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Lesson Planning Template

Lesson Title: USE YOUR BRAIN

Grade Level(s): Upper-Intermediate
Content Area(s): FCE Gold Pls
Na"es and e"ail
1.Nguyn Th Thy An
2.h!m Th h"#ng
$.Nguyn Nh" Ti%n
Learning Context
What is the context in which this lesson occurs in your curriculum? Context includes the following:
Any prerequisite knowledge or understanding.
How the learning activity relates to other learning that will help students develop the same
types of skill and knowledge.
How students will e ale to explain what they are doing and why they are doing it.
-'tudents had some prior (no)ledge a*out ho) to use *rain e++ecti,ely in their study.
In -rammar. students already learnt something a*out modal ,er*s and e/pressions )ith
similar meanings in Unit 01 in 2riting. students already learnt ho) to )rite an article in
Unit 3 and Unit 4. etc.
-In this lesson. students )ill +ind out more a*out methods to use *rains e++ecti,ely in
studying )hich they hadn5t (no)n *e+ore. And they can ac6uire grammar points. s(ills in
reading. consolidate article )riting s(ill. etc.
-'tudents ha,e more opportunities to practice 3 s(ills o+ 7nglish in 897.
Student Task
What real prolem situation will students address? What useful product!s"# event!s"# or service!s" will
students produce? What audience might enefit from the students$ work?!Write to a student audience"
Integrating Multi Media HANDOUT 1
'ituation: Unli(e in the past. students today ha,e a lot o+ things to thin( a*out such as
lo,e. games. +ilms. etc. There+ore. they are easily distracted +rom studying. 7specially.
in ;ietnam. a huge amount o+ (no)ledge and assignments are gi,en to students )hich
re6uires them to ma(e great e++ort to ac6uire the )hole academic sylla*us. As a result.
students ha,e to (no) ho) to concentrate *etter and ho) to use their *rain more
e++ecti,ely )hile studying.
1. 2hat should you do to a,oid *eing distracted +rom studying=
2. 2hich method can you use to learn more e++ecti,ely=
Integrating Multi Media HANDOUT 2
Assessment Plan
What standards or learning objectives will e
addressed in students$ products and
Creativity and innovation
Critical thinking and prolem solving
Communication and collaoration
%ocal standards: &tudents learn to collaorate
with each other to make a product demonstrating
one aspect of critical thinking. 'his product must
e ased on thier analy(ing and evaluating the
informartion they)e collected themselves in
groups and have gained during the course.
*utline your assessment plan here.
When and how will you provide feedack during
the lesson? How will student progress e
measured toward the selected standards?
+nclude relevant elements of your assessment
plan in the &tudent ,irections.
Create and attach assessment tools or descrie
your feedack strategies here.
CEF level:
>2 ? @.AB C I7DT' ?@.@B C 897 ?passB
State standard:
Distening: art 2: 'entence completion
'pea(ing: Eiscussion
Feading: art 1: 2hy don5t )e ta(e
computer games more seriously= ?multiple
- 7nhance language o+ o*ligation.
necessity and permission
- Identi+y the di++erences *et)een it is and
there is
- Gno) and apply structures )ith get and
Use o+ 7nglish:
- ractice open cloHe tas(
;oca*ulary: - 7/pressions )ith IINE
- ;oca*ulary related to
2riting: 2rite an article
'tudent )ill recei,e +eed*ac( o+ e,ery
acti,ities a+ter each )ee(.
Stdent #oals:
-Eo e/ercise and practice in 3 s(ills o+
7nglish: listening. spea(ing. reading. and
-'ho) the understanding o+ this topic
$se %or &rain' *y summariHing main
-AnalyHe and +ind grammar points and use
them in tests correctly.
--i,e presentations
-Eo the assignments and do the e/ercise
in online test and course*oo(.
-Ia(e presentation a*out this topic
-2or( indi,idually in reading and )riting.
(aterials: presentations. ,ideos. 897
-old lus. computers to access to
the online course.
Assessment: ?o+ the presentationB
KTeacher assessment ?@ALB. peer
assessment ?@ALB
K'core *ased on: content ?3ALB. technical
s(ill ?1ALB. presenter?sB ?3ALB. 6uestion -
ans)er ?1ALB
Integrating Multi Media HANDOUT 3
Lesson Procedure
Write the detailed directions students will follow to complete the task and include resources !ooks#
