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Vo 6 Homes March 7, 2008


Potter Highlands • West Highland • Sunnyside • Sloan’s Lake • Berkeley
• a voice for the new North Denver • (and Edgewater too! p.28)
Revitalization at Five
by Failures
Guerin Lee Greenand
Foundations for Success
at Remington, Brown and Skinner
by the North Denver News Brown’s regular budget. While Brown
Five years after Denver voters gave has been accepted into the IB Primary
Denver Public Schools $2.3 million yearly Years accreditation program, it has not
to revitalize failing schools, the results yet completed the course.
in North Denver are decidedly mixed. Suzanne Loughran, Brown’s prin-
Three schools received revitalization cipal, says that Brown has received a
funds in the first go round: Brown and “long-term commitment from the dis-
Remington Elementaries, and Skinner trict” to fund IB, citing a letter of support
Middle School. Remington is closing next from Superintendent Michael Bennet. But
year, the most glaring failure, and almost Loughran does not know the source of the
a total write-off of taxpayer investment. dollars. “I look forward to getting a better
Skinner Middle has turned away from understanding of why we were not fund-
its revitalization program, and represents ed as a Beacon school.” Brown’s funding
the mixed bag so often characteristic of needs for International Baccalaureate are
school reform. Brown, once the poorest estimated to be in excess of $130,000 each
performing school in the area, now has year, including a $4,500 application fee
one of the best track records of improving paid yearly to the IB umbrella organiza-
student performance in North Denver. tion. Whether the means or the political
Brown has shown the most success will exist within DPS to maintain that Congressman Mark Udall is traveling Colorado, meeting with
funding for the long term is an open
post-revitalization, with improving test
question, given the constantly shifting
voters in a quest for ideas as much as votes and dollars.
scores and strong parent support for the
school’s Intenational Baccalaureate (IB) sands of school reform funding. Brown
has been successful in attracting founda-
Udall brings Senate race to
program. Brown was controversial early,
with every teacher at the school ini- tion grant dollars to support professional
development for teachers, a key ingredi-
North High meeting
tially fired. New leadership transformed by Guerin Lee Green Udall is more everyman than politi-
the school, and families choiced into the ent in improving student achievement
and meeting IB goals. Mark Udall says he expects this cal prince.
school in substantial numbers. year’s Senate race to be one of the Udall, who is serving his fifth term
But alarm bells went off in the Brown Councilman Rick Garcia said that
he was told by DPS Community liasion top two in the country, as he and in Congress, brought his Idea Raiser
parent community last month when Republican Bob Schaffer both pur- tour, part town hall meeting, part
funding for the expensive IB program Happy Haynes that money for IB would
be found and restored. The foundation sue the Senate seat being left open focus group, to Denver last weekend.
was at risk. Brown did not receive a by Wayne Allard. Neither man faces
for success at Brown has been preserved, The tour, meant to put ideas on the
school improvement grant for the 2008- significant opposition within their
at least for another year. More impor- same playing field as campaign con-
2009 school year, and funding for an
tantly, DPS has kept the faith with parents own parties. tributions and fundraisers, brought
IB coordinator and a foreign language
who have choiced into Brown, as much as A former director of Colorado’s about two hundred folks to Denver’s
teacher, both part of the requirements
two-thirds of Brown’s entering students, Outward Bound school, Udall has North High School. The discussion
to stay in the six-year long hunt for
using Loughran estimation. always seemed cut from a differ- touched on the Iraq war, the economy
the IB certification, couldn’t be found in
ent cloth than most politicians, more and health care, and predictably, on
see BROWN on page 2 comfortable in Gore-Tex than wor- more impassioned cries to impeach
Mt. Saint Vincent turns sted wool. A member of the West’s
only political royalty, the Udall
Dick Cheney or George Bush. For his
part, Udall said he was focused on
125 years young family, which has three members
of Congress, from Colorado, New
the future and the problems facing
Colorado families.
For 125 years, the Mt. St. Vincent Since that time, more than 18,000 Mexico and Arizona, and a former
home has provided schooling, housing, souls have passed through the doors. Secretary of the Interior to its credit, see UDALL on page 6
and care for some of North Denver’s Today, the building serves not as an
most at-risk youth. Started as an orphan- orphanage, but as a therapeutic residen-
age in 1883, the home found its first resi- tial childcare community and school. North Denver Rezoning proposal passes City Council
dents on the very eve of its opening - a Mt. St. Vincent serves 44 kids who live Committee - more detail at
young mother arrived at the doors of
the building with her two young chil-
on-site, and another 50 or so who travel
each day to the facility’s school, where
dren, and asked the sisters to care for they are offered a safe classroom envi-
them because she had to go to Central ronment and expert level care. Whether
City to make her fortune. Though the they’ve been neglected, abused, or are




shelter wouldn’t open for another few mentally ill, Mt. St. Vincent provides
hours, the sister stayed with the chil- therapy, education, and care to kids


dren in the building that night. Within a who need safety and support. The class-
week, the home housed 50 children. In room environment is a healing place,
a month, there were more than 200. And and most kids at Mt. St. Vincent see
at its peak in the 1930s, Mt. St. Vincent dramatic educational improvement in
housed around 400 kids, with poverty the home’s environment - some kids see
and hardship as the chief causes of most their math scores improve by as much
Check for locations

of the kids admittance. as 80%, and their reading level improve

by 95%.
This month “Kids often jump three grades

in their first year here,” says Dennis
Kennedy, Mt. St. Vincent’s Director of

Development, “because here they can

Denver News focus.”

In addition to its school, the building
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offers a suite of counseling and outreach

programs to serve the outside commu-
Waldo Benavidez, RIP p.3

nity. It also offers a healthy internal com-

munity, where kids are offered refuge in
North Denver News

Leap Year Baby p.14 cottages, a series of buildings where

Denver, CO 80212

cohorts of boys and girls live together in

P.O. Box 12487

small groups. Each has an open central

Power of the stroller p.15 community area, surrounded by private
bedrooms, a dining area, and a ‘store.’
Jack N Grill p.33 Counselors are on-hand at the cottag-
es day and night, and facilitate the
see St. VINCENT on page 3
Page 2 North Denver News March 7, 2008

Funding at Brown an on-going

challenge Despite student achievement prob-
continued from page ONE

When you “DPS has stated that they are going

to continue to fund the IB program at
Brown,” says Tony Curcio, a parent at
Brown. “We’re looking for a commitment
lems and declining enrollment, the level
of instruction in two classrooms visited at
Skinner is high. The school has three Teach
for America teachers this year, benefit-

need heart for Brown, Lake (middle school) and a ing from the national program that seeks
future Northwest Denver Diploma (high to put graduates from America’s elite
school) program.” universities in urban classrooms. That
The Brown funding issue points out just has added to Skinner’s teaching corps,

attack care,
how difficult funding reform is. Change without a budget drain. But the beat goes
and programming require funding, dol- on, as the declining enrollment means the
lars that are just not contemplated in DPS’ middle school will be cutting teachers
standard budgeting system. Those dollars again next year.
DPS has inaugurated a new budgeting

we don’t waste
also raise questions of funding equity —
schools in line for revitalization money approach, which, within limits, puts stu-
(now called Beacon Schools) receive more dents at the core of the funding process.
money per student than other schools. But the dollars are still too fragmented,
Revitalization was supposed to be the too restricted and ultimately, too few, to

a minute foundation for sustainable change, but

that has not been the reality.
The lessons at Brown, one of DPS’s
Beacon Schools, may be equally difficult
make meaningful changes in program-
ming sustainable, successful propositions.
Programs, particularly computer-assisted
learning interventions, are too expensive

getting you to replicate. Involved parents and pre- to be within the reach of many schools.
pared students are critical ingredients to Further complicating the picture is the
school success. Parents most engaged are high cost of personnel. DPS’ budgeting
most likely to choice into schools show- requires that each teacher cost a school

the very best.

