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Report on CCL Pharmaceutical (PVT) LT
Pro!ram Speciali"ation# MBA (Human Resource Management)
Su$mi%%ion ate# 10-0-!00"
Su$mitte& B'# #A$A% ARI%
Roll No# &-'!1(!1
epartment o( Bu%ine%% A&mini%tration
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
Report su+mitted to the $epartment o* Business Administration, A--ama I.+a-
/pen 0niversit), Is-ama+ad 1a2istan.
In partia- *u-*i--ment o* the re.uirements *or the degree o*
Approved B)
1ro3ect Head
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
I 4ou-d -i2e to than2 Mr. A5eem, m) honora+-e Resource person, *or he-ping me to 2no4 a--
the +asics o* this report. I am a-so grate*u- to Mr.Ba+er, HR manager o* 667 pharmaceutica-
(18&) 7&$, 4ho gave me an opportunit) to 2no4 a+out the HR process o* 667. I am
than2*u- to Mr.A-i, assistant manager HR, 4ho guided me throughout m) report in order to
he-p me in understanding a-- the practica- approaches o* human resource in 667 and to
compare those 4ith m) theoretica- 2no4-edge. He taught me a-- the concepts that are ver)
he-p*u- in m) report and gave me su**icient 2no4-edge to overcome a-- m) report di**icu-ties.
%ina--), 4ords a-one cannot e9press the than2s I o4e to A--ah A-might), 4ho gave me the
opportunit) to comp-ete m) 4or2 according to the +est o* m) a+i-ities.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
20 /+3ective o* stud)ing the organi5ation::::::::..::..::01
30 Introduction to the organi5ation::::::::::::.:..........0!
40 /vervie4 o* the organi5ation::::::::::::::::...0;
50 /rgani5ation structure o* HR:::::::::::::::...:0(
60 HR process in 667 pharmaceutica-::::::::::::::.10
6020 Human Resource 1-anning:::::::::::::::....10
602020 HR 1-anning 1rocess:::::::::::::::....10
602030 %orecasting HR Re.uirements::::::::::..::11
602040 Methods to %orecast HR <eeds::::::::::::1;
6030=mp-o)ee Recruitment and #e-ection:::::::::::....1>
603020 #ources o* Recruitment:::::::::::::::.1>
603030 =mp-o)ee #e-ection 1rocess::::::::::::.:1'
6040 &raining and $eve-opment:::::::::::::::....1?
604020 &raining <eed Assessment:::::::::::::..1?
604030 =mp-o)ee $eve-opment:::::::::::::::1"
60501er*ormance Management::::::::::::::::.!!
605020 #etting 1er*ormance #tandards and =9pectations:::::!>
605030 Ho4 1er*ormance Reports Are @ritten::::::::...!'
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
6060=mp-o)ee 6ompensation and Bene*it::::::::::::!
606020 &)pes o* 6ompensation:::::::::::::::!?
6070/rgani5ationa- 6areer Management::::::::::::..;0
607020 =mp-o)ee Ao+ 6hange:::::::::::::::..;0
6070202 1romotion::::::::::::::::..:.;0
6070203 &rans*er::::::::::::::::::...;1
6070204 $emotion::::::::::::::::::;!
60703 #eparation *rom the /rgani5ation:::::::::::;;
6070302 7a) o**::::::::::::::::::::;;
6070303 &ermination::::::::::::::::::;>
6070304 Resignation ::::::::::::::::...:;
6070305 Retirement::::::::::::::::::..;?
7 7a+or management re-ationship in 667 pharmaceutica-::::...;(
8 6ritica- ana-)sis o* theor) and practica-
9 Recommendations::::::::::::::..:::::>!
: 6onc-usion::::::::::::::::..::::::>'
2; Re*erences and #ources:::::::::::::..::::>?
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
22 Anne9ure/appendices::::::::::::::.::::>"
a0 &o comp-ete the degree re.uirement o* A77AMA IBBA7 /1=< 0<I8=R#I&C.
$0 &o high-ight the app-ica+i-it) o* ne4 techni.ues in practica- HR process o* the
c0 &o -earn and ana-)5e the *unctiona-it) o* HR department o* 667 pharmaceutica- and
to re-ate m) practica- ana-)sis o* the *irm 4ith the theoretica- concepts.
&0 &o get e9posure o* practica- environment o* a compan)
e0 &o *ind the di**erence +et4een theoretica- and practica- concepts and provide
suggestions 4ith re*erence to modern methods o* managing human resources to the
compan) *or their +etterment.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
667 pharmaceutica- 4as *ounded in 1"' and the) are in the +usiness o* pharmaceutica- and
hea-th care since -ast >> )ears. As a hea-thcare compan), 667 manu*actures and mar2ets
innovative and .ua-it) products, 4hich o**er rea- hea-th so-utions. Its rich product port*o-io,
covering near-) a-- the ma3or therapeutic areas he-ps prevent, cure or a--eviate i--ness, as 4e--
as save -ives.
667 is the %irst 1harmaceutica- 6ompan) in 1a2istan to 4in I#/ "001 certi*ication +) #D#,
a 4or-d-reno4ned .ua-it) certi*)ing +od), 4hich itse-* spea2s o* its ver) high E g-o+a--)
accepted standards o* .ua-it) assurance supported +) its deve-opment activities. &he
incorporation o* .ua-it) s)stem o* I#/ "001 augments E *aci-itates the o+servance o* cDM1.
667 o**er a 4ide range o* products ranging *rom 6ardio-og), Anti-In*ective, Musu-o-
#2e-eta-, Meta+o-ic, 6<#, Respirator), @omen Hea-th, Immuno-og), Mu-tivitamins and
man) more are under deve-opmenta- phase.
667 1harmaceutica-s (18&) 7&$ is strong-) committed to adherence to the standards -aid
do4n +) internationa--) accepted o**icia- monographs. 667 .ua-it) contro- -a+orator) and
product deve-opment activities are ver) 4e-- supported 4ith -atest too-s and techni.ues o*
drug ana-)sis.
667 is e9porting its pharmaceutica- products to man) Asian, Midd-e =astern and A*rican
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
As a hea-thcare compan), 667 manu*actures and mar2ets innovative and .ua-it) medicines,
4hich he-p prevent, cure and a--eviate i--ness as 4e-- as save -ives. &he) 4ant to +e the
compan) that does more good *or more peop-e than an) other on the p-anet.