We pages# software# hardware like scientific proes" the students will use to create their product or
performance. What directions must teachers follow? !'hese teacher directions may also e tips for
other teachers ho want to adapt your activity."
Student Directions, including technology usage !write to
a student audience"
Teacher Tips
!write to a teacher audience"
Eay 1:
1. Access to the pro*lem o+ scenario.
2. Eiscuss a*out the pro*lems and essential 6uestions.
$. Access to the assignment instruction:
7ach product should contains
C 'olution?sB +or one distraction and an
e++ecti,e method o+ studying1
C Ad,antages and disad,antages o+ the
C No) to apply that solutionMmethod to your
o)n situation.
?include images. ,ideos or games. etc. in the
3. Access to the source o+ in+ormation +or the presentation
1. Eiscuss )ith +riends a*out the topic gi,en.
2. Fead teacher5s instruction *e+ore practicing )ith
$. 2atch ,ideo and rate.
1. -i,e the topic that is
+amiliar to student5s li+e or
)orth caring a*out.
2. -i,e student
e/planation i+ necessary.
$. -i,e student ,ideo
relating to this topic.
3. Det students discuss in
groups and closely )atch
their process.
@. Ei,ide the class into 3
0. .rint out the scripts o+
this chapter +or 6uic(
re+erence during the
Integrating Multi Media HANDOUT 4
Eay 2:
1. Ans)er the 6uestion relates to the lesson.
2. Fead the theory o+ language o+ o*ligation. necessity and
$. Eo the practice o+ re)riting sentences and multiple
3. Eiscuss the topic Olisten to music )hile studyingO.
@. 9omplete the assignment o+ )riting using the grammar
point a*o,e.
Use o) En#lis*:
1. Access to some tips +or part 2 o+ Use o+ 7nglish - open
2. Apply those tips to complete the 2 e/ercise gi,en.
1. -i,e the correct ans)er
)hich is d and lead to the
2. Instruct the reading
acti,ity and gi,e
$. 2atch them do the
acti,ities and correct their
3. Eirect student to apply
the tips to the e/ercises.
Eay $:
1. Feading the teacher5s article to get some use+ul
2. Fead tips care+ully.
$. Eo the e/ercise.
1. Eiscuss a*out the
*ene+its o+ playing ,ideo
games. one o+ the good
)ays to impro,e memory.
2. -i,e an article a*out
this to students to read.
$. -i,e e/ercise to
3.-i,e reading tips to
students to do )ell in this
Eay 3:
1. 2atch the ,ideo o+ Pthere isM it isQ.
2. Access to the theory o+ the grammar point Pthere isM it isQ
$. 9omplete the 6uiH )ithin the lesson.
3. 9omplete the )riting assignment gi,en.
Integrating Multi Media HANDOUT 5
Eay @:
1. As( i+ they ha,e anything to clari+y.
2. Eo the e/ercise and compare )ith their partners.
$. Ta(e notes and as( i+ they ha,e any di++iculties.
3. Eo the e/ercise.
@. Eiscuss 6uestions related to the clip. using modal ,er*s
to e/press certainty and possi*ility.
0. Ans)er the 6uestions.
&. Eo the home)or( online at home.
1. Eiscuss 6uestions related the clip )ith their partners.
2. Ta(e notes and raise 6uestions i+ they ha,e any
$. 2or( in pairs and discuss the similarities and
di++erences using the e/pressions they ha,e Rust learnt
3. -i,e the ans)ers.
@. Fecord their spea(ing online.
1. Fe,ie) the purposes o+
using passi,e ,oice in
2. 'tudents do an error
identi+ication e/ercise.
$. Teach students the
correct use o+ modal ,er*s
used +or certainty and
3. -i,e an e/ercise.
@. 'ho) a short clip.
0. 9all some students
randomly to spea( and
gi,e +eed*ac(.
&. -i,e home)or(.
1. 8amiliariHe students
)ith the topic *y clips
2. Teach e/pressions used
+or comparing and
contrasting and
$. 'ho) students t)o
photographs. Det
them )or(s in pairs
3. 9all randomly some
students to spea(
and gi,e +eed*ac(.
@. -i,e assignment.
Eay 0:
1.As( +or clari+ication
2.Fead tips care+ully
$.Eo the assignment.
1.-i,e tips to students
a*out ho) to )rite a good
2.-i,e samples and
materials to them
$.Det student )atch a
,ideo tal(ing a*out ho) to
)rite a good one
3.-i,e them an
Integrating Multi Media HANDOUT 6
Eay &:
1. Ia(e presentations
2. Fecei,e +eed*ac( and ans)er 6uestions +rom the
2atch. gi,e +eed*ac( and mar(s to and discuss other
$. Disten to teacher5s +eed*ac( and conclusion.
3. Eo the sur,ey ?gi,e opinion a*out the courseB

1. 2atch and ta(e note the
main content. )ea(ness
and strength o+ each
2. -i,e +eed*ac( and
$. 9ollect and analyHe the
result in order to modi+y
the course.
Integrating Multi Media HANDOUT 7