ing success — a causal conundrum that over $62,000- even though teachers with
administrators and think tanks don’t want full benefits often make much less. So a
to admit, at least in public discussion of school that is able to find $35,000 in its
school success. budget to pay for a reading specialist or
At Skinner, after a contentious com- a program coordinator is still unavailable
munity process, the Integrated Arts model to hire a full-time teacher for the role.
was adopted, and funded at the cost of Those limits constrain innovation and stu-
hundreds of thousands of dollars. But a dent achievement by placing bureaucratic
change of principal meant the model was rules ahead of student progress. The DPS
The national goal for cardiac partially abandoned, leaving observers Budget Guidance Manual for 2008 runs
questioning DPS’s commitment to com- 55 pages, complete with clip-art from
intervention (opening a 1989. Almost every page contains restric-
munity input in school reform.
blocked artery) is 90 minutes. At Skinner today, vestiges of revi- tions on how schools can spend dollars,
At St. Anthony Central Hospital, talization remain. The AVID program, and admonitions that deviations have to
which both helps to organize students, be approved at the highest level of DPS
we’re proud to beat that time provides them with learning skills, and administration. The result is a central
by 24 minutes. structures the classroom environment, planning document that may stifle finding
remains, trademark binders and all. AVID new solutions. The words “flexible” and
is a fourth- through twelfth-grade sys- “innovate” are not to be found even once
tem to prepare students in the academic in the document.
middle for four-year college eligibility. For taxpayers and parents, DPS’ mixed
And Integrated Arts lives on, in the form record of success suggests both the diffi-
For a free online stroke of professional development, and many culties and the potential for transforming
Skinner teachers have been trained in a struggling schools. But DPS still has yet to
or heart risk assessment, Denver University program that teaches fully integrate the reality of school choice
visit them to use the arts to enliven the class- into an institutional perspective that gives
room and leverage learning. students the best chance at success.

The Dry-Rot Economy

The financial contagion of the sub- calamity traces itself back to the federal
prime mortgage crash continues to budget deficit and the twin hallmarks
work its way through the nation’s eco- of the Bush era - tax cuts, followed by
nomic foundations like dry rot. deficit spending and the $3 trillion Iraq
But to put the blame on mortgage war. This huge debt, financed largely
lenders, banks and the like is to mis- by China in service of a massive trade
take swelling for the fracture. The U.S. surplus with the U.S. - has knocked
economy is out of sorts at a very fun- flexibility out the American economy
damental level — and the result is The basic equation: buy cheap prod-
that we see municipal bond (bonds ucts at Wal-Mart from the Chinese. The
issued by cities and schools) market Chinese, with their fixed-rate currency
collapse at both the level of the insurer system (part of the reason their goods
and at the lending window itself. The are cheap) then turn around and invest
entire auction rate securities market, an those dollars in American debt. Because
obscure flavor of government bonds, the Chinese can’t reinject the full value
including some issued by the Denver of their profits into their economy with-
International Airport and the City of out causing hyper-inflation, largely
Aurora, has interred itself for a lack of because their fixed-rate currency can’t
When you need cardiac care, you want the most compassionate
buyers. Interest rates for cities and, by adjust relative to the dollar, both nations
and state-of-the-art care available. But the truth is, even the best extension, their taxpayers, have sky- are trapped in this worsening spiral.
care is less effective if it takes too long. Because for every minute rocketed. The entire ARS market, as This in turn weakens the dollar inter-
lost, more damage can occur. That’s why at St. Anthony Central large as $342 billion, has literally evapo- nationally, which causes energy (and
Hospital, we are proud to have one of the quickest intervention rated. If you hold an ARS bond, you food) prices to go up, out of propor-
times in the nation—getting you the care you need more than literally can not sell it today. Yet the tion with fundamental costs. American
20 minutes faster than a national average. That’s 24 minutes mainstream media, and public-at-large, wages stagnate. In January, American
that could change your life forever. have heard little of this. wages suffered a real dollar decline.
This trapped capital is yet one sign Savings and investment go down, cre-
Another way Centura Health is caring for our community. of how bad the American economy is ating a negative feedback loop which
right now. Those billions mean higher tightens credit.
credit card rates, student loan pay- The answer, which is uncertain at
ments, future mortgages and car loans. best, is that we must get debt, both per-
What has traditionally been a very low sonal and federal, under control; reduce
risk market, municipal bonds, is now our spending on energy; and re-invigo-
a bad joke. And job creating projects - rate the core of the American economy
roads, schools, bridges, hospitals - are by boosting productivity through inno-
now at risk. vation, and keeping jobs at home.
One of the core reasons for the credit ­—The North Denver News
CEN_SAC005_SACC_5025X152.indd 1 2/25/08 11:13:23 AM

Job# CEN SAC 005 Project SAC-C “24 Minutes” (Woman)

March 7, 2008 North Denver News Page 3

Mt. St. Vincent Waldo

serves Benavidez, RIP
generations A pionerer in
Denver politics
continued from page ONE
kids’ transitions between the main hall,
FDA Cleared Medical Breakthrough has passed.Waldo
Benavidez, a long
school, free time, and sleep. Even though
Mt. St Vincent handles sometimes severe 86% Relief time community
activist, passed
cases - the only step higher on the con-
tinuum of care is the psychiatric unit of away of natural
the Children’s Hospital - the cottages Scientific Discovery causes on February
22. Mr. Benavidez
feel calm, tranquil, and safe.
Mt. St. Vincent also now has a small in the relief of back pain. was a native of
Albuquerque and
transitional facility, the Aspen House,
where students who have graduated Now available in Cherry Creek. lived for more
from residential treatment can make their than forty years
way out into the world, and to college. in Denver’s near
“So many kids who finish their treat- Westside neighbor-
ment, no longer need the RTC level of hood.
care,” explains the House’s director. “But Waldo began
they still have no homes, and need a step his career as a com-
down program. We currently have 8 kids munity leader with
from residential treatment between the the Colorado Democratic Party as a
ages of 11 and 15, who are getting ready recruiter and strategist, working to elect
for foster care. If they don’t find place- Hispanics to Colorado political office.
ment, they can emancipate, or this can Over the years, he was a staunch advo-
be their home, a place they can come for cate for caucus reform and still believed
Christmas, and Thanksgiving.” in grassroots neighborhood organizing.
On its 125th birthday, former resi- Waldo was instrumental in the
dents, volunteers, staff, elected officials, downzoning of the near Westside
and others filled the home’s dining hall Denver community. His efforts result-
to celebrate the birthday, and to pay trib- ed in the preservation of this unique
ute to the important work done at Mt. and vital neighborhood. For years.
St. Vincent. he served as Director of the Auraria
“They’re a great neighbor,” said State
Representative Jerry Frangas, as he stood Call For A FREE DVD Community Center where he fed the
needy and assisted the poor with basic
alongside some of the community’s vol-
unteers, “and they have great people
like Sherry and Sister Michael Delores
And A FREE Consultation services. Mr. Benavidez is survived
by five children and his former wife,
The Honorable Betty Benavidez, the
- they’re an essential part of our commu- first Hispanic woman elected to the
nity, and truly care for children. This is a Colorado House of Representatives.
great place.” Benavidez and his family trans-
“Here, kids find a safe place to stay, formed North and West Denver politics,
they know that they’re safe and they can creating a legacy that is unsurpassed in
sleep. Many of our kids have been paren- • Dr. James J. Hoven Jr., DC what was once called Chicano politics.
tified, they’ve had to take care of them- The trail blazed by Benavidez was
selves. Here, they find a place where Spinal Aid Center • 4100 E. Mississippi Ave., #310 followed not only by his family but
they can let themselves be kids.”
Many happy returns, Mt. St. Vincent. Glendale, Colorado 80246 by leaders like Federico Peña and Rick