Core i&eolo!'
667 is in the +usiness o* improving the .ua-it) o* human -i*e. &heir responsi+i-it) is to
manu*acture and mar2et high .ua-it) and a**orda+-e products 4hi-e serving the +est interests
o* its customers, emp-o)ees and shareho-ders.
CCL>% $u%ine%%
As a hea-thcare compan), 667 manu*actures and mar2ets innovative and .ua-it) products,
4hich o**er rea- hea-th so-utions. 667 pharmaceutica-s rich product port*o-io, covering
near-) a-- the ma3or therapeutic areas he-ps prevent, cure or a--eviate i--ness, as 4e-- as save
667 has a strong mar2eting and sa-es *orce o* more than ;00 peop-e 4ith a reach o* more
than three hundred territories. &heir sa-e *orce visits more than '0,000 doctors and its
medicines are present at more than '0,000 pharmacies nation4ide.
&his reach, depth and strong presence ma2e them a ver) strong p-a)er in the -oca-
pharmaceutica- arena.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
&heir phi-anthrop) is to +e a strategic partner o* the hea-thcare pro*essiona-s in meeting the
humanit)Fs .uest *or -onger, hea-thier, *u--er and happ) -ives.
667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ is dea-ing 4ith manu*acturing o* hea-th care products and
the) are a-so e9porting di**erent hea-th care products. &he) have a state-o*-the art production
p-ant 4ith a capacit) to manu*acture
#teri-e po4der *or In3ection
7i.uid In3ecta+-es
$r) #uspension
to meet not on-) the -oca- re.uirements +ut a-so catering to the needs o* its g-o+a- associates
especia--) in Asia, Midd-e =ast and A*rica. &he) are e9porting their pharmaceutica- products
to man) Asian, Midd-e =astern and A*rican countries.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
A team o* high-) dedicated, motivated and 5ea-ous emp-o)ees ma2es up an enthusiastic 667
*ami-). @e appreciate the energ), 2no4-edge and s2i--s o* each individua-, 4hich contri+ute
to create a s)nerg) o* mu-ti-dimensiona- ta-ent. &he emp-o)ees are there human capita-, there
greatest asset, 4hich the) cherish, nurture and groom 4ith -ove E a**ection.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
&he *unctiona- and administrative structure o* the 667 sta** is divided into the *o--o4ing *ive
20 Sale% @ MarAetin! i?i%ion
&his division is ta2ing care o* mar2eting p-anning, sa-es management, customer services
and mar2eting services
30 Technical i?i%ion
&echnica- division is -oo2ing a*ter production, .ua-it) assurance E contro-, engineering,
materia-s E -ogistics, research E deve-opment, and regu-ator) comp-iance
40 Commercial @ Bu%ine%% e?elopment i?i%ion
&his division is responsi+-e to underta2e procurement / commercia- p-anning, +usiness
p-anning, e9port, and +usiness deve-opment.
50 1inance i?i%ion
%inance division is per*orming accounting, ta9ation, *inancia- p-anning, and I. &
60 Human Re%ource i?i%ion
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
&his division is responsi+-e *or HR operation, strategic HR p-anning, personne-
management, genera- administration and -ega- a**airs
20 Antihistamines
30 Anti-In(ecti?e%
40 Antivira-s
50 6ardiovascu-ar
60 6<#
70 6ough and 6o-d 1reparations
80 Dastroentero-og)
90 Iron supp-ements
:0 7ipid 7o4ering $rugs
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
2;0 Meta+o-ic
220 Mu-tivitamins/Anti-o9idants
230 Muscu-os2e-eta-
240 1u-mono-og)
250 Biotech 1roducts
B) #ada* Ari*
#=<I/R MA<AD=R
Internship Report
Human Resource Manager is the head o* HR department at 667 pharmaceutica- and
assistant managers direct-) report to HR manager. @or2ing o* department is as *o--o4ing
667 has 1' peop-e as HR o**icers. &he) are responsi+-e *or recruitment and se-ection o*
emp-o)ees, managing and arranging training and deve-opment, deve-oping HR po-icies and
procedures, deve-oping and ma2ing arrangements *or corporate trainings, per*ormance
appraisa-s, succession p-anning and deve-opment o* organi5ationa- E deve-opment charts.
B) #ada* Ari*
AM 1=R#/<<=7 A$MI<
HR /%%I6=R /%%I6=
A##I#&A<& HR
Internship Report
6ompan) has 10 emp-o)ees as o**ice assistant HR and the) are responsi+-e *or HR pa)ro--
administration, personne- E compensation o* emp-o)ees, the) are responsi+-e *or issuing
appointment, con*irmation, e9perience and other personne- -etters and matters. As 4e-- as
the) are responsi+-e *or managing and maintaining persona- *i-es, ans4ering emp-o)ees
genera- .ueries, managing group -i*e and hea-th care insurance, proposing and imp-ementing
annua- increments, managing compensation and +ene*it po-icies, the) use to maintain
interdepartmenta- coordination and generating and maintaining reports -i2e head count and
turn over etc.
667 has a sta** o* !" peop-e in admin department. &he) are responsi+-e *or genera-
administration, o**ice stationar), separation and *ina- sett-ements o* emp-o)ee, the) use to
2eep record o* adherence, maintaining house 2eeping , transport arrangement *or emp-o)ees,
mess *aci-ities, -ega- matters o* compan), communication s)stem, mai-ing s)stem, admin
po-icies and procedures and dea-ing a+out o**ice e.uipments.
60202 HR Plannin! Proce%%
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
%or there human resource p-anning 667 pharmaceutica- is using a *e4 steps in 4hich the)
*orecast *uture need and the re.uesting manager 4i-- +e responsi+-e *or determining the need
and comp-eting a need ana-)sis *or personne- additions or rep-acement.
A*ter getting re.uisition and criteria +udget has +een approved *or the position and HR
manager use to *orecast the supp-). &he) use to give opportunit) *or there interna- candidates
and a-so ma2e procedures *or e9terna- hiring 4here necessar). In case o* interna- candidates,
as assessment, committee is *ormed and a-- the candidates use to appear +e*ore it and the
decision is made 4ith consensus. I* the position is to +e advertised then HR$ 4i-- issue the
advertisement re-ease order to the agenc), a*ter o+taining the approva- *rom the managing
director. &he compan) discourages the emp-o)ment o* c-ose re-atives +ut under certain
conditions, managing director can 4aive this po-ic) in *avor o* emp-o)ing c-ose re-atives.
