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SAI New Testament Timeline (from History 101)

History I-II-1

YouTube; Choir of King’s College, Cambridge; Handel’s Messiah; w/ Lyrics; Lyrics only; St. John Chrysostom on the Epiphany
Kelly, Brian;; The Divinity of Christ: Proofs from Scripture
Dauphinais, Michael; International Catholic University; YouTube; Old Testament Types of
Our Lord
YouTube; Fulfilled Prophecies of the Messias (funny spellings)
For those who wish to explore the historicity of the Gospels – the first 100 minutes of
this film, Jesus of Testimony, are helpful. Although most of those interviewed are not yet
Catholic and therefore do not bring in the role of the Church in identifying, translating,
and preserving Holy Scripture, that whole first hour is very good. Part III (1:00:241:18:41) is about miracles and is very incomplete (no distinction between supernatural
and preternatural, no mention of the purpose of miracles or the need for the Church). Part
IV (1:18:41-1:33:34) is on prophecies and types of Our Lord. (I did not watch the rest of
the documentary.)

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