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Volume 8 Issue 2  February 15, 2008
Cherry Creek candidate for RTD
brings experience to the table
by Devon Barclay
A fixture in Cherry Creek business Association. James, who until recent-
circles, Bill James, has tossed his hat ly chaired Transportation Solutions,
in the ring to run for the RTD board which runs the B-Line circulator bus
seat being vacated by term-limited Bill and has been involved with projects
as diverse as the Cherry Creek
Bike Rack.
As parking and traffic con-
gestion are significant issues in
Cherry Creek and, in particular,
the Colorado Boulevard cor-
ridor, James’ hands on expe-
rience makes him a natural
for the RTD board. “Perhaps
Congressman Mark Udall is traveling Colorado, meeting with voters my most important qualifica-
in a quest for ideas as much as votes and dollars. tion is my involvement with
Transportation Solutions.
Udall brings Senate race to Transportation Solutions works
to foster a balanced transporta-
Denver town hall meeting tion system in the area where
people can use a variety of
Mark Udall says he expects this term in Congress, brought his Idea modes to get around. I have
year’s Senate race to be one of the Raiser tour, part town hall meet- been a member of the Board
top two in the country, as he and ing, part focus group, to Denver last of Directors of Transportation
Republican Bob Schaffer both pur- weekend. The tour, meant to put Solutions since its formation
sue the Senate seat being left open ideas on the same playing field as and I was elected chair of the
by Wayne Allard. Neither man faces campaign contributions and fund- board in 2004 and 2005.”
significant opposition within their raisers, brought about two hundred James is well-known for
own parties. folks to Denver’s North High School. his work on evaluating ‘tran-
A former director of Colorado’s The discussion touched on the Iraq sit-oriented developments,’
Outward Bound school, Udall has war, the economy and health care, Elfenbein. projects and re-developments that are
always seemed cut from a different and predictably, on more impas- James, a commercial real estate based around transit hubs like light-rail
cloth than most politicians, more sioned cries to impeach Dick Cheney appraiser, and an organizer of the stops.
comfortable in Gore-Tex than wor- or George Bush. For his part, Udall Cherry Creek Forum, is a rarity among For RTD, coordinating with local
sted wool. A member of the West’s said he was focused on the future candidates for the RTD board. James governments, like the City of Denver, is
only political royalty, the Udall and the problems facing Colorado actually has first-hand experience key to light-rail success. Without park-
family, which has three members families. in solving transportation issues as ing, and tie-ins like pedestrian access,
of Congress, from Colorado, New In an interview afterwards, Udall one of the those who put together light-rail doesn’t have the ease of use to
Mexico and Arizona, and a former said as he tours Colorado, people Transportation Solutions, an inno- attract high ridership numbers, which
Secretary of the Interior to its credit, are looking for new leadership, one vative Transportation Management
Udall is more everyman than politi- “beyond party, beyond regional see RTD on page 12
cal prince. (identity)” that would lead to change.
Udall, who is serving his fifth “People are hungry for a new kind of

Speaking about the coming cam-

Inside the




paign and the issues to define it,

Cherry Creek
Udall said “the outlines are clear-
FEB 19


Iraq, the economy, immigration.”

News & Udall said that undocumented


immigrants must “travel the path to

Central Denver
citizenship— pay a fine (for being
in the U.S. illegally), speak English,


have committed no crimes.” “We

must address... the health care sys-

Check for locations

tem where families are one illness

away from bankruptcy.”
Udall, a westerner, said that
• Neighbors decry LRA Colorado issues would play a key
opacity page 12 role in the Senate race: water, trans-
portation and creating more transit

options. He also emphasized that

• Battle of the Basils page 11 Colorado’s position for renewable
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energy and the jobs it could cre-

ews Dispatch
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ate was strong, given our resources

• Save the prairie dogs page 6 and the presence of the National

Renewable Energy lab in Golden.


“Two interesting economics facts


• Moss Pink page 3


about Colorado- we are number two

Box 460142

(in the nation) in aerospace, and we

produce more beer than anyone in
Denver, CO

• Fixing I-70 gridlock page 2

entral D

the nation.” Udall indicated that he



would work hard to keep Colorado’s


• Sun Safety page 21 standings in both categories.

Page 2 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch February 15, 2008

Use Colorado Pioneer Spirit to Fix

I-70 Gridlock
by Senator Chris Romer on highway space, they will change
I-70 is critical to our state’s econ- their habits in ways that will benefit
omy as a main conduit for business our state’s economy and reduce car-
and tourism transportation. It’s time bon emissions. A five percent change
for us to take immediate action to in driving habits can reduce conges-
relieve congestion on this vital artery. tion by 50 percent. The fee necessary
If we don’t fix I-70 in the next several to change behavior could be minimal
years, our clogged economic artery enough to actually save drivers the
will cause Colorado businesses to extra gas money they currently pay
suffer a stroke. Waiting 10 years for to sit in hours of traffic during high-
added lanes and train systems will be demand times.
too late. Colorado is a pioneer state, An anti-traffic pilot program for
where people moving west used a incentive-based driving could offer a
spirit of self-sufficiency to develop solution to what has become a critical
their own solutions when faced with problem. The pilot would consist of
vexing problems. We must now use three phases, carried out over three
this spirit to pilot an immediate solu- years. Phase 1: apply a system of
tion to unclog I-70. incentives and fees to commercial
Testing an anti-traffic model truckers so that they would not drive
along I-70 through a pilot program during high-demand times, com-
will yield significant results for the bined with incentives only for other
More on DPS and Polaris tourism, trade, interstate commerce, drivers to not commute during those
times. Phase 2: implement a system of
Thank you for your recent arti- Michael Bennett’s office, and spo- trucking, and distribution industries,
cle on how DPS is modeling failure, ken with Diana several times. It among others. In this program, simi- incentives and fees based on conges-
not success. I couldn’t agree with seems that each entity within DPS lar to highly successful models in tion for all drivers. Phase 3: carry out
you more, especially with regard to just doesn’t care and passes the buck other states and highways around a comprehensive evaluation of the
the Polaris program. This wonderful to another segment. Meanwhile, we the world, drivers would receive program. We would require the pro-
program, headed by the incredible have a wonderful resource and a tal- a payment for using the highway gram to be successful to be renewed
Diana Howard(the principal at Ebert ented leader who will soon be leaving when it is not at peak demand and, after 3 years.
- Polaris), is truly a jewel at DPS, yet it DPS, and the opportunity to replicate in the second phase of the program, Extra money collected through
is neglected and ignored. The school this special program will be gone. pay a small fee to use the highway the program could pay for other
has proven success and Diana wants I would greatly appreciate it if when it is at peak demand. This is transportation and incentive options,
so badly to replicate it to help more of you could please run another piece not the only solution to fixing the I-70 such as free buses, that would boost
Denver’s children before she retires in specifically on Polaris, highlighting debacle, but it will provide immedi- tourism and stimulate local business.
a few years, yet DPS does nothing. the numbers I reference above, and ate protection for our economy while More people traveling would bring
There are plenty of places where do everything in your power to exert we plan long-term solutions like more money to Colorado’s mountain
another Polaris could be located - not influence to see if we can get another bus lanes, mass transit and highway towns. The pilot can be implemented
only are the recently closed schools, school opened for this school year. In expansion. without toll-booths, using programs
but also Gove which has been vacant addition, I feel strongly that Polaris Our economy is fueled by the free similar to those in place in many cit-
for quite a long time. There is no rea- should not be open only to students market, supply and demand. This ies and highways across the U.S., in
sonable explanation why Polaris is in NE Denver, but rather ALL chil- pilot program would put those prin- which a camera takes a photo of a
not being replicated, and the children dren in Denver, regardless of where ciples in place to help alleviate the car’s license plate. The car does not
of our city are paying the price. For they live, should have the oppor- pinch on the economic vein running have to slow down or even pay at the
the 2008-9 school year there were tunity to benefit from this wonder- through the heart of our state. time of use.
initially thought to be 46 kindergarten ful program. Nothing even close is At one point in time, parking Voters have a unique role in
slots at Polaris (2 classes), but one offered in SE, and since all families spots in downtown Denver were free shaping tax and fiscal policy here
class was removed leaving only 23 pay taxes all families should have the because there was an abundance of in Colorado, which is why I wanted
slots. There have been 124 applica- chance to determine the best educa- parking space with little demand for to start this dialogue. Our economy
tions (!!!), but there are 24 sibilings so tional option for their child, not DPS it. Today, drivers expect to pay a fee depends on I-70, and it’s clear that
the chance that any new families will based on address. to park their cars where demand is with our fiscal challenges we cannot
be allowed to participate at Polaris is high, such as downtown during the remedy our troubled roads, high-
slim to none. Thank you very much, day, and to pay even more when that ways and infrastructures with the
This is extremely frustrating and Eileen O’Connor parking spot is at peak demand, such same old thinking. It just won’t work.
frankly, disgusting. I have contacted as at a Rockies baseball game. Could We must implement a solution that
the school board, the gifted office, you imagine all parking being free will improve access to Colorado’s
during a Rockies game? natural beauty, grow our state’s econ-
Energy crisis - Demand? Supply? During very specific times, omy, and lessen the environmental
impact of congested highways. We
highway space along I-70 is as scarce
Investment? Big Oillikeconfuses
Retrospectively, trying to understand Colin Campbell. Harper said: “I’m
of a resource as a downtown park- need to do it now. The key is to use
our Colorado spirit to pioneer new
ing space. Given this problem, it is
Big Oil on the subject of peak oil is about more conservative than Exxon Mobil time for us to ask people to slightly ways of solving this vexing problem.
as difficult as penetrating the comments with regard to future oil resources, but change their driving habits, much in
of central bankers, sometimes called I’m not Colin Campbell.” the same way they do for parking,
Fedspeak here in the U.S. In January (of 2008), BP told British in order to allocate scarce highway
In 2004, the British Petroleum (BP) lawmakers than world oil demand would resources. When people put a value
exploration consultant Francis Harper peak, with supply following thereafter.
told London’s The Business newspaper Reported by Reuters: “I believe there
that world oil supply would be peak- is a realistic possibility that world oil pro-

