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March 7, 2008 North Denver News Page 13

Highlands United
Insurance justice in Colorado
continued from page 10 the insurance company? Why should
Colorado’s justices and judges the insurance company, aided by the

Methodist Church
have now hammered home the insur- Colorado Courts, be able to shift that
ance mantra: any time you seek your risk back onto your shoulders?
own benefits that you pay with your In some states, such as Montana,
own premiums, the claim process is insurance companies have to act
now considered to be adversarial. fairly, in good faith, to everyone. Not
If you get hurt on the job and won-
der why your workers compensation
in Colorado. Short of actual fraud,
insurance companies in Colorado 3131 Osceola Street
Corner of 32nd Ave.
insurance adjuster refuses to autho- owe an injured person nothing. And
rize care and you struggle to wonder that’s what Colorado courts and leg-

and Osceola
why, this is how the Colorado courts islators think is fair.
want insurance to function. Because insurance companies

You can always sue the insur- bank a profit the moment they col-
ance company. Then you endure lect premiums, based on the law of
months of waiting for your trial, after large numbers, insurance compa-
enduring “motions” filed by insur- nies have ample funds to pay for
ance company lawyers working to predicted losses up to the full policy
cloak in secrecy the very methods limits. While individual losses can-
by which the insurance companies not be predicted, collective losses
“adjust” these claims. can be predicted statistically through
No insurance policy contains the the laws of averages and of large

Holy Week
terms “claims handler” or “claims numbers.
adjuster” or “claims supervisor” or in Insurance contracts are not ordi-
the parlance of modern management nary run-of-the-mill agreements.
“team leader.” Yet Colorado judges They are almost considered contracts
embrace this practice called “disin- of adhesion where the consumer has
termediation” where invisible barri- no choice but to take it or leave it.
ers to benefits get erected through
this “adversarial” process.
When do insurance consumers ever
get to bargain over the fine print? Palm Sunday March 16, 10:00 AM
Maundy Thursday March 20, 7:00 PM
Even more, if you get hurt by The consumers’ only option is to buy
somebody else, the insurance com- the policy or vote with their feet by
panies maintain absolute control going somewhere else and face the

Easter Sunday March 23, 10:00 AM

over settling the case. But what if same fine print.
the insurance companies decide to Only in “third party” cases does
low ball? the insurance company owe an obli-
Nothing. Are they brought to jus-
tice? No.
gation to protect the insured from
financial loss and provide a qua- Singing of Hallelujah Chorus
si-fiduciary obligation to help the
Open Communion
Why? Because the courts neatly
conceal from the jury the fact that it insured. This is like a banker holding
is the insurance company behind the your money but telling you it is not
entire process. So who gets sued? convenient for the banker to release
The policyholder gets sued, even your money to you until you jump

Child Care Provided at all Services

though the policyholder can do abso- through hoops the banker contrives.
lutely nothing to settle the case. If Who benefits from the delay and use
the consumer tries to settle the case, of your money during this “float?”
the insurance company can pull cov- So what’s the matter with
erage, claiming interference with the Colorado? Who can afford uncollect-
contract. ible insurance? Who wants collect-
Insurance companies conduct
business in Colorado practically in
ible insurance only after running the
insurance adversarial gauntlet? Easter Egg Hunt March 22, 10:30 AM
secret. When they hire outside man- Colorado legislators and judges,

Open Hearts
agement consultants, like McKinsey that’s who. Their decisions favor
and Company, or Accenture, to the insurance companies and the
devise plans to boost corporate prof- lawyers, of course, since to fight an

Open Minds
its, these business plans are not insurance company requires more
provided to state regulators. They are lawyers and more lawsuits and more
kept secret. When policyholders find judges.
What’s the matter with this pic-

Open Doors
out about them, then the insurance
companies relinquish parts of them ture? Or just with Colorado?
only if a “protective order” is entered Richard M. Kaudy is an expert
guaranteeing that these profit-maxi- in handling insurance and claim-
mizing plans are concealed from the handling matters both on behalf of
very public and policyholders they insureds and insurers. He has provid-
serve. ed expert opinions in this field, where
So what can a Colorado consumer
do when the insurance company
he donates fees from this service
to various charitable causes includ- All are welcome
Rev. Dr. Betty Bradford
won’t pay? They can file suit and ing Mothers Against Drunk Driving
await the months of endless delays (MADD). Rich has handled thousands
clever insurance lawyers contrive. of cases involving personal injuries
Only rarely do courts sanction insur- and corporate misconduct including
ance companies or their lawyers for class-action lawsuits. In addition to
not following the rules of civil pro- litigating a variety of cases, Mr. Kaudy
cedure. has taught numerous seminars and
The courts reason that these workshops in several states including
“first-party actions” are adversarial in Colorado, Texas, Oregon, California
nature. Anyone who wants what they and Arizona. He has been a guest
paid now learns to their sadness that lecturer in law and medicine classes
instead of being treated neighborly at the University of Denver College of
with friendly hands they are slugged Law and for CPCU classes.
as an enemy, as an adversary. Mark A. Gould is an attorney who
Is this how Colorado wants insur- practices with Richard M. Kaudy and
ance to work? lives in North Denver with his wife,
If we want to live in a Colorado Therese, and their terrier, George.
where you fight every single time Mark’s practice focuses on insurance
you need insurance, then applaud claims, car accident claims, bad-faith
the adversarial approach embraced insurance claims, commercial insur-
by Colorado’s judges. If you want to ance claims, and he also provides pro
live in a Colorado where insurance bono legal assistance to those who
companies have to pay you what they are unable to afford an attorney.
owe and not squeeze you for leverage If you have any questions or would
to pay less than your limits, then like any reprints of this article (or oth-
call someone who can change these ers), you can reach Mark or Rich at:
values. 303-623-1885 or mgould@kaudylaw.
After all, didn’t you pay good com (Mark) or
money to transfer the risk of loss onto (Rich).***
Page 14 North Denver News March 7, 2008

Cyndeth Allison
North Denver Notions
This part of the cemetery tells his short life with
the saddest stories. The tiny unhealed sorrow
lambs with the dates a few weeks, in their voices. I
a few days apart. Those with only remember a blue ribbon and a
one date. tiny, tiny footprint.
It is leap year day. My friends I have talked to many people
and I stand in a circle around one who have had miscarriages and
such grave, the birth whose babies have
date exactly 60 years
ago, the date of death Leap year died. I know the death
of an infant is a wound
two days later. The baby that never heals. This
child was never named, one was especially poi-
though I know my par- gnant because he was
ents planned to call him Roger born on leap year day and the
after their best friend. He would entire city of Denver celebrated
have been my big brother, the one his birth. I imagine my moth-
who would
have intro-
duced me
to cool
music and
his cool
the one
who would
h a v e
p l a y e d
catch with
our little
and pro-
t e c t e d
him from
the school
I was
about ten
when I
learned I
could have
had that coveted thing, an older er, months later, meeting a dis-
brother. My parents ran across tant acquaintance, the type who
his birth certificate while looking wouldn’t otherwise even know
for something else. They showed she’d been pregnant, but who
it to my brother and me with would ask after the baby because
no fanfare, but told the story of she’d read it in the paper. The died. ily photo, some favorite CDs we
grief would have been kept raw Because this is a leap year, the could have shared. People placed
for a long time. baby was in my thoughts. I found stones in memory of babies lost
DID YOU KNOW?... My parents rarely talked about that the cost of a headstone was
COMMON that baby, and never about the not prohibitive. I chose one, not
in their own families.
This I did to honor my mother’s
GROUNDS hopes they must have had for
him. Yet he was there, a shadowy
with the traditional lamb, but
with a boy flying a kite, spaniel at
wishes, to commemorate my par-
ents’ love of that baby, to make
IS NOW SERVING A SELECTION OF part of our family, each of us car- his heels, for the carefree child- real his presence in our family,
INE INES & rying some thoughts about who hood I wished he’d had. and to help heal for my brother
OCALLY REWED EERS B he would have been in our lives. And on his birthday – his fif- and me the hole that he left. I
As she grew older my mother teenth – I gathered a group of did it to make sure that he is not
(and Guinness, of course!) began to say how she wished friends for a ceremony at his forgotten.
he had a headstone – the young newly-marked grave. We read Roger Allison,
couple hadn’t been able to afford poems, sang the songs of 1948, February 29, 1948 –
one. She thought maybe she’d do told him how he had been loved March 2, 1948
it now, to make sure he had some and missed. I place on his grave May he rest in peace.***
place in human memory. But she things I wished he’d had in life
didn’t get around to it before she – a handmade stuffed toy, a fam-
SOUPS, & SALADS Everything You Want to Know About the Democratic National
CHEESE PLATES WITH Convention and its Impact on Denver Neighborhoods
(No, I donít mean the Baristas!) Attend the Spring Community Forum Hosted and Moderated by
Denver City Councilman Rick Garcia
LIVE MUSIC BEGINS AT 8PM On Thursday April 10, 6:00-7:30 p.m. at North High School Auditorium
2960 N. Speer Blvd. (enter off W.32nd Ave./Decatur)
MAR.7ó ANTWON OWENS TRIO DNC Panelists Will Include:
MARCH 14ó JEFF LAQUATRA Spring Community Forum
MAR. 15ó VICTOR TOWLE Sky Gallegos, DNC, Deputy CEO Intergovernmental Affairs
MAR. 29ó TODD HELVIG Katherine Archuleta, Mayor’s Office, Policy Advisor on Policy &
District One
Councilman Rick Garcia
SUNDAYS: IRISH SESSION Mike Dino, CEO Denver Convention Host Committee
1ST & 3RD MONDAYS: BLUES JAM For more Information call
David Quiñones, Division Chief, Special Operations Division,and
THURSDAYS: OPEN MIC Michael Battista, Deputy Chief of Operations, DPD
Sharon Linhart, Downtown Denver Partnership, DNC Task Force
March 7, 2008 North Denver News Page 15

Business Checking
No service charges
No per item fees
No minimum balance required
Free Online Banking and
Online Domestic Wire Transfers


2100 16th Street 3475 W. 32nd Ave

Riverfront Park Highlands
720-931-1940 303-458-9340
FDIC ©2008 Community Bankshares, Inc.

Maureen Thomson • North Denver Notions

Jeremy and I took granddaugh- I said so," slipped out of my mouth knew Kaydi would have ratted me behind a trash can and not all that
ter Kaydi to Disney World last like butter. Add to those the more out anyway) but if Kaydi was out far away, but for the five seconds
month. We knew before we left recently acquired Grandmother- of earshot. I let the other person of sheer panic that cursed through
that this would be an undertak- love phrases of, "Of course you can believe the fantasy. my body, I think I aged 5 years.)
ing, neither of us being 30 (or any- have another ice cream, Kaydi?" Oh yes, it is a very magical king- But by far, the greatest perk of
where close) anymore and not hav- "Can I blow raspberries on your dom. Bippedy-Bobbedy-Boo! One the trip was resuming the power of
ing firsthand experi- belly?" and "You are the stroller. That was one aspect
ence at parenting a The power of Beee---uuutiful!" A
lovely combination
of motherhood that I'd forgotten
about, but it came back to me
3-year old for nigh
on 20 years. While the stroller indeed. instantly. If you're a mom of any
we knew it would be The greatest perks age, you know what I'm talking
magical to experience of the trip were ones about. The power of the stroller.
Disney through Kaydi's eyes, we I hadn't anticipated. For example, Put one of those puppies into the
wondered how she'd be after a few imagine my Grandmotherly delight hands of the gentlest woman and
days of separation from her folks. was I was repeatedly (yes, I said she becomes as aggressive as
Personally, I worried about my own repeatedly) assumed to be Kaydi's Attila the Hun. We who courte-
patience level. Have I really grown mother. Now, that's not ridicu- ously hold doors for old people,
more tolerant in my old age (as I lously far off the mark. Certainly, don't say "boo" if it's our turn
like to believe) or am I simply more it would have been biologically pos- to order at the deli and the next
patient because my impatience- sible and if you disregard the fact customer beats us to it, gra-
triggers (i.e. noisy, demanding, that a pregnancy for me at 46 ciously let others cut in front of
hyper children) are no longer a part would have caused me to hurl us in the supermarket checkout
of my daily routine? We were about myself onto oncoming I-25 traffic at and never knowingly cut some-
to find out. rush hour, it’s not out of the realm one off in traffic, become Monster
I'm happy to say that the trip of possibility. With couples putting Mamas once behind the handle
was a blast. Kaydi was awed by off having kids for longer and longer of a stroller. It makes us feel
the Princesses and fearless on the periods of time, and with the mira- invincible. Move! Baby on Board!
rides--even going on the Tower of cle of in-vitro fertilization, it's not Watch your heels, for I will clip
Terror with Grammy, who clutched all that uncommon. Statistics say them. Crowds open up for us like
the child in panic that her little the number of women giving birth the parting of the Red Sea. Moses
body (the child's, not the Grammy's) after 40 has doubled in the past has nothing on us and we love
would be ejected from the car free- decade. Jane Seymour gave birth it! We become confident, then
falling at over 70 miles per hour. to twins at 45, Joan Lunden used downright aggressive. Get out of
Parenting is like riding a bike, I a surrogate to produce two sets of my way or I will mow you down!
learned. It comes back with ease twins after sage 49. Marcia Cross, The power is more exhilarat-
and in the time it took to say our favorite Desperate Housewife, ing than a ride on Big Thunder
"and they lived happily ever after" recently popped out her first child can believe anything there. Mountain railroad.
I was handling the intricacies of (twins, again--what is it with these There were other unexpected Now, as a non-stroller push-
the three-year-old personality with multiple births?) at age 44. delights on our trip. I was able to er, I despise this trait. Who do
ease. Mommy-phrases, I hadn't But let's be honest; none of keep up with a three-year-old with these pushy broads think they are,
uttered in years came back to me that went through my mind dur- relative ease (a hearty thank you to bearing down upon me on the
like I'd never taken a break from ing the Disney trip. When people my elliptical machine), the crowds sidewalk three abreast with their
them. "Don't pick your nose," "No, called me Kaydi's mom, I simpered, and lines didn't frustrate me or caterwauling offspring forcing me
you can't take your shoes off in blushed modestly and knew, just Kaydi nearly as much as I feared out into traffic if I have the audac-
the restaurant," "Do you have to go knew, that I don't look a day over they might, and I only lost Kaydi ity to pass? But as one of them?
potty?" and the ubiquitous "Because 35. Sometimes I corrected them (I once. (And in reality she was simply see STROLLER on page 22
Page 16 North Denver News March 7, 2008