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4477 Raleigh Street 3319 Lowell Blvd 4412 Wyandot Street 4636 Osceola Street 900 S Vine Street 3826 Vrain Street #4
$360,000 $350,000 $335,000 $250,000 $820,000 $130,000



Page 4 North Denver News March 7, 2008

New businesses - Love Your

Earth, Vida Chiropractic,
Tennyson Street has it’s newest bou- totes are now just one of the hip, eco-
tique - Love Your Earth, at 41st Avenue friendly offerings at the boutique.
in the old Highlands Apothecary space. In addition to the storefront, behind
Owners and sister-in-laws Laura Hess the scenes Love Your Earth will also
and Angie Graham have committed to house a suite of healing and therapeu-
running an eco-friendly shop, in which tic services, as services have rented
all goods are local, organic or recycled space behind the store itself. “Within
- and of course darling - and now, their three days, we’d rented out space to
eclectic little shop is brimming with two massage therapists and an aesthe-
local artwork, upscale jeans, funky jew- tician, and we’ve got a psychotherapist
elry, and baby and kids items. who’ll be starting in March. It’s a great
“People seem to be really into it,” synergy,” says Graham.
says Hess: “It happened so fast, but Stop by and check out this eclectic
we’ve been getting a lot of traffic, peo- new offering, at 4110 Tennyson - or visit
ple who are just starting to see that the website,
we’re here. “ In the Highlands Garden Village, a
The business is run by Laura and new chiropractor has joined the suite
Angie.  However, a handful of artists of health services that already included
also help operate the store. In turn, a dentist, an optometrist, and a fam-
these artists have more boutique space ily medical practice. But as the kind
for their goods, get to create their own of doctor you can see when you’re
display, and have the opportunity to healthy, Scott Evans, owner of the new
have “trunk shows” or “art showings” Vida Chiropractic Studio, is excited to
during non-operating hours.  Owners have finally completed renovations to
laura and Angie really feel that this the new location and have opened his
could be a stepping stone for the ven- doors.
dors to one day have their own gallery “This is really who I am,” he says of
or boutique if they choose.  chiropractic, and his decision to study
The name Love Your Earth comes in the field after years of study in medi-
from Angie’s grassroots project - sales cine and biology. “It’s really more of a
of organic, U.S-made totes that fund vocation than a job. It’s something your
awareness of the dangers of plastic lifestyle revolves around.”
bags to the environment, and to sea tur- Using Chiropractic to allow the
tles. Printed by at-risk youth from right body to better heal and take care of
here in Denver, she originally ran into itself, Evans’ tagline - “your body is
trouble getting the totes into Denver more powerful than you were led to
area stores without huge markups that believe” - sums up the philosophy
would make the project impossible. behind his practice well. Through a
So she got with her sister-in-law, and series a lectures and educational pre-
opened up her own store. The stylish sentations, Evans is getting out the
see PAPER on page 11

March 7, 2008 North Denver News Page 5

Coping with financial stress

by Angela Sasseville, MA,NCC tough time.
By now we’ve all heard numerous
reports about the economy. We know
4) Live in the moment. Often the
things that we ruminate on and fear the
Love Your EarthTM
that there are many people facing sig- most lie in the future and may not ever Boutique
nificant financial difficulties. From my come to pass. For example, if you’ve
conversations with others, it seems that lost your job it’s understandable that 4110 Tennyson Street
personal financial stress and concern you would worry about losing your
about the national economy are preva- house or not being able to pay your Where ALL Goods are Local,
lent worries. Here are a few ideas to rent down the road if you don’t find Organic, or Recycled
help you and your loved ones cope new employment. But focusing on that
if you’re faced with financial uncer- fear will send anyone’s anxiety level
tainty: through the roof. Give yourself a break FEATURING: Art, Baby, Kids,
1) Identify the emotions you’re from your stress and worry by return-
having regarding money. Is it worry ing your focus to today and make a Jewelry, Furniture, Home Goods
and anxiety? Sadness? Hopelessness mental list of all of the things that you Paperie, Totes
or depression? Incompetence? Once do have in the present.
you’ve identified the emotions do a 5) Enlist professional support when & Recycled High End Clothes
little detective work in your own life you need it. If money matters are (Mainly Premium Jeans)
and look for situations that trigger or
increase those unpleasant emotions.
Often gaining insight into our own
damaging your relationship with your
partner or causing you to get down on
yourself, counseling can help you learn

ph. 303-455-3366
emotional triggers helps these emo-
tions to feel less overwhelming and
allows us to begin to predict them. For
healthier ways of coping with your
situation. Many psychotherapists, like
me, offer a sliding-scale fee to meet  

example, if cash flow is a problem for people where they are at financially. If 
you, you may start noticing that you you need help creating a concrete plan
feel anxious or panicky when you have to address the source of your financial
to sit down and pay a stack of bills. stress, contact a professional financial
Once you recognize this trigger you planner, financial coach or a reputable
can begin to look for ways to better debt consolidation agency.

cope with that situation, such as sooth- Psychotherapist Angela Sasseville, MA,

ing your anxiety with your favorite NCC supports adults, couples, families and )
relaxing activity following a stressful kids of all ages at Flourish Counseling,
bill paying session. LLC…Because EVERYONE deserves to
2) Notice any emotional responses flourish! See www.FlourishCounseling.
you’re having to media coverage of the com or call 303-875-0386 for more infor-
$ "

economy. Wellness expert and author mation.***
Dr. Andrew Weil writes that it’s com-
mon for people to feeling stressed out For Adoption At
after watching or reading the news.
Consider putting yourself on a “media
Planet Pethood
4338 Tennyson Street
diet” and intentionally consume less
media coverage of the economy. Then
note whether or not your diet has
helped you decrease your stress.
3) Try to “externalize” the problem.
We spend so much time around our
family members that we often take the
brunt of our stress out on them. If our   
partner has different spending habits 
than we do, it’s easy to fall into the
trap of blaming them for our financial
Isabell is an adorable, lovong and 

stress. Instead of turning on one anoth- playful 3 month old kiten who needs a Dog Sitting in Private and Loving Host Family Homes
'""(""&# # !" %&#% &
er, try to adopt a team attitude within home! she came from a shelter where %#"  &#   ! #"$&# 
your home. Blame something outside
of the family (like the slow economy)
she sat wth an injured elbow - until they 

#""&# "
 "" "
called Planned Pethood who took care of '""(""&# # !" %&#% &
for your stress. Enlist the help of her ! She is a wonderful little girl with
everyone in the home to come up with toms of love to give!  
&#   ! #"$&# 
 $ !
ideas for saving money and create a Please call: 720-937-0633. $ $   "" "
" !"#&#"&# 

" !"!"
team approach to getting through this 
"! !"    !!$

   $ !

$ $ 
" !"!"
"! !"

