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Information about Mr. X

CASE NO.: 01

1. Name : Mr. X

2. Age : 29

3. Sex : Male

4. Address : Galnaawa, Anuradhapura.

5. Occupation : Cleaning Person at wickramasinghe pura City Home.

6. Religion : Buddhism

7. Education : Passed G.C.E O/L

8. Date of opening the case : 12
of March 2014

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Personality and the personal history of the service user:

Mr. X is 29 years old. Mr. X was born in Anuradhapura.He passed the o/l exam
but unable to do the A/L exam due to some finical problems in his family. So he
spent his time with his friends. He didnt want to improve his knowledge or go
to a vocational training for his future benefits. He wasnt interested in engaging
in any type of employment. He didnt concern about it at all. When the
financial problems of the family become seriously he had to do something for
that. His mother has forced him to do a job. Then he tried to find a suitable job
for his educational qualifications. He has passed the G.C.E O/L. But he had
been passed the exam marginally. He thought he can find a good job very
easily. He was wrong. He didnt have any working experience or vocational
training and employers did not like to offer a job. So Mr. X had been to faced
lot of difficulties.

He could not find a job for his education qualifications and pressured by the
family very much. Mr. X is a person who has very negative feelings and ideas.
He easily gives up everything. Service user has very poor relationship with his
family members. They always blamed to the service user, because he unable to
find a job and didnt give his cooperate to the family income. So he became a
dispensable person to this family. They didnt care and not paid any attention
about him. Mr. X unable to endure these problems and attempted to suicide.
Fortunately his attempt was not successful. After this incident he was mentally
down. His behavior was completely changed. He is always motivated to
struggle with others. He showed a very aggressive behavior. Family members
didnt try to understand his situation and gave him more freedom to spend his
life as he want. Then they thought that service user will became normal. But he
doesnt change his behavior and attitudes. Here he could able to find a job as a
cleaner in elders home with very low day-wage ( Rs.325.00) per 8hrs shift.Then
he had been migrated to Colombo.

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Family background:
Mr. X father passed away at his childhood. His mother looked after him since
the death of his father. He has 3 sisters and one brother. His mother earned
money for the family by engage in work at municipal council as a labor.

When the mother is struggling to build up the economy at the family she could
not give proper education to her elder childrens. The elder sisters of Mr. X also
drop their schooling at teen age and help their mother. This situation made
Mr. X to end his school career and search a job because he should have to
earn more money and serve to his family.

One of his elder-sister got married and lives near to his home. Other sisters
and brother are still schooling.His elder-sister cant give big support to the
economy of the family, because she has two children. Her husband is working
in a bakery in a low salary .Service users mother is the bread winner of the
family and she has to bear all the responsibility of the family. Her younger
children are still schooling and have to spend lot of money for them.
Meanwhile as a family they had to face lot of threats from wild-elephants
coming from Somawathiya reservation.

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Eco Map

r sister

Mr. X

Younger Brother

Sisters husband
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Mr. X has good (strong) relationship with his two younger sisters and the
younger brother. He does not have a relationship with the mother because he
always fighting with her. It can be known as conflict relationship. He does not
have strong relationships with her elder sister and her husband. It is a week


In his family he closely attach to his younger sisters and younger brother. They
love their elder brother. Service user and his mother have conflict relationship.
But service user has a good relationship with one peer group which had been
formed with many same-age jobless youths at his own village. At his village life,
he had been used to play cards at river bunt and some sort of ill-legal things
such as smuggling, using drugs to earn money.

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Fact Finding




Family members


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Identified problem:

Student social worker had an interview with the service user. From his
interview he found out that Mr. X has understood about his mistakes. Mr. X
was not interested to engaging in a job while he was end of the studying. If he
tries to do a job he could develop his family situation and made his family
strong in economically.
Mrs. Xs mother does not know much about his sons present situation. She is
struggling to earn money and give education to her younger children. She
thinks that service user forget about the family and his responsibilities. Service
users elder sister has same feeling about his brother. So they dont pay
attention to the service user and it hurts to the service user seriously.
Mr. X wants to find a good job with reasonable payment than now and to help
the family. But he unable to find such a job. So he has lot of nerves and
problems about his future. He is completely mentally down according to this
problem. When he cannot get out this situation he used to fight with persons
who are blamed and pressured him. So his behavior is coming to aggressive
and it is caused many problems. Sometimes he quarrel with not only elders
home staff members, but also superintendent & outside persons who come to
treat elders.