Tonalli - the Northside's

8BSN8FBUIFS new t-shirt shop
by Don Bain the community and we had a really

)PU4QFDUBDMFT On North Pecos St. there’s a good reception from everyone and
new shop, which features t-shirts, everybody really liked them,” she
clothes, accessories and miscel- added. “It was an amazing experi-
lanea with one thing in common ence for us.”
– a distinct point of view and an The couple had the opportunity
unabashed way of expressing it. to travel through Europe while still
1SFTDSJQUJPOMFOTFTUIBUEPOUGPSDF Here t-shirts featuring an image in college and noticed a difference
of Frida Kahlo hang beside others in people there. “It’s really inter-
sporting the face of Angela Davis. esting to go abroad and see other
ZPVUPMPPLUISPVHIBêTICPXM Che Guevara and Emiliano Zapata cultures, other societies, other
mingle freely with Bobby Seale and worlds essentially and see what

"UHSFBUQSJDFT Malcolm X. Even infants express a they are wearing,” Somoza stated.
point of view with baby tees proudly “They had cultural icons and really
exclaiming “No Justice, No Sleep.” cool, significant clothes. That’s the
there are

Montoya Jewelers, inc.

the more
s u b t l e
Montoya J
designs 3145 W. 38th Ave., Denver
3145 W. 38th Ave.,
the CO 80211 303-455-1235
skull, or

North Denver Jeweler Serving

calavera, North Denver
wearing a
the Community Since 1990 the Commun
303-455-3369 s e r a p e
and hua- Locally owne
Locally owned and operated
4337 TENNYSON When you
In-house goldsmith, diamond setter & designers
In-house goldsmith,
Come Celebrate our di
Appraisals for estate
Appraisals for estate or insurance purposes
never seen
Buyers: Gold, Silver & Gems
14th Anniversary
Buyers: Gold
this way,
the point
with Hundreds of
sinks in –
these ste- New Frames from &YQFSU+
reotypes 3F
are dead, the Paris Show.
meaning- Jasmin Chavez and Armando Somoza, owners of Tonalli,

less antiq- sporting items from their clothing lines – Intellectual Elegance
uities. and Chispa. Photo by Todd Pierson Photography.

Montoya Jewelers, inc. Montoya J

many items extol opinions, others idea – everything has a meaning,
simply reveal the beauty of cultur- everything has Unconditional
some sort of ques- Qualit

Unconditional Quality - Guaranteed Results
ally themed design including lovely tion, some sort 3145 of comment, #FBV
W. 38th Ave.,
3145 W. 38th Ave., Denver,
floral CO 80211
handbags, 303-455-1235
unusual jewelry, sort of recognition of someone who %JB
striking artwork, novel greeting hasn’t been recognized. It’s "MM)FBSU4I
a way of

cards and so much more.
Tonalli is a Nahuatl word imply-
reclaiming heroes.”HUGEDenver
“For me it was especially EJBNPOE SV
Engagements u We

Fc[?flj\ the Commun

ing a person’s inner spirit and young women – I really wanted
u Weddings Anniversaries
the Community Since 1990
u fect expression
destiny. So it was the per- to motivate and empower them,”
u Holidays
to incorporate the Chavez said. “A lot of times
Locally own
u Birthday
young u R
Diamonds SERV
girls are dealing with the insecuri-
Locally owned and operated
Diamonds u Rings u Pendants
t-shirt design companies of Jazmin
In-house goldsmith, di
Chavez and Armando Somoza. Both ties of high school and I u Chains
wanted to u

u Chains u Gold Fashions
In-house goldsmith, diamond setter & designers CFUXFFO
grew up in Denver though they make sure to bring out a very strong
never met here – they had to travel message aboutAppraisals
being proud offor estate
M-F: 11-
Appraisals for estate
1,441 milesor
11-6 to insurance
S AT: 10-5
do that.

purposesyou are, your cultural heritage and
Chavez and Somoza were among what you believe in. A lot Buyers:
of youthGold
?`jkfi`Z?`^_cXe[jDXjfe`ZK\dgc\:\ek\i Buyers:13 Gold, Silver
Colorado & Gems
students invited to wear stuff that means nothing.”
Mexico by the Mexican consulate. They take their involvement with
“At the end of my senior year and the community very seriously and
Jazmin’s junior year we were both regularly open their space up to
Just imagine — potentially all of your house ‘challenges’ nominated to participate in a Cinco meetings, exhibits and happenings
could be solved in one day at a fun event right here in
de Mayo celebration in Mexico City,” in support of this cause or that.
the neighborhood! Somoza said. They were part of 300 In the meantime, Tonalli has an
U.S. Latinos invited to a convoca- added significance to the couple
• space • heating and cooling • take a workshop tion with over 1,000 Mexican stu- – soon their business partnership 8&1"
• windows • kitchens and bathrooms • visit with city officials, dents. “We actually became pretty will take second place to their life
• colors • yards and gardens home professionals good friends on the trip,” Chavez partnership – they plan to marry. (P
• bricks • permits/zoning and other experts Has pop culture been co-opted
• fire safety • water-wise ways • vendors galore
Something must have happened by Tommy Hilfiger Unconditional
and DKNY into Quali %FOUBM(
Unconditional Quality
because - Guaranteed
they started datingResults
and a soulless travesty of what it could

designing t-shirts to sell at festi- and should be? Have you stopped
vals thereafter. From the very start to think what the clothes you 4FMMVTZP
May 10
they designed shirts with a social say about you? Stop by the shop HUGE JEWELG
9a – 4p Engagements
conscience – the first one sought at 3810 Pecos St. and such ques-
to raise awareness of the sense- tions will plague you no more. Store
Weddings u Anniversaries
u We
lessuand unmitigated slaughter of hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday u Birthday
Historic Highlands Masonic Temple Center
u Birthdays u Holidays over the through
young women in Juarez Saturday. For more infor-
Diamonds u R
3550 Federal Boulevard past 15 years. “We loved it because mation call 303-993-8803 or visit SERV
Diamonds u Rings u Pendants
we were putting the designs out to*** u Chains u
You are invited to tour the Masonic Temple which, until recently, u Chains u Gold Fashions
has not been open to the public. Come visit this neighborhood icon. CFUXFF
M-F: 11
M-F: 11-6 SAT: 10-5 

The Northwest Denver Old House Expo organization committee: Ask GENIE! communications, Denver City
Councilman Rick Garcia, The North Denver News, This Place in Time, LLC, Xcel Energy
Proud sponsors include: Denver Water, Lapis Gallery, Modern Bungalow, Northwest Denver City Council
District One, All About Saving Heat & Windows, One L Design
March 7, 2008 North Denver News Page 17

Renee Fajardo • North Denver Notions

For over a quarter of a centu- UCD. “This class is so innova- Virginia Wolf’s essay, “A Room of feasibility and group diversity.
ry the Rocky Mountain Women’s tive and unusual," says Braden. One’s Own.” Talent and creativity Associates meet regularly dur-
Institute has been awarding seven "For the past four years, the art- can flourish best when supported ing the year to share creative
to ten women, ists have come and encouraged with adequate ideas, critique projects, and draw
from all walks in to class and resources. Opportunity should support and inspiration from each
of the arts Rocky Mountain taught the stu- not be restricted by gender. other. This interaction, not usu-
and letters, Women's Institute to dents for three
stipends and days. This not
support ser-
showcase 2007/08 only gives the
vices to help associates at Space artist a chance
them com- to interact with
plete a year-
Art Gallery students, but it
long creative gives the stu-
project. For the past eight of dents a real glimpse into the
those years, Elizabeth Braden has working lives of real writers,
been the executive director, and musicians, dancers and visual
the small, petite fire cracker of a artists.”
woman promises that this year's This year's artists include:
RMWI Associates Showcase, April Kate Aspinal, an artist from
9th at Space Art Gallery will be Scotland, who holds a degree in
“cutting edge and Art History from the
spectacular.” historic University
Braden, who has of St. Andrews in
a Master’s in Art Scotland; Karen
Education from the Carter Margarita
Rhode Island School Blush, a puppeteer
of Design, and is from Bulgaria, who
currently adjunct holds a Master's For 25 years, the Rocky Mountain Women's Institute has given fellowships to up-and-coming 
professor of art his- degree in direct- female visual artists, musicians, performers and writers.  This year's awardees include Kate
tory at UCD. ing for puppet and Aspinal (illustrator), Margarita Blush (puppetry), Deanna Lowman (photography), Li
“Eight years ago, alternative theatre Harding (sculptor), Renee Fajardo (writing), Joy Sawyer (poetry) and Karen Carter (fiction).
this program almost from the National The reception for this year's fellows is April 9th at the Space Art Gallery. Photo provided by
died due to fund- Academy for Theatre Renee Fajardo.
ing issues. I had just and Film Arts in
moved to Denver Sofia, Bulgaria; The heart of the Institute is ally available to artists of different
from a teaching Renee Fajardo, who the Associate Program. Each year, disciplines working alone, pro-
position back east. holds a law degree seven to ten Associates are select- duces a creative synergy, which
I had never seen a from the University ed in open competition. Awards enhances the perspective and
program like this. It of Nebraska and are based on artistic merit, project insight of each associate.***
was so dynamic. The teaches creative
women who apply writing and story-
for this program are Elizabeth Braden, Executive telling (she special-
really the cream of Director of the RMWI for 8 izes in Southwestern
the crop in their field. years. Photo provided by lore); Li Hardison,
One of the issues, in Renee Fajardo. portrait artist and fig-
the past, has been urative sculptor, who
that their work was usually show- explores the dignity and strength
cased at a campus gallery and of women, and African American
did not receive the publicity it women in particular, through her
deserved. This year's is differ- art; Deanna Lowman, who holds
ent.” a degree in photography from
So different, in fact, that all the University of Colorado - she
seven of the women who faced photographs a wide variety of
stiff competition to join the elite subjects, focusing on the dignity
list of RMWI fellows have turned of human experience; Joy Sawyer,
the Space Gallery into a perfor- who teaches creative writing at
mance theater for the opening the University of Denver - as a
reception on April 9th. Attendees performance poet, she’s in the
at the free event will be treated process of producing a theatrical
to spectacular sculpture, photo presentation of a sonnet crown
journalism displays, art work, called “Following the Piper.” Joy
puppet theater, poetry readings holds a Master's degree from the
and storytelling. NYU Gallatin Division, where she
Braden has incorporated each received the Herbert Rubin Award
of the RMWI associates in her for Outstanding Creative Writing.
class curriculum for Images and Incorporated in 1976, the RMWI

Identity, a class she leads at is based on the concepts behind

You’ve got a vision. A fresh new look for
8JOF$PNQBOZ $%#%"!"&!'$!#
your kitchen, bath or business. Please
#!$""" "&# #
allow us to help. We’re the owners of the
#!'&" "!"
Denver-based franchise of Kitchen Tune-
® ) !#'!
Up. We are the only remodeling company
 '##!"$$"#! !%(
that offers In-Tune Customer Service.™
#%!'$!%" "###'!
4Dэ  .̨D̙Ȣ͝MȺǑOȠ

Whatever your vision, please contact us
)Ǒ҅W˒  'JȢMȠ  
today for a free estimate. 720-841-6887.



# #$ $"!

#$# #$ $"!

1FDPT4U "53).%33/&4(%9%!2
Page 18 North Denver News March 7, 2008
Elizabeth J. Wheeler
North Denver Notions
The English Cottage Movement English cottage garden
expert and prolific author Gertrude
4HEBESTl the Jekyll (1843-1932) used this tech-
Old-Fashion Bungalow nique too, as well as massing flow-
ers in the same hue, which she
called “drifts.” Like all of her books,
“There comes a day her twelfth book, “Colour
towards the end of Thoughts & Schemes for the Flower
The breathtaking shards of
March when there is
tipsglass Angie
from Olami
an Garden” is a pleasure to
read. her
uses in
7ND!VENUE   but little wind, and that
jewelry date from 100Informal
BCE to
is from the west or even old house combina-
south-west. The sun 300 CE. They were unearthed
tions of favorite flowers
has gained much power,
in Israel by archaeologists
and plants are planted in
so that it is pleasant to cottage gardens. Many of
sifting through the fallen
sit out in the garden…..,” Gertrude

“Developed on a small scale for

these plants
pillars and onceinmagnifi
grow well in Colorado
cent conditions. In
cities of the Roman Empire.
the back of Duchscherer’s book,
small houses, the English cottage “Outside the Bungalow: America’s

AT+ISMET garden translates well for a bun- Arts & Crafts Garden,” a 1901
galow, which is a small, modest plant list is printed. (A sampling

Best Handbags One of Gertrude Jekyll’s gardens at her home, Munstead Wood, in England.
Photo by Elizabeth J. Wheeler.
Open Seven Days
home,” stated renowned author from this list is printed below.)
Paul Duchscherer during a lecture Formal gardens with the land-
in Denver several years ago. scape separated in quadrants
+ Q U A L I T Y P A I N T English cottage gardens work are also cited as bungalow gar-
well in Colorado, too. For example, dens. Often bungalow house plans
Duchscherer sited the use of native included formal landscape designs.
plants promoted by the renowned Japanese influence is often seen in


Arts and Crafts Movement garden the architecture of bungalows and

expert William Robinson (1838- their gardens.

1935). He wrote, “The Wild Garden,” If garages or sheds are visible

published in 1870. This concept in the garden, Duchscherer sug-

became one of the cornerstones in gested blending them or camou-


America during the era of the Arts flaging them into the landscape.

& Crafts Movement, the time period For example, adding window boxes

Selected plants from Duchscherer’s plant list include:

Your Neighborhood Painting

Annuals Perennials Shrubs



Marigold Hollyhock Currant

Morning glory Larkspur Lilac

Nasturtium Coneflower Snowball

Pansy Sunflower Spirea (Bridal Wreath)
Sping Cleaning

Cosmos Coral Bells


Baby’s Breath Marguerite

Special! Poppy

10% Off Interior Painting Names of trees, vines, ferns, bulbs along with Alpine plants and rock gardens,
plants from Japan, and wild flowers are also printed on the list in the back of his


Through March!

around the turn of the twentieth to the side of a garage or shed or


century which influenced design erecting in front of these struc-


from architectural styles, like the tures trellises for climbing vines or


bungalow and the Denver Square, roses.


to jewelry. To learn more about cottage gar-


To blend into nature, cottage dens, come to the free Northwest

gardens are often planted in a Denver Old House Expo® Saturday,

curvilinear area. Also, the curved May 10, at the historic Highlands

h4HESEGUYSAREGOODv line softens the total landscape.

Duchscherer mentioned that
Masonic Temple Center, 3550
Federal Boulevard, from 9 a.m. to

another renowned Arts & Crafts 4 p.m. ***


Accepting All Major Credit Cards

Free Estimates Color Ads Sell 40% More and


it’s surprisingly affordable

= G R E A T R E S U L T S ! call us today! 303.458.7541
March 7, 2008 North Denver News Page 19

Marla Lindstrom Benroth

North Denver Notions
This column is dedicated to all lantly fighting kidney disease with
those who have loved and lost a Tymphany for four months. He was
pet. And to those who are right now losing weight and drinking a lot of
in the midst of trauma with dear water when I took him to the vet
furry family members who have in September and got the confirm-
cancer, kidney dis- ing blood work. It was
ease, and any other
kind of illness. (If
Dealing with not a beginning stage.
Kidney disease is a top
there isn’t a mirac- grief in the killer for cats. It can
ulous intervention, midst of loving creep up insidiously
you will lose him or and as the kidneys fail,
Many of you
an losing a pet other body functions
begin to fall apart, such
Welcome to “Ma Maison”
don’t feel like you as the ability to make
can talk to others much about red blood cells so they can become “Ma Maison” is a Home Decor Boutique with a French
this deep grief that fills your heart anemic. And they develop problems Country accent. We are located on trendy Tennyson Street.
and soul. They may look at you with heart, lungs, digestion, and
with attempted sympathy, but you wound healing. Visit and browse through Ma Maison and take home
sense they may be charming and beautiful highlights to complement your
patronizing: you The Road decorating ideas. Our furnishings are hand painted and
can always get You Don’t Want have the authentic look, style, patina and finishes long
another one. But to Travel associated with the countryside and rustic homes and
you are thinking So we turned
farmhouses of France.
inside, there is down a dif-
no other Tiger or ficult road. It
Patches. For some was not a road We feature:
of you, your pets I wanted to go Holiday cabinetry by Woodworking Wonders
are like children to down. I really painted furniture . decorative lamps . tapestries
you. And the grief wanted to take rugs . throws . tea sets . service pieces . vases
floods you as you the fork that & so much more.
think about all the took us upward
wonderful, crazy into the clouds, 303.997.9084
fun, comforting where he would 4321 Tennyson St.
times you’ve had be miraculously
with him. And that healed and we’d
it will never be the move on hap-
same without him. pily with our
I know your lives. I pictured
pain. I have two there would be
Tuxedo Twin B&W always be two of
kitties, Tymphany them, cuddling
(11) and Brittany (10), and one is together on the couch, or spatting
very sick. As I write this column, in the middle of the night and leav-
he’s anemic and not eating on his ing B&W fluffs of fur on my just-
own. vacuumed living room floor, or rid-
Enjoying and Loving Our ing to Nana & Grandpa’s together…
Furry Friends My mind didn’t even comprehend a
The Tux Twins moved with scenario where one would leave all
me without complaint every time of us behind.
I rented a new apartment when When reality about his situation
I was single. When I got lonely, sunk in – and that took a while - I
Brittany would jump into my lap, felt regret. Pain. Why didn’t I take
purring loudly. And after marrying them to the vet sooner and get
Chet and settling in a new home, that blood work? What decisions
they immediately determined the do I make on a day-to-day basis
back yard of our new home - with to help him? Will he stabilize and
its taunting squirrels and singing be with us for years to come, like
birds - and the entire inside of the a few rare and happy owners have
home was their kingdom and we experienced?
were here at their command. Finding the Rainbow in the
When Chet and I trav- Rain
eled, I’d drive the kitties to the Some of you know about the
“Grandkittyparents” in Boulder roller coaster ride where you try
while we were gone. Tymp would to do everything you can in the
jump onto my shoulders in the car midst of a demanding schedule.
(don’t tell anyone), curl around my Chet and I began giving Tymp
neck watching the mountainous daily subQs (subcutaneous fluids,
landscape pass by and purr. He’d or fluids from a bag into the scruff
rub his face against me, squirm- of his neck to keep him from get-
ing with excitement as I parked my ting dehydrated). I researched and
Prussian Red SUV, eager to jump inhaled all the info I could on kid-
to the sidewalk and run up the ney disease and how to handle it,
stairs. taking a pageful of questions to the
And at home while showering, vet every time we visited. I found
I’d suddenly feel a presence in the an awesome forum of compassion-
room. When I opened the tinted ate and intelligent compadres who
glass door, there Tymphany was, were also dealing with Chronic
sitting on the toilet, blinking hap- Renal Failure (CRF) in their kitties,
pily at me. and passing on invaluable tips and
Yes, I understand how you must websites. (Yahoo groups: www.pets.
feel when, perhaps out of the blue,
your sweet furry friend gets sick. CRF-Support ). It’s amazing how
Or develops a lump. Or gets hit you can talk to people all around
by a car and it is bad. Whether he the world who have same or similar
is young or old, it doesn’t matter. challenges you have and learn from
It hurts your heart. When he is their experiences within minutes.
young, you think of all the years And with all this information I
you want to have with him. When amassed, I honed a daily routine
he is old, you remember the many that worked for us.
years you’ve had. It has been hard. But I’ve found
And often, it is very, very hard strength I never knew I had. In all
to let go. the trials, I have learned things
We have been valiantly and vigi-
see PETS on page 22
Page 20 North Denver News September
March 7,
5, 2008

