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Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Xx xxxxxxxx, 2011

Mr./Ms. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DearMr./ Ms. xxxxxxxxxxxxx,


We refer to the recent interview and are pleased to offer you the position of
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx under the following terms and conditions:-

1. Date of Commencement : xxxxxxxxxxxx

2. Probation Period : xxx (x) Months

3. Salary per month will be paid
through the xxxxxx Bank : RM xxxx.00
Autopay System RM xxx.00 Transport Allowance
RM xxx.00 Phone Allowance

4. Annual leave :

5. Working hours : Mondays - Fridays 0830 - 1800 hours
Lunch 1230 - 1330 hours

6. Termination :

7. Where any information is not included in this letter of appointment or there is
confusion as to the terms of the employees appointment, the employee shall be
automatically governed by all the terms and conditions of the Companys
Employment Handbook.

8. Other terms and conditions where not specified in the attached Employment
Handbook, the Malaysian Employment Act will apply.

9. Employees are prohibited from releasing any information of a confidential nature,
offer comments relating to Company business or the affairs of the customers and
other staff.

xxx (xx) days for one year. The Company reserves
the right to schedule your leave where necessary.
Application should be made at least one (1) week in
advance. Leave not taken within one (1) year of
entitlement will be forfeited.
During probation seven (7) working days either way.
After probation two (2) months notice or two (2)
months salary in lieu of notice by either party.


A) I agree to this employment contract without any reservations whatsoever.
B) I have notified the Company of any criminal records/ investigations and any medical
conditions that I may be suffering from and/ or I am aware of.
C) During the period of my employment with xxxxxxxxx sdn bhd, I agree not to be
engaged in any work or employment by any other company whatsoever unless
written approval is given by xxxxxxxxxxxxx sdn bhd.
D) I understand and am fully aware that the company will not hesitate to expel me
without any compensation if I have made any false declaration.

Yours sincerely,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SDN BHD


I, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hereby agree to the
above terms and conditions

Date :
NRIC : xxxxxxxxxxxxx