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Michio Hoshino

Presented by Daichi Hiramatsu

A Japanese-born Nature photographer and poet

Called one of most accomplished nature photographer in his era

Specialized in photographing Alaskan wildlife
His Life
Born on September 27, 1952 in Chiba, Japan

At the age of 16, backpacked through
America for 2 months by himself
Belonged to outdoor club while in college
At the age of 19, started to have interests in
Alaskan nature and traveled Shishmaref,
Alaska for 3 months
Graduated from Keio University with a
degree in economics
His Life
After graduation, worked as a camera assistant under Kojyo Tanaka, a Japanese famous
animal photographer, for 2 years
From 1978 to 1982, went to the University of Alaska, majoring in wildlife management
In 1989, his work Alaska, the Map of Lives was awarded

His Work
1. Capturing the Moment
This bold eagle, looking at me, lives in neither the past nor future. Nothing but
this moment, the bold eagle is living in this moment. And I am too looking at only
this moment, like old days of childhood.

Bald Eagle flying, Alaska
Grizzly Bear catching spawning salmon, Alaska
Caribou group crossing through river during
migration, Alaska
Humpback Whale breaching, Southeast Alaska
His Work
2. Animal Lives
With evolving slowly, any lives are going on endless journeys.
Why we look at nature? The reason why should be by looking at a bear,
small bird, or any lives, we unconsciously look at our own lives through
Grizzly Bear mother and cub, Alaska
Grizzly Bear mother and cub standing in green
foliage, Alaska
Polar Bear trio, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Polar Bear males fighting, Churchill, Manitoba,
Harp Seal pup on ice, Gulf of St Lawrence,
Heap Seal mother and pup, Gulf of St Lawrence,
Japanese Macaque mother nursing young, Japan
His Work
3. Landscape
Nature sometimes shows us a scene with a story. But thats not it. All scenes
surrounding us are likely filled with stories. The thing is whether or not we
realize them.
We unconsciously look at landscape through our hearts. What mysterious
light of aurora tells is inside ones heart.
Illuminated tent beneath snow-covered mountains
and Aurora borealis, Alaska
Mt Denali and mountain range with glacier,
Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska
Autumn tundra, Denali National Park and
Preserve, Alaska
Rolling foothills, Alaska
His Work
4. Portrait of Native People
One day, friend of mine told me about the life of natives that The coldness
warms up their feelings. Being apart puts their hearts and hearts closer.
The most important thing in my life was to take the first step.
Two Eskimo children, Alaska
Caribou meat prepared by Caribou herder,
Siberia, Russia
His Death
Around midnight on August 8, 1996,
Hoshino was killed by a brown bear
while on assignment in Kurilskoye Lake,
Russia. He was 43 years old who just got
his first son 2 years before the incident.
He was staying in a tent so that he could
take photos anytime, but his decision
turned out to be a really bad one. His dead
body which was eaten away by the bear
was found in the forest.
He was killed by a subject. Until the last
moment, he was a nature photographer.
A memorial totem pole was raised in
Sitka, Alaska on August 8, 2008 (the 12-year
anniversary of Hoshinos death), in honor
of his work. Hoshinos wife and son survive him.
The Fake Last Photo
This one is said to be Hoshinos last photo on the internet, but this is nothing but
a FAKE one. The incident was around midnight, so this photo cannot be the last
photo. I guess this one was just photoshopped.
Looked through Hoshinos work, who would say this terrible photo is his last one?
Totem Pole
Someday, when my body dies, I want to

be the soil of the place I loved, giving

some nutrient to the plants in tundra,

making small flowers bloom in Arctic,

and listening to the footsteps of caribous

coming from far away every Spring.

Sometimes, I think about things like this.

Why is my heart so calm at morning of the day
when my long-wished dream comes true?
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