North Denver Notions
Fungus have enough winter snow to lie
Because of the winter we’ve had around for a while. The last two
with snow not melt- winters we have. If you
ing we will undoubt- Down the notice it in your yard
edly have snow mold this spring a fungicide
this spring. It will first garden path called F-Stop is the best
appear as straw or tan thing to use according
colored turf and it will probably to Front Range Garden Nursery.
be circular. Check the north side of buildings as
Most northern states and this is where it will show first.
Canada have
this fungus and Geranium
because of our alti- The perennial of
tude we are con- the year for 2008 is
sidered a northern a geranium called
state. It’s called Rozanne. This is
gray snow mold not those brightly
because at some colored flower -
point the grass ing plants with
will be covered the stinky leaves.
with gray fungal Those are not gera-
growth. niums but pelago-
Most nursery niums.
men recommend This is a true
fall fertilizing but geranium that
this one fungus is we grow and call
an argument against that. The Cranesbill. Cranesbill grows well
more lush and green your grass is for us and comes in different sizes
Most Insurance Accepted! as it goes into winter the greater and species.
your chance of having this mold. There are varieties of blue,
VSP, Eyemed, Medicare, Medicaid Of course, it also depends upon pink and white-varigated flow-
the winter. Many years we don’t ers. Rozanne is a vibrant blue and
Come check out our huge eyewear grows to a mound of
24 to 28 inches. It has
selection, from designers a height of 20 inches.
This plant was discov-
like Gucci, Armani & Versace! ered in England in l989.
It seemed a more vig-
orous grower than its
303.455.0888 cousins. It blooms from
spring to fall and should
Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm / Sat: 9am-2pm be pruned in August to
4500 W. 38th Ave / Ste 130 a height of three inch-
es. This will encourage
In Highlands Garden Village, by Sunflower Markets fall growth and if we’re
lucky fall bloom. Don’t
count on fall bloom as
our nights are quite cool
by that time and this
inhibits bloom.
It has no pests and
loves sun but needs
afternoon shade here
because of our high alti-
tude sun.
If you can’t find this
particular cultivar buy
another. Cranesbill
is a good addition to
any flower garden.
The plants live about
10 years. After that
they become straggly.
Add compost around

Have You Seen Me?

the plant each year to
insure good growth and
Northwest Denver is known for its lovely vintage homes. If you can identify bloom.
where this home is located and what makes it unusual for our area from an One species of
architectural standpoint, your name will be entered into a drawing for a free dinner Cranesbill offered in
at a local North Denver restaurant. Clue: The builder or original owner of this several seed catalogs is
called Blue Haze and
home may have come from a well-known mid-west city where this architectural this one has not been
style is very common and very celebrated today. Send your answers to editor@ hybridized because its seeds come up true.
This plant is called
Thanks to everyone who identified the house from Cranesbill because their
February. Pat Defa is the winner of the drawing. She seeds resemble the bill
of a crane. Blue Haze
identified this home at 3338 W. 35th Avenue and stated
may be one of the origi-
it has a mansard roof, associated with the French and nal plants that are native
the Second Empire architectural style. Most homes to the Midwest and us
in northwest Denver reflect Victorian or Arts & Crafts which is why they do so
architectural styles. The owner of this home also well here when our soil
contacted us and let us know that they have exciting discourages many other
plans for this house. This summer they hope to to paint, plants. If you decide to
plant from seed either
pour a new sidewalk and steps, replace windows and
Pat Defa correctly do it in the fall or chill
identified this house.
landscape. Keep watching. it for three weeks in
. the spring before you
Answer and the winner will be posted in the April issue of the North Denver plant.***
March 5, 2003
7, 2008 North Denver News Page 21