Sunny Getaway!
ing earlier than expected, and that “the duction will peak within the next genera-
world’s total original usable oil resources tion as a result of peaking demand,” BP
— the amount of oil before drilling began Special Economic Advisor Peter Davies
— at about 2.4 trillion barrels of oil. told a meeting at parliament organized
This is considerably less than the 3 tril-
lion assumed by bullish commentators
by a group of lawmakers looking into
peak oil. 25% discount from owner
such as the US government’s Geological “I think we will run out of demand
Survey. This points to oil production before we run out of supply,” he said.
peaking between 2010 and 2020.” “There’s a distinct possibility that global
When the world peaks isn’t the criti- oil consumption could peak as a result of
cal thing. What’s more salient is when climate policies.”
non-Opec oil peaks, then you’ll have the Instead, investment in oil production
control of marginal production passed is the issue. “An imminent peak in oil
back to a progressively smaller group of production is not likely,” Davies said.
countries.” “Valid concerns remain over investment,
He added that oil companies’ public especially in resource-rich regions.”
positions on the issue masked debate Davies was quoted as saying that 100
within them. “There are people in BP million barrels per day global production Call today to reserve our 4 bedroom home in
who happen to be economists and so was achievable, far above the current
happen to think there’s no problem, and multi-year plateau of 84-86 mpd. Playa del Carmen!
there are people in BP who are geologists We’re left as how to reconcile the two
who are saying it’s getting hard to find.” positions of BP, the world’s third largest Visit our website or call 303-913-3336
Harper’s prediction is higher than
the 2 trillion posited by doom-sayers
oil company.
February 15, 2008 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 3

Moss Pink flowers Park

Hill can use flowers in their lives, and a great
FDA Cleared Medical Breakthrough
opportunity to push myself.”
Valentine’s, of course, marks one of 86% Relief
the store’s busiest days - and orders pour
in, even until the day itself is almost
over. “Valentine’s, to me, should totally Scientific Discovery
be about being playful with your emo-
tions, and sexy with subtleties - and
in the relief of back pain.
flowers represent all those things, with Now available in Cherry Creek.
rich colors, smooth textures, and sweet
fragrances. They just associate naturally,”
says Schlisner.
In keeping with the store’s fun,
offbeat character, and focus on add-
ing beauty to the everyday, Schlisner
came up with a series of concepts for
Valentine’s that broke the mold. “It’s a
day that tends to be rooted in roses, and
we try to get people to think differently,”
she says: “there’s all sorts of ways to
express that.”
Whether you’re looking for some-
thing small and fun, or something more
When longtime neighborhood sta- grandiose and traditional, Moss Pink is
ple Harold’s Flowers closed its doors a likely to have a concept that will meet
November ago, many wondered what your needs in style. One idea Schlisner
would replace the venue on Park Hill’s is wheeled out for Valentine’s was a
23rd Avenue shopping strip. Several reinvention of the corsage - “but more
months later, dropcloths fell from the
project and the florist was reborn as
modern, just a tasteful flower, or a single
rose with a ribbon,” she says. The holi-
Moss Pink - a rethought version of the
neighborhood favorite, representing the
day also led to the creation of a series of
posies, small bundles of flowers and rib-
And A FREE Consultation
passion and vision of its charming new bons that can be given and received with
proprietress, Jil Schlisner. Named for a a sense of play - given their popularity,
species of phlox that grows above the Schlisner intends to continue highlight-
timberline, Moss Pink - tucked between ing the idea.
Cherry and Dexter streets - is a true “We’ve always specialized in fancy
neighborhood delight, and having not box flowers, with an arrangement on • Dr. James J. Hoven Jr., DC
visited the store already, Valentine’s
marked a great opportunity to pay the
top - it’s all part of our formulation,
what we’re going to come up with this
Spinal Aid Center • 4100 E. Mississippi Ave., #310
shop a visit. year,” she says. Inspired by classic film, Glendale, Colorado 80246
“I worked in the floral business for Schlisner is an expert at elegant, mono-
six years before I started this shop - once botanical design. “When you look at the

e for Y
I discovered this pocket, I just loved the old movies, you always see one big vase,
space, and I had a clearer idea of what I filled with just one or two types of flow-
wanted to do, and how to be true to my
passion for flowers,” explains Schlisner.
ers,” she says. “It’s classic.”
At a time when more people are m

With a vast knowledge of floral and shopping online and the climate is tough
botanical history, a keen sense of com- for small business, Moss Pink’s success is
position, and a delightful energy and built on its whimsical charm, sense of fun,
optimism, Schlisner has brought new life and fantastic quality. “It’s about innova-
to the floral shop, and new ideas to what tion and presentation, and always seek-
floral design is all about. ing out the unusual,” explains Schlisner.
Moss Pink’s focus is on what Schlisner on
“I personally select about 95% of the ta n

calls “everyday” flowers - and most of items, which keeps the quality high, and ge / Personal Assis
her clients are folks from the immedi- the selection well varied. Our excitement
ate neighborhood, or local commercial and appreciation of what we’re working Service LLC
accounts. “Flowers can help our atti- with shows through to the final product.
tudes in the home or office - they address And, since we are small, it’s personal -
important feelings of something lacking you’ll either have Rick or me. We know
in our surroundings, that sense of not most of our customers by name, and you
being in touch with the outside, natural get to know people in the neighborhood
world,” she says. In the year the store has - knowing people’s lives on such an inti-
been open, it’s become one of the locals’ mate level is pretty cool,” she says.
first stops when they’re looking to cheer For more information, stop by the
up a friend, or wish someone a happy store at 4615 E. 23rd Avenue, visit moss-
birthday - or just brighten up the home., or call 303-388-1666.
“It’s been great,” says Schlisner. “I’m a
pretty optimistic person overall, but this
has been about inventing ways people Could you use a personal
assistant because of your job,
age or physical limitations?
Hoopin’ After Dark: Life skills If so, it’s...

