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Redefining Air conditioning

#86,6th cross, B-sector, Amruthnagar, SahakarNagar Bangalore-560092

Mobile: +91 9535327298

Scope of work

Package unit / Split unit

Check Cleanness Quarterly

Check Any leakage Quarterly
Check Any abnormal vibration Quarterly
Check pipe insulation Yearly
Check Bleed air from the system Yearly
Check Calibrate thermometer and pressure gauge Yearly
Check Power Voltage Quarterly
Check Running AMP Quarterly
Check Room temp Monthly
Check Room humidity Monthly
Compressor pressure Quarterly
Check Run hour of compressor Quarterly
Check Alarm Quarterly
Check Indicator lamp Quarterly
Check Buzzer Quarterly
CRAC setting Quarterly
Check Clean drain pans, pipes and hose Quarterly
Check Belt tension and alignment Monthly
Check strainer Quarterly
Check oil level Quarterly
Check Main fan current Quarterly
Check Reheated current Quarterly
Check Compressor current Quarterly
Check Hi/Lo water level switch operation Quarterly
Check Main fan overload Quarterly
Check High pressure cut off switch Quarterly
Check High temp alarm Quarterly
Check Low temp alarm Quarterly
Check Low humidity alarm Quarterly
Check Coil condition Yearly
Check Fan and motor panel interface Yearly
Check Local monitor bearing lubrication Yearly
Check pipe work insulation Yearly
Valve check (fully close) Yearly


Any number of Breakdown calls will be attended free of cost.

Downtime to attend a problem will be within 1 hour from the time of the complained received.

All spares for the HVAC equipment will be supplied by Bernoulli


1. Repairs due to corrosion, if the equipment is installed in corrosive atmosphere.

2. Insulation, false ceiling work and painting thereof.
3. Sheet metal parts, storage tanks, insulation & plastic component.
4. Any other item, which is not specifically spelt out under our scope of work. However, we will be
able to carry out this work/supply these items on chargeable basis.
5. All equipments like chiller, condenser, motors, VFD, Actuators and compressors are subject to
REPAIR ONLY and NOT for replacement.
6. AMC will be effective after through inspection and confirmation by our Service Team that the
Chiller is in good working condition. Any repair required will be at additional cost.


Abnormal usage/misuse/unauthorized attendance:

a. Failure of equipment due to supply voltage beyond permitted range, phase unbalance, single
phasing or fluctuating voltage or defects in your electrical installation, or abnormal usage or usage
other than the equipment is originally designed for, misuse or due to atmospheric or due to action
or hard/contaminated water, is not covered by this contract.
b. Tampering with or repairs on the equipment at any time under any circumstances whatsoever by
any one with exception of our authorized representative will render the contract null and void,
without, prejudice to our rights. All failures resulting from the above will be rectified on
additional charge basis.