Renee Fajardo
North Denver Notions
It is over, gone is the rush of run every 20 min from 8 am until 10 leisurely on my skis with the young- the end of the tour.
the holidays, no more presents to pm) Premium lodging and the most er kids while I actually watched my There is something
wrap, turkeys to roast or cookies expensive is going to be in River teens catch air. Then there are the about being able to
to bake. Instead we turn our sights Run Village where the base of the delightful children’s ski/ride areas identify important
to apples blossoms, tulips and daf- River Run Gondola is. All this said of Mine Shaft and Riparoo, where landmarks that enhance the whole
fodils but first we get and done there is no miniature cabins, mine shafts and experience of skiing.
to suffer the Ides of place in Keystone that stand up back drops will mesmerize Special events abound through
March where things Keystone is difficult to access. old and young alike. March and April. Every Saturday
both strange and odd spring skiing Even the free parking Another great perk of Keystone is night in March at 8pm there is
herald the coming of lot at River Run Village that every day at the top of at River a fireworks extravaganza over
spring. For moms and great for (Montezuma Lot) offers Run Gondola in the Summit House the snow-capped peak of Dercum
families with school families and a people mover and you can stop by for free granola
bars and hot cider before embark-
Mountain. The Easter weekend cel-
age kids thus begins wagons to carry kids ebration takes place at River
four weeks of where frenzied moms and gear. I Run Events Plaza March 22
to go to feed the itch especially and features music, crafts,
to be outside when it’s still a brown love the Lakeside Village and an Easter egg hunt for
muddy mess in the metro area. This area because of the ice kids 2-12! Kids ages 13 and
year I am opting for a late season skating lake, restaurants, up can join an adult Easter
mini ski break to Keystone Resort shops and the Lakeside Raffle with adult-sized
open until April 13th. Village Rock Resort Spa prizes! March 29th is the
For years my kids have been where most lodging guest famous River Run's Blues
snow boarding every free moment of any Keystone prop- and Barbecue Festival load-
they have had. I eventually gave up erties have use of the ed with lip smacking ribs,
trying to keep up with them on my astounding soaking tubs, brisket, burgers and finger
own snowboard and just did the an indoor/outdoor swim- snapping hot and heavy
“drop you off at the parking lot and ming pool, dry sauna and blues bands. The Peanut
wander around aimlessly while you steam room. All guests Butter and Rail Jam, April
ride” thing. But this year I opted to also receive an Adventure 12 is Volcom's free amateur
take the kids to Keystone, a mere Passport that is packed snowboard contest series.
70 miles from Denver and strap on with coupons for every- Deviating from the estab-
a pair of those new shaped skis and thing from free ice skat- lished way snowboard con-
actually go up the mountain with ing to Nordic Trail admissions. ing on a complimentary guided tour tests are run instead of having rails
the kids. I choose Keystone for sev- Slope-wise, I choose Keystone for of the slopes lead by expert guides or features set up in a row, three
eral reasons and it was one of the several reason: the ski- able terrain is like John Cox. Cox said “ This is a rails are dug in side-by-each to
wisest choices I have ever made. dividing over three mountains. Each great mellow tour that last about create a single, large rail zone. The
Keystone Resort is laid out in mountain progressively gets more one and a half hours and is geared event is absolutely free, on a first
from east to west in small villages. difficult however Dercum, the first to orientate guest not only with come first serve basis, and boasts
The West Keystone village area is mountain in the area not only has the amenities on the mountain but tons of free prizes and PB&J sand-
where you will find the best lodging one of the states longest green runs, also give a historic and geographi- wiches! Everyone who enters walks
deals as the properties here are a Schoolmarm at 31/2 miles, it also cal information.” My own children away with a Volcom PB&J shirt plus
bit older (but also larger) and access boast one of the nations premiere were thrilled to be able to point out other goodies.
to amenities is by car or bus (which terrain parks A-51. I could cruise Gore Range and Ten Mile Range at
see KEYSTONE on page 30
off your next purchase

Northwest Denver’s
ewe-nique Yarn Boutique




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JOIN US for  
Free Craft Night 
every Thursday Michael Bowen - Owner
night from 6-9 pm
15 years local experience
4020 Tennyson Street • 720.855.0485 • Insured

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Page 22 North Denver News 1/2 pg 01/23/06 North Denver News September
March 5,
7, 2003

Actual vantage point from the 4th floor east


Lofts in the Highlands District

with a view… from
Contemporary Loft Style Residences
The bold design and spacious living offered
the From the low $200’s
(One Block West of Zuni on Speer – North on Firth)
by AYR Lofts make for an exclusive and
exciting new project unique to Denver. (303) 433-1878
Act now for
Pre-Construction Pricing! low

Another Project By:

w w w. d e n v e r h o m e b u i l d e r. c o m

Pets and grief Power strolling

continued from page 22 my furry darlings are around me continued from page 15 considered acceptable behavior.
about myself, my relationship to all the time. They keep me com- Watch out! The stroller is power Non-stroller pushers might not like
my husband, and other things pany when Chet travels a week at with a capital "P." By the end of it, but they realize the futility of
God wanted to show me through a time. Day One in the Magic Kingdom, resistance. It's simply the way of
Tymphany. “For people who don’t have chil- I was running circles around the the world. Being a stroller bully is
As a praying pet mom, I have dren,” Steve told me, “the loss of younger, less experienced moth- totally socially acceptable. I confess,
experienced God’s guidance and a pet is more intense. Sometimes ers. Amateurs! When Jeremy would now that I'm back home, I miss the
comfort through my up-and-down there are secondary loss issues. hesitate in a crowd, I'd barrel right glory of having the stroller. In fact,
emotions through the many twists The person may have gone through on through, for I had the protection I'm thinking of buying the biggest
and turns of this journey. infertility issues, which is also a of the stroller. When a family of five stroller I can find and using it all
And fortunately, I have some loss that needs to be processed. came toward me walking abreast, the time, even when I have no little
dear friends who are walking And couples may have made the I immediately targeted the small- one with me. Imagine the possibili-
with me down this difficult path. decision not to adopt.” est member (experienced stroller ties. Easy access to shopping malls,
Praying with me when I need to. You know as well as me – the Mamas instinctively know how to restaurants. movie theaters…even
Listening to my grief through my grief experience wears many coats. target the weakest link) and made the symphony. It's nearly as good
tears. Remembering to ask me how It comes in unexpected ways and a beeline, causing them to reroute as having a handicapped sticker
Tymphany is doing. hits us at unexpected times. When around me. Funneling to get on and less fraudulent to obtain (if
Linda and Steve Nuss are two we hear the jingle of a bell and for the monorail was never a problem; you're not truly handicapped that
such dear friends. Steve also hap- an instant think it is our beloved people always defer to the power of is).
pens to be a counselor specializing lab coming to greet us. When we the stroller (even more so if the kid Behind the stroller, I am prettier,
in grief and loss. He and I talked jump at a “YEOW!” and realize it is is wailing to beat the band). smarter, sexier and more confident.
about people who don’t understand only kids playing outside. And the best thing is that it's No wonder, people thought I didn't
what some pet owners go through For me, it feels like the time to look a day over 35 (okay, that's not
when they lose their special friend, say good-bye to Tymp is very close. doorway from the garage. About exactly the way it played out, but
like they would if it were a person. Last Saturday, I had a deep need to once a year, Dad would send this this is my story and I'm sticking
He said society’s view of pet loss take him up to my parents’ so we message to mom to let her know he to it).
– “You’ll get over it…You can get could enjoy him together, maybe was bringing another stray for us My advice to anyone going
another one” – sometimes brings a for the last time. Chet, Mom, Dad to hug and care for into our home. through a mid-life crisis or empty
lot of shame and guilt to grieving and I sat around in the kitchen in There was a healing moment for nest syndrome? Grab a kid (your
owners. full view of the mountains remem- me in my heart watching the two of own grandchild or someone else's) a
“It boils down to relationship bering moments with many of our them, Grandpa and Grandkitty, sit- stroller (the bigger the better--um-
loss,” he said, “whether it is a pet, pets throughout the years, not only ting together, enjoying the moment. brella strollers won't cut it unless
child or parent. And that needs to Tymp and Brit and their current I snapped a photo. you fold them up and wave them
be grieved.” dogs Rascal and Choco. That is one photo we will keep menacingly in front of you) and
In my case, I married later in Until four months ago my wild and treasure forever. head to the nearest crowded place
life and Chet and I didn’t have kitty was not a lap kitty. But that Are you experiencing grief from (mall, amusement park, summer
children. I have a full life with lots night, I placed him on my almost a sick or hurting pet, or have you festival, church social, etc.) and
of friends, nieces and nephews, 81-year-old father’s lap, where he lost a precious furry companion? have at it. You'll feel years younger,
wonderful parents who live nearby, sat contentedly. Dad smiled with Or do you have a precious pet story I promise!
and a dear young lady I am men- satisfaction as he pet him. you’d like to share? Please let Marla Maureen Thomson is a much-too-
toring. And I do have a balance This was a tearful moment for know. She may include a paragraph young-to-be-a-Grammy who lives
when caring for people vs. animals me. It is my dad who gave me the or two in upcoming columns pay- in North Denver and is the owner
and the roles of both in our society. love I have today for animals. While ing tribute to pets. You can e-mail of Lyssabeth's Unique, Joyful &
But that doesn’t lessen the pain I growing up in a household with two her at: memorable Ceremonies. She can be
feel with Tymp’s grave illness. In brothers and a sister, I’d watch as (Subject: Pet Story). Or call 720- reached at Maureen@Lyssabeths.
my case, I work from home and a hard hat propelled itself into the 301-8355. *** com.***
March 7, 2008
5, 2003 North Denver News Page 23

• Berkeley News • Berkeley News •

Ziggie's for North Denver
You've probably driven by the visitor to the bar's open stage nights dubbel dutch is now serving
yummy paninis
oldest Blues club in Colorado hun- and rock 'n roll jams. "Sometimes,
dreds, maybe even thousands of you'll get a performer or two that
times. Located on 38th Avenue, you're not into, but most of the
just a block or two east of Sheridan time you'll hear guitar solos and (how about our “Lille”, with turkey,
Boulevard, Ziggie's is one of those riffs that you'd pay $50 a ticket to pesto, walnuts and brie cheese.
places you may have noticed but go out and see. It's kind of like a an Goooood!)
never before gone into. It may be adventure tour - but with music."
time you did. Now featuring live music nine
"A lot of people in the neighbor- times a week - acoustic performanc- top 3 “Denver’s Best
hood saw that it looks a little bet- es during matinees on Saturday Sandwich” by Channel 7
ter and have been coming in," says and Sunday, open stage nights on
Carla Jordan, who acquired Ziggie's Sundays and Mondays, and great come on in and try our delicious sandwiches, paninis and fresh salads
from bankruptcy in October of last live music throughout the week,
sandwiches | salads | paninis | gourmet cheeses | strong coffee | dutch imports | licorice
year, and has been steadily clean- cover charges are reserved for the dubbel dutch, 4974 Lowell Blvd., Denver, CO 80221
ing up the building itself, as well big acts on Fridays and Saturdays, 303 480 9100 | | mo-fr 9-6, sat 9-5

as working on facade and signage and 100% of those fees are given
improvements, a new patio, land- to the band. "We're now getting
scaping for the bar's 700 square pounded with bands wanting to
foot outdoor patio, and a new come here, crazy for the opportu-
music lineup that will make Ziggie's nity to come play," says Jordan.
far and away North Denver's most "We've been receiving about 20
active musical hub. There's a new new band submissions a week."
menu coming, too, that's likely to With some of the remodeling
include New Orleans' fare, chicory now done, Ziggie's will be hosting
coffee, and Abita beers. a grand reopening on March 28th,
"People walk in, and one of the featuring Laura Newman and AOA.
first things they say is 'wow, it "She's my mentor," says Jordan.
doesn't smell like a bar in here, "She's saved me on so many things."
it doesn't smell like funky beer Stop by and check out Ziggie's new
and cigarette residue." They next look and feel, enjoy one of the bar's
thing they're likely to notice is the hot new drink specials, and listen
music. to the music...
"This place is amazing," says
Leanna Hale, a not-too-infrequent

A New Generation of Giving Emerges

by Angelle C.Fouther “My world was small,” he recalls.
North Denver—Gen-Xers often “It consisted of clients, co-workers
get a bad rap. Accused of being and a few college friends. This has
slackers, cynics, individualists, and connected me to the community.
anti-establishment, they have not It’s more than just writing a check,”
often been associated with giving he adds.
and philanthropy. But as with the Through his partnership with
many innovative trends in busi- SVP Denver, Michael provides
Fill up your Easter Baskets
ness and technology that they have accounting consultation to grant- with our great gift certificates!
adopted, many members of this new ees including Open World Learning

La Muraglia’s
age generation are also drawn to a (OWL), a nonprofit organization
new model of charitable giving. which gives kids access to com-
Thirty-two year old North Denver puters. He has also worked with
business owner, Michael Field, is a Environmental Learning for Kids
prime example of the changing face (ELK), whose mission is to peak the Day Spa & Body Shop
of philanthropy. Although a suc- interest of children in the field of
cessful partner of accounting firm, science and environmental educa- .ǑSD̛4QɂJǑ͝T $PNF%F4USFTTGPS4VDDFTT
Knight, Field & Fabry, Michael says tion.
he felt a need to do more for Michael offers professional
his community. Through business accounting advice and reviews the 5ӅOȺӅҀѾBD͕BHȺ
partner Sarah Knight, he learned books of each organization. He BOEB)PQQZ&BTUFS
of Social Venture Partners Denver helps give them the background
(SVP Denver), which provided just they need to make sound decisions. źSȲȺѺSȪQǑJȠͧǬ BHɚΝS˪BDJǑ͝T͔Ӆґӂ
the right opportunity. “Special reporting or tax returns,
Social Venture Partners is an fund raising activities and pro- {™{™ÊœÜiÊ œÕiÛ>À`ÊÊÇÓä‡nxx‡nnxn
international organization which grams are different in nonprofits. iÜÊÃiÀۈViÃtÊœ˜ˆVÊ`i̜Ý]ÊÜ՘`Ê̅iÀ>«Þ]Ê`iÀ“>œ}ˆV>Ê«Àœ`ÕVÌð°°Ê
helps to empower and encourage And payroll can be a real monster,”
business and community minded he exclaims. V…iVŽÊœÕÌʜÕÀÊ}Ài>ÌÊÜiLÈÌiÊvœÀÊ>Ê`iÃVÀˆ«Ìˆœ˜ÊœvÊ܅>ÌÊÜiʜvviÀ\
people in the areas of philanthro- By serving these nonprofits, ÜÜÜ°>“ÕÀ>}ˆ>Ã`>Þë>°Vœ“
py and leadership. “Through SVP Michael has contributed to their
Denver, members or "partners" use long-term success. But even more,
their business expertise to take SVP has helped him find his sense
a strategic role in addressing our of purpose as a community leader. For 129 years,
students have
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Steeped in the Catholic, Jesuit tradition, Regis University
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3333 Regis Boulevard | Denver, Colorado 80221-1099
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