on and off the court

Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR)
recently hosted the first graduation for
During the course of the 10-week league,
the participants are able to focus their
Time for You
the Hoopin’ After Dark basketball pro- energy and stamina on developing inter-
personal skills, accomplishing goals and,
• Transportation
gram. Councilman Linkhart had a chance
to attend the tournament and graduation of course, improving their game! • Entertainment Assistance
- and even to serve a few hot dogs. • Shopping
Parks and Recreation is hoping to • Errands
DPR created this innovative basket- hold another session beginning this • House and Pet Sitting
ball program in conjunction with the May, probably at Hiawatha, Davis, and • Basic Household Jobs & more
Crime Prevention Control Commission Barnum recreation centers and perhaps
to give teenagers a productive activ- others. For sponsorship opportunities
ity for Friday nights. There is also a life or to sign up call John Martinez at City Patrick Eustrom
skills component of the program, which Wide Sports: 720-913-0677 or visit online
helps participants with job readiness,
financial planning, and personal health. 303-263-6603
Page 4 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch February 15, 2008

Two is better than one

the next presi- immigration reform while still to allow such a thing, but con- expect. The econ-
dent of the ensuring an adequate supply of sider the advantages. Both par- omy will grind to
United States low-paid labor to perform those ties would win the election, thus a halt. The govern-
of America. This person must find jobs Americans just won’t do. He/ lessening hard feelings between ment will not be able
a way to unite and lead millions she should have a deep abiding them (uniting, not dividing). Each to function. Would that really be
of citizens with vastly different faith but keep church and state co-president in turn would have such a bad idea? Or we might
goals and political philosophies. separate, defend marriage and the an opportunity to implement poli- find out something quite star-
Consider what people will expect family while being inclusive and cies in accordance with his party’s tling: to the average American,
of the new Oval Office occupant. tolerant, of course be pro-life and philosophy, and we in turn would it doesn’t really matter who’s in
We will want him (or maybe her) pro-choice, and for heaven’s sakes, have two parties to blame for the power. The stock market will
to both win the war and end the do something about this crazy mess our country is in. People continue to soar and then plum-
war, to simultaneously raise taxes weather we’re having. could stop fretting about the direc- met. People will still buy and sell,
to fund vital government programs tion our country is going, because marry and divorce, get jobs and
and cut taxes to stimulate the free Leading the free world is a next month it will be going in a lose jobs, just go on about their
market. We will expect our new tough, thankless job, one that vis- different direction. business, working and taking care
leader to champion enlightened ibly ages people. All you have to of their families, despite or in
do is compare photos of past presi- Yes, we could have our cake spite of the government power
dents when they assumed office and eat it too. In July, Republicans structure. Once we’ve discovered
and when they stepped down, bomb our enemies. In August, it doesn’t matter who is running
from fresh-faced and smiling to Democrats extend the olive the show, then maybe we can dis-
wizened and gray. Even a single- branch. In September, Republicans pense with political parties (and
term president is put through the cut the corporate tax burden. In political advertisements) altogeth-
meat grinder. It is an enormous October, Democrats increase it. er and just pull a name out of a
burden for one person to bear. In November, Republicans build hat and draft a regular person as
a wall along our southern border. our leader.
So what should we do about the In December, Democrats tear it
situation? How can we, as citizens, down. We could get a cosmic-kar- —Teresa Keegan
lighten the load and ease the crush- mic thing going here, a real yin-
ing weight on the shoulders of our and-yang, a swinging pendulum.
commander in chief? I suggest we If nothing else, it would certainly
institute a practice that has become
increasingly common in the busi-
liven things up. More Theresa
ness world: job-sharing. Let’s elect I can anticipate the objections
one person from each major party
and let them trade off every thirty
to my idea. A job-share presiden-
cy would be a disaster, causing
Keegan online at
days. One month Republican, next confusion and gridlock. Our citi-
month Democrat. Sure, we’d have zens won’t know what to expect.
to tweak the Constitution a bit Our enemies won’t know what to

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February 15, 2008 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 5

Elizabeth Jeanne Wheeler

Denver Notions
I N S P E C T I O N!!! warped shingles or tiles? Are there any missing, loose, rot- the bricks, do white flakes fly? (It
Does the asphalt shin- ted or debris-filled gut- may be time to have tuckpointing
A sunny February day is the per- gle roof look lumpy or
fect time to give your home’s exteri- bumpy? (This could be
Thoughts & ters? What condition is the
If the brick has been painted, is
or an inspection. Your view will not from a shingles below the tips from an paint on the cornice? it time to repaint to assure that the
be obstructed by leaves and flowers top layer.) Are there lots What condition is the brick is not damaged by water?
and the relative “browness” of the of mineral granules on old house parapet? Has water dam- Is there any water damage on
surrounding grass and vegetation the roof? lover aged it or is there a poten- window sills and any horizontal
acts as a flat palette, allowing you to Any pools of water? tial for this to happen? brick, stone or masonry areas?
see more clearly. The hour or so that Is the roof sagging? How are the windows and doors?
you invest in this activity could save How’s the flashing around the Now, bring your gaze down and take Any broken glass?
you thousands of dollars in future chimney or steep-sloped areas? Is it a look at the walls, windows and doors. Do they fit properly?
repair costs. sagging or wobbly? Here are some questions to ask: Is any of the wood rotted?
Before you begin, gather several Is decorative woodwork firmly in
tools in a canvas bag: notebook, pen, Then, take a look at the chimney and place and tightly caulked to prevent Finally, look at the bottom of the
binoculars, camera, a key, and a rock ask: water damage? house and ask yourself these questions:
or small hammer. Begin at the front Is the chimney leaning? What shape is the paint in? Is it Do any bushes, trees, or vines
or back of the house and work your How are the bricks? Have any peeling, curling, blistering or chalk- need trimming?
way around. fallen out? ing? Can water drain away from the
First, examine the roof (here’s where How’s the mortar? Are there any loose, cracked or house?
the binoculars come in handy) and missing clapboards or shingles? Any signs of cracking in the foun-
ask yourself these questions: Next, look at the gutters, parapet (if Do I hear a hollow sound when dation walls?
Are there any missing, broken, or you have) and cornice and note: I knock on the brick with the rock?
(There could be a problem with the You can reach Elizabeth at www.
When I take the key and run it
along the horizontal mortar between

A sunny day in February is a good day to inspect you home. These houses are on 32nd
Avenue. Photo by Elizabeth Jeanne Wheeler.

