... through Bertha Dudde
New banishment inevitable
or the adversar!"s ollowers ....
#! e!es rest ull o $it! on the degenerated human ra%e whi%h is
%ontrolled b! #! adversar! and unwilling to $ull itsel awa! rom
him. &t has willingl! surrendered to him and thereb! denies #e
the right to intervene ee%tivel!' or & will not $ro%eed against #!
adversar!"s will' sin%e !ou want to belong to him !ourselves.
(et he )ee$s drawing !ou ever urther down' he is $re$aring !our
downall' or !ou will all ba%) to the de$ths rom whi%h !ou had
started !our $ro%ess o develo$ment a%ross earth and had to
$ass through all %reations in order to one da! inall! e*ist as a
human being. +nd now the same ate will be granted to !ou'
sin%e this is what !ou want and !ou do nothing to es%a$e rom
his $ower.
+nd even though this inormation is $resented to !ou' !ou don"t
want to believe it' and there is almost no other wa! let to
%hange !our thin)ing unless the tremendous ali%tion' whi%h will
beall the entire earth beore the end' %an still a%hieve it.
+s long as !ou are able to thin) there is still the $ossibilit! that
!ou will s$end some thought on !ourselves' that !ou will
%onsider the death o !our bod! and wonder what will ha$$en
aterwards .... (et b! and large !ou will dismiss su%h thoughts'
!ou don"t believe in an!thing at all and assume that !ou will
%ease to e*ist when !our bod! dies.
But !ou are hugel! mista)en and will have to $a! heavil! or this
mista)e' however' !ou reuse to a%%e$t a truthul e*$lanation and
%annot be or%ibl! inluen%ed either.
+nd a%ed b! a serious %risis !ou ,ust revolt against the $ower
whi%h inli%ts this on !ou' or as soon as !ou are in serious
trouble !ou gladl! blame someone else or it' even i !ou
!ourselves den! a God and -reator ....
(et !ou %annot sto$ misortunes and have no o$tion but to
a%)nowledge a $ower whi%h is stronger than !ou are ....
-onse.uentl!' su%h stro)es o ate and e*traordinaril! severe
adversit! are the onl! means let whi%h %ould still %hange !our
wa! o thin)ing' and & have to use them in view o the end and
%onsidering the ate' whi%h & would li)e to avert rom !ou ....
Don"t eel sorr! or $eo$le who suddenl! have to de$art rom this
lie' or the! will still be able to ind some light in the be!ond' i
the! are not alread! %om$letel! enslaved b! #! adversar! and
then also sin) into the ab!ss in order to be banished into matter
!et again ....
But woe to those who will e*$erien%e the end without having
%hanged their %ondu%t o lie' their thin)ing and their unbelie ....
/he! %annot be saved an!more' and even the greatest mer%! on
#! $art' #! ininite love or all #! living %reations' will be unable
to avert the ate o a new banishment rom them' be%ause it is
the onl! o$tion or the soul to attain $ere%tion one da! when'
ater an ininitel! long time' it lives on earth as a human being
again and %ons%iousl! travels the $ath to #e in order to be%ome
liberated rom ever! orm.
+nd this new banishment amounts to a deed o love on #! $art'
be%ause & will sei0e this soul rom #! adversar!"s $ower and
subordinate it to My will again. +nd as a human being it will onl!
be able to release itsel rom him i it %ons%iousl! %alls u$on
1esus -hrist to be redeemed ....
+nd sin%e $eo$le on earth no longer believe in 2im and a$$eal to
him or hel$' the! %annot be released rom his %ontrol either' and
he invariabl! will $ull them down into his domain ....
(et !ou humans have ree will and thus are ,ust as able to dire%t
it towards the divine Redeemer as to him .... and !ou would be
saved or time and eternit! ....
3in%e !ou don"t do so !ou will %onse.uentl! also have to a%%e$t
the results o !our o$$osing will towards #e. But time and again
& will im$art the relevant inormation to !ou' & will s$ea) to ever!
one o !ou through the voi%e o %ons%ien%e' and & will ma)e him
realise the leeting nature o all worldl! $leasures and
%ommodities' & will let him $ersonall! e*$erien%e suering and
adversit! .... +nd inall! & will s$ea) to him through the elements
o nature .... (et & will not or%e his will' and thereore he onl!
has to blame himsel or the ate he is a$$roa%hing ....
& would li)e to bestow him with unlimited ha$$iness .... 2e
himself' however' %hooses the state o wret%hedness' the state
o utter torment and o being %onstrained. +nd thus he will
re%eive what he desires' or his in%lination or earthl! matter will
result in his own banishment into hardest matter again. For
although & have ever! $ower at #! dis$osal' & will not or%ibl!
inluen%e the will o a sel4aware being or & would be in brea%h o
#! law o order' whi%h will never be $ossible ....
(et & will s$ea) to $eo$le until the end' and an!one who $a!s
attention to #! Words will be saved rom the ate o a new
banishment' and he will than) #e eternall! that #! love has
$ursued him until he %hanged himsel ....
5ublished b! riends o new revelations o God 6&normation'
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