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Dome Camera by Rugged Cams

Rugged Cams has an excellent selection of indoor and outdoor Dome Cameras.
Our lineup includes, Waterproof, Weatherproof, Infrared and resolutions of up to
1000 TV lines Our !lim"ro#IR is an infrared, $eatherproof, lo$ profile, %&0'
())* larger +ideo, dome camera $ith 1000 TV lines. This is a +er- afforda.le
dome camera, under / 100.
The !lim"ro#IR also includes a 0 -ear $arrant-.
Our !entr- 100 2ine of Dome Cameras, includes Weatherproof, Waterproof,
also %&0', $ith a ) -ear $arrant-. This Dome Camera also comes in a .lac3 or
i+or- .ase color. The .iggest inno+ation in 4nalog has .een .rought to the
industr- .- !on-, it is the %&0' Technolog-. 4llo$ing )0* more resolution This
ma3es an enormous difference in -our +ideo feed, and recorded +ideo.
We ha+e man- more models to choose from, please +isit our $ at
$$$ for our full line#up.
Consider the ad+antages of a dome camera. The different st-les of domes
include infrared domes, indoor domes, outdoor domes, +andal proof domes, and
pan tilt 5oom controlla.le domes. Classic 6smo3ed7 dome cameras offer an
additional degree of securit- as friends, customers, emplo-ees, and .urglars
ha+e a difficult time seeing $here the lens is actuall- pointing. While not
affecting picture 8ualit-.
9xpect a clear color high resolution picture $ith the dome camera.
:ost pan tilt 5oom or "T; cameras are in a dome t-pe housing as $ell.
"rofessional 6.ox t-pe7 cameras are used .oth indoor and outdoor $ith a
camera housing.
Consider the ad+antages of an infrared dome camera. This is a popular t-pe of
camera for .oth home and .usiness.
Infrared Dome Cameras produce high resolution color +ideo during the
da-. In lo$ lux (light, or no light conditions the- are the preferred camera
Whether .eing used indoor or outdoor, the- pro+ide a huge ad+antage in
lo$ light or no light situations.
Other general considerations.
4l$a-s prefer high resolution cameras that -ou can expect to ha+e
superior 8ualit- to man- other cameras on the mar3et.
4ll cameras +ar- and offer outdoor, indoor, or infrared capa.ilities, .e sure
-ou 3no$ $hat -ou are loo3ing for, our staff of educated engineers can
ans$er all -our 8uestions.
4s3 a.out the most popular cameras, $ith high ratings
We hope these fe$ pointers and tips ha+e .een of help to -ou that are see3ing a
Dome Camera. "lease call or +isit us toda-, $e can help.
Rugged Cams