A*ter *ina-i5ing ho4 man) sta** is re.uired and *rom 4hich source, the HR manager use to
conduct comp-ete hiring process.
eman& (oreca%t
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
At 667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ the re.uesting manager is responsi+-e *or determining
the need and comp-eting a need ana-)sis *or personne- addition or rep-acement. &he
re.uesting manager use to ensure that the *o--o4ing criteria shou-d +e met:
&he productivit) -eve- o* the department /+usiness unit or compan) shou-d not +e
compromised. 1er Man 1roductivit) in sa-es is a-most a-4a)s determined and agreed.
$epartmenta- and $ivisiona- Heads determine productivit) in other departments.
Budget has +een a--ocated and approved *or the position.
Appropriate ph)sica- assets and other resources shou-d +e avai-a+-e to ensure that the
ne4 emp-o)ee can start to +e productive right *rom *irst da).
1roductive pro3ects or activities *or ne4 emp-o)ees e9ist in the *oreseea+-e *uture.
1oreca%tin! 1uture HR Suppl'
A*ter demand *orecasting 667 managementFs *irst pre*erence is to *orecast HR supp-)
interna--). In case o* interna- hiring HR manager use to announce an interna- vacanc) and
a*ter receiving resume the) use to eva-uate it and an assessment committee is *ormed and a--
candidates use to appear +e*ore it and that committee ta2es the eva-uation decisions.
In case o* e9terna- hiring HR$ use to advertise the post and co--ect the resume.
In case the position is not to +e advertised, HR manager use to in*orm the re.uesting
manager a+out potentia- candidates *rom some re-ia+-e contacts or retained 3o+ app-ications
in resume +an2 *or the particu-ar post.
As per compan) po-ic) <o e9-emp-o)ee can +e rehired 4ith out prior approva- o* Managing
Balancin! Suppl' an& eman&
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
&here can +e t4o *actors, 4hich can create pro+-em in +a-ancing supp-) and demand. &hese
can +e -a+or surp-us and -a+or shortage
ealin! Bith a La$or Surplu%
667 management is ver) care*u- a+out +a-ancing in supp-) and demand o* human resources
+ut in rare conditions, i* the) *ace -a+or surp-us then the) use interna- trans*ers and hiring
*ree5e techni.ues to +a-ance supp-) and demand.
ealin! Bith a La$or Shorta!e
667 use the methods o* e9terna- recruitment, trans*ers and promotions *or dea-ing 4ith -a+or
shortage pro+-em and the) are a-so using overtime and temporar) emp-o)ment techni.ue in
there production area 4henever the) *ace shortage o* -a+or.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
667 use to *orecast on t4o +asis
$emand *orecast
#upp-) *orecast
a) )uantitati?e Approache%
667 pharmaceutica- is using trend ana-)sis approach *or demand *orecasting. 667
management use to ana-)5e there demand *orecast most-) on the +ases o* there past
e9periences. &he) use to ana-)5e the past e9perience and compare them 4ith current trend
and situation *or estimating *uture needs.
$) )ualitati?e Approache%
667 is a-so using nomina- group techni.ue *or *orecasting there demand o* human resource.
&he) use traditiona- trend ana-)sis method 4ith com+ination o* nomina- group techni.ues.
@hen ever the) use to -aunch a ne4 product the) use to *orecast there needs the) use to
revie4 there past e9perience to estimate HR needs and then e9perts meet *ace to *ace to
estimate there demand *orecasting and a*ter e9changing there ideas the) use to decide there
e9pected demand.
667 use to *orecast there interna- supp-) on the +asis o* avai-a+i-it) o* there interna-
candidates and i* the) *ound that the) have peop-e that *it *or the avai-a+-e 3o+ and the) have
su**icient s2i--s, education and e9perience to meet the cha--enges o* avai-a+-e post
%or *orecasting e9terna- supp-) the) use to consider the trend o* -a+or mar2et and s2i--
inventor) avai-a+-e *or them.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
667 is using the option o* choosing the candidates *or its recruitment processes *rom t4o
2inds o* sources
a) Interna-
$) =9terna-.
667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ is using +oth interna- and e9terna- sources o* recruitment.
#ome ma3or sources are as *o--o4ing
Internal Recruitment %ource%
20 &rans*ers
30 1romotions
40 0pgrading
50 $emotions
60 Retired =mp-o)ees
ECternal Source%
20 1ress advertisements
30 =ducationa- institutes
40 1-acement agencies/outsourcing
50 =mp-o)ment e9changes
60 =mp-o)ee re*erra-s
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
%or se-ecting a candidate, 667 HR department is using the *o--o4ing steps.
20 &he) use to screen the app-ications, 4here the avai-a+-e app-ications are revie4ed to
short-ist app-icants in respect to their .ua-i*ications and e9perience concurrence to the
speci*ied re.uirements o* the 3o+, on-) app-icants 4ith re-evant .ua-i*ications as 4e--
as their strength are considered *or intervie4ed.
30 A*ter screening, the) use to prepare *or intervie4, HR$ use to prepare the intervie4
schedu-e and then the) mai- intervie4 ca-- -etters to the candidates. &he cop) o*
intervie4 #chedu-e is send to the re.uesting Manager a-ong 4ith the app-ications o*
40 In there intervie4 process, 1re-iminar) intervie4 is conducted +) Reporting /**icer,
second +) $epartment Head and H.R and the *ina- intervie4s are conducted +)
$irector / M$. &he num+er o* intervie4s depends upon the nature or seniorit) o* the
position. &he intervie4ers conduct intervie4s 4ith the candidate on the prescri+ed
I<&=R8I=@ =8A70A&I/< %/RM.