Page 6 North Denver News March 7, 2008

Replacing windows and your

Eat. carbon footprint
by Wendy Hawthorne winter as solar gains offset the need
Quick-casual dine-in or take-out, Many people think about replac-
ing old windows as a solution to high
for heating. You want to pick the right
window to maximize solar heating in
pizza, pasta, panini. energy bills and to help reduce their
carbon footprint. Old, single-glazed
winter, but not cause overheating in
summer. The low-e coating described
windows often feel drafty and cold to above can help fine-tune this choice.
the touch, so they seem like the place Products that are “low solar gain”
to start. low-e (using names like “super
In terms of energy payback, how- low-e”, “low-e2”) are the type that
ever, windows rarely provide the cut out a lot of solar heat gain. They

Shop. “biggest bang for the buck”. Other

reasons to replace windows might
sway the decision though. Not hav-
are great for large expanses of west-
facing glass that can overheat a house
in summer. For typical homes in older
Italian gourmet market, ing to struggle with sticky windows, Denver neighborhoods, I recommend
prop up windows with a stick, change a “high solar gain” low-e that doesn’t
gelato, espresso, ready-made meals. storm windows and screens, or paint cut out so much of the solar energy.
window frames are often at the top This will provide a good balance of
of the list of the “added benefits” of letting the sun warm up the house but
new windows. Old windows are also providing the extra insulation quality
the biggest source of lead poisoning of new, low-e windows.
in Denver, so families with young
children might factor that into their The Energy Payback

Indulge. decision. On the opposing side, his-

toric wood windows, when properly
maintained and refurbished, add a
If you replace your old single-
glazed windows with new double-
glazed, vinyl- or wood-framed win-
Authentic Tuscan cuisine. lot of charm to the home, can last 100 dows with a high solar heat gain

, inc. Montoya Jewelers, inc.

Fine Italian wines.
years or more, and can be lead-safe. It
takes energy to make new windows,
so fixing up old windows may be a
low-e coating you might save on the
order of $150 per year on your heat-
ing bill and $15 per year on your cool-
3145 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO 80211 303-455-1235 better solution for reducing your car- ing bill (if you have air conditioning).
55-1235 bon footprint. -FF.POUPZBJOWJUFT If your windows already have storm

rving North Denver Jeweler Serving ZPVUP7BMFOUJOF

Insulating Value of Windows
windows, the savings will be less.
Replacing the windows might cost

990 Parisi Since 1990

the Community
4401 Tennyson Street owned
Denver and operated
303 561 0234
New windows offer more insulat-
ing benefits than old windows. Most
new windows are made of two panes
you around $8000, so it would take
48 years to recapture the money you
spent through the energy savings.
of glass, separated by a small air There are many other ways to reduce
In-house goldsmith, diamond setter & designers space. The R-Value of a good &BSSJOHT
new energy use in your home that pay
designers "MM)FBSU4IBQFEback
window can be anywhere from R-2 to quicker and reduce more green-

urposes Firenze aTavola

Appraisals for estate or insurance purposes
Buyers: Gold, Silver & Gems
lower level of Parisi
R-4. Old, single-glazed windows are
just R-1 but with
dow they are closer
a good storm win-
to R-2. To make
house gases per dollar invested.

things confusing, windows are usu- 1. If your old windows are in
ally rated with U-factor, rather than decent shape, think about restoring
R-value. U-factor is just the inverse of them and adding storm windows
R-value. So R-2 is equal to U-1/2. The before replacing them. Be careful of
lowest U-factor window gives you lead-based paint if the restoration
the highest R-value. happens on-site. If you have young
$"4)#6:&34 Many new windows come with
an option of a “low-e” coating. This
children, make sure the lead paint is
stripped off of the friction surfaces of
8&1":$"4)'03 increases the R-value of the window.
It is relatively inexpensive and worth
the window.
2. If your old windows are beyond
(PME 4JMWFS the cost in terms of energy payback. If
you invest in new windows, invest in
repair and you’re tired of painting,
propping, and struggling with them,
Unconditional Quality - Guaranteed Results the additional cost of a low-e coating select the right window:
Results (usually only about $15-$25 per win- • Double-glazed with wood or
3FDPSECSFBLJOHQSJDFT*OTUBOU$BTI dow). Many windows also come with vinyl frames.
the option of argon gas fill. Instead of • High solar heat gain low-e
air in the gap between the two panes,
there is argon gas. This also increases
coating, except for large west-facing
expanses which should have low
saries 8BUDI3FQBJSPO4JUF u Birthdays u Holidays
Engagements u Weddings u Anniversaries the R-value of the window. There is solar gain low-e.
some controversy over whether argon • Ask to see the NFRC rating of
gas filled at sea level will still be in the the window. This is a third-party
u RingsYOUu Pendants
SINCE 1990 window when it gets to Denver (the rating system that shows the offi-
u Chains"U8UI"WF 
u Gold Fashions gas expands as the window is taken cial U-value and Solar Heat Gain
to a higher altitude and may leak Coefficient (SHGC) for the window.
CFUXFFO'FEFSBMBOE-PXFMM out). If the windows are manufac- It’s a sign of quality and the serious-
M-F: 11-6 SAT: 10-5

5'4BU tured in Denver or Cheyenne, go for ness with which the company takes
the argon. If they are manufactured at energy issues. Look for U-factor less
a lower elevation, it may not be worth than 0.35 and a SHGC greater than

Udall visits North High any added cost. 0.5.

If young children live in or fre-
Solar Heat Gain quent your house, make sure your
continued from page 1 one illness away from bankruptcy.” Windows are also important contractor is trained in lead-safe work
In an interview afterwards, Udall Udall, a westerner, said that because they let solar energy into practices, especially if your home was
said as he tours Colorado, people Colorado issues would play a key our homes. Even a home that isn’t built before 1940.
are looking for new leadership, one role in the Senate race: water, trans- designed specifically for solar heat-
“beyond party, beyond regional portation and creating more transit ing, gets a portion of its heat from the Wendy Hawthorne is the Executive
(identity)” that would lead to change. options. He also emphasized that sun. This can be bad in summer if you Director of Groundwork Denver. Visit
“People are hungry for a new kind of Colorado’s position for renewable get so much solar heat that you have their website at www.GroundworkDenver.
leadership.” energy and the jobs it could cre- to use an air conditioner, but good in org***
Speaking about the coming cam- ate was strong, given our resources
paign and the issues to define it, Udall and the presence of the National
said “the outlines are clear- Iraq, the
economy, immigration.” Udall said
Renewable Energy lab in Golden.
“Two interesting economic facts
To Advertise: 303.458.7541
that undocumented immigrants must about Colorado- we are number two
“travel the path to citizenship— pay (in the nation) in aerospace, and we
a fine (for being in the U.S. illegally),
speak English, have committed no
produce more beer than anyone in
the nation.” Udall indicated that he
crimes.” “We must address... the would work hard to keep Colorado’s
health care system where families are standings in both categories.
North Denver’s Bigger, Better Paper

March 7, 2008 North Denver News Page 7

Fran Schroeder and Corinne Hunt
Get Organized!
Denver Icons
First Baptist Church of Denver during the 1880- Denver Bookbinding
is the oldest Baptist congrega- 1890s period it Company
tion in both the city and the state.  was responsible
Organized before statehood, dur- for the
Our neighborhood has
can convert
ing the Civil War on May 2, 1864, e s t a b - First Baptist
it held services in several locations lishment fared well in a 40 CD jewel cases
prior to its present home at 1373 of  ten
Church of
Denver time of foreclosures into ONE custom
Grant.  n e w
The present building was con- church- and declining property made binder that has
structed in 1934 through 1936. es and values, but many
Our “architecturally significant” eight missions in Denver during people still nd
your own title printed
building has been recognized as a the short but significant leadership on the spine,
Denver Historic Landmark.  It was of Dr. Robert Cameron  themselves stuck in
constructed in the “Christopher The First Baptist Organ  adjustable rate loans. in your color and
Wren” style, found mostly on the The traditional pipe organ is
a collection of choice of materials!
tuned pipes,
Unirst offers a 40
which are year xed-rate
sounded by renance for the full Come see us at
admitting air
to them from a
value of your home.
windchest. The Closing costs and
centuries of mortgage insurance
development of can be nanced for a 2715 17th Street
the pipe organ
have yielded no-cash transaction. 303-455-5521
a rich varia-
tion in types of Jay Rabideau,
pipes as well as
Loan Counselor and
mechanisms for
sounding them. 303-572-2850 know where
The collection of
pipes of a given
1535 Grant Street, Ste.300 your stuff is!
type is called a Denver, CO 80203
rank, and the
organist’s con-
trol knob for a
rank is called a
“Pulling the
stop” means
opening the
valve to let air
into that rank
of pipes (when
the correspond- download a
ing key on the
pressed). Some
is free 7 day pass
East Coast and in England. The
of the largest
organs have more than a hundred
solid granite columns at the front of ranks. 
the building are so large, they were A visit to First Baptist will be
turned on a lathe in the middle of treat for your ears, as you listen to
14th Avenue during construction the largest pure pipe organ between
of the building. Elegant granite and Chicago and Salt Lake City, a 126
marble stonework in the narthex of rank Aeolian-Skinner organ with
the building near the front columns 8,000 pipes.  The average church
are noteworthy. organ is between 20-30 ranks.  The
When it is sometimes referred one in the Mormon Tabernacle has
to as  “the Mother church of the 214 ranks. ***
Rockies.”   It is well named for