To participate in this study you must
• a woman or man in generally good
• 60 – 75 years of age
Come Celebrate the • not lifting weights regularly but
willing to start
Holidays at • not using aspirin, ibuprofen or simi-
lar drugs more than 2 days per month NewCelebrate
Come sectionals... the
Eligible women and men will receive
new bookcases...
Holidays at
at no cost... new colors...
• health screening tests
• a personalized and supervised exer-
Come Celebrate the
New season!
your classically hipcise
& decor store, featuring
Holidays at
personalized service
We are&looking at the effects of the
pain reliever ibuprofen on changes in
everyday low pricing. your classically hip furniture
If this “come in from the muscle and bone due to exercise in & decor store, featuring
303-756-2222 personalized service &
older adults.
cold” moment turns into 2553 S. Colo.Initial
Blvd. screening tests include a physi- everyday low pricing.
an “everyone has the flu” cal exam, bone density scan, treadmill
/FF/NE)TEM •your classically
classically hip furniture
hip upscale furniture •
emergency, isn’t it nice exercise test, and blood tests. Wom- & decor store, featuring
%XPIRES • fun, decorative, wonderful gifts •
en and men who qualify will begin 2553 S. Colo.
personalized Blvd.
to know you have a trusted • personal service • &
planned exercise training for 9 months
ER right in the neighborhood? everyday low
/FF/NE)TEM pricing.
• reasonable prices •
at our exercise facility. Participants
will take ibuprofen or an inactive pill 303-756-2222
Porter Adventist Hospital offers a beautifully
remodeled Emergency Department, expert care Porter Adventist Hospital (placebo) on the days they exercise. New goods
2553 arrivingBlvd.
S. Colo. daily...
2525 S. Downing St. This study is funded by the National
Floor models being
and the peace of mind of being close to home.
We’ve been right in the heart of your neighborhood Located at S. Downing St. Institutes of Health. /FF/NE)TEM
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regardless of which insurance plan you might have. University of Colorado at Denver and
Health Sciences Center. MVMVTGVSOJUVSFDPN

CENSR024_PAHer_CCN5x77bw_M.indd 1 2/11/08 9:07:27 AM

Job# CEN SR 024 Project Centura - Porter

Page 6 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch February 15, 2008

Celebrate End groundhog day!

er. That’s what Jesus did.***
—Dixie Darr
Save the prairie dogs!
ˆ PET SITTING / HOUSE SITTING ı Each February 2, Punxsatawney all, some nine other plains species liter-
Phil comes up for a few brief, camera- ally depend on the prairie dogs for their
soaked moments to look for his shad- survival.
ow. In an event that’s covered from “They’re kind of the grocery store
LOWRY, CHERRY CREEK, E. DENVER coast to coast in the national media, if of the plains,” says Co-Chair Lindsey
the rodent sees his shadow, we’re stuck Sterling Krank.
MATURE, EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL WILL with another six weeks of winter. Now, Until now, common practice has
while we don’t even have groundhogs been to exterminate whole colonies of
LOVE YOUR PETS AND KEEP YOUR HOME SAFE in Colorado, we do have prairie dogs prairie dogs either to make room for
- and our misplaced celebration is just new development, to secure more food
REFERENCES AVAILABLE another example of how we’ve forgot- for cattle grazing, or to combat fears
ten all about them. that these tunnelers would spread the
To combat these perceived injustic- plague. “In fact,” says McCain, “sci-
BARBARA WOLF 303-377-5600
es, a group - the prairie Dog Coalition - ence shows that it costs more to kill the
is working hard to secure a more stable dogs, as they eat weeds that are bad for
footing for our burrowing friends, and cattle.” In terms of carrying the plague,
pushing two ideas. The first, a legisla- prairie dogs here too get unfair blame.
tive one, is recognition of a renamed Because they are so susceptible to the
“Prairie Dog Day” in our cities and disease, prairie dogs usually die within
counties. And they’ve been making 24 hours of infection, and whole colo-

You can go a headway. This year, the City of Denver nies can be wiped out in the blink of an
joined Boulder in issuing a proclama- eye. “They really take one for the team
tion celebrating Prairie Dog Day, and during a plague, and function

long way with giving our rodent resi-

dents the recognition
they deserve.
as a warn-
i n
ing, that

a great smile!
The second idea area,”
is to give another says Dr.
look to our yard- McCain.
destroying, graz- Currently,
ing-land inhabiting, no local
Seven Falls dancer. Photo by Renee Fajardo.
Lauren McCain, are
comprises some
30 member orga-
+̢͝͡-4ӅͥOȪS %.%1$ nizations - “we’re

photo © Lynne Lawlor Photography

 looking to raise
awareness on
groundhog day,
and get people
the informa-
tion they need
to know about
prairie dogs.
Because of pop-
ulation, destruc-
tion of habitat,
disease and pre-
dation, and poli-
cies allowing them offered
to be poisoned and exterminated, more to prairie dogs - despite their vastly
than 90% of the historical prairie dog reduced numbers and critical impor-
population has been destroyed.” tance to the prairie ecosystem. Under
As a “keystone” species, the health pressure from farmers, ranchers, devel-
of the North American plains in many opers and some government officals,
ways depends upon the continued sur- the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has
vival of these social critters. Living so far refused to take any action to
in complex networks of underground preserve the critters - and, as a result,
tunnels that can become large enough though you still see prairie dogs all the
to host millions of prairie dogs, their time, much of the remaining popula-
churning of the soil and the nitrogen- tion is now “functionally extinct,” says
rich dung they deposit in it help aer- Dr. McCain. “And that means they’re
ate, water, and fertilize our high-desert still there, but not in large enough num-
lands. When these burrows become bers or in the correct environment to
abandoned, they provide habitat for contribute to the ecosystem.”
numerous other species - including the For more information about the

Kids Consignment Boutique�

endangered black-footed ferret, and the plight of the prairie dog, and for ways
burrowing owl. And of course, prairie to get involved, check out prairiedog-
dogs are delicious - providing a ready
food source for swift foxes, coyotes, —Devon Barclay
weasels, snakes, hawks and eagles. In
*Clothes*� *Baby Equipment*�
Newborn to�
size 14� *Furniture*�

Lose Weight in 2008!

*Shoes*� *Maternity*�
*Dance� *Crib� Weight loss Consultant
Clothes*� Bedding*�
A Unique Resale Experience� Herbalife Distributor
of All Sales Goes To Children’s Charities�
938 Jersey St.�
(between Holly & Monaco Off 8th�)� Tues.- Fri
10-4* Sat. 10-4� 888-318-4161
February 15, 2008 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 7

