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Fifth Avenue Church of Christ

115 W. Fifth Ave.

Lancaster, OH 43130
June 22, 2014

Brad Seevers
Senior Minister

David Tingler
Associate Minister

Sunday Services

Bible School
8:45 a.m.

10:00 a.m.

Evening Worship
6:00 p.m.
June 23



We enjoyed a wonderful day at Fifth Avenue as we
celebrated our Fathers! I was so glad to see Bob
Hawkes baptized into Christ, an old man died and a
new man was made alive because of Jesus. It takes
a lot of courage to recognize ones need for Jesus. I
am proud of you Bob. Please pray for Bob and his
family as they grow together in the Lord.

I want to take a moment to encourage others, who
attend most every week, who still have a need to be
baptized. Please dont allow your pride to keep you
from accepting Jesus as Lord, no matter what your
age. I would love to study with you if you have
questions concerning your salvation.

June 22- Today we will have a meeting for our
Grundy Mountain Mission trip. We will meet briefly
after morning worship service in the sanctuary due
to other rooms being decorated for VBS. Just meet
down front after the closing song and I will give you
an information folder concerning our trip.

Now that my Wednesday night elective has come to
a close, I will not begin a new elective until
sometime in August. Please keep your eyes on the
newsletter for upcoming information.

I have enclosed today an insert about our Prayer
Wall commitments in the Unleashed for the
Unreached project. Allow me to simply encourage
you every day to pray for those you have
committed to. Never stop believing that God is more
than capable to work in your prayer life.

David Platt writes: A community of Christians is
defined by each multiplying the Gospel by going,
baptizing, and teaching in the contexts where they
live every day. Is anything else, according to the
Bible, even considered a church?

By that definition, are we being the church? Its just
something to pray about. Think about what the
church would be like if Each one would reach one
for Christ.

In His Service,


PERSONAL NOTE: I want to thank Nick
Hinson for teaching my Sunday School class on
June 8.

KEENAGERS TRIP: Wednesday, June 25, is
the date for our trip to visit the National Road
Zane Grey Museum, the John Glenn Home and
the Hopalong Cassidy Museum. All these are
located in New Concord and Cambridge. Lunch
will be in Cambridge. Our departure time is
8:00 AM. The cost for admission and travel is
$13.00 per person. A sign-up sheet is posted.
I will appreciate your payment when you sign
up. (Our new policy is that if you have paid and
find you cannot make a trip, we will refund any
admission fees, but cannot return gas money.
We figure that amount too close for refunds!)

KEENAGERS IN JULY: On Wednesday, July
30, we will be visiting Zoar Village, near New
Philadelphia, Ohio. Watch for complete
information next week.

are being suspended, as is our custom, during
the months of July and August. Watch this
space for announcements regarding future

FINAL THOUGHT: Never miss an opportunity
to make others happy, even if you have to let
them alone to do it.

The prayer team
that meets on
Sunday evenings will
not be meeting
again until this fall.
Watch the
Messenger for the
next meeting of the
prayer team.


Sunday School 80
Morning Worship 142
Evening Worship 21
Weekly Budget $ 4,790.00
Budget Received $ 4,519.60
Van Fund $ 30.00
Senior Saints $ 314.17


At the Table Patrick Wersell and Dick Shumaker
Tim Huffman, Ray Ayers,
Nick Barrell, Richard Boyer
Pastor of the week Patrick Wersell
PM Deacon Tim Huffman

COMMUNION Denise Baird

GREETERS Ruth Andrews and Jeanne Noble

Sunday School Shirley Marsh
Worship Nick and Tracy Hinson


Bible School Bill Kelly
Worship David Will
Evening Worship George Lambert

Jane King Mary Kempton Naressa Allen Marianna Gall Wes Peck
Millie Hoy Our Troops Jeane Goldfarb David Schluttenhofer Kelly Cassley
Marcia Sluyter Alberta Ellis LeRoy Shaner Lock & Long Families John Young
Carter Norma Bullock Judy Fricker Robbie Asperys Son Barb Beatty
Roger Kennedy Ruth Seevers John Hill Kenneth Dusthimer Ray Coats
Margie Ayers sister, Shirley Jackie Thompson


Maywood Mission provides a food pantry
for community members in need.
Donations can be left at the nursery door
entrance on Sunday, June 29
. Items
needed for the pantry:
Rice Beef Stew Tuna
Navy beans Tuna helper Cake mix
Noodles Spaghetti Sauce Spaghetti
Cereal Brownie Mix Cornbread Mix
Canned Fruit Canned Vegetables Canned Soup
Congratulations to Bob Hawkes who
was baptized on Sunday, J une 15
Welcome to the family of God, Bob!