North Denver News Staff:

21 denver area locations
Guerin Lee Green, Publisher and Editor
Laura Douglas, Managing Editor
Devon Barclay, Associate Publisher
Eliza Gibbons, Copy Editor
Cyndeth Allison, Fran Schroeder, Betsy Martinson,
Dixie Darr, Rebecca Simmons, Corinne Hunt, Eliza Gibbons, Beverly
Newton, Tanya Carwyn, Rachel Pollack, Renee Fajardo, Devon Barclay,
Laurene Lafontaine, Melanie Beaton, Maureen Thomson, Theresa
Southerland, Adam DeGraff, Elizabeth Wheeler, Rossy Kay, Mark
Gould, Linda Lidov, Teresa Keegan, Robert Sand, Natalie Cutsforth Offer good with this ad only. Limit one per person. First time guests and local residents only. Must use same club for entire term. Days
must be used consecutively, and between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. only. No other discounts can be used with this offer. Must
... plus our other writers and contributors be at least 18 years old (19 in NE) or 12 with parent. Incentives may be offered for enrolling in other memberships. Personal Training
and Kids’ Club available for an additional fee. Facilities and amenities vary. Not all clubs open 24 hours. Participating locations only.

from all over North Denver Not for re-sale. No cash value. Offer must be activated by Offer may expire without prior notice.. See club for details. ©2007 24 Hour
Fitness USA, Inc.

! Pri it

D Pri w Un

L t
SO ew as



Page 8 North Denver News March 7, 2008

Brokerage for buyers

and sellers since 1994
2837 West 37th Avenue 30872938
West Denver Place 3329
3337 Grove
Decatur Street 4148 Bryant Street 3311 Bryant Street
2938 Osceola St. Osceola St. 2938 Osceola St. 2938 Osceola St. 2938 Osceola St.

$449,900 $349,900 $359,900

$379,900 $337,500 $210,000
Wonderfulclassic of$274,900
the on
greathome. Tasteful
block with 2excellent
story Don’t miss this unique
1950’sturn of theon
ranch century
story home
with with
excellent Fully
Rare restoredto&own
Wonderful remodeled
1950’s ranch
a pieceDenverNWSquare
on great duplex,The
block justdarling
with blocks
Charming turn of the century$274,900
home filled with orginal character. Great 1960’s half duplex, wood $274,900
floors,coved ceilings, solid
large familyhighlands
sloan w/ concrete
lake, oak furs, beautiful
betweenThis well maintained
highlands sq. andhome has lake,
sloan neweroak
roof,furs, sunburst
from finehouse
location mixes
between &highlandsandNewer
nightlife. updated:
sq. systems, brick,
sloan pocket
oak furs, SlateWonderful
tile entrybetween
way, ranch on great
highlandsliving andblock
sq. and diningwith
sloan rooms,excellent
lake, oak furs,
& location in1950’s
Potterranch on great
Highlands, block with full
brick consruction, excellent
location between highlands sq. and sloan lake, oak furs,
coved ceilings,
counters updated
and custom kitchen,
cabinets, large lots
large master, master bedroom,
of natural light, coved ceilings, updated kitchen, large master bedroom, doors, hardwood
coved on
ceilings, both levels,
updated concrete
kitchen, countertops,
large master huge deck,
bedroom, updated
coved kitchen & baths,
ceilings, inviting
updated front porch
kitchen, largewith swing,
master wood
bedroom, usablecoved
basement withupdated
ceilings, good ceiling height,large
kitchen, 3313master
also available
electrical, plumbing, furnace, and windows. Main level bedrm makes with custom cabinetry, slab granite, stainless steel appliances, original
backyard with patio and garden area, 2-car large backyard with patio and garden area, 2-car large garage
enormous backyard more!with
All apatio
& throughout, and garden
few minutes from lodo. area, 2-car decklarge backyard with patio and garden area, 2-car
in backyard. for 199k
Listor. Getwith
in on this
and changing
garden area!
area, 2-car
new & pergola, fenced yard, shows
garage with work bench, new furnace and H2O.great, don’t miss! great office/den
garage withorwork
bedrm, great
furnace and H2O. character
garage with work bench, new furnace and H2O. trim.
& details mantel & tiled hearth, built-in & garage with work bench, new furnace and H2O. garage with workBoelen
bench, 303-910-2072
new furnace and H2O.
Presented by Presented
PresentedbybyRachel Grace Hultin 303-667-0609 Presented by Jordana Lebowitz 303-921-0332 Presented byFilip
720.971.1200 Presented byCall
Brad Lewis
Brad Lewis720-971-1200
720.971.1200 Brad
Call BradLewis
720.971.1200 Call Brad Lewis 720.971.1200 Call Brad Lewis 720.971.1200 • 303.433.0211 • 2550 15th Street, Denver • 303.433.0211 • 2550 15th Street, Denver
Laurene M. Lafontaine
North Denver Musings
The task was fairly daunting and with rudimen-
for anyone. FDNC- Foundation tary tools of shovels,
for Development of Needy wheelbarrows and
Communities formed in 1996 to picks. The initial task
“improve the
social-economic for the group was
status and quality Montview youth to dig with their
of life of under- making a difference shovels trenches
served people in half way across the for the founda-
Improve your immunity, energy, and overall well- Uganda” needed tion, followed
a school building world by hand mixing
being at the Highland Neighborhood’s Green made especially cement and pour-
Chiropractor. Call today for your appointment! for children who were confronted ing it for the building’s foundation.
with the most profound life cir- During two and half weeks of work,
Now also offering the healing massage of Chris Latham cumstances. Montview Boulevard they had built the walls of the school
Presbyterian Church youth pastor with over 15,000 handmade bricks.
Dr. Scott Evans, DC Sheri Fry wanted to help so she The most impressive aspect of
4650 W 38th Ave. Suite 210 organized a group of 14 high school this build was the sense of partner-
students and 6 adults to make the ship with FDNC and the Uganda
303-433-5433 long trip to Mbale, Uganda for a people. Often Americans go abroad
work trip. on work trips with a mentality of
Each member of the Uganda trip helping those in need by doing it
had to raise $3000 in order to make for them. The Ugandan country-

Holistic Approach to Pediatrics Care

the trip. Through a massive garage side is littered with such projects.
sale, bake sales and the support of What is hopeful about this project
many individuals, they were able to is its deep commitment to build-
go to Uganda for three weeks. Their ing relationships and sharing much
untain Ped
Green Mountain Pediatrics time there was a time of listening needed resources so that the people
Mo i Infants, Children & Adoloscents and learning from the Ugandans, of Uganda experience a profound
walking from village to village gain- sense of empowerment.


ing a deeper appreciation of the In Mbale, Uganda a handful


Dan Schloegel, MD, FAAP needs, especially of those children of high school students and adult