50 &hen the se-ected *ina-ists have to undergo medica- e9amination, 4here the app-icants
are ta2en to approved medica- practitioner *or medica- e9amination, this is to avoid
se-ecting emp-o)ee 4ho might *ai- to per*orm the thought duties o* the 3o+
60 &he HR Manager is a-so responsi+-e *or +ac2ground investigation on a-- *ina-ist 3o+
app-icants +e*ore e9tending an o**er o* emp-o)ment. In this investigation the) use to
investigate 1rior emp-o)ment veri*ications, veri*ication o* educationa- documents,
compensation records etc.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
70 &hen a*ter *ina-i5ing the se-ection, either the) use to in*orm se-ected candidate +)
1hone or +) -etter and invites him to come and *i-- re.uired *orms to e**ect the
80 667 HR use to o**er -etter o* emp-o)ment and *i--ing re.uired *orms to a**ect
emp-o)ment *unction, 4here in that -etter, terms and conditions o* emp-o)ment are
stipu-ated. &he Human Resource $irector uses a standard o**er -etter approved +) the
90 0pon receipt o* A/I<I<D R=1/R& a-ong 4ith the re.uisite documents, HR$ use to
open emp-o)eeFs persona- *i-e. HR$ 4i-- maintain a <=@ =M17/C=M=<&
6H=6G7I#& unti- the time the emp-o)ee is con*irmed.
:0 &hen in the ne9t step p-acement and orientation is use to +e done. &he re.uesting
manager 4i-- +rie* the emp-o)ee a+out his position and initiate him to 4or2, assign
4or2 station and provide necessar) documents. In this stage HR manager use to +rie*
a-- compan) po-icies and the) use to gave initia- training to ever) ne4 emp-o)ee *or
having +etter understanding o* 3o+ and organi5ation.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
667 pharmaceutica-Fs &raining and deve-opment sta** use to identi*) training need among
a-- departments. $i**erent department heads use to ma2e a report as per there sta** need.
&he) use to identi*) the areas 4here emp-o)ees need training.
@henever a re.uisition is *ormed *or training need then &E$ team o* 667 use to *ind out
4ho needs the training, 4hen the training is needed and 4ho shou-d conduct this training.
667 is using three -eve-s o* needs assessment: organi5ationa- ana-)sis, tas2 ana-)sis and
individua- ana-)sis.
667 1harmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ considers the *o--o4ing points in organizational analysis
Be*ore designing an) training programs compan) use to ana-)5e the impact on
operating costs.
I* there is an) re.uirement o* changing techno-og) and automation in organi5ationFs
s)stem, 4hich re.uires training *or emp-o)ees, then the) use to go *or training.
&hen the) use to ana-)5e the organi5ationa- goa-s and resources avai-a+-e -i2e
materia- on hand, mone) and avai-a+-e e9pertise 4ithin the organi5ation.
A*ter that the) use to ana-)5e the top management support, emp-o)ee 4i--ingness to
participate, and responsi+i-it) *or outcomes.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
Ta%A anal'%i%
667 is using a variet) o* sources *or co--ecting data *or a tas2 ana-)sis:
2) 667 trainers are using Ao+ descriptions to identi*) the re.uirement o* training.
/rgani5ation use to give training to the ne4-) hired emp-o)ees in order to he-p them
in understanding their 3o+ descriptions in a +etter 4a).
3) @hi-e determining the need o* training 667 use to compare the per*ormance o*
actua- and desired target. In sa-es and mar2eting, the) use to compare targets o*
e9pected sa-es 4ith the actua- one to *ind out 4here there is a room *or improvement.
4) &he) use to as2 .uestions a+out the 3o+ o* an emp-o)ee *rom the supervisor and upper
5) 6ompan) use to ana-)sis o* operating pro+-ems that inc-ude its do4n time, 4aste,
repairs, -ate de-iveries, .ua-it) contro-.
%or individual analysi% CCL pharmaceutical is using the following ways:
&he) are using 1er*ormance eva-uation to Identi*) 4ea2nesses and areas o*
&E$ team use to ta-2 to manager, supervisor and emp-o)ee and a-so the) as2
emp-o)ee a+out 4hat he/she +e-ieves he/she needs to -earn.
&he) use to conduct Attitude surve)s to measures mora-e, motivation, satis*action.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
%or emp-o)ee deve-opment 667 pharmaceutica-s, (18&) 7&$ is conducting di**erent
training programs and the) pa) attention to retain their emp-o)ees.
As *ar as career deve-opment is concerned the) are providing *aci-ities to there emp-o)ees.
=mp-o)ees are getting trainings and there HR department is he-ping them in career path
p-anning. &he) have hierarch) in there organi5ation and there e9ce--ent per*ormers use to get
this advantage through promotions.
667 is *u--) a4are o* career deve-opment o* their emp-o)ees. &he) are encouraging their
emp-o)ees *or *orma- training programs especia--) the) use to arrange training programs *or
their mar2eting and sa-es sta** and the) are conducting di**erent seminars to motivate their
emp-o)ees and to provide them a direction to their career.
/nce the needs assessment is comp-eted and training o+3ectives are c-ear-) identi*ied, +e*ore
conducting training &E$ team use to design training contents and other pre-iminar) p-ans
&he) use to se-ect the interna- or e9terna- person to design and deve-op the training.
&his most-) depends on the training topic and compan) +udget. I* interna- person has
to +e se-ected then department use to ma2e arrangements a+out the avai-a+i-it) o* that
person and other resources needed. /n the other hand, i* e9terna- training is re.uired
then the) use to hire consu-tants *or this purpose.
%or the se-ection and designing o* the program content the) use to consider 4hat t)pe
o* training is needed, 4ho shou-d attend this training and the) use to design training
contents as per re.uirement and 2eeping in vie4 the -eve- o* trainees. &rainer use to
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
meet 4ith department heads and the) use to discuss the re.uirements and +ased on a--
training need assessment the) use to design the contents o* training.
A*ter designing training programs the) use to se-ect the techni.ues used to *aci-itate
-earning and *or this purpose the) most-) use mu-timedia, di**erent videos and a *u--
da) seminar is most-) conducted *or this purpose. $uring these training programs
trainers use to design di**erent activities re-ated to the topic so that trainees have a
+etter understanding o* the topic.
&here training programs are usua--) conducted in there training rooms 4here sitting
arrangement is in a semi circ-e *oam.
@hi-e designing there training programs there trainers use to se-ect the materia-s +)
revie4ing -iteratures and modern techni.ues. &he) use to consider mar2et conditions
and ta2e he-p *rom internet to get -atest updates to ma2e there training programs more
&hen the) use to schedu-e trainer, venue, *aci-ities and participants and the) use to
send emai-s to the participants in order to in*orm them a+out the venue and timing o*
the training.
