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PJMA Our 2


Our Organization
The Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA) is the official youth
affiliate of Philippine Marketing Association (PMA), and the national alliance
amongst different Junior Marketing Association (JMA) organizations of marketing
management students from different colleges and universities within Metro Manila
as well as from nearby provinces.

Fledging from 14 members, PJMA has now 60 member schools with over 60,000
business students nationwide. PJMA has a strong national commitment and vision
to create and foster a society of expertise among Junior Marketers and promising
Young Business Leaders in the country.

Our Proposal
With this year’s theme, Marketing at Its Finest, we envision our organization as
“PJMA Greatest of All Time” which directed our objectives and goals in bringing the
best among our local affiliates and realizing excellence among the thousand
student members in the federation. Over the years, we bring academic and
professional endeavors to the members of the federation.

Set on 5th of December 2009, PJMA will hold its SECOND GENERAL ASSEMBLY
entitled LEVEL UP: How to have Your First Job and be promoted in No
Time! This assembly integrates a free seminar with top speakers to bring
information to all attendees of the great advantage in getting the Job right on first
hand and being promoted in just a snap. This activity projects 500 marketing
students from Metro Manila and within South Luzon from member and non-
member schools. It also has interactive activities and sidelights to enrich the
project. The assembly will be from 1:00PM to 6:00PM at the Alumni Auditorium of
De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, Cavite.

In this regard, we are inviting “Cherry Mobile” to be part of this highly noble
project in the college marketing scene by partnering with us as one of our
Corporate Sponsors. We really do feel that a tie up with you brings this project a
greatest of all time. In return, PJMA shall promote your company/brand through an
extensive promotional mileage detailed among three options in the next pages for
your perusal. Should you have queries, please contact us.

Thank you and looking forward to have you aboard.

Sincerely yours,


Vice President for Marketing
PJMA Our Proposal


Billing sponsorship 15,000.00 10,000.00 5,000.00
Option for Product/Company/Brand Lock-
Option to situate Company/Brand/Product
3 2 1
Inclusion of Company/Brand/Product Logo
and Name on Online Sites with the option
to provide a link to your page
Option to hold Company/Brand/Product
promotional segment (games & others with
10 minutes
an option to play TVC maximized within
the allotted segment time length)
Option for pre-event postings and/or Only inclusion of
post event documented write up Brand name
Inclusion of Company/Brand/Product Logo
on promotional event collaterals such as Only with
tickets, posters and invitation letters via All Invitation
email correspondence on PJMA Letters
Membership directorate and Alumni group
Voice over plugs during the event program
Option to distribute Company/Brand
Maximum Specified Limited
print ad materials such as flyers, brochures
distribution distribution distribution
and leaflets
Option for raffle and name off prizes and
or the like at a corresponding program
segment be agreed upon
Option to distribute product samples and
promotional offers such as service
sampling during the event
Allowable of specified number of guests 1
Detailed documentation of the event
(Brand Performance Report)
Only for NCR
Database copy of event attendees
Inclusion of Company/Brand/Product logos
on Event teasers, AVPs and Ad loops
Option to set-up booth during the event
PJMA Our Proposal

Our Promise
PJMA people work to make sure that they live up to the promise to provide services of superior
quality and value to members and corporate partners. As a result, they reward us with loyalty and
value creation, allowing our people and the whole community to grow.
Our reputation is earned because of what we say and, more important, what we
do; the events we make; the services we provide; and the way we act
and treat others. With this, we mean business. And true to it,
corporate partners believe and trust us.

We are a National Organization. This ensures our partners that

they are given an extensive and maximum promotion and exposure to
all members from Luzon to Mindanao.

We have a large database. 60 members schools nationwide with

over 60,000 marketing students and counting is what makes PJMA. Our
corporate partners are assured that our events are full packed every

We create the biggest and finest events. As a national

organization, we don’t settle for less. We make sure we deliver the
biggest and the best events in the college scene.

We are highly experienced in what we do. PJMA people are

trained to handle events as well as corporate partners. While we value
business results, we place equal value on how we achieve those
results. We make sure we perform expectations.

Contact us:
09156617207 | 09329455217
Francis Elyon Del Prado
Vice President – Marketing

09152344499 | 09228155561
Kim Rebsey Mirafuente
Project Director-General Assembly