Renee Fajardo • Rail Yard offers urban youth Active Minds March events
opportunity to ride for free! Government & The Media Germany
Over 35 years after Watergate, join Active It has been over two years since Angela
Sometimes the best things in life are between West Florida and Jewell Avenue, Minds as we explore the often stormy rela- Merkel was sworn in as Germany’s first
really for free! Take for instance the Ruby and between South Platte River Drive and tionship between the government and the woman Chancellor and the first leader from
Hill Rail Yard sponsored by Winter Park Quivas Street. Weather permitting, Ruby media. We will look at the role of the media the former Communist East Germany. Join
Resort, the City of Denver, and Denver Parks Hill Rail Yard will remain open through the as a watchdog in society as well as how Active Minds as we take a look at how
and Recreation Department. This free urban end of February 2008. It is open to the public journalistic standards have changed over Germany is doing under her leadership. We
ski and ride terrain park located just outside all week long.  the years with regard to what should and will examine issues including Germany’s
should not be exposed to the public. role in the European Union, challenges
of Downtown Denver in Ruby Hill Park First established last year, Ruby Hill Rail
Date: Monday, March 3, 2008 posed by Islamic immigration from Turkey,
featuring six rails of varying configurations Yard is the country’s first free urban ter- Time: 7:00-8:00 pm and Germany’s complex relations with the
and skill levels opened January 19th, with rain park based in a city. The experimental Location: Denver School of Science & United States. We will also evaluate the
demonstrations by Winter Park Resort Ski program attracted 3,000 youth and adults Technology, 2000 Valentia St., Denver, CO reunification process as it stands today, near-
and Ride School and free snowboard equip- last year and became a nationwide model 80238 ly two decades after the fall of the Berlin
ment and lessons. for other cities and ski resort collaborations.  Cost: Free wall.
Sydney Anstine, a senior at Pomona High Every Monday from Jan. 28 through Feb. 18, RSVP: Stapleton Foundation: 303-468-3223 Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Time: 11:00 am -12:00 noon
School in Arvada, was enthusiastic about the from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., Snowsports Outreach The C.I.A. Location: Temple Emanuel, 51 Grape,
rail yard's second season. “I came last year Society and Thriftystick Board Shop will Join Active Minds as we examine the history Denver, CO 80220
every day after school and on the weekends. partner with Denver Parks and Recreation’s and current challenges facing the Central Cost: Free
It was awesome and gave me the opportu- Outdoor Recreation team to provide “Jibbing Intelligence Agency. We will discuss the ori- RSVP: Jodi 303-388-4013 x307
nity to bring my friends who have never for the Kids.” This program will provide les- gins of the C.I.A. after World War II and how
thought about snowboarding or skiing. It sons and snowboarding equipment to local the C.I.A. functioned during the Cold War. Can Egypt Blend Democracy and Islam?
teens.  Additionally, Ruby Hill Rail Yard will We will end by looking at how our needs With a history of dictatorship, Egypt is a
was always hard to get most of them to even
for intelligence have changed in recent years strong U.S. ally and is pushing for increased
think about skiing, but the park made it a no also be home to snowskate demonstrations and how this impacts the role of the C.I.A. democracy. This effort is complicated by
brainer. It was close to home and free! We all and free lesson by Lib Tech, GNU, & Bent Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 strong native Islamic forces that make for a
loved it and we had a great time, now some Metal Tuesday, Jan. 29 and on Tuesday, Feb. Time: 12:30-1:30 pm challenging combination. Join Active Minds
of them actually went up to the resorts with 12. Location: Tattered Cover, 2526 E Colfax (2 as we take a look at how Egypt is confront-
me this year,” said Anstine. “Ruby Hill Rail Yard brings the winter blocks east of York) ing this complex future.
The Ruby Hill Rail Yard is located sports experience to youth that may not have Cost: Free Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Time: 5:30-6:30 pm
the opportunity or access to visit mountain
North Korea Location: Tattered Cover, 2526 E Colfax (2
ski parks,” said Bob Holmes, youth market- Join Active Minds for a discussion of the blocks east of York)
ing manager for Winter Park Resort. “Last history of North Korea and the development Cost: Free
year, we broke all expected attendance levels of the North Korean nuclear program. We
and became an impressive model for other will cover the successes and shortcomings Nigeria: Struggling for Progress
youth city programs. For the coming season, of diplomatic efforts between North Korea, Nigeria is the world’s 5th largest oil exporter
we plan to provide an even better Ruby Hill the United States and other countries. North and the most populous nation in Africa. Join
Korea’s place in the world relative to global us as we look at Nigeria’s lurching struggle
Rail Yard where youth and parents can enjoy issues such as international trade and human to take a seat at the international table. We
the snow and have fun together during the rights issues will also be addressed. will trace the country’s colonial history and
day and under the lights.” Date: Monday, March 17, 2008 review the recent violence that threatens not
“Ruby Hill Rail Yard represents the best Time: 7:00-8:00 pm only Nigeria’s tenuous grasp on democracy,
of what we do, said Kim Bailey, Manager of Location: Denver School of Science & but foreign investment in the country’s oil
Denver Parks and Recreation. “It combines Technology, 2000 Valentia St., Denver, CO industry.
our urban park system with our exceptional 80238 Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Cost: Free Time: 1:00-2:00 pm
recreation department. By partnering with RSVP: Stapleton Foundation: 303-468-3223 Location: Generations at Lowry, 8505 Lowry
Winter Park Resort and their outstanding Blvd, Denver, CO 80231
youth program, we are able to offer kids Cost: Free
across the City unparalleled access to winter RSVP: Generations at Lowry: 303-364-8500
sports – not only by whetting their appe-
tites with the Ruby Hill Rail Yard, but also
through our other winter sports programs
with Winter Park.”
Page 8 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch February 15, 2008

“Get what you paid for”

insurance law passes Mowatt Financial Inc.
It is a simple idea—you should get Hard to believe, but it is the truth.
what you paid for. If you order and pay for Driver B’s insurance company would have
a steak at a restaurant, you would not want said “yes you have $100,000 in under-
them to bring you a hamburger. Likewise, insured motorist coverage, but we are
when you are paying for automobile insur- allowed by our contract and statute to
ance—you should get what you paid for. deduct the $25,000 already paid by Driver
Not surprisingly, insurance companies did A’s insurance.” In reality, Driver B only
not see it that way. A new law took effect had $75,000 in underinsured motorist cov-
on January 1, 2008 that protects you from erage—yet, he had paid for $100,000 of
your insurance company and makes sure coverage. In other words, Driver B paid
you “get what you paid for.” The law was for a steak, and was forced to eat a ham-
a bi-partisan effort with the only real oppo- burger.
nent being the insurance industry. The In the end, Driver B, who did not cause
law is directed at underinsured motorist the collision, would be left to swallow
coverage. $25,000 in lost wages. There would be no
Underinsured motorist coverage pro- insurance money available to pay for this David S. Mowatt Casey O. Hartnett
vides insurance coverage when a driver loss. That was not fair. This is why both President Investment Advisor
hits you and does not have enough insur- Republicans and Democrats agreed to pass
ance to pay for your losses. In Colorado, this law. It is a simple idea—people should x Using a competent financial advisor can help to maximize the benefits of the
the minimum liability insurance all of get what they paid for. When it came market and tax advantages that are often overlooked.
us must have is $25,000. Let’s say Driver to underinsured motorist coverage before
A has $25,000 of liability insurance. If January 1, 2008, consumers were forced to x Mowatt Financial is highly known and respected, and has provided clients a safe
Driver A causes a collision, her insurance eat hamburgers. and profitable place to invest their funds for over thirty years.
will only pay up to $25,000. If Driver B This abuse by insurance companies
has purchased $100,000 of underinsured was a form of economic date rape and had x Whether you're investing for yourself, your family
motorist coverage, most people would been forced upon consumers for years. or your business, we have the experience, resources
think Driver B would get what he paid for, In the end, only the insurance companies and knowledge to keep you in step with the latest
$100,000 of underinsured motorist cover- benefited. The insurance companies and investment opportunities.
age. Therein lies the rub. Before the new their lobbyists squealed and proclaimed
law, Driver B would not have $100,000 of “insurance rates in Colorado will go up.” Mowatt Financial Inc.
coverage. This example shows how the Their usual “scare the consumers” tactics
old law used to “work.” Let’s say Driver fell on deaf ears.
383 Inverness Parkway, Suite 400
A caused a collision with Driver B. Driver At all times insurance companies want Englewood, CO 80112
B was injured. Because of those injuries, to do two things, collect your money and (303) 843-9500 Ɣ Fax (303) 843 0447
Driver B incurred $100,000 worth of medi- deny claims. The insurance companies are
cal bills. Being unable to work due to his not losing any money, at all, by providing Securities offered through Pacific West Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services provided through
injuries, Driver B lost $25,000 in wages. the insurance that Driver B paid for. In Pacific West Financial Consultants, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor.
So, Driver B has total damages of $125,000 the same way, the restaurant is not los-
(medical bills and lost wages). Because ing money by serving you the steak you
Driver A had $25,000 in liability insurance ordered and paid for. But, both the insur-
and Driver B has $125,000 in damages— ance company and the restaurant win (and
Advertise in the Cherry Creek News from
Driver A is underinsured by $100,000. you lose) if they can charge you for some- just $89/month
Because Driver A did not have enough thing and then do not give you what you
insurance, Driver B would go to his insur- paid for. Common sense has prevailed. No other paper delivers Cherry Creek North, Lowry,
ance company under his underinsured In this article, the word “under” in Hilltop, Country Club, Bonnie Brae and the Polo
motorist coverage. underinsured motorist coverage was Grounds DIRECTLY BY MAIL every month.
Before January 1, 2008, Driver B would intentionally bolded. People easily get
have thought he was covered. He would confused between uninsured motorist cov-
have felt relief and security because he had erage with underinsured motorist cover-
purchased $100,000 in underinsured motor- age. Do not confuse these two. Uninsured
ist coverage. With $25,000 from Driver motorist coverage only applies if a driver 3ȢMǣӰǑOȠ3ȪOȪӮ
A’s insurance, and Driver B’s $100,000 of with no insurance hits you. Underinsured ӭ̢ƯΝOȺέΝӅS
underinsured motorist coverages, there motorist coverage is designed for you to
was enough money to pay for Driver B’s protect yourself from others. As a care- ӬȢ͝͝OɺѾBD͕BHɚ
total damages of $125,000 (medical bills ful driver, I am less concerned about the
and lost wages). Makes sense right? Just damage I may cause, but am very, very
simple math isn’t it? Wrong! Driver B concerned about uninsured drivers and $ͽMΝSBțΥT0ͩMZ
failed to read the “fine print” on the bot- the damage they can cause me. If you are
tom of his insurance contract. not sure if you have underinsured motor- 'MPǑUǑҿJΝ͸
Here’s how Driver B’s insurance com- ist coverage, you should consider talking
pany would have taken advantage of him with your insurance agent. $ȪͩUȪS
before this new law took effect. Most insur- Finally, this law only applies to renew-
ance companies’ underinsured motorist als of underinsured motorist coverage
coverage would NOT have allowed Driver policies or new underinsured motorist 
B’s insurance to “stack” Driver A’s insur- policies issued after January 1, 2008. You
ance. Driver B’s insurance company would have to find out when your policy renews. ǑOȪXTѵ̢̢҅ӂD΍ͨ
not have paid him the $100,000 in cover- If your policy renews in May 2008,e! and e!
c 8Ư"WȺ w Pric nit