&here trainer use to prepare materia-s and de-iver them to schedu-ed -ocations.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
A*ter comp-etion o* the training in order to eva-uate the training , trainers use to get *eed+ac2
*rom the participants in order to 2no4 4hether the) are satis*ied 4ith this training or not and
the trainer a-so use to provide his *eed+ac2 on training program and a*ter that 4hen that
emp-o)ee get +ac2 on his routine tas2s then his per*ormance is eva-uated again in order to
chec2 the practica- imp-ementation o* that training program and then the department head use
to provide *eed+ac2 to the &E$ department.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
%or per*ormance management o* emp-o)ees, 667 pharmaceutica- use to p-an 4hat -eve- o*
per*ormance is re.uired then a*ter setting their standards, the) monitor the per*ormance o*
the emp-o)ee. I* there is some re.uirement o* deve-oping ne4 s2i--s then the) give training
and then periodica--) rate the per*ormance and *ina--) the) use to re4ard the good
In 667 pharmaceutica-s, (18&) 7&$ 4or2 is p-anned out in advance. &he regu-ator)
re.uirements *or p-anning emp-o)ee per*ormance inc-ude esta+-ishing the e-ements and
standards o* their per*ormance appraisa- p-ans. 667Fs management 2eeps it in vie4 that
per*ormance e-ements and standards shou-d +e measura+-e, understanda+-e, veri*ia+-e,
e.uita+-e, and achieva+-e. &hrough critica- e-ements, emp-o)ees are he-d accounta+-e as
individua-s *or 4or2 assignments or responsi+i-ities. &he) tried to ma2e emp-o)ee
per*ormance p-ans *-e9i+-e so that the) can +e ad3usted *or changing program o+3ectives and
4or2 re.uirements.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
At 667 pharmaceutica-s, (18&) 7&$ assignments and pro3ects are monitored continua--).
&he) use to measuring per*ormance consistent-) and are providing ongoing *eed+ac2 to
emp-o)ees and 4or2 groups on their progress to4ard reaching their goa-s. B) monitoring
continua--) the use to identi*), unaccepta+-e per*ormance at its initia- stage and per*orms the
necessar) actions to recti*) that pro+-em area.
667 pa)Fs attention to emp-o)ee deve-opmenta- needs. I* 4hi-e monitoring the) *ound that
an emp-o)ee needs some counse-ing and training then the) use to arrange deve-opment
programs *or that emp-o)ee as per re.uirement.
#ummari5e emp-o)ee per*ormance he-ps 667 management *or -oo2ing at and comparing
per*ormance over time or among various emp-o)ees. /rgani5ations need to 2no4 4ho their
+est per*ormers are and *or this purpose the) use to rate the per*ormance o* there emp-o)ees
+) 2eeping in vie4 di**erent parameters on a month-) eva-uation sheet. #ome attri+utes o*
this eva-uation sheet are emp-o)ee adherence, target achieved, -eaves, short -eaves,
appreciations, o+servations, counse-ing and other achievements etc.
In 667 pharmaceutica-s, (18&) 7&$ re4ards are used 4e--. At 667, Dood per*ormance is
recogni5ed 4ithout 4aiting *or nominations *or *orma- a4ards to +e so-icited. Recognition is
an ongoing, natura- part o* da)-to-da) e9perience. A -ot o* the actions that re4ard good
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
per*ormance -i2e sa)ing H&han2 )ouH donIt re.uire a speci*ic regu-ator) authorit). At 667
*orma- re4ards such as cash, time o**, and man) non-monetar) re4ards are a-so used +) the
management *or encouraging their emp-o)ees.
At 667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ HR and department heads use to 4rite do4n the
speci*ic responsi+i-ities *or a particu-ar 3o+ upon the *unctiona-it) and use to set per*ormance
measures *or the tas2s. &o measure the per*ormance the) use to set targets and time -ine to
meet those targeted tas2s. A*ter comp-etion o* tas2s the) use to compare the e9pected time,
per*ormance and resu-t 4ith the targeted ones.
Re%pon%i$ilit'# Hand-e a-- incoming and outgoing mai-
HoB# #ort and distri+ute incoming mai-
ECpectation# A-- the incoming mai- must +e date stamped, sorted +) priorit) and unit
director), and de-ivered to each individua- emp-o)eeIs des2 +) "am dai-).
%o--o4ing is the +rea2 up o* the *unctions and tas2s into more detai- in order to provide a
stronger depiction o* 4hat an o**ice assistant must do to meet e9pectations.
B) #ada* Ari*
-ho# /**ice Assistant emp-o)ee
-hat# Mai- distri+ution
-hen# B) ":00 AM
-here# =ach individua- emp-o)eeIs des2
-h'# &o e**ective-) prepare *or the dai-)
HoB# $ate stamped +) priorit) and unit
Internship Report
At 667 per*ormance reports are 4ritten +) 2eeping in vie4 the *o--o4ing parameters
Behaviora- tendencies
o 1roductivit):.this is measured in .uantitative sense e.g num+er o* products
produced per da).
o Bua-it) o* 4or2: at this point 667 use to chec2 the .ua-it) that ho4
e**ective 4or2 is +eing done. &he) use to chec2 4hether the desired output is
achieved or notJ
o Initiative:.&he) use to chec2 4hether emp-o)ees are interesting in ta2ing
initiatives or notJ
o &eam 4or2:.ho4 much a person is per*orming 4hi-e 4or2ing as a team.
&he) use to chec2 4hether that person has strength to 4or2 in a group and
ho4 the) use to coordinate 4ith in team.
o 1ro+-em so-ving:the) use to chec2 the a+i-ities o* an emp-o)ee to so-ve
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
o Adapting to change:the) use to consider the a+i-it) to adapt the change o* an
Response to 3o+ re-ated stress, *rustration and con*-ict
Motivationa- energ):.a*ter giving incentives and appreciation the) use to chec2 the
motivationa- energ) o* emp-o)ee.
667 pharmaceutica-s (18&) 7&$ has t4o c-assi*ications o* 3o+s
i) =9empt
ii) <on =9empt
At 667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ 1ro*essiona-s, management and other s2i--ed 3o+s are
inc-uded in it. =9empt 3o+s get a *i9ed sa-ar) on per month +asis and receive higher
compensation and +ene*its.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
0ns2i--ed or entr) -eve- 3o+s are non-e9empt 3o+s and the) are usua--) paid on 4ee2-) +ases
and get paid overtime, e9tra pa) *or hours 4or2ed over >0 hours a 4ee2. In 667 most-)
production pac2ing sta** came under this t)pe.
In 667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ compensation is a-so used as a re4ard *or e9ceptiona-
3o+ per*ormance. =9amp-es o* such p-ans inc-ude +onuses, commissions.