Problems that student social worker found:
Has to reconnect with his family.
Has to find a job

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Case work techniques and tools which student social worker used:
Frequent observation.
Home visit ( But home is too much long to have a visit between field
placement )

In the meantime, SSW studied the service users social, spiritual, physical and
psychological facts. That was a successful way with the case.

The Student social worker incorporated many methods when collecting data
regarding the service user. The SSW was particularly able to collect personal
data of the service user through interviews. Face to Face interviews were
mainly conducted.
First interview date : 12
of March 2014
Place : City Home for elders & children, Wickramasinghe pura.
Time : 10.30 a.m. to 12.00 a.m.
Objectives :
To know about the personal details, family background and educational
background of the service user,
Service user : Can I talk with you?
Student Social worker: Yes sure. (With a smile): How are you? Did you have
your breakfast?
Service user : Yes
Student S.W. : What is your name?
Service user : My name is X.
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Student S.W. : How old are you?
Service user : I am 29 years old.
Student S.W. : How long are you been here?
Service user : Since 8 months ago.
Student S.W. : Did you complete your studies?
Service user : No, I went only to grade 11. I couldnt go after that.
Student S.W. : Dont you like to study? What was the reason for
Leaving from school?
Service user : I like. But my family failed to provide money for
Student S.W. : Tell me something about your parents?
Service user : my father has passed away when I was child. My mother
Works at municipal council.
Student S.W. : Dont you have any other sisters or brothers?
Service user : I have one elder sister, two younger sisters and a brother.
My elder sister is married.

(These are some dialogs exchanged between student social worker and service
user during the interview.)

When student social worker interviewing Mr. X he observed facial expressions
and emotional involvement of the service user. According the interview with
Mrs. X, student social worker got to know few things about Mr. X. He was
feeling angry with his mother and elder sister.

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Interview 2
Interview date : 26
of March 2014
Place : City Home for elders & children, Wickramasinghe pura.
Time : 9.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

Student S.W. : Can you tell me how do you feel now?
Service user : I feel useless, I can do nothing. Nobody likes to work with me.
My mother and elder sister think I am an irresponsible person. So I hated
every one. Some time I feel, I am so lonely. So I am fighting with others to get
my place in the family.So do here.So other members of cleaning staff hate to
me and dont like to work with me. I dont know what I should do.

From this conversation the SSW was able to gather about the service users
present mental condition. Also during the conversation expressed feelings of
hopelessness which mainly portrays his stressful nature. The service user also
showed signs of reluctance to request for other peoples help. The tone of his
voice when he recited such, showed worry and remorse to his present
condition. From this it is quite clear that the service user is having feelings of
inadequacy related to his family members. Service user was bit aggressive in
his behavior but revealed the whole story without even letting SSW to ask
questions. Without having a proper job, has impacted to his physical and
mental life. When the SSW questioned the service user, in several occasions he
started to bit more aggressive when he mentioned the jobs and his family.
When inquired about his emotional down pore he always added that he feels
sorry for his brother and sisters, because he dont have enough money to help
them to their education. Also it was his fault that he hadnt think about his
future when he stopped his education. When he cannot bear up the mother
and elder sisters blaming he attempted to suicide. Now he realized that it is
wrong decision. Reason for this decision was that he fail to bear the pressure
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and tension made by his environment. This environment factors have
completely changed his behavior.
Student social worker has to follow social work code of ethics and case work
principles. Student social worker accepted Mrs. X feelings and emotional
involve. At the same time student social worker has to confidentiality about his
service user. After these interviews student social worker plan three things to
Continue the interviews with Mrs. X
Meet his family members
Observe the service user behavior and attitude