age he had paid for. Instead, Driver B’s D in a collision in April 2008,Prithe old
you Lare U

O e w ȒMΕD͕TFǚґӂέ4̙Ȫ҅JEǑ͸

insurance S
LD policy allowed the insurance law will govern. N L

company to subtract the $25,000 paid by Mark Gould is an attorney living in Denver

Driver A’s insurance. with his wife, Therese.

Brokerage for buyers


1300 Pennsylvania St. #208 2916 W. 24th Ave 3332 Grove

3329 Eliot Street
Street 45752938
Tennyson Street 1735 Boulder Street
2938 Osceola St. 2938 Osceola St. 2938 Osceola St. Osceola St. 2938 Osceola St.

$278,000 $268,500 $359,900

$380,000 $272,000-$422,500 $475,000
Rare true loft & $274,900
in 1924%!
Penn Garage building barrel*'
vaulted ceilings, Charming bungalow
w/ modern Fully
Recentlyrestored & remodeled
updated $274,900
home withDenver
separateSquare half"
lower duplex,
level justunit,
rental blocks
over- 14 new row homes across from $274,900
Berkeley Park; features: 7 $274,900
Stunning city views from master bedrm! New sprocket tower
"!%( "! %' " +!' "!%(  & %!renovations, custom *'
"! %' " kitchen+!'
w/ Slab "!%(  & %! "! %' *' +!' level"!%(
design with &
rooftop"! %'
deck, 40’ " *' +!'
sky-lit atrium, slab "!%(
townhome  & %!
filled w/light! "!garage!
Attached %' "
Amazing*' +!'
exposed brick open stair case to loft bedroom, quiet corner unit,
"'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%& Granite & Maple Cabinets, exposed brick, updated systems, Double
"'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%& sized
from 2fine
with&work shop.Newer
nightlife. Mainsystems,
kitchen with
"'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%& slabkitchen
gourmet granite, "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%& "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%&
newer windows, wood floors, high ceilings, granite, stainless steel appliances, and unfinished basement steps")!&(#''!%
from restaurants,shops, parks! 2nd bdrm loft/study -
secured building and deeded garage sp wa & dr&'%%""
in unit. Concrete  ")!&(#''!%
French Doors lead to deck & landscaped yard, nicest&'%%""
house for the  with custom cabinetry, slab granite, stainless and
")!&(#''!% steeltwo sets of original
appliances, appli- 
&'%%"" ")!&(#''!% &'%%"" 
unit, hurry! One-of-a-kind, will go!
at this price!

kit ,%
counters, *' #'"
unique shelving !ladder,
w/ library %!
cool %
pl! % % ,% *' #'" ! %! % % %
ances, ,%
including washer *'
& dryer.#'"
Lots &of!
value%! %
here, built-in
Don’t %
Miss! with% ,%
bath rough-in. *' #'" ! %! % % ,% *' #'" % %
%*'*"%!!*(%!! price. Hot area in the Highlands!
%*'*"%!!*(%!! character
%*'*"%!!*(%!! trim.
& details throughout, mantel tiled hearth, & %*'*"%!!*(%!! %*'*"%!!*(%!!
Presented by Presented
PresentedbybyBrad Lewis 720-971-1200 Presented by Rachel Grace Hultin 303-667-0609 Presented by Kristen Moore 303-726-7597
720.971.1200 Presented byCall
Jordana Lebowitz
Brad Lewis 303-921-0332
720.971.1200 Brad Lewis 720-971-1200
Call Brad Lewis 720.971.1200 Call Brad Lewis 720.971.1200 Call Brad Lewis 720.971.1200 • 303.433.0211 • 2550 15th Street, Denver

*** %"%&''" -  
-  ''%'!)%
February 15, 2008 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 9

:  1 - 08 1 0 5 - "5$ )
 4 UP S N
$50 to $500 in cash–
Penny hot seat drawings New players eat free
Spin the penny plow wheel Every day in February–
$250 Progressive drawings every Noon-8pm, Wednesdays Free buffet to new players
½ hour Noon-10pm, and Thursdays in February. with 100 same-day UC points.
Every Friday, Saturday, and
Sunday in February.
Play-to-earn–Use EZCOMP
to activate your entries.

e a w a y
n d C a r Giv
0 0 0 C ash a
$100 ,


11am and 2pm
XP O XJOOFS Z Four $50 games plus one
E F S M B O E  1B S U
$125 game each session.
$3,000 in Cash drawings (DOUBLE winnings if
+ Jeep giveaway 250+ points are earned)
 ' MV S SZ 4pm - 8pm, Friday, February 29 Mondays in February.
(Invitations to the Winner Wonderland
Party are given for each cashing
Double Points drawing winner.)
Tuesdays in February.

Only thirty minutes from Denver, Reservations:

take I-70 exit 243 at Hidden Valley 1-800-924-6646 or 303-327-2200.
to get to Fortune Valley.