Francince Paston, MD, FAAP who were labeled “special needs” made an incredible difference in the
children. Here stateside, when we lives of children, men and women.
M,TH 8am - 5:30pm hear the term special needs, we The message of hope was expressed
T, W, F 9am - 4:30pm think about learning disabilities, through their daily physical labor
developmental delays or physi- but more importantly, their willing-
Sat 9am - 12pm cal challenges. For the children of ness to listen, learn and develop
Uganda, special needs often means life-giving relationships. To see the
255 Union Blvd #120 • Lakewood CO 80228 born with missing limbs, severe pictures of the school being built and
developmental delays or untreated to read the participants’ own words,
Phone 303.936.7415 • Fax 303.936.2177 injuries. go to Plans are
The major task of the trip was already in the works for future work
constructing a small school build- trips. ***
Ten minute drive from Highland and Sloan Lake neighborhoods ing, which was even more remark-
able in that it was done by hand



March 7, 2008 North Denver News
2 column x 5.5 inches Page 9

Natalie Cutsforth
North Denver Notions
For the past month I
have been in the process of
career) but deeper than that what, at
the essence, are values I carry with me
re-creating my home space into everything I am present for in life
adding fresh colors, moving things (spiritual connection, self-awareness,
around and stirring up the love, creativity). From
A growing business requires a growing team.
old familiar to invite a new those moments of clari-
feeling in as I celebrate
Re-creating fication came a stream
Edward Jones believes that relationships are key to
a decade here. The new your home of creative images and success. We feel that the best way to develop strong
colors have been some- possibilities. I wanted to relationships is by doing business face-to-face. In order
what shocking but in an represent the elements
energizing and inspiring way. They’ve of earth, water and fire but in subtle
to meet the needs of our growing business, I'm pleased to
helped me through this cold long win- artistic ways. My first idea felt a bit out- announce that John Stadtmueller will be joining me to
ter we’re having in Denver. But with rageous and I thought, “Oh no, I can’t provide you with one-to-one, personalized service and
all the changes and newness there were do that.” The resistance reminded me
certain areas that were sort of stuck and of the advice of a friend who had spent advice.
I didn’t know what to do to feel com- a day kicking off this process of re-cre-
plete or to get to a place of really feeling ation with me. She had said, “Beware Please stop by or call for an appointment with a financial
joyous about spending time in them. any tendency to be good or to do
A basic something advisor so we can be of service to you.
premise of in accept-
my process able way.”
has been to It will get Eric W Jasper
step out- in the way Financial Advisor
side of the and not

3475 West 32nd Avenue

ordinarily serve the
Denver, CO 80211
expected process of
uses of creating
a home space that John C Eric W Jasper
and cre- works for Stadtmueller IV
ate niches you.
and nooks So I Member SIPC
that invited took the
me in, to leap, took
do those a thumb
things I tack and
love such a string,
as writing, measured
exercising, a cen-
sitting on ter point,
the floor and used
in cozy
the taunt
string to
Take steps to prevent
tion with
draw a cir-
cle on the identity theft
Seeking wall above Identity theft is big business. In merchant who uses a secure site -
direction the man- fact, each year, billions of dollars - i.e., one that has “https” in the web
I sat in tel. Then that’s billions, with a “b” - is lost to address - you should be reasonably
my living I painted identity theft, according to the Federal confident that your credit card infor-
room and the circle Trade Commission (FTC). This cumu- mation will be protected. Never give
intentionally considered how I would metallic gold. The first time stepped lative figure may not mean that much out your credit card number to people
like the space to feel for my own daily back and saw it completed I caught to you, but if you are victimized for or businesses who, unsolicited, try to
life and for those who I invite into my my breath a bit shocked, but I knew a few hundred dollars, it will be an sell you something over the phone or
home. As the entry point to my house instantly that it was right. I love the upsetting and expensive
Typefaces experience.
are as follows: LargeInternet.
and the center for gatherings I wanted space and now feel drawn to it. The That’s Headline:
why you’ll want Gothic
ITC Franklin to defend City/Town:• ITC
“Opt out” of credit card offers
it to reflect my values. gold orb is a backdrop for other sym- yourselfDemiagainst identity
Condensed 11/14 pt.theft - and and other
Gothic Demi Condensed mailings. You can elimi-
In the living room I longed to create bols of the elements on my mantel. In the bestSubhead
time to take action is
: ITC Franklin Gothic before nate
10/10 pt. many of those “pre-approved”
a peaceful welcoming space that felt the morning it looks like the sun and you areDemi
Condensed 11/14 pt. credit card
FA Name, Phone: News offers
Gothicby calling 1-888-
warm, alive, rich with depth, inspiring, the evening it looks like the moon. What can you do to protect
Body copy: BodoniBerthBQ- your- 5OPTOUT
MT Cn 9/10 pt. (1-888-567-8688) and fol-
purposeful and devotional. I identified With this new approach to decorating self? Here are a few
Regular 11/14 pt. suggestions: lowing the prompts. You can also
• Secure your Social Security Ads
Smallgreatly reduce the amount of adver-
the areas that needed completion. Then I’ve found myself using areas of my Disclaimer: News Gother MT Cn FA name: ITC Franklin Gothic
I brainstormed on the concept of creat- home that were not drawing me in, in number.8/9 Identity
pt. thieves eagerly seek tising, catalogues and other mailings
Social Security numbers - so don’tDemi you
receive12/11.5 pt
by going on the Direct
ing a clear representation of my priori- the past. My home has become more Call to Action line:
give out yours to anyone who asksAddress : News GothicAssociation’s
Marketing MT Cn web site
ties. How do I focus the energy of my functional and at the same time inspir- BodoniBerthBQ-Medium
for it. In fact, as a general rule, 9/11.5(
be pt and following
time (health, relationships, community, ing to my nature. *** 11/14 pt.
reluctant to give it out to anyone
Web Address: ITC Franklin at all. the “Remove My Name From Those
RelAX! We Make time for Small business! AlwaysGothic
ask whomever you’re
Demi Condensed dealing Lists” link.
with if they will accept another form Even after taking these steps, you
Internet, Software and Marketing Solutions 10/10 pt.
of identification, or, at the very least, if could still run into identity theft.
SIPC line: News Gothic MT
One free flash graphic with they will take just the last four digits That’s why you need to be alert for
6/10 pt.
Full service website design a new website when of your number. And never carry your certain signs, such as the arrival of
Custom software development you mention this ad! Social Security card with you. unexpected credit cards or account
Blog set up and design
• Shred credit card offers and bank statements, denials of credit for no
*value up to $200, expires 3/31/08
Social Media applications To download graphic files go to
statements. If you’re not going to apparent reason, or calls or letters
apply for the credit cards offered to regarding purchases you didn’t make.
Unique marketing you, shred the offers. Identity thieves If any of these things happen to you,
720 320 6363 approaches have been known to rifle through you may want to place a “fraud alert” for your business garbage, fill out credit card offers and on your credit reports and review and budget take advantage of them. At the same them carefully. To place a fraud alert,
time, shred your bank and brokerage you just need to contact one of the
statements - and any other statement three nationwide consumer report-
containing personal or financial infor- ing companies: Equifax - 1-800-525-
mation. 6285; Experian - 1-888-397-3742; or
• Study your credit card bills TransUnion - 1-800-680-7289.
and checking account statements. It’s unfortunate that identity theft
Question any credit card charge or is part of our modern world. But by
checking account activity you don’t taking the proper precautions, and by
recognize as your own. staying alert, you can help yourself
• Don’t give out your credit card avoid becoming a statistic.***
number unless you’re initiating a pur-
chase. Most of us do at least some —You can reach Eric Jasper, AAMS
shopping online these days. As long at 303.458.6655 for more sound finan-
as you’re dealing with a reputable cial advice. ***

