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This Brief could not be submitted (and was not submitted) to the Federal Court of Aeals !econd
Circuit because of a fraudulent (fraud on the court) sua sonte order of the followin" ultra leftist
!o#iet$!talinist % &ud"e anel of the Court of Aeals' Chester &( !traub) Robert *( !ac+ and Ra,mond
-( .ohier) -r() that dismissed the /laintiff Aellant0s Aeal rior the oortunit, of submittin" the
Brief to the Court( The Order of aforementioned &ud"es is a clear disla, of rac+eteerin" acti#it, of
federal &ud"es as associates in the Enterrise headed b, former Attorne, 1eneral of New 2or+ !tate)
Andrew Cuomo) resentl,) "o#ernor of New 2or+ !tate) runnin" for re$election as "o#ernor in
No#ember 3456) with ambition and suort of 7ar8ist$.eninist olitical "rous mas9ueradin" as
liberal and ro"ressi#e( The Order of the aforementioned % &ud"es of the federal Court of Aeals is
irrational) illo"ical and lac+in" sense of an, lucid erson who otherwise would be dia"nosed b, an,
s,chiatrist as sufferin" of aranoid schi:ohrenia( The Order) inter alia) states' ;Uon due
consideration it is hereb, OR*ERE* that the aeal is *ismissed because it lac+s an ar"uable basis in
law or fact; (caitali:ation b, the Court)( The enclosed Brief of aellant 7ircea <eleanu0s is roof that
the abo#e stated OR*ER is actuall, a disla, of #iolation of human ri"hts in U! of America) a
;+an"aroo court; #iolatin" the elementar, due rocess and e9ual ri"hts under law of an American
citi:en deri#ed of Constitutional ri"hts suosedl, "uaranteed b, the =th Amendment and 56th(
Amendment of U! Constitution( The !ua sonte Order was without notice to /laintiff Aellant and
did not allow an, oortunit, to the Aellant to ar"ue in his behalf and resent the Brief as e#idence(
This Order is clear reresentation of unconscionable abuse of discretion and irrational) arbitrar, and
caricious &udicial action of a biased and re&udiced court( Thus) the Order of the aforementioned
&ud"es of the Court of Aeals is t,icall, a !o#iet$!talinist st,le re$determined order of brutal
reression of the human ri"hts of an American citi:en( >hile this le"al case is a ci#il and not a criminal
case) these % &ud"es) associates in the rac+eteerin" acti#it, of Andrew Cuomo) in#o+ed the recedent of
3 criminal cases? one of a criminal ille"al immi"rant accused of former se#eral acts of criminal acti#it,
and fi"htin" the deortation under a re#ious "o#ernment administration (/illa, #( @N!) 6= F%d) 5%) 5A
(3d Cir 5BB=)) and the second case) the recedent of an inmate risoner in federal rison (Neit:+e #(
>illiams) 6B4 U! %5B) %3= (5BCB) ar"uin" in the !ureme Court of #iolation of his constitutional
ri"hts( @ronicall,) these 3 le"al cases are reresentati#e of the oosite of what the Court of Aeals
wants to ar"ue for( *id these % &ud"es read the details of the cited le"al caseDDD( @n realit,) these 3 cases
are true illustration in fa#or of the defendants in these 3 le"al cases that there were ar"ued b, the &ud"es
as fri#olous( The resent case) while bein" a ci#il and not a criminal case) and eseciall,) not alle"ed as
a fri#olous case) is in limine sua sonte &udicial action in resonse to the Aellant0s rocedural
motions to correct deliberate distortions and deceitful acts committed b, the cler+ of the Court of
Aeals to co#er u fraud on the court of deliberate) intentional chan"es of the cation of the aeal
case as' chan"e of the nature of the suit) chan"e of the rincial defendant in the case with an
ima"inar,) confabulated defendant) namin" the cler+ of the Aellate Court of N2! !ureme Court as
a &ustice of the !ureme Court) namin" the sin"le comlainant that is a ro se listed b, fraud as a
defendant) listed as a free of char"e defendant) failure to char"e the defendant -anet !iridona+os for
contemt of court) etc() etc( The Federal Rules of the Aeal /rocedures re9uires that the cation that
aeared in the *istrict Court should not be chan"ed in the Court of Aeals( B, fraud on the Court)
the Court of Aeals cler+ (or le"al team in char"e of the rocessin" of the aeal)) chan"ed the
cation listin" Andrew Cuomo) A1 of N2 !tate et al( (rincial defender)) to Eric !chneiderman) A1
of N2 !tate et al( @t is ob#ious that Andrew Cuomo did not want his name to aear as defendant in the
R@CO rac+eteerin" char"es under federal law 5= U!C !ec 5=c) as the criminal char"es demand his
imeachment from the office) disbarrin") fines and imrisonment for committal of felonies criminal
acts coiousl, described in the attached Brief to this blo"( Nonetheless) A1 !chneiderman was ne#er