Since January 1, there has been no smoking at Fortune Valley. If you’ve been looking
for a reason to come on up, now there are no if’s, and’s or butt’s.
Page 10 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch February 15, 2008

Meeting Experience with Success Book review

“Are you wearing the right hair proportion to the facial structure. He GOOD MASTERS! SWEET LADIES! England. Everyone is there: from the
cut?” is a question that has defined has a technique that allows the hair Voices From A Medieval Village. Written lord’s nephew to the shepherdess ( a
Adamo Lentini’s career. Who is behind cut to work with the natural growth by Laura Amy Schlitz. Illustrated by young girl), from the lord’s daughter to
that inquisitive question? Adamo patterns of the hair. So as the hair Robert Byrd. Published by Candlewick the glassblower’s daughters, from the
Press. $19.99 in hardcover. moneylender’s son, the runaway and
Lentini began his career at the age of grows, the hair style will still look
more. Many of these young people
14 in Genoa, Italy, where he worked as good. Remember: a person’s face and
Imagine if you will, that you are a have a sad, difficult life. Some are able
an apprentice at Alberto D’Artizio. At hair make up 80% of their look. Adamo
librarian. Your students are studying to laugh at their situation; others are
Alberto’s, he learnt the basic techniques also believes that having the right hair more high born, a couple
the Middle Ages, research-
that are required to cut hair. He was cut is essential in every other aspect in ing the clothes people are angry and wounded.
fascinated with the creative process that style. For example, if the hair cut is not wore, the food they ate, All have work they must
takes place in developing the right look right, the blow dry will not be right. the houses they lived in, do, beliefs they honor or in
for someone. That is just a glimpse of Adamo and how different life was some cases question.
Throughout the formative years of Lentini. We will be writing monthly in those early times. We’re At times, the author
Adamo’s career, he watched all the on different topics that deal with the talking 13th century here. pauses to take note of his-
masters. From Genoa, Adamo went to hair industry. The more you know, Your students’ minds are tory with what she titles,
Rome to study and work with great the better care you can give your hair, filled with facts and pic- A Little Background about
designers such as Versace, Valentino as well as know what look would be tures. They wonder how Medieval Times.” There
and the Fendi sisters, where he learnt right for you. What role does the way people lived in their small are excellent explanations
the techniques to work in the fashion you are made play on what type of hair villages – did they have of old English words used
shows. He also worked in Milan with cut is right for you? What is an image enough to eat? How did in the monologues.
Armani fashion shows, and in London. consultation? We will also address the they make bread? What This book Is nothing
When he went to London, he greatly many gimmicks that are on the mar- happened when it rained? short of amazing and eye-
admired Vidal Sassoon’s work. Vidal ket, and highlight the products that do Who ruled them? Did opening for teachers and
Sassoon was the designer that devel- what they claim. We will help you sort they go to school? Did they read? Was students, for parents of children who
oped precision hair cuts that are still through all of it. There will also be arti- it difficult to be a kid? read, for anyone with theatrical lean-
popular today, such as the angled bob cles that tell the history of the industry. The author, Laura Amy Schlitz (a ings and of course, for students study-
or the graduated bob and the halo. He You will see when hair dressing truly librarian at the Park School in Baltimore) ing the Middle Ages who want more
decided to write a play for her students than mere isolated facts. This finely
worked with one of Vidal Sassoon’s turned into hair designing and merged
to perform and as she notes, “None of written and illustrated book will trans-
teams. These great stylists and hair with fashion.
the students wanted a small role.” So port readers young and old into the
designers played a part in developing The hair industry has grown and
she wrote longer monologues for each 13th century. It is definitely not the
Adamo’s philosophy on hair designing. changed as the society has changed romantic era some writers portray but
of the 23 students, creating starring
Adamo was invited came to America, and science and technology fields have roles for every one. gritty daily life as seen through the eyes
to the town of Beverly Hills, where he grown. We will be sharing all of this The result is the wonderful, theatri- of young people.
is still working. He has worked with and more in our monthly articles. cal, historical book with each young There’s also an excellent bibliog-
plastic surgeons, most notably Bosely Adamo Lentini can be reached at person depicted telling his or her story, raphy with many sources for further
and Flemming & Mayer. He is truly an 888-982-3266, or at www.adamolentini. each an explanation of who he or she reading once fans of the book are drawn
expert in creating haircuts, blow drying, com. is, what each does, revealing a por- into this fascination era.
and color. tion of life in this medieval village in -- Rachel Pollack
Adamo is different from other styl- - Sonya and Adamo Lentini
ists because he believes that the hair
MP_CCnews3-1007.qxd 11/12/07 3:25 PM Page 1
cut should have balance and be in

Luxury Residences at Cherry Creek

333 South Monroe Street

Mid-300’s to $2 Million

900 to 3,000 sq. ft. single-level residences

Heated Underground Parking

Premier Fitness Center

Guest Suites

Entertainment Area

Catering Kitchen
Luxury Living in Cherry Creek
Private Outdoor Garden
Starting in the Mid-300’s Walk to Cherry Creek Shopping & Restaurants
Enjoy all that Cherry Creek living has to offer without spending a fortune. Luxury
residences at Monroe Pointe are exquisitely appointed condominiums with all
the amenities you could want. Best of all, our homes start in the mid-$300s.

Our unique design gives you choices no other property in Cherry Creek can offer.
Stop by our sales office at 314 S. Monroe Street. But hurry, because Cherry
Creek’s best address won’t be a secret much longer.

Represented exclusively by

Contact: Barbara Edwardson, Cate Dobson or Rhonda Knop
February 15, 2008 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 11

Dining Detective: Battle

of the Basils
Last year I was invited to join the diners choos-
some friends at the Spicy Basil Thai ing this location are
Restaurant, 1 Broadway in Denver. At on a tight schedule,
that time someone else in that group wanting quick service and delicious
insisted that I must try her favorite food without the fear of long waits,
place, Thai Basil, 540 E. Alameda. slow servers, and casual timing. They
It’s taken me a full year, but at last I want to eat their food and move on. To
can present to you, the Battle of the foster this, Spicy Basil lines Formica
Basils! tables in a compact, linear fashion
Despite the simi- to maximize diner
larity in names, these capacity – albeit at
Thai bistros are very Thai Basilthe expense of diner
different in appearance privacy – and main-
and in menu offerings.
540 E. Alameda tain easier services
But as it turns out dif- 303.715.1188 to clean and accom-
ferent really can’t be modate new diners.
defined as better, it’s Although the chairs
simply a matter of taste
Spicy Basil are comfortable, they
and mood, and what 1 Broadway, Unit B-100 aren’t cozy. I would
you would like in a 333.871.8828 not choose this loca-
dining experience. www.spicybasilcom tion to kick back and
The defining dif- relax. I choose this  

ference is atmosphere. location when my
Thai Basil embraces the theme of movie tickets have a show that starts
its menu with Asian accessories and in an hour and I want to be sure I am
design elements. The ambiance cre- there on time.   
ates a mood and invites people to lin- This is not to say that the décor
ger and relax. Spicy Basil, on the other of Spicy Basil is unpleasant. It serves   
hand, has sterilized the environment a very specific purpose in a modern
so that it has very little reflection on and colorful way. You will realize a You’ve got a vision. A fresh new look for
the ethnic food it serves. The pleas- secondary benefit when your food your kitchen, bath or business. Please
#!$""" "&# #
ant but undefined space allows us to arrives. It is so beautifully presented, allow us to help. We’re the owners of the
#!'&" "!"
focus on the food and presentation the plates so colorful, that your meals Denver-based franchise of Kitchen Tune-
much more so than the camaraderie are set like little jewels before you. It  #$
® ) !#'!
Up. We are the only remodeling company
of the evening. is absolutely lovely.  '##!"$$"#! !%(
Spicy Basil is located across from Thai Basil, on the other hand, is that offers In-Tune Customer Service.™
#%!'$!%" "###'!
the Mayan Theater in a high-traffic very comfortable and inviting. It 4Dэ  .̨D̙Ȣ͝MȺǑOȠ

Whatever your vision, please contact us
)Ǒ҅W˒  'JȢMȠ  
area. There is a great likelihood that is more appropriate for people who today for a free estimate. 720-841-6887.



2+ ,#00',%*',% 

# #$ $"!

#$# #$ $"!