Page 10 North Denver News March 7, 2008

What’s the matter with

by Guest Columnist: Richard M. In Arizona, insurance companies
Kaudy, Esq. are not allowed to deny claims based
on an adjuster’s hunch or guesswork.
What’s the matter with Colorado? How about Colorado? Who knows?
In Arizona, if an insurance com- No Colorado judge has yet condemned
pany agrees it owes you money from such practices or issued any opinions
your policy, you get that money. Not requiring insurance companies to base
in Colorado. Here, courts have not said claims on objective, not subjective evi-
insurance companies have to pay what dence. offer expires March 31

they admit they owe. They can squeeze Insurance companies require
you as leverage to settle your claim for Colorado licenses to sell these promises.
less than your policy limits. They are regulated by taxpayer-funded
In Nevada, an insurance company insurance commissioners. The mission
denying your claim can’t lay in the of the Colorado Division of Insurance is
weeds to trap you. They have to tell you claimed to be to protect the consumer.
why they’re denying your claim. But do our Courts?
Not so in Colorado. They can trap Federal and state courts coddle and
you and not let you know why your protect insurance companies. On the
claim is being denied until you sue one hand, the federal courts claim that
to find out why. The Courts approve insurance companies who chisel people
this procedure, calling the relationship out of their employee insurance {ERISA}
between the insurer and insured “adver- benefits cannot be sued for bad faith no
sarial” and declaring that all first-party matter how vicious or malicious the
claims in Colorado are to be adversarial misconduct. The Courts protect insur-
struggles to get the benefits paid for by ance companies from responsibility for
premium dollars. the harms they cause by reasoning that
In Kansas, if you hurt a family house- the federal government has pre-empted
hold member by mistake while driving states rights over this since the insur-
a family car, your car insurance will ance companies are not regulated.
pay benefits for past and future medical Let’s recount: the federal govern-
expenses up to your policy limits. ment says that insurance companies
Not Colorado. Even if you paralyze are not regulated even though the
your father, mother, brother or sister, Division of Insurance regulates them
your Colorado car insurance company and even though Colorado has adopted
doesn’t have to pay one dime to the par- the Unfair Claim Practices Act designed
alyzed family member. That’s because to regulate insurance company claim-
Colorado has a “household” exclusion handling behavior.
foisted on the Colorado public by the According to federal government
strong insurance lobby. They convinced logic, because these insurance compa-
Colorado that family members “col- nies are not regulated, the federal gov-
lude” or defraud insurance companies ernment has to step in and regulate
with “bogus” claims of catastrophic them and pre-empt any state remedy,
injuries. like bad faith. The insured can get only
No data, study or analysis support the benefits that were owed in the first
this fear-mongering. The insurance lob- place and attorney fees.
byists whisper that the same Colorado Whatever emotional harm inflicted
jurors who are called upon to judge the on the insured gets absolved, no rem-
credibility of witnesses and decide the edy exists for the wrong.
facts in other civil cases can’t be trusted The schizophrenic reasoning for
to live up to the same oath when family how Colorado can regulate insurance
members are involved. company behavior through its Division
Colorado jurors always have been of Insurance and Unfair Claim Practices
able to punt false claims out of court. Act and yet not be considered to “ regu-
But the insurance lobbyists say that tes- late” insurance company practices for
timony by family members will cause federal pre-emption practices can’t be
jurors to forego reason and award gobs reconciled except to coddle the insur-
of money based purely on sympathy or ance companies at the expense of pre-
bias. mium-paying policyholders.
There’s more. In Arizona, again, And this is how the federal court
insurance companies cannot “low ball” system wants insurance to operate.
you on your claim by making up a num- Many states, like Colorado, regulate
ber for how much you should be paid. insurance through divisions of insur-
But not so in Colorado. Uninsured ance.
motorist claims – where the person who In Oklahoma, for example, its insur-
hit you wasn’t responsible enough to ance department exists “for the general
carry mandatory liability coverage – are benefit of not only the policyholders but
met with an adversarial bent. That’s of the general public.”
how Colorado Courts have interpreted Courts at one time admitted that
insurance to work in Colorado. They the business of insurance is affected
write invisible terms into the insurance with the public interest. In German
policy guaranteeing that any first-party Alliance Insurance Company v. Lewis,
claim becomes “adversarial.” the United States Supreme Court adopt-
When you buy your policy, does the ed with approval the words of Lord
sales agent alert you that the policy is Chief Justice Hale from his 17th century
good until you submit a claim and then treatise entitled De Portibus Maris (1
you are then treated as an enemy, or to Harq.Law Tracts 78):
use the polite term, as an “adversary?” When private property is ‘affected
Is this ever disclosed before you get the with a public interest it ceases to be
complimentary Road Atlas? juris privati’ {of private right} only and
In Kentucky, an insurance company becomes ‘clothed with a public inter-
must play fair. The insurer has to engage est when used in a manner to make it
in a fair debate before hiding behind its of public consequence, and affect, the
excuse that your claim is “fairly debat- community at large;’ and so using it,
able.” the owner ‘grants to the public an inter-
Not so in Colorado. Insurance com- est in that use, and must submit to be
panies can substitute the adjuster’s feel- controlled by the public for the common
ing about the insured’s pain and this good.’
can be considered “fairly debatable.” But not in Colorado.
Reframing claims as “fairly debatable” Because when you buy your
enables insurance companies to incor- Colorado policy, you’re really buying a
porate slipshod claims handling behav- fight, a struggle and an adversary.
ior as part of their adversarial arsenal.
see INSURANCE on page 13
March 4,2008 North Denver News Page 11

North Denver Fashion - by Shop Girl

I love mixing vintage cloth- find me in shorts from Max, probably burn my skin or that
ing with classic and funky new wedges from Strut and a vintage I bought it and am looking for-
styles. Whether it is a vin- t-shirt from the closest second ward to sporting it at El Dorado
tage jacket over a black cocktail hand store. I also just picked up Springs, where only granola
dress from Frolik, or vintage the coolest 1970’s swimsuit. I eating bikini bearing runner
jeans and a types hang out.
hip Mona Just a hint for those of us
Lucero who graduated from high school
t-shirt, in the 80s - that style is back,
or my all from the skinny pant to the
time favor- skinny heel, from big hair to
ite a sweet the short skirt, so when your
s p r i n g
dress from
children ask for a pair of vans
and a perm, just remember,
50-75% off
Max and this too shall pass. all merchandise
Me with -- Shop Girl in stock*
cowboy previous sales
boots and All sales are final!
a Beatrice

Fashion or Faux Pas?

Lots of
Great Values!
people dress for success, or their
figure, or their colors, I realize I
plan on buying some gold flip-
flops to tie in the gold buttons Do you have pressing fashion issues?
dress like my environment. The
way I dress reflects my love for
that are strategically placed to
keep the front of the suit from
Questions? Or just want to talk about
Northwest Denver. From the
architecture and people to the
coming undone…only in the
70s would they put gold metal
a hot new shop? Drop the North
parks and boutiques northwest
Denver’s eclectic style is unfor-
buttons on a bathing suit. I
don’t know what was dumber
Denver Shop Girl a line at
So for spring you’ll probably
the fact that they made a bath-
ing suit with buttons that will