At the Table Mike Cooper and Ralph Conrad
Dale Rose, Dan Brown,
Ray Coats, Ralph Conrad
Pastor of the week Mike Cooper
PM Deacon Dale Rose

COMMUNION Denise Baird

GREETERS Brenda Hines and Virginia Wentz

Sunday School Volunteer Needed
Worship Courtney Beiter


Bible School Ray Coats
Worship Mike Bussey
Evening Worship Dick Shumaker

Upcoming Events

June 23
June 27

Jungle Safari VBS 6-8pm

Wednesday, June 25

Seniors Trip to Cambridge

Sunday, June 29

Food Pantry Sunday

June 29
July 3

Grundy Mountain Mission Trip

Thursday, July 3

Foundation Dinner

Ladies Pinterest Night
Do you go to yard sales? Do you have
extra standard-sized pillowcases that you
don't ever use? We are collecting new or
nearly new pillow cases to make some
dresses for our Pinterest Night which is
Friday, July 25th. We are also asking for
donations of thread and extra-wide,
double-fold bias tape, as we will be sewing
these dresses for some little girls in
another country. You can leave your
donations by the ladies ministry room,
downstairs in the fellowship hall. More
information about our Pinterest Night will
be given soon.

Check out the display of a sample of a
pillowcase dress in the church library.

Saturday, July 12
at 9:30 a.m.
Please read chapters 9 and 10 of
The Girls Still Got It before
the Bible Study. The scripture
text begins with Ruth 3:7.
Ladies Bible Study

The Girls Still Got It

By Liz Curtis Higgs
Room 214

At FACC, we focus on loving God,
loving people, and turning the world
upside down.

We are happy you chose to worship with us
today. We hope you return next week and
bring your friends with you. If you would
please take a few minutes to fill out a
Silent Roll Call Card, located on the back
of the pew, you can then place it in the
offering plate as it is passed. Thank you.
For more information about our great
church, contact our minister, Brad Seevers
at or call him at
740.550.9882. Have a great week and may
God bless your life.
Annual Church
Sunday, August 3

Summer is here! Kids are out of
school and we have lots of room for
our martial arts class - every
Thursday from 6-8pm. This is a
free class for ages 6-106. Come by
yourself or as a family. As always,
the first Thursday of every month is
set aside for our basic self-defense
course, also a free class. If you
have any questions, see Joshua
Czich or contact him at 740-243-
7807 or
Sunday School Classes for All Ages
Classes at 8:45 unless noted

Nursery (Birth through 3 years old)
Jesus Loves Me
Room 102

Preschool (Ages 3-6)
Bible Friends
Room 105
Marie Huffman, Teacher

Early Elementary (Kindergarten through 3
Jesus, Our Example
Room 101
Deborah Will, Teacher

Upper Elementary Class (4
Jesus, Our Example
Room 106
Becky Hoagland, Teacher

Junior/Senior High
Jesus and My Life
Room 308
Nick Barrell, Teacher

Ladies Class
The Christian Atheist
Room 209
Beverly Puckett, Teacher

Mens Class
Hearing Gods Word
Room 205

Adult Class
Extreme Faith
Room 214
Brad Seevers, Teacher

Harmony Adult Class
Jesus and the Just Reign of God
Room 204
Dave Tingler, Teacher

Philothean Adult Class
Room 108
Jim Love, Teacher

Core Values...

Values central to the life, mission and
vision of Fifth Avenue Church of Christ are:

Christ-Centered Worship
We make it a priority every Sunday to celebrate Jesus through our
music. (Romans 11:36-12:1-2). We focus on Jesus through grace-
based preaching and teaching & understand the Bible is our
authority (2 Timothy 3:16).

Church Health and Biblical Balance
Church health becomes reality when God's people seek harmony &
live consistently. We expect every member to protect the unity
of Christ's Church. (Romans 12:16; 1 Peter 3:8)

Global Evangelism
We are constant to our founding call to worldwide evangelism,
proclaiming to all that Jesus Christ is the Savior, Healer, and Soon-
Coming King (Acts 20:27).

Fellowship and Ministry
After people begin their journey with Jesus, we will equip them to
find a ministry based upon their strengths. We want everyone to
serve in some capacity. (1 Corinthians 12:12-27) We also want His
church to be the living evidence of His love and power to the world.

We do not want you to "get religion" here at Fifth Avenue Church of
Christ in Lancaster. We are all about teaching you that Jesus seeks
a daily relationship with Him through a life of obedience. In other
words, we want to see the things you are taught actually change
your lifestyle & your daily decisions.

Social Conscience
We place high value on the sanctity of human life, of Biblical
marriage and morality, and we welcome ethnic diversity (Isaiah
56:7; Philippians 2:15-16).



Exalt Gods Greatness;
Evangelize Gods Work
Equip Gods People
Express Gods Love through Jesus Christ

To Love God and Love
How Can I Respond Today?
At FACC we look to the Bible for guidance on all
issues. We believe that Gods Word is clear
concerning what a person must do to become a
Trust that Jesus can bring you to salvation.
Turn (repent) from the sin in your life.
Confess your desire to make Jesus the Lord
of your life.
Be baptized (immersed) in water for the
forgiveness of sins and to receive the Holy
Spirit into your life.
To make this life decision for Christ, we ask that you
come forward during our commitment song at the
conclusion of the Sunday message. Baptized believers
are welcome to become members at FACC by coming
forward on Sunday morning or by seeing our Senior
Minister to discuss this further. We ask that you
complete a series of Curious classes to help you
better understand what you are committing to as a
member. If you would like to take a Curious class,
please indicate this on your Silent Roll Call Card.

Brad Seevers preaching