe in last year (by police officer,
government employee); dealings with public institutions in last year (municipality/ local
government, courts); used public health services in last year; child in school in last year;
paying a bribe justified sometimes; you see yourself as: sociable and active, critical and
quarrelsome, dependable and self-disciplined, anxious and easily upset, open to new
experiences and intellectual, quiet and shy, generous and warm, disorganized and
careless, calm and emotionally stable, uncreative and unimaginative; country is
suffering a serious economic crisis; who is most to blame for current economic crisis;
registered to vote; voted in last presidential elections; who did you vote for; which
political party do you identify with, if any; interest in politics; vote in next presidential
elections; favors/ returns in election campaigns; would vote for candidate with favor/
return; how many years of school; age; see yourself in politics in five years; what issues/
problems worry you; country is moving in right direction vs. wrong; main source of
information about countrys situation; religion; how often attend religious services; how
important is religion in life; total monthly income of household; someone in household
receiving remittances; close relatives abroad who used to live in household; intention of
working in another country in next three years; salary and household income; income in
the last two years increased vs. decreased; marital status; number of children; race; first
language at home; how often use internet; how often pay attention to news (TV, radio,
newspapers, internet); name of current president of United States; how many
provinces/departments in country; how long presidential/ prime ministerial term of
office in country; own the following in house: television, refrigerator, landline phone,
cellular phone, vehicle/ car, washing machine, microwave oven, motorcycle, indoor
plumbing, indoor bathroom, computer, flat panel TV, internet; how do you mainly spend
time (working, not working but have job, student, taking care of home, retired,
pensioner, permanently disabled, not working and not looking for job); job: salaried
employer of government/ state-owned enterprise, salaried employee in private sector,
owner or partner in business, self-employed, unpaid worker; pension plan; medical