listed as a defendant in this suit) was not ser#ed with the rocess) summons or wai#er( The second
deliberate deceitful and fraudulent chan"e of the nature of suit was listin" in the doc+etin" as contract
disute) instead of R@CO rac+eteerin"( Another fraud on the court committed b, the cler+ of Court of
Aeals was listin" as a defendant) Arilanne A"ostino) Cler+ of the !ureme Court of N2) Aellate
*i#ision !econd *eartment) as a &ustice of the !ureme Court( !uch fraud is ob#ious as the cler+ of
court is not a &ustice of the !ureme Court of N2 (who has absolute immunit,)) in contrast to the cler+
of the court who lac+s e#en the 9ualified immunit, when erformin" the mandator,) ministerial
function as in this case( Another fraud on the court brou"ht to li"ht b, the Aellant0 s motion to the
Court of Aeals was the decei#in" and false listin" of -anet !iridona+os) sole comlainant as a
defendant in this le"al case( Nonetheless) !iridona+os was ne#er named as a defendant in this le"al
case under aeal) ne#er ser#ed with the summons or wai#er) rather she was sued for breach of contract
and fraud in a different le"al case in the *istrict Court( @n a consirac, of rac+eteerin" acts) the cler+ of
the *istrict Court) Rub, Era&ic+) listed !iridona+os in the *istrict Court case under aeal as a
;"host; defendant when she was sued( This was not an innocent error of the cler+ of court) rather
deliberate inclusion of criminal rac+eteerin" associate) !iridona+os) in a case where she is not a
defendant) onl, with the fraudulent intention that b, her listin" as bein" a defendant) the OA1 ( le"al
team to defend the Enterrise headed b, former A1) Andrew Cuomo) would defend her for free (le"al
e8enses are rohibiti#e)( Nonetheless) the counsel of former A1 of N2 Cuomo) in an act of
imressin" honest,) refused to defend !iridona+os and the Cororation (Freeboard @nternational) @nc(
owned b, her husband) funds she used for ri#ate urchases)) for the ob#ious reason that she was not
sued in this le"al caseF( Finall,) the Court of Aeals listed !iridona+os0 cororation as a defendant)
howe#er) Freeboard @nternational) @nc() failed to aear b, counsel and subse9uentl, defaulted) desite
an e8tension b, the Court of Aeals in addition to the e8tension "ranted b, the corrut &ud"e of the
*istrict Court) Nelson !( Roman) who b, fraud on the court dismissed the case a"ainst !iridona+os)
desite that !iridona+os as a defendant) defaulted as a matter of fact and a matter of law) b, failure to
submit an answer to the Comlaint) or a motion( The corrut &ustice in the N2 !tate !ureme Court of
New 2or+ and the federal *istrict Court) as well as the Court of Aeals) ma+e a moc+er, of &ustice of
the &ustice in U! of America( The federal district court in New 2or+ features in the fo,er of its
imressin" buildin") a "iant statue of -ustice holdin" the balance( @t would be more aroriate to ha#e
a statue of Fuehrer Adolf Hitler sha+in" the hands of -oseh !talin as true e8onents of the &ustice in
U! of AmericaFFF( The "rounds on which such e"re"ious and criminal acts were erformed in different
tribunals in a suosedl, democratic countr,) is the fact that there is a olitical basis( Andrew Cuomo is
runnin" for re$election as "o#ernor of N2 !tate with ersecti#e to be nominated b, the *emocrat
/art, to be the ne8t resident of U! of America( Ob#iousl,) all &ud"es in#ol#ed in the federal court
were nominated for life b, *emocrat /residents and ha#e all the interest not to discredit a member of
their art,( This le"al case will remain fore#er as a s,mbol of oression) reression of ci#il and human
ri"hts in the U! of America that is reresented in the whole world as a s,mbol of democrac,(
reser#ation of constitutional ri"hts of its citi:ens and bastion of freedom) democrac, and libert,(
>hile Con"ress enacted the federal law 5= U!C !ec( 5= to combat the rac+eteerin"( the federal law 5=
U!C !ec 5= c !tate Attorne, 1eneral) was enacted secificall, to eradicate rac+eteerin" in the court of
&ustice and limit the ower of the state Attorne, 1eneral( Nonetheless) it is hi"hl, aarent that the
E8ecuti#e branch and -udiciar, branch are comletel, i"norin" the laws enacted b, the elected
reresentati#es of American eole( The unlimited ower of the court of &ustice i"norin" the laws of
this countr, is de facto reresentation of !o#ietG!talinist) or fascist oression and reression of
American citi:ens( After all said) !o#iet Union) Eastern Euroean countries behind the @ron Curtain) as
well as North Eorea) Cuba) and theocratic reressi#e re"imes) had and ha#e also a Constitution and
laws in their countries that con#enientl, i"nore((((
1od bless AmericaFFF
1od sa#e AmericaFFF