667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ is o**ering *o--o4ing +ene*its and compensations to their
a0 Me&ical
Medica- *aci-ities are avai-a+-e *or emp-o)ees. =ver) emp-o)ee is entit-ed *or one gross
sa-ar) as /1$ medica- e9pense per annum and this /1$ e9pense a-so covers his *ami-).
$0 Emplo'ee li(e in%urance
=mp-o)ees have -i*e insurance o* Rs.!.' -ac per emp-o)ee.
c0 Conni?ance
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
6ompan) is providing pic2 and drop *aci-ities *or *ema-e emp-o)ees and *or sa-es and
mar2eting sta** there is connivance a--o4ance as per there designation. 6ompan) is
providing 6ars to there manageria- sta** and is a-so providing *ue- e9pense as per there
grading sca-e.
&0 .ratuit'
667 pharmaceutica- is not providing gratuit) to their emp-o)ees
e0 L1A
6ompan) is providing 7%A on-) in grade ( and ". It is one gross sa-ar) per )ear.
(0 Maternit' Lea?e
6ompan) is providing maternit) -eave to their *ema-e sta** *or ; months time period and this
-eave is 4ith pa) -eave.
!0 Pro?i&ent (un&
667 is providing provident *und to their permanent emp-o)ees. %or 1rovident *und per
month deduction *ormu-a is a gross sa-ar)/1! and at the end o* service compan) contri+utes
the amount in provident *und.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
h0 Me%% (acilitie%
Mess *aci-it) is avai-a+-e at 667 pharmaceutica- +ut emp-o)ees are pa)ing *or 4hat ever
the) 4ant to have. 6ompan) is providing t4o times tea in a da) to a-- emp-o)ees +ut *or
-unch emp-o)ees are pa)ing individua--).
i0 Laptop% (or mana!er%
667 is providing 7aptops to a-- department heads. &hese -aptops 4i-- remain compan)

F0 Mo$ile%
6ompan) is not providing mo+i-e phones to there emp-o)ee +ut the) are providing o**icia-
mo+i-e connections and s2i--ed emp-o)ees are entit-ed *or mo+i-e +i-- upto a certain -imit that
is de*ined at the time o* their hiring and this -imit varies as per grading sca-e.
A0 Incenti?e%
0sua--) incentives are *or sa-es and mar2eting department. &he) got incentives as per there
sa-es vo-ume on the +asis o* divisions. 6ompan) use to give one +onus sa-ar) per annum
l0 Tra?elin!G meal an& accommo&ation alloBance% (or MarAetin! an&
%ale% %ta((
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
6ompan) is providing trave-ing, mea- and accommodation e9pense to there mar2eting and
sa-es sta**. &hese emp-o)ees have to trave- in di**erent cities in order to promote there
products and compan) is providing a-- e9pense *or it. &he) use to arrange *or hote- sta)s and
provide mea- and trave-ing a--o4ance *or there emp-o)ees.
m0 O?er time pa'
/ver time, pa) is avai-a+-e *or production and pac2ing sta**. 6ompan) use to give them over
time pa) on hour-) +asis
At 667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ 3o+ changing is processed in three di**erent 4a)s
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
667 pharmaceutica-s (18&) 7&$ is using 1romotions +ased on merit, advance 4or2ers 4ho
are +est .ua-i*ied *or the position, rather than those 4ith the greatest seniorit). @hen present
emp-o)ees are app-)ing *or a position, a 4or2erFs past per*ormance is a-so considered at
667. 667 management is a-so using =**ective per*ormance appraisa- to +ui-d trust in the
667 managers are using merit +ase promotions to gain the *o--o4ing advantages.
&o match =mp-o)ee 3o+-re-ated a+i-ities 4ith 3o+s to +e *i--ed.
&o re4ard Motivated and am+itious emp-o)ees *or outstanding per*ormance.
&o *ostered the 1er*ormance.
&o hire peop-e *or a speci*ic 3o+, rather than *or a+i-it) to +e promota+-e.
667 management is considering the *o--o4ing points 4hi-e trans*erring
20 An emp-o)ee 4ho 4ishes to +e trans*erred has to ma2e a 4ritten re.uest to his or her
department head.
30 At 667 a trans*er is made 4ithout reduction in rate o* pa) un-ess such reduction is
agreed to +) the emp-o)ee and the department administrator.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
40 At 667 the trans*er o* an emp-o)ee does not a**ect his or her prior earned credited
state service.
50 As per there compan) po-ic) 4henever an emp-o)ee re.uesting to trans*er +et4een
departments, he must have to give intervie4, and a-so re.uire 4ritten approva- o* the
department administrator concerned.
In 667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ trans*ers are used most-) in mar2eting and sa-es
department. Most-) due to the re.uirements o* sta** at a certain p-ace or some times i* top
management thin2s that some person has capa+i-ities to hand-e a certain situation and mar2et
in a +etter 4a) then the) use to trans*er that emp-o)ee *or gro4th o* compan) and a-so *or
emp-o)ee grooming.
In 667 (18&) 7&$ an emp-o)ee ma) +e demoted, su+3ect to the approva- o* the department
head and the assistant HR manager. &he department administrator can recommend the
demotion o* an emp-o)ee *or an) o* the *o--o4ing reasons:
a0 &he rea--ocation or rec-assi*ication o* a c-ass or position to a -o4er pa) grade.
$0 &he e-imination o* the emp-o)eeIs position +ecause o* -ac2 o* 4or2 or -ac2 o* *unds.
c0 =9piration o* a temporar) promotiona- assignment.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
&0 &he *ai-ure o* the emp-o)ee to comp-ete success*u--) the pro+ationar) re.uirements
o* a higher position.
A department head su+mits the recommendation that an emp-o)ee has to +e demoted. A*ter
that a 4ritten notice is given to the emp-o)ee and to the assistant HR manager. Management
use to give notice o* demotion at -east 1' ca-endar da)s +e*ore its e**ective date and a-so give
the reasons *or the demotion to the emp-o)ee 4ho is su+3ect to demotion.
@hen an emp-o)ee is demoted, his or her sa-ar) is reduced to a step in the -o4er pa) grade as
recommended +) the department administrator and the assistant Manager Human Resources.
I* demotion is due to *ai-ure to comp-ete success*u--) the pro+ationar) re.uirements o* the
higher position then the sa-ar) a*ter demotion 4i-- norma--) coincide 4ith the sa-ar) the
emp-o)ee 4as receiving +e*ore promotion.
&here are three t)pes o* separation 4ith organi5ation
2) 7a)o**
3) &ermination
4) Resignation
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
5) Retirement
In -a)o** process 667 management, 2eep in mind that a -a)o** invo-ves e-iminating
positions, not peop-e.
I&enti('in! the Lea%tE)uali(ie& -orAer
667 is using the process o* identi*)ing the -east .ua-i*ied 4or2er *or reduction in *orce.
/nce the) have identi*ied the position to +e e-iminated, the) use to determine 4ho is the -east
.ua-i*ied person to assume the remaining responsi+i-ities in the +usiness unitJ %irst, the)
deve-op a -ist o* a-- emp-o)ees in that group 4ith simi-ar tit-es or responsi+i-ities. %or
e9amp-e, i* the) are -oo2ing to e-iminate one o* three e9ecutive assistant positions in there
mar2eting department, then the) use to -ist a-- the assistants in the department on a sheet o*
In second step the) use to revie4 the nature o* the remaining 4or2 to +e done a*ter the
position 4i-- +e e-iminate. %or e9amp-e, i* the e9ecutive assistant position reporting to the
vice president o* mar2eting is +eing considered *or e-imination, then the) use to document
the responsi+i-ities that 4i-- remain in the unit a*ter the RI%. &he) use Ao+ descriptions *or
such comparisons.
&hen the) use to determine 4hich one o* the three e9ecutive assistants is the -east .ua-i*ied to
assume those remaining duties. In essence, the) use to compare the essentia- 3o+
responsi+i-ities, s2i--s, 2no4-edge and a+i-ities, o* a-- three emp-o)ees. In addition, the) use
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
to revie4 the emp-o)ees annua- per*ormance revie4s, tenure and histor) o* progressive
discip-ine to create the appropriate 4ritten record. &he) a-so use to revie4 their 4or2
e9perience prior to 3oining there *irm, so that tenure a-one doesnIt out4eigh other
%ina--), once the) have the documented comparison *or the three emp-o)ees 4ho cou-d
potentia--) .ua-i*) to per*orm the remaining 4or2, the) use to determine 4ho is the -east
.ua-i*ied individua- and then the) use to -a) o** that 4or2er.
At 667 termination most-) occurs due to poor 3o+ per*ormance, -ac2 o* H*itH 4ith the
organi5ation, ina+i-it) to per*orm 3o+ responsi+i-ities and misconduct. #ome times the) use
termination *or restructuring, do4nsi5ing, re-ocation, or ac.uisition. In 667 pharmaceutica-
18&) 7&$ an emp-o)ee can +e terminating on the *o--o4ing +ases
unsatis*actor) per*ormance
changed 3o+ re.uirements
Dross misconduct (4hich might invo-ve drug a+use, stea-ing, or other +reaches o*
compan) or pu+-ic po-ic).)
667 pharmaceutica-s (18&) 7&$ is using the *o--o4ing steps in +ehavior re-ated termination
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
667 has $eve-oped a c-ear, 4ritten po-icies *or termination and the) are *o--o4ing
them uns4erving-). &hese po-icies are readi-) accessi+-e to emp-o)ees in an
emp-o)ee hand+oo2. &he termination guide-ines inc-ude de*initions o* poor
per*ormance and gross misconduct, detai-ed descriptions o* the revie4 procedures
that ma) -ead to termination, and po-icies regarding severance and the return o*
compan) propert).
@hen an emp-o)ee has to +e terminate then a*ter deciding the) use to conduct the
termination meeting 4ith the emp-o)ee in a pro*essiona- manner.
&he) use to give credit *or positive contri+utions.
&hen in the ne9t step the) use to prepare an in*ormation pac2age *or the terminated emp-o)ee
that out-ines a-- e-ements o* an) severance pac2age and other +ene*its.
In 667 4henever a permanent emp-o)ee resigns he has to give resignation on one month
prior notice. &he resignation sha-- state the reason *or the resignation and the desired
e**ective date. @henever an emp-o)ee resigns his resignation is send to and countersigned +)
his or her immediate administrative supervisor. &hen the resignation is su+mitted to the &op
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
manager. At 667 <o, resignation +ecomes e**ective unti- the &op managers accept it. &he
top managers and +oard o* directors has the right to accept or re3ect the resignation.
As per their compan) po-ic) ongoing and *i9ed-term emp-o)ees that are not on pro+ation are
re.uired to give one monthFs notice in 4riting or to *or*eit a monthFs sa-ar) in -ieu o* giving
that notice.
At 667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ 4hen a resignation is accepted then the Human
Resources sta** has to ensure that a-- sa-ar), -eave credits and other entit-ements are attended
to prior to the date o* resignation.
Re%i!nation Bithout Notice#
At 667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ on-) an emp-o)ee 4ho has not )et comp-eted his
pro+ation period can resign 4ithout notice.
As per compan) po-ic) an) emp-o)ee 4ho p-ans to retire has to su+mit his or her resignation
to the 6.=./. =mp-o)ees are encouraged to su+mit the resignation and app-ication *orm at
-east ninet) da)s in advance o* the retirement date and a*ter approva- their retirement chec2
is issued the second month *o--o4ing the -ast month o* service 4ith the compan).
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
<orma- retirement can +e granted in the *o--o4ing categories:
@hen an emp-o)ee has reached the age o* si9t) t4o.
A*ter thirt) )ears o* service regard-ess o* age
CCL Polic'
=mp-o)ee 4ho has reached the retirement age o* si9t) t4o is e-igi+-e to ta2e retirement +ut
there is no compu-sion *or retirement.
667Is -a+or-management re-ations are +ased on mutua- trust +et4een -a+or and management.
%o--o4ing a -a+or dispute in 1"(0, mutua- trust +et4een -a+or and management 4as adopted
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
as the *oundation o* -a+or-management re-ations in the 3oint -a+or and management
dec-aration conc-uded in 1""!.
Mutual Tru%t $etBeen La$or an& Mana!ement
&he +asic concepts o* mutua- trust +et4een -a+or and management are: improvements in the
-ives o* emp-o)ees are rea-i5ed through the prosperit) o* the compan), and -a+or and
management thus share the same goa- o* compan) prosperit) as a common va-ue.
Management 4i-- ta2e into consideration to the greatest possi+-e e9tent sta+-e emp-o)ment
and 4i-- continuous-) strive to improve 4or2ing conditionsK and emp-o)ees 4i-- comp-iance
4ith the compan)Is po-icies in order to promote the compan)Is prosperit).
In the 7a+or and Management Reso-utions *or the !1st 6entur) signed +) -a+or and
management representatives in 1"", mutua- respect 4as added to mutua- trust as a
*oundation o* -a+or-management re-ations, and this is re*-ected in the current Duiding
1rincip-es at 667.
Ba%ic Principle% o( Per%onnel Mana!ement
In order to create a re-ationship o* mutua- trust and respect +et4een -a+or and management,
personne- management is conducted in accordance 4ith *our +asic princip-es:
20 6reating a 4or2p-ace environment 4here emp-o)ees can 4or2 4ith trust.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
30 6reating a mechanism *or promoting constant and vo-untar) initiatives in continuous
40 %u--) committed and thorough human resources deve-opment
50 1romoting team4or2 aimed at pursuit o* individua- ro-es and optimi5ation o* the
entire team.
Sta$le Emplo'ment
667 management s)stem is +ased -arge-) on +ringing out to the greatest e9tent emp-o)ee
a+i-ities, reasoning s2i--s and creativit). 667 a-4a)s ta2es a medium- to -ong-term
management perspective and has made the rea-i5ation and continuation o* sta+-e emp-o)ment
through a-- possi+-e emp-o)ment po-icies the *undamenta- +asis o* its management
Creatin! .oo& -orAplace En?ironment%
In order to re*-ect the ideas and opinions o* emp-o)ees in corporate activities, in addition to
promoting communication +et4een emp-o)ees o* di**erent ran2 4ithin the compan), 667
has a-so esta+-ished a 667 6reative #uggestion #)stem.
667 has esta+-ished a num+er o* hot-ines *or the *ast and *air reso-ution o* issues re-ated to
comp-aints. &he emp-o)ee a4areness surve) conducted ever) )ear indicates that Hpride in the
compan)H and Hemp-o)ee satis*actionH remains high.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
@hi-e p-anning a+out human resource trend ana-)sis is not a-4a)s a ver) use*u- techni.ue in
demand *orecasting +ecause trends 2eep on changing and it is not necessar) that i* in one
case a *orecasting 4as success*u- then at this time it 4i-- +e success*u- too.
&he) are *ocusing more on interna- recruitment and *or e9terna- recruitment the) are using
persona- re*erra-s more. &his is not a ver) good approach +ecause it 4i-- -ead to *avoritism
and can a**ect the over a-- cu-ture o* the compan).
Another important thing is that the) are not providing an) *-e9i+i-it) in recruitment process
*or dependents and re-atives o* deceased emp-o)ees
6areer counse-ing i* not ver) *re.uent at 667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$
&heir process o* &raining and deve-opment is most-) -imited to *ie-d sta** and mar2eting
peop-e. &he) are not pa)ing much attention to their technica- departments training. As *ar as
individua- ana-)sis is concerned, 667 is not using -atest techni.ues -i2e per*ormance
pro+-em identi*ication etc
&he) are not conducting *re.uent individua- deve-opment p-an and career discussions 4ith
emp-o)ee in their organi5ation. 667 pharmaceutica- (18&) 7&$ is most-) *ocusing the
trainings re-ated to there products and are not *ocusing on so*t s2i-- deve-opment programs.
&here is no practica- approach o* 3o+ rotation, cross trainings and career strateg) groups.
Management use to ta2e decisions and the) are not invo-ving emp-o)ees in the p-anning
process. &he) shou-d invo-ve emp-o)ees in the p-anning process +ecause it 4i-- he-p them in
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
understanding goa-s o* the organi5ation, 4hat needs to +e doneK 4h) it needs to +e done and
ho4 4e-- it shou-d +e done.
6ompan) is not providing 7%A at a-- grades, this is not a ver) good approach and it is
sho4ing +iased attitude. 7%A is avai-a+-e on-) *or Drade ( and Drade " emp-o)ees.
6ompan) is discouraging -eaves Annua- -eaves are there +ut n emp-o)ee canFt ta2e more than
10 da)s -eave at one time. /n-) in specia- cases management approves more than 10 -eaves
at a time.
Mess *aci-it) is there +ut emp-o)ees have to pa) *or it individua--) and compan) is not
compensating them. 667 is not using the concept o* gratuit).
667 is using merit +ase promotions and are ignoring seniorit) +ase concept in this regard.
Merit and a+i-ities are di**icu-t to measure and un-a4*u- discrimination ma) enter into merit
eva-uations. In merit +ase promotions, disruptive con*-ict ma) resu-t *rom 4or2er
competition *or merit ratings.
In do4n si5ing process compan) is not providing assistance to there emp-o)ees. &he) are not
providing an) 2ind o* counse-ing or 3o+ search assistance.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
It is suggested to use regression ana-)sis *or demand *orecast as .uantitative approach
+ecause it is a ver) good approach that 4i-- sho4 statistica- re-ationship +et4een
+usiness activit) and emp-o)ees.
1ersona- re*ers are suggested to avoid and recruitment shou-d +e through an open
poo-. In this 4a) compan) can avoid the impact o* *avoritism 4hi-e recruitment
6ompan) is suggested to provide some *-e9i+i-it) in recruitment procedure so that
the) can compensate the dependents and re-atives o* deceased emp-o)ees i* some one
is a+-e to meet the re.uired competencies then that person shou-d give a chance
instead o* missing a good resource 3ust +ecause he/she is the re-ative o* an emp-o)ee.
&echnica- training programs are suggested to introduce. 6ompan) is suggested to
*ocus on technica- training o* their emp-o)ees especia--) in the Bua-it) assurance,
production and M.I.# department. It is suggested to provide emp-o)ees in house
training and o**er them to attend seminars and other technica- courses. &his 4i-- he-p
them to get more +ene*its and i* the) 4i-- +ecome technica--) strong then the) cou-d
use ne4 techno-ogies *or compan)Fs +ene*its as 4e-- as this industr) 4i-- groom 4ith
educated and technica- sta**.
667 management is suggested to use per*ormance pro+-em identi*ication too-s to
*ind the need o* training areas 4hi-e individua- ana-)sis. It 4i-- he-p them to identi*)
the root cause o* poor per*ormance and the) can have +