Paper, not plastic at wordshop

continued from page 4 need to say, or how you’re looking to one had a smattering of cards,” says
message of health maintenance, even say it, this specialty paperie is likely to Jill. “There needed to be something
while his studio offers a great place for
a quick tune-up, pain management, or
have exactly what you’re looking for.
“Specialty papers and text-based
more specialized - a proper paperie
was missing. The best exchanges and
50% off
even treatment for childhood ailments
like colic. Featuring artwork by John
products - anything that emotes - have
been with me for a long time,” says
communications result in an exchange Winter
Forney, the space is tranquil, clean, and Jill, the store’s owner. “I’m a poet at
of information,” she says. “I find the
greatest fulfillment in talking to the Items!
built from environmentally sustainable heart who discovered retail and greet- client who doesn’t know quite what
materials. Also offering healing mas- ing cards as an avenue to rediscover they’re looking for, and knowing what
sage from therapist Chris Latham, stop letter writing, which is a lost art.” to prescribe - and this is sort of a phar-
by the studio at 4650 W. 38th Avenue, In the near future, she hopes to macist in that regard. There’s some-
Suite A, or call 303-433-5433 for more add letter writing tables to the shop, thing so nourishing in text.”
information. Vida also offers a website, making it a hub of writing, as well In addition to paper products, cards, as writing materials. Meanwhile, it’s and fine pens, wordshop also offers
On Meade Street at 32nd Avenue, already proving a popular spot to stop a full range of custom invitations,
wordshop is now open right behind in, peruse the incredible array of fine announcements, and save-the-dates -
Kismet, in the former Studio Bead cards, admire fine papers, and share a printed either digitally, through heated
space. Offering the whole gamut of few words. process inks and thermography, or via
cards, journals, imported papers, “What’s unique about Denver is letterpress and engraving. Stop by and
wraps, archival ink pens, invitations, that there were so many boutiques with check out all that wordshop has to offer
and announcements, whatever you a smattering of products, and every- at 3180 Meade, or call 303-477-9673.

Spri cceptin
Frolik on 32nd Looks Fantastic, and So
ng & g
Mer Sum Can You! Hanky Panky, Silver, Weston
chan mer

! Wear, Sweat pea...

on 32nd

A boutique
of clothing &
other fine wonders
T-F 9:30-5:30 / Sat 9-5

Page 12
North Denver News March 7, 2008

Theresa Southerland
North Denver Notions
Politics are an important part of 2004. Both books are thoughtful, inter-
American’s lives and there are books esting and well written.
to express everyone’s point of view. At Senior advisor to former President
Barely Read Used Books, there are cur- Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal offers an
rently over a dozen books insider’s view of the
Bring in this ad for one free day of day care available that explore
Politics: Clinton’s years in the
various political themes. White House in his
with the purchase of one day* George Lakoff write an books and book, “The Clinton
essential guide for pro- Wars.” Warring frac-
gressives entitled, “Don’t observations tions, which surround-
/VERNIGHT"OARDING COMFORTSOFHOMEANDAFEW Think of an Elephant: ed and attacked the for-
3ELF 7ASH4UBS EXTRAS TOO WHILEYOUREAWAY Know your Values and Frame the mer administration, are described in
'ROOMING /URFACILITYHASALARGESWIMMING Debate.” Bill O’Reilly represents this first hand account of Bill Clinton’s
4RAINING POOL WEBCAMS ANDSUITESWITH an opposite viewpoint in “Culture presidency. Joan Didion, author of
Warrior,” a description of the conflict “Political Fictions” also explore the
between conservatives and progres- divisions between the parties that sup-
*coupon valid for new customers only
sives. port their candidates and attack their
Dismay over the current adminis- opponents. She reveals the mechanics
303-296-3722 3150 Brighton Blvd., Denver tration is expressed by Molly Ivins in of American politics, the reasons we her book, “Shrub, the Short but Happy vote the way we do and the truth about
Political Life of George W. Bush.” Ms. all candidates.
Ivins describes how money influ- All of these books are fascinating
We’ve Moved ences political outcome and recounts for different reasons; however, Forrest
to 5883 W. 38th Ave. Karl Rove’s smear campaign against Church’s “American Creed: A Spiritual
Senator John McCain. Michael Moore and Patriotic Primer” is perhaps the one
North on 38th
also exposes and lampoons the faulty of the most inspiring book I’ve read.
just East of Harlan
arguments of the people in charge Rev. Church is a minister at All Souls

Stop by to see our local artists!

j while describing the greed of corporate
America and the hypocrisy of belt-
way politicians in “Dude, Where’s My
Unitarian Church in New York City
and his book is a stirring biography of
the Declaration of Independence. At
303-421-8400 Country?” Both writers use humor this time of political unrest and excite-
to discuss serious topics while other ment, it is important to remember how
authors take a more serious approach luck we are as Americans to be able to

20% off
to their writing. vote for the candidate of our choice.
Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator The recent turnout at the February 5th
Barack Obama have both written mem- caucuses showed that we care about
Any Framing Job oirs of their early lives. Mrs. Clinton’s the outcome of the elections. It’s time
$100 or More book ends with her experiences as First for all of us get involved and informed
Limited one coupon per customer. Lady in “Living History.” Mr. Obama’s about the democratic process. A good
Coupons may not be combined. book “Dreams from My Father” con- book is a great to start! Since there is a
cludes with his keynote address to definite variety from which to choose,
5883 W. 38th Avenue the Democratic National Convention in so start reading today!***
n Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Brown will hold Community
Brown International Academy will to help tend the garden. A portion of
host a ground-breaking celebration for the garden space will be dedicated to
)NLESSTHANMONTHS $AVELOST its new community garden. The garden classroom plots, while other plots will
will offer a unique center for community be available to interested parents and
LBS DROPPEDTOTALBODY building, with an emphasis on offering neighbors on a first come, first served
FAT DROPPEDINCHESFROMHIS the elementary students hands-on expe- basis.
WAIST ANDLOWERHISACTIVEAND riences that will support the learning In 2007, Brown received a $5,000
RESTINGHEARTRATES of science, social and cultural studies, grant from Department of Health and
and art. The project is a collaborative Human Services to help construct the
!LLSESSIONSCONDUCTEDIN effort between the staff of Brown, the garden. The school also formed a critical
PRIVATESUITES Brown Parent Teacher Organization partnership with DUG, a nonprofit orga-
(PTO), Denver Urban Gardens (DUG), nization that operates and assists with
and Denver Public Schools (DPS). the creation and management of over
FFSESSIONSWITHA 70 metro-area community gardens and
PURCHASEOFANYPACKAGE Date: Saturday, March 15, 2008 small parks. DUG ( devel-
'OODFORlRSTTIMECLIENTSONLY,IMITONE Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm oped Brown’s initial garden design with
COUPONPERPERSON Location: Brown International plans for school and community plots,
Academy, 2550 Lowell Blvd (on the and continues to be an active consultant
Support a Resolution:    school’s east side) on the project. DUG has also generously
WWWFTOFDENVERCOM offered to supplement the $5,000 grant
Gift Certificates Available! The garden planning committee is with an additional $3,000 from the Gates
seeking volunteers from the local com- Family Foundation, as well as in-kind
munity to attend the ground- break- donations of materials and consultation,
ing event – and encourages them to all to help cover the costs of the garden.
come equipped with their own shovels “The Brown community garden was
Buy or sell your property and a willingness to “dig in” and help
construct the garden. Free lunches and
door prizes will be offered to those who
a natural for DUG to support, with won-
derful potential for the kids to experience
hands-on learning in the sciences, health

with us! attend, as well as chances to win other

prizes. Local businesses are encouraged
to come and show their support for the
and cultural studies, while providing
real opportunities for the school to con-
nect with neighborhood residents,” said
project. Michael Buchenau, executive director at
The brainchild of the PTO, the garden DUG. “We look forward to seeing how
David & Maria Nella Landman was inspired by a desire to build com-
munity within and around the school,
the garden brings this very active school
community even closer together for the
Broker Associates and to create healthy learning environ- benefit of the children.”
Phone: 720-206-0206 ments for students. Students, families,
and neighbors are invited to sign up
Learn more about Brown at brown.***
David’s Cell: 303 301 5085
Maria’s Cell: 303 301 5192
To Advertise: 303.458.7541
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