Denver—Do you ',#02*1',%$/-+,(2/5


suffer from Numbness and

Tingling down the arms or #/3#0-4,

legs? Most numbness/tingling 1&#/+

#/1# /
sufferers have no idea what to #!)'0!

do when they experience these

symptoms. #/,'1'-,

Although there are --1

want to relax and enjoy their food to Spicy Basil. Its menu is really inter-
many causes of numbness/
&/-,'!',2+ ,#00 and conversation at a leisurely pace. esting with many more options. It
tingling one of the main reasons &##!)-4,1-1&#,"
Although equally small, Thai Basil delves more deeply into traditional
is  to the joints, '"#2145'#4 does not cram its tables together, and foods and, as mentioned earlier, it has
ligaments, and discs in the neck If you suffer from these or other warning signs call there is a greater sense of intimacy as extremely lovely plating. Whether
or low back. Damage may have immediately to prevent possible advancing diners are given their own personal you are trying the Thai BBQ Chicken
occurred as a result of an injury space. in Peanut Sauce ($8.50) or any one
or could have developed slowly Thai Basil was put together with of their brilliant Curries ($8.50), both
over time. intent. They create a theme of warmth your eyes and your tongue will be
In addition to pain, and luxury with rich, dark woods, duly impressed. My personal favorite
damaged spinal joints and heavily upholstered chairs and Asian- (today) is the Whiskey Beef ($8.95).
discs (cushion between the themed art and accessories. It is dark- Thai Basil has a very traditional,
bones) will place pressure on er, quieter, and easier to have a pri- although smaller menu. Service is
the nerves that go down the vate conversation while you enjoy a more relaxed so it is more encourag-
arms, hand, fingers, and even relaxed meal with no sense of hurry. ing to order that extra course. You will
the upper back. This ‘pressure’ You aren’t looking at the people lin- find, however, that the entrée por-
is the cause of numbness/tin- ing up waiting for seats, as often hap- tions are extremely generous (unlike
gling. See '%2/#  When left pens at Spicy Basil, so you have no their soup!) so you should anticipate
untreated, pain and weakness in guilt in taking a few extra moments taking home leftovers. On the night
the muscles may be the even- to linger over your tea. of our visit I tried one of the few items
tual result. If we compare the food at the two designated as non-spicy, the Royal
Generally, most of you locations, I may have a split verdict. Chicken ($8.95). Although pleasant,
resort to medication use. When the problem is in the neck or lower back, using The Toasted Potstickers ($4.95) at Thai it was not necessarily memorable. My
over-the counter, and even prescribed drugs to fix the cause of the problem is not Basil are among the best I’ve ever companion had a huge portion of Pad
the answer for many. And if medication fails, surgery might be considered the only enjoyed, and the Chicken Coconut Thai ($7.95) which was very good but
other alternative. Soup ($3.25) was fantastic. Not only again, not entirely unique.
Dr. Alison Milbauer, DC wants to let you know that there is another way. were both of these starters absolutely The bottom line, in the Battle of
To discover the “best kept secret” that has given thousands of people relief wonderful, the presentation of the the Basils, is that it is very important
without the use of drugs or surgery call to receive a complimentary Numbness and soup was lovely, in its own mini to choose your location based on the
Tingling analysis and consultation. Take Back Your Life. tureen. My only complaint is that overall dining experience you desire
the serving size of the soup was too on that specific evening. If you want
small. I could easily make this a meal excellent food fast, with reasonable
in itself if the portion were tripled. prices and quick service, Spicy Basil
My Summer Rolls ($3.95) at Spicy is the place for you. If you want to
Basil, however, were fine but unin- settle in to comfortable surroundings
spired. Thus, the first round goes to and lazily chat with friends and loved

Thai Basil. ones, Thai Basil has a place all set.***
When we look at the entrées, how-
ever, I think that my vote will swing
Insurance Accepted

Page 12 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch February 15, 2008

Neighbor concerns still Ski Guilt-Free! Dogs Play While You’re Away!
rankle at Lowry development
The Lowry Redevelopment tact the mayor’s office.
Authority Board met Tuesday morn- Significant time was spent by
ing and approved the final plan for some Task Force members, planners
the Buckley Annex redevelopment. and some Board members defending
Such approval occurred with nary a the process.  Public comments, on
dissenting vote from the LRA board.  the other hand, were held to three
There were brief presentations by minutes each.  After reflecting on Buy one/get one 25% off daycare
planners, consultants and Monty this one aspect of the process, and free boarding packages!
Force, Deputy Director LRA.  Of note its recurring theme to date, it seems night! As low as $15.75
was one particular part of the plan the LRA’s message to the public per day!
that seemed different since the pre- was this. They, the LRA, know more New customers only New customers only
sentation was made on the “final” about what is good for us than we Expires 01/31/08 Purchase by 01/15/08
plan in November.  It was to indicate do.  Therefore, the LRA believes they
where developers could deviate from have made the wisest decision avail- x Doggie Daycare w/TV Lounge
the 65-foot height restriction (as indi- able for this redevelopment plan.  x Luxury, Crate-Free, Boarding Hotel
cated by small crosshatched areas on Some defending the process con- x Dog Wash
the plan).  This was in direct conflict veyed to the audience many people 303.321.TAIL
with height restrictions of 65-feet weren’t attending meetings to speak
clearly articulated during the “final” because they were in favor of the 5010 E. Colfax Ave (only 7 blocks east of Colorado Blvd.)
plan presentation and requested by plan.  If a vote were in order, then
Councilwoman Marcia Johnson. the roughly 42 people involved in
Councilwoman Johnson com-
mented to the Board that she would
the various task force committees
who apparently approved this plan
resident-friendly, then a public sup- RTD race has
like to see those (crosshatch) areas
removed from the plan – as we
would be outvoted by the 157 peo-
ple who voted in the straw poll on
ported plan can never be complet-
ed….regardless of whatever claims candidate
continued from page 1
the LRA may make that this process
would.  She said to the Board, “It November14th who wanted density has been more open than any other debases the taxpayer investment in the
seems you are saying the plan is lowered, the 154 people who also recent redevelopments.  Claims that expensive projects.
restricted to 65-foot heights with voted to limit the building heights, this particular process has been bet- Working in college, James became
your fingers crossed behind your and the 137 people who wanted the ter does not make it right, does not a part-time staffer in the City of Seattle
back.”  That particular analogy con- Lowry Design Guidelines applied to make it good, and certainly does not planning office. His real estate career
veyed what many have believed to the Buckley Annex redevelopment make it acceptable.  Lowry residents took off after a stint in the U.S. Army,
be recurring flaws in the overall plan.  Additionally, all of the com- have higher standards, and the LUN and James became a commercial
process to date.  Furthermore Marcia ment sheets sent to LRA, and subse- remains vigilant to ensure any future appraiser. As a citizen, he worked on
Johnson’s analogy aptly describes quently posted on its web site, could entities involved in such processes the advisory committees of two major
one reason why the Lowry United be weighed of which 129 requested a are clearly heard by the LUN with Denver transportation studies.
Neighborhoods registered neighbor- lower density plan, 121 wanted den- regards to any/all remaining issues The RTD board is a non-partisan
hood organization formed in the first sity numbers to equal all of Lowry, and concerns as the process contin- body, and the election to succeed
place and has subsequently posi- and 133 who stated too much traffic ues to move forward. Elfenbein takes place in November.
tioned itself to have a meeting with was a problem.   James has no formally declared oppo-
Mayor Hickenlooper.  That meeting In summary, it appears unless Dave Siefkas, President nent for the office as of press time.
will be held February 8th in the the LRA redevelopment process Lowry United Neighborhoods
mayor’s office.  Any other RNO’s becomes more transparent, more
interested in attending should con- public interaction oriented and more


  ! "  %%%% !&
*$($%$ $! "! !%'$
!$ $!&
* ( ! "'$) $
* $$!%"##!$!%#"$&&"!
* !!!$#$&"!
*&"!  !$%
* "%#&&&$%
" !!'&) " #%%"!!$ *&!$%"! $ %%%&!
* & "'%#!

  * #") !&##"$&'!&% "$

'$&   $($%





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