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Deadline: June 30
2014 at 11:59 pm EST (GMT -4:00)
Questions? Contact

AIESEC United States Yale LC
CEED Application

Instructions: Please read the description of the CEED position and answer the application questions that follow.
Please upload this document with your responses, your CV, and a link to your application video at If you have any questions, e-mail
What we offer:

Full accommodation of housing.
Access to Yale University resources (i.e. classes, guest speakers, special events, performances, art gallery,
libraries, kitchens, gyms)
The opportunity to develop connections with members of AIESEC Yale
Invitation to attend the Northeast Beast Fall Regional Kickoff Seminar
Close proximity to major U.S cities (New York City and Boston)
An unforgettable experience
What we expect:
Leverage your experience and passion for AIESEC to contribute to the growth of our LC
Attend and contribute to all LCMs, EBMs, and AIESEC-related events
Take initiative in meeting people, helping the LC, providing feedback, etc.
Share your AIESEC story with our LC
Have an open mind, adventurous attitude, and outgoing personality
Be prepared to have fun!
Application Deadline: June 30th
Skype Interviews: July 1st - July 12th
Notification of Acceptance: July 27th
CEEDership Dates: mid/late-September to mid/late-October (exact dates are flexible)

Job Description
General (LC)
Attend all Local Committee Meetings (LCMs)
Increase understanding of the international AIESEC network to the LC
Present your AIESEC experience and home LC culture to our LC
Organize an event to share your culture and immerse the LC
o cooking, dancing, sports, etc.
Interact with all the members of our LC
o Learn all their names
o Meet with everyone at least once
o Be outgoing and socialize regularly with the LC
Motivate and inspire LC members
Increase the AIESEC culture within our LC
o Encourage members to take on more leadership in AIESEC
o Stimulate passion for the AIESEC network
If dates overlap, attend Fall Regional Conference as a delegate or faci

General (EB)
Attend Executive Board Meetings (EBMs)
Help EB members establish concrete goals for their CTM
o Improve the EBs current methods for planning and prioritizing projects
Offer suggestions for leadership development
o team management, leadership styles and skills
o help the EB improve LC middle management
Mentor EB Members through one-on-one meetings
o share GCPs with EB members
Provide feedback based on observations of how EB members operate together and with their core teams

Sample Function-Specific Job Descriptions
Note: After you are selected as our CEED, we will finalize your function-specific job description. You are NOT
required to have experience in all of these areas.

Incoming Exchange (ICX)
Offer new ideas to generate leads
Improve ICX team structure
o increase middle management
o allow for initiatives and workloads to come from the bottom-up
Optimize sales strategy
o improve customer relation management
o suggest new strategies for following-up on strong leads
Provide sales training to new members
Coach the ICX team on how to close more aggressively
Raise TNs in New Haven with an AIESEC Yale ICX member (daily cold calls, follow-up sales meetings)
Enhance AIESEC Yales Account Delivery (AD) efficiency and structure
Outgoing Exchange (OGX)
Assist in market analysis project
Assist the growth of a GIP market
Improve OGX and MPR synergy/ communication
Provide GCPs related to EP Reintegration, EP Commitment, and OGX processes
Enhance international outlook at information sessions for EP recruitment
Share your insights concerning exchange in your area of the world
Support Functions (Talent Management, Marketing and Public Relations, Finance)
Talent Management:
o Discuss LC structure
o Help redefine TMs responsibilities within the LC
o Help turn TM projects into ones that support the teams rather than run in parallel
o Set up a TM pipeline to get older members onto the team
Marketing and Public Relations
o Create a brand for AIESEC Yale
o Improve the LC website
o Help establish relationships within Yale and the surrounding city
o Increase communication with alumni network
o Provide GCPs and training about fundraising, corporate sponsorships, and ROI tracking

Application Questions:
1. Personal information:
Current LC and Country:
Skype ID:
Facebook Profile Link:

Date of Birth:
Current Position:

2. Please describe the positions that you have had in your LC. Mark the functional team that you have the
most experience with.
Dates Position Job Description Achievements

3. Please describe any conference experiences you have had during your time in AIESEC.
Year Conference Location Role Key Learning Points


4. Other AIESEC Experiences not listed above (@ exchanges, prior CEEDerships, etc):

5. Why are you applying to be a CEED at AIESEC Yale?

6. What are your expectations from this CEEDership? What difficulties might you face and how do you plan
on addressing these challenges?

7. Describe a time in which you faced a challenge and successfully overcame it.

8. Describe your favorite AIESEC experience.

9. One of the major qualities we want of our CEED is the ability to inspire new members of our AIESEC
team. What makes you passionate about AIESEC? How would you share this enthusiasm with others?

10. Has there ever been a time that you have started a project by yourself, if so explain. (Even if you are still
working on it!)

11. Why do you feel you are the best candidate for this CEEDership? What sets you apart from other

12. What are your three best traits? What are you three worst traits? (A short list is fine.)

13. Tell us something funny or interesting about yourself.

14. Which book, television, or movie character can you relate to the most and why?

15. Tell us your favorite joke (we know not all humor is easily translatable, but hopefully one that makes
sense in English :) ).

In addition to this application, please submit a short (up to 2 minutes) video of yourself and tell us anything
else you would like us to know! Please post this video onto YouTube with the title AIESEC Yale CEED 2014
and give us the link to it when you submit your other materials. If you are unable to upload a video to
YouTube, please email the video to

To submit your application, please follow the submission instructions here:
Thank you for applying for this CEED opportunity at AIESEC Yale!

Application Link: