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Steven Gillis, Co-Founder and Publisher
Dan Wickett, Co-Founder
Dwayne Hayes, Executive Director
Guy Intoci, Senior Editor
Steven Gillis (Chair), Dwayne Hayes, Jeff Parker, Vanessa Clarke, Keith Taylor, Ilene Schwartz
Doug Wilson, James Rosenfeld, Peter Fayroian
Fred Ramey, Jessica Stockton Bagnulo
Dzanc Books is supported, in part, by grants from the Community Foundation of SE Michigan,
specifcally targeted grants from John and Jean Wickett, the Meijer Foundation, and various individuals.
Shortly after opening our doors in 2006, Dzanc Books was hailed as the future of publishing
by Publishers Weekly. A fully invested publishing house with print distribution through
Consortium, and eBook distribution through Open Road Media, Dzanc Books is committed to
not only publishing great works, but promoting our authors through print and online media,
author tours, and through audio/visual media. In our frst few years, Dzanc authors have been
reviewed everywhere both in print and online including the Los Angeles Times Book Review, The
Believer, Time Out New York, NewPages, Bookslut, Mid-American Review, American Book Review,
The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Publishers Weekly, Rain Taxi, Elle Magazine, Vanity Fair
and numerous others. With award winning authors such as Josip Novakovich, Laura van den
Berg and Hesh Kestin, coupled with great emerging writers like Sean McGrady, Eugene Cross,
and Jac Jemc, Dzanc is excited to present the best and the brightest authors writing today.
As of 2008, Dzanc has also formed imprint relationships with other established independent
publishers. These publishers continue to run editorially as they did previously, however they now
have the publicity and distribution support of Dzanc Books. Heading into 2014 these publishers
include OV Books, Keyhole Books, Starcherone Books, Ellipsis Press, and Disquiet. These
relationships have led to extraordinary works by authors such as Allison Amend, Tod Goldberg,
James Morrison, Stacey Levine, Joshua Cohen and Alissa Nutting as well as a cutting edge
anthology of 30 Writers Under 30. The titles publishing under the Disquiet imprint are works
in translation or works written in English with a heavy foreign country aspect to them. Between
Dzanc and our imprints we publish novels, short story collections, poetry collections, anthologies,
works in translation, non-fction, and chapbooks in both print and eBook form.
Dzanc also funds three literary journals: The Collagist, a monthly appearing online that
contains fction, poetry, essays, novel excerpts and book reviews; Monkeybicycle, an online journal
of both fction and poetry that features podcasts; and Absinthe: New European Writing, a bi-
annual print journal of writing and art stemming from Europe.
As a non-proft, 501(c)3 organization, Dzanc Books is also fully committed to developing
writing programs in the schools and community at large. Dzanc funds and has operated workshops
and Writer-in-Residence programs in several cities, including Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and New
York. Dzanc has also set up a low-cost writing instruction program for beginning and emerging
writers by connecting them with accomplished authors through the innovative Dzanc Creative
Writing Mentorships. Dzanc has organized the Disquiet International Literary Program, a writing
conference held in Lisbon, Portugal. Dzanc creates internship opportunities for students looking
to gain valuable experience in independent publishing. With a full vision for our future, both as
publishers and as leaders in the community, Dzanc is excited about what we can do to continue
bringing great books to wider audiences while inspiring generations of readers to come.
Neighbors of Nothing Jason Ockert
Dancing Lessons Olive Senior
When Blackness Was a Virtue Michael Grant Jaffe
The Brunist Day of Wrath Robert Coover
Byrd Kim Church
Not for Nothing Stephen Graham Jones
The Mayflies Sara Veglahn
Between Wrecks: Stories George Singleton
The Sea-Gods Herb John Domini
The Committee on Town Happiness Alan Michael Parker
The Festival of Earthly Delights Matt Dojny
The Fish and the Not Fish Peter Markus
In Bed One Night and Other Brief Encounters Robert Coover
Jason Ockert
Neighbors of Nothing examines characters
who fnd themselves searching for new
identities in worlds they no longer recognize.
In Piebald, parents assume the identity of
their dead son; in Everyday Murders, the
sole survivor of a violent crime attempts to
confront an online entrepreneur who sells
football-style serial killer jerseys. Through
odd, compelling, and sometimes futile
gestures, these characters struggle against
guilt and grief and the seemingly endless
stretch of days. Infuenced by absurdism and
the southern gothic, Neighbors of Nothing
offers intelligent and heartrending insights
into the complex human struggle to exist with
Beautiful stories, searching and generous.
Ockert never ceases to astound.
Junot Daz
Ockerts stories make me feel grateful to have
eyeballsif you want to be surprised, expanded,
devastated, delighted, then Neighbors of Nothing
is what you should be reading. His plots are
hair-raisingly original, his humor is feverish and
dark, his language soars. And yet no matter
what altitude of weird Ockert achieves here, his
imaginary worlds are always populated by real
people, characters who matter deeply to each
other, and to their readers.
Karen Russell
Jason Ockert is the author of Rabbit Punches
and Neighbors of Nothing. His stories have
appeared in many journals and anthologies, he
was the recipient of the 2010 Dzanc Short Story
Collection Contest, and was a nominee for the
Shirley Jackson Short Fiction Award. He teaches
creative writing at Coastal Carolina University in
Conway, South Carolina.
November 2013
203 pages
Short Story Collection
Olive Senior
Her mothers death and her fathers
madness leave G unloved and unwanted as
a child. Her runaway marriage brings her
children but not the fulfllment she yearns
for. Years later, a hurricane destroys her
Jamaican country house where she lives
alone and she ends upunwillinglyin a ritzy
retirement home in the city, placed there by
her well-to-do but distant daughter.
As a novel it is compelling, its heroine
unforgettable. . . . A simply wonderful read.
The Globe and Mail
This novel is a jewel that promises the reader a
lesson in dancing to the right tune.
Jamaica Observer
Jamaican-born Olive Senior is a poet, fction
writer, journalist, and editor, and one of
Canadas most internationally recognized and
acclaimed authors. She won the inaugural
Commonwealth Writers Prize in 1987 for
her short story collection Summer Lightning
and Other Stories and was a fnalist for the
Governor Generals Literary Award for her poetry
collection Over the Roofs of the World.
November 2013
299 pages
Michael Grant Jaffe
Jaffe captures the chaos of the protagonists
sudden downturn in his personal life, dealing
with an ex-wife who makes his life miserable,
and trying to keep his children happy in
the midst of it all. He fnds release for his
frustrations through the violence of his
bookie job as he tries to make sense of what
happened to his life.
When Blackness Was a Virtue is Jaffes fourth
novel. Hes also the author of Whirlwind,
Skateaway and Dance Real Slow, which was
adapted into the Twentieth Century Fox Film
A Cool, Dry Place, featuring Vince Vaughn. In
addition, Jaffe is a journalist who spent more
than a decade on staff at Sports Illustrated.
He received his M.F.A. in creative writing from
Columbia University. Currently, he lives in Ohio
with his two daughters.
January 2014
300 pages
Robert Coover
The Brunist Day of Wrath, Robert Coovers
long-.awaited, massive sequel to his
award-winning debut, is a committed and
committing, awe-inspiring, humbling look at
fundamentalisms of all sorts in a world where
religion competes with money, common sense,
despair, and reason; stranded in their midst is
beauty, is art.
The sequel to Robert Coovers acclaimed frst
novel returns to the town of West Condon fve
years after the bloody confict at the Brunist
church camp. Many continue to cope with
the after effects of the massacre, but others
are receiving new revelations from the lost
prophet Giordano Bruno, assembling at the
site of the former camp to await the end of
days. Exploring the psychologies of over 150
different characters, Coover offers the reader
a panoptic view of American hypocrisy and
the conviction-centered ideologies that make
bloody confict inevitable.
Robert Coover has published fourteen novels, three
short story collections, and a collection of plays
since The Origin of the Brunists received the The
William Faulkner Foundation First Novel Award in
1966. At Brown University, where he has taught for
over thirty years, he established the International
Writers Project, a program that provides an
annual fellowship and safe haven to endangered
international writers who face harassment,
imprisonment, and suppression of their work in
their home countries. In 1990-91, he launched the
worlds frst hypertext fction workshop, was one of
the founders in 1999 of the Electronic Literature
Organization, and in 2002 created CaveWriting, the
frst writing workshop in immersive virtual reality.
Michiko Kakuntaini of The New York Times has said
Of all the postmodern writers, Robert Coover is
probably the funniest and most malicious, mixing
up broad social and political satire with vaudeville
turns, lewd pratfalls, and clever word plays that
make us rethink both the mechanics of the world
and our relationship to it. Coover has also received
awards from the Lannan Foundation, American
Academy of Arts and Letters, National Endowment
of the Arts, and the Rea Lifetime Short Story Award.
March 2014
1000 pages
$30.00 Hardcover
Kim Church
Byrd is a contemporary novel about a
woman who bears and surrenders a son,
her only child, without telling his father, little
imagining how the secret will shape their
lives. Through letters and spare, precisely
observed vignettes, the book examines how
a 33-year-old birth mother comes to make,
and live with, the most diffcult, intimate,
and far-reaching of choices.
Kim Church lives in Raleigh,NC
March 2014
228 pages
Stephen Graham Jones
The town is Stanton, Texas, population 3000;
the private investigator is disgraced Midland
homicide detective Nicholas Bruiseman,
whos so down on his luck that hes forced to
take a job as a live-in security guard for the
towns lone storage facility. This is his new
lifestarting over with nothing in the town he
grew up in.
Stephen Graham Jones is the author of ten
novels, three collections, and one novella. He is
a full professor at The University of Colorado at
Boulder, and in the low-residency program for
University of California Riverside-Palm Desert.
Stephen is forty-one, and married with children.
March 2014
298 pages
Sara Veglahn
Obsessed with bodies of water and haunted
by a chorus of mysterious ladies, the
unnamed protagonist desperately searches
to fnd out what is real and what is a dream.
A deep and vivid exploration of the
passageway between life and death, The
Mayfies is a lyrical and haunting look at
loneliness, isolation, and what it truly means
to move on.
Sara Veglahn is the author of the chapbooks
Another Random Heart (Letter Machine
Editions, 2009) and Closed Histories (Noemi
Press, 2008). Her work has been published in
various journals, including Conjunctions, Web
Conjunctions, Fence, 1913: A Journal of Forms,
Fairy Tale Review, Octopus, Tarpaulin Sky, and
elsewhere. She holds an MFA from UMass-
Amherst and a PhD from the University of Denver,
and has taught creative writing and literature at
UMass-Amherst, the University of Denver, Regis
University, and Naropa University. She currently
lives in Denver, Colorado.
April 2014
150 pages
George Singleton
A trip to the salvage yard reveals infdelity
and theft. An unlicensed entomologist
celebrates his freedom with a compulsive
liar while a manhunt ensues on the streets
outside the bar. Packed with heart, honesty,
and humor, Between Wrecks offers a glimpse
into rural life from one of Americas keenest
George Singleton is the author of two novels
and fve short story collections, including Stray
Decorum. A 2013 SIBA Book Award Finalist,
his work has appeared in The Atlantic Monthly,
Harpers, and Playboy. A former Guggenheim
Fellow, he was awarded the Hillsdale Award for
Fiction by The Fellowship of Southern Writers
in 2011. He holds an MFA degree from the
University of North Carolina at Greensboro and
currently teaches writing at South Carolina
Governors School for the Arts & Humanities. He
currently lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
May 2014
300 pages
Short Story Collection
John Domini
A witty and sophisticated examination of
nontraditional storytelling in contemporary
art and literature, The Sea- Gods Herb
contains reviews and essays on some of
the most interesting authors and artists of
the last forty years. From William Gass and
Thomas Pynchon to Brian Evenson and Steve
Erickson, John Domini takes readers beyond
that which is impossible to explain.
John Domini, a noted poet, essayist, and author,
has had his nonfction appear The New York
Times and GQ, and his fction has been featured
in The Paris Review and Ploughshares. A former
National Endowment for the Arts and Ingram-
Merrill Foundation fellow, his novel Tomb of
the Periphery was shortlisted for the London
Book Festival prize and his Earthquake I.D. was
runner- up for the Domenico Rea prize in Italy. He
teaches at Iowa State University and makes his
home in Des Moines.
April 2014
360 pages
Essay Collection
Alan Michael Parker
A lyrical and funny look at democracy and
bureaucracy, The Committee on Town
Happiness consists of ninety-nine linked
stories about disappearing townsfolk. Hot
air balloons are launched to search for the
missing; galas proliferate; laws are imposed
ad absurdum; and a guerrilla group forms.
Absurdity and beauty reign: the Committee
shapes the future of small-town America.
Alan Michael Parker is the author of two previous
novels and seven collections of poems. His
awards include three Pushcart Prizes and the
2012 North Carolina Book Award. Douglas C.
Houchens Professor of English at Davidson
College, he also teaches in the Queens University
M.F.A. program. He lives in Davidson, North
Carolina, and can be reached on the web at
June 2014
225 pages
Matt Dojny
The Festival of Earthly Delights is a
humorous bildungsroman set in the fctional
Southeast Asian country of Puchai. The
protagonist, Boyd Darrow, has recently
moved there with his unfaithful girlfriend to
give their relationship a second chance. His
adventures, and misadventures, are relayed
in a series of letters to a mysterious recipient.
Matt Dojny co-authored the illustrated essay
Impossible Sightseeing in A Public Space, as
well as contributing an illustrated piece to THE
MOMENT: Wild, Poignant, Life- Changing Stories
from 125 Writers and Artists Famous & Obscure.
This is his frst novel.
June 2014
462 pages
Peter Markus
The world of the child is a world where things
arent what they always seem to be. In The
Fish and the Not Fish, Peter Markus brings
us back inside that not-so-simple space and
its slippery way of seeing and saying, a place
that is primal and mythic in its remaking.
Peter Markus is the author of the novel, Bob,
or Man on Boat (Dzanc Books) as well as three
books of short-short fction, the most recent of
which is We Make Mud. In 2012 he was named a
Kresge Arts in Detroit Fellow in Literary Arts. He
lives in Trenton, MI.
July 2014
150 pages
Story and Novella Collection
Robert Coover
In Robert Coovers latest collection of short
stories, we explore worlds where time is
dangerously out of control. Worlds that
unravel like flms within flms within flms.
Worlds obsessed with the temporary.
Ultimately, we explore worlds that are
exactly like our own. Features new stories
and several that have recently appeared in
Playboy, Harpers, and The New Yorker.
Robert Coover has published fourteen novels,
three short story collections, and a collection of
plays since The Origin of the Brunists received
the The William Faulkner Foundation First Novel
Award in 1966. His short fction has appeared in
The New Yorker, Harpers, and Playboy amongst
other publications.
June 2014
250 pages
Short Story Collection
The True Actor Jacinto Lucas Pires
The Gifts of the State and Other Stories Adam Klein
Sankya Zakhar Prilepin
Friday Was the Bomb Nathan Deuel
Jacinto Lucas Pires
Translated by Jaime Braz and Dean
Thomas Ellis
The favored prostitute of Lisbons rich and
powerful has been found dead amid austerity
protests in Portugal, and down-on-his-luck actor
Americo Abril, who has just won the role of a
lifetime playing Paul Giamatti in the avant-garde
flm Being Paul Giamatti, is the prime suspect.

Abril seeks the real killer, and he grapples with
what it means to be Paul Giamatti. Confounded
by the role he plays in the flm and the roles that
he plays in real lifeweary dad, blocked artist,
henpecked husband, miserable lover, wanted
manAbril struggles to hold together himself, his
family, and his country.

The True Actor, the English debut by award-
winning Portuguese author Jacinto Lucas Pires,
manages both a postmodern boondoggle and
a touching story of identity and love and loss in
austerity-era Portugal.
The True Actor is a true pleasurewise and funny
with a subtle gravity and a wild hallucinatory streak.
It brilliantly examines the state of a nation through
one mans state of mind. Jacinto Lucas Pires is
a powerful voice in modern fction, charming,
fearless, fourishing at the crossroads of the playful
and the dire.
Sam Lipsyte, author of The Fun Parts and The Ask

Politically conscious, cinematic, and everything
else that is characteristic of the literature of Lucas
Pires, all absorbed into and shaken out in a game
of conscience in which he holds all the cards. And
this book is his royal fush.
TimeOut Lisbon
Jacinto Lucas Pires was born in Porto in 1974
and now lives in Lisbon. He is a writer, playwright,
director, musician, and soccer afcionado. The True
Actor won the 2013 Domingos da Silva Teixeira
Distinguished Literature Award for the best book
published in Portugal in the past two years. Pires won
the prestigious Prmio EuropaDavid Mouro-Ferreira
(Bari University, Italy/Instituto Cames, Portugal)
in 2008. He plays with the band Os Quais. Several
translations of his short prose recently appeared in
an issue of The St. Petersburg Review translated by
Jaime Braz and Dean Thomas Ellis.
November 2013
153 pages
Edited by Adam Klein
The Gifts of the State and Other Stories:
New Writing from Afghanistan radically
reshapes our idea of Afghanistan as a place
of unquestioning religiosity, brutal sexism,
and anti-American and Russian resistance.
Rather, employing stark naturalism and
surrealistic and genre elements, these writers
bravely depict Western-styled women in former
Russian apartments and men obsessed with
fantasies based on Mickey Spillane novels.
Though it is set in a place we think we know
(Afghanistan), this continuously startling and
often very moving book opens up a new country,
a fresh and diverse landscape of human striving
and disappointment. With grace, melancholy
and wit, it describes the joys and sadnesses of
ordinary life obscured by the last decade of shrill
headlines. Everyone should read it.-
Pankaj Mishra
Very little of what is written in English can
describe the grip of Afghanistans normal
emergency as can these beautiful, remarkable
stories. They are heartbreaking and violent tales,
excerpts from the minds of orphans who mourn
not so much mere parents as ancestry itself
the ancestry of history and wisdom and there
is rarely any redemption to the grief save only the
lyricism of storytelling. But this lyricism is rich,
one that brings into fuid English the poignant
harmonies of other literatures and tongues, and
it carries with it a faith greater than those of
warring forces.
Rana Dasgupta, author of Tokyo Canceled and Solo
Adam Klein is the author of story collection, The
Medicine Burns, the novel, Tiny Ladies, the artist
monograph, Jerome: After the Pageant. His work has
appeared in Bomb, The New York Times At War Blog,
The Huffngton Post. He is the singer/ songwriter for
the band, The Size Queens, which has been featured
on The T.J. Eckleburg Review, Ninth Letter and
Electric Literature blog sites. He has lived in Kabul,
Bangalore, San Francisco and New York.
December 2013
161 pages
Short Story Collection
Zakhar Prilepin
Sankya is an examination of the elements of
rebellion and protest. The novel, drawing on
Prilepins own experiences, follows Sasha
(whose grandmother calls him Sankya), a
member of an extremist revolutionary group,
as he tests the elemental force of the protest
movement in Russia and in himself.
Zakhar Prilepin, born near Ryazan in 1975,
lives in Nizhny Novgorod where he is the
regional editor of the independent newspaper
Novaya Gazeta. Prilepin had a varied life before
dedicating himself to writing, spending time
as a student, as a laborer, as a journalist and
as a soldier, serving with the Special Forces in
Chechnya. More recently Prilepin has come to
the public attention not only as one of the best
writers of his generation, but as a committed,
and often controversial, political activist on
behalf of the Other Russia coalition. His website
is one of the most popular authors sites in
Russia. Prilepins combination of lucid prose and
social consciousness has made him one of the
most popular and acclaimed writers in Russia
today and drawn comparisons with the Russian
April 2014
200 pages
Novel, translated from Russian
Nathan Deuel
An Americans memoir of life in the Middle
East. This collection will, like perhaps no
other book before, give fesh and blood to
life on the edge of everything we all hold
near and dear. Excerpts have appeared in
The New York Times, GQ, The Paris Review,
Salon, Slate, The Awl, and Los Angeles
Review of Books.
Nathan Deuel contributed essays, fction, and
criticism to The New York Times, The New
Republic, Financial Times, GQ, and The Paris
Review, among others. In 2013, he was named
frst runner-up in Ploughshares annual Emerging
Writer contest. Previously, he was an editor at
Rolling Stone and The Village Voice. His wife,
Kelly McEvers, is NPRs Beirut bureau chief.
May 2014
138 pages
Memoir/Essay Collection
Since 2006, the Dzanc Writer-in-Residence Program has been committed to increasing literacy
in public school students in Michigan and beyond. During each school year, Dzanc places a
professional author with an individual school or classroom, allowing them to return each week to
build a relationship with students and develop their potential as fction writers and poets.
In each of the past several years, we have collectively tutored over one hundred students
across several different schools. At the conclusion of each program, we publish a hard copy
anthology of the participating students work, distributing a complimentary edition of this book to
every school library in the target school districts as well as providing each student participating in
the program with a copy.

As the only program of its kind in Michigan that does not charge students or schools, the
Dzanc Writer-in-Residence Program offers a unique relationship for students to work directly
with professional writers, extending a one of a kind opportunity for the young writers of tomorrow.

The chance for these students to improve their writing skills enhances not only their creative
talents but their overall communication skills in all arenas. It is our frm belief that continuing to
develop and expand these relationships with the students and the schools is a key component in
developing great literary and writing programs.


Kathy Wickett Memorial DWIRP at The Ann Arbor Open School (Ann Arbor, MI): Scott Beal

Kathy Wickett Memorial DWIRP at The Ann Arbor Open School (Ann Arbor, MI): Scott Beal

Kathy Wickett Memorial DWIRP at The Ann Arbor Open School (Ann Arbor, MI): Scott Beal
Ann Arbor Community School (Ann Arbor, MI): Jeff Kass

2010 - 2011
Kathy Wickett Memorial DWIRP at The Ann Arbor Open School (Ann Arbor, MI): Scott Beal

2009 - 2010
The Ann Arbor Open School (Ann Arbor, MI): Scott Beal
Thurston Elementary School (Ann Arbor, MI): Matt Bell
2008 - 2009
Community High School (Ann Arbor, MI): Jeff Kass
Thurston Elementary School (Ann Arbor, MI): Matt Bell
High School of Telecommunication and Technology (Brooklyn, NY): Diane Goettel

2007 - 2008
The Ann Arbor Open School (Ann Arbor, MI): Scott Beal
High School of Telecommunication and Technology (Brooklyn, NY): Diane Goettel
Ypsilanti High School (Ypsilanti, MI): Barry Graham

Community High School (Ann Arbor, MI): Paul Toth
The Dzanc Books rEprint Series is dedicated to publishing great works of contemporary literature
that are deserving and clearly will beneft from having their work appear in electronic form. Our
efforts include works that have recently gone out of print, books in print that have yet to be
converted to e-form, as well as titles where the author holds the eBook rights and is looking
for a publishing partner for the electronic version of their book. These works are available by
Dzanc to the reading public in the form of eBooks compatible with all currently available eBook
platforms, distributed both directly from Dzanc and through eBook resellers.

This series originates out of a belief that many of these titles did not have the opportunity
to reach their fullest potential audiences in the time of their original publication, and that a
second chance for achieving a wider readership is long overdue. By bringing them back into print
in widely-available electronic formats, Dzanc hopes to restart the critical conversations around
these books, and to get them into the hands of the enthusiastic readers they each deserve. Just
as the eBook revolution has put an always-connected bookstore in the hands of every participating
reader, we believe that our rEprint series is an important and innovative part of ensuring that
bookstores virtual shelves are stocked with beautiful editions of these titles, all among the very
best books of the preceding decades.

The list of titles available grows weekly and includes multiple titles each by J. Robert Lennon,
Michael Martone, Merrill Joan Gerber, Stephen Dixon, and Stephen Graham Jones, among many
others. New forthcoming titles are being added weekly, and a full list of upcoming titles can be
found on our website.

Dzancs current eBook titles are available at our website, and are distributed by Open Road Media,
which makes them available through all standard retail outlets, including Amazon, Barnes and
Noble, and other eBooksellers.
The Dzanc Creative Writing Mentorships is an online program designed to allow writers to work
one-on-one with published authors and editors to shape their short story, novel, poem, or essay.
Mentoring authors will read the work, after which they will provide a written critique to the student.

Sessions are conducted by email, and are available in blocks of one, two, or four hours, with
longer sessions being less expensive per hour than shorter ones.

This program is being offered at an extremely low rate, thanks to the generosity of our mentors,
all of whom are volunteers. Many of our mentors do similar work as freelancers and charge
much greater rates than are being offered here, and other workshops and writing programs
charge a lump sum of several hundred dollars up front. Not only does the DCWM allow you to
control and target your expenses, but 100% of the money brought in by Dzanc by our DCWM
goes to supporting our Writer-in-Residence programs that we offer free to students in elementary
and secondary schools across the country.

The list of authors available for selection as a mentor includes many editors, award-winning,
published novelists, short story writers, fash fction writers, poets, and non-fction writers.
5220 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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