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The aim of these rhyming poems presented along with fact is to engage and educate children about
food and its origins in a memorable way. Included are interesting comments and questions which I
hope will prompt laughter and interest. I have had great fun composing these rhymes and facts I do
hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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Pork Talk
Percival Peregrine Proudlove Potter,
A champion pig from snout to trotter,
Would wallow and wobble in the dirt,
with his brother Benjamin Bert.
Percival liked the sun to shine,
but thought the rain was just divine.
If he was in a puddle now,
youd only see his curly tail.
Percival Peregrine Proudlove Potter,
a champion pig from snout to trotter,
enjoyed his life so he could be
yummy sausages just for me!

Did you know that
a frightened pig
can scream louder
than the noise
made by a flying
Did you know that pigs cant sweat?
Thats why they roll around and cool off in mud
and puddles!
Sensational, sizzling, supreme sausages served with spuds
and minted peas.

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A great grain
Rice starts life in watery soil.
If its too dry the crop will spoil.
Growing up as live green shoots,
until theyre yellow, from tip to roots.
The rice and stalk are split by machine.
Packaged and sealed, the next routine
cooked in my pot brimming with steam.
Perfect as savoury, lovely with cream!

Did you know many people in china eat boiled
rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
In fact in some Asian languages the word food
and rice are the same.
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chickn dinner
I like chickens they go cluck
and those that cockle doo.
I like hens that lay eggs,
that make my omelette too.
I like chickens on the farm,
and watch them through the gate.
The chicken I like best of all
Is on my dinner plate!

Did you know that duck,
goose, quail, emu and
ostrich eggs may all be
cooked and eaten?

Lets get cracking
Cakes, pastas, marzipans and bubble and squeak can all
contain eggs .
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Lets get to grips,
with how we make chips.
Potatoes, not baked,
or boiled but fried.
Sizzled and frizzled,
still fluffy inside.
Golden brown,
and served on a plate.
Never too many
or you will inflate!

Did you know that waste from frying
fat helps to make fuel for vehicles
around the world?
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A cow is big.
A cow is fat.
It wears no undies,
or a hat.
A cow cant read.
A cow cant write.
It cant cook,
or shine at night.
A cow cant juggle.
A cow just eats,
producing milk,
and lovely meats .
Clever cow.

Did you know a
cow has four
Is there really a cottage in cottage
No its mincemeat from cows.

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The wheat dances on the breeze,
and basks in the summer sun.
When the harvest comes around,
Its job has just begun.
If you have a day or two,
Find out what wheat makes.
Its for more than your lovely bread,
donuts, rusks and cakes.
Wheat is in your pasta
Ice cream cones and soups.
Its in sherbet and in dumplings
and spaghetti hoops.
So if you pass a farmers field
And see the wheat grow tall
Remember what it does for you
And thank it one and all!

Did you know that
wheat is one of the
best fuel for our
Did you know
there are over 30
varieties of
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Appetisers surprisers
Chilli beaver on a stick,
deer soup so nice and thick.
Pigeon pies
and squirrel stew,
make a feast for me and you.
Garlic snails.
frogs and owls,
rattle snakes
and crocodile steaks
even funny sounding meat
can be good for us to eat.

BEAVERS are the best in
rural Russia
DEER are great eaten in
the USA
PIGEONS are a favourite
in Egypt
SQUIRRELS are yummy in
the UK
Cooked SNAILS and FROG
legs are wonderful eaten
in France
OWLS are eaten in Alaska
People love to eat SNAKES
in China
CROCODILE meat comes
from South Africa
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Healthy eating
Fresh vegetables and juicy fruits,
are good for you from head to boots.
Red, green or orange veg,
go with pasta or potato wedge.
From the sea theres lots of fish,
that makes for you a tasty dish.
A morning bowl of porridge oats,
helps at school with taking notes.
Its great creating and cooking food
and scrummy sipped, slurped or chewed.
So learn to cook it can be fun
And eating healthy must be done!

Foods like potatoes, fish,
bananas and mushrooms
are good for your brain.
broccoli, peas and Brussels
can make you feel happier.
Pea pods,
Peas picked,
Pods popped,
Pass the peas,

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Soda with its fizzles and bubbles,
Can give your teeth too many troubles.
Lots of fat, sugar and salt,
makes your body feel distraught.
Fatty meat, cream and butter
gives your heart an awful flutter.
Too many tempting delicious sweets,
are always such unhealthy treats.
Remember careful eating will,
stop your body being ill.

Sweets are made by heating sugar in
water. Hot temperatures make hard
sweets, medium heat makes soft sweets
and mild heat makes chewy ones.
Did you know theres
10 teaspoons of sugars
in one can of cola?
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Tips for parents and teachers
If you have enough space in your garden or school grounds make an allotment for growing
vegetables. If you have limited space consider growing vegetables in window boxes or pots.
Let children look at vegetables such as potatoes and carrots before you peel or slice them.
Try and organise a school trip to a working farm. Make interesting worksheets to take with
Fast food can be a tasty treat and children can learn about moderation by having some just
once a month.
Tips for children
See how many vegetables you can draw and colour them in correctly.
See how many fruits you can name.
Draw a farm with animals and name them.
Ask an adult at meal times what types of food are on your plate and where it comes from.

By cazgemuk

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Written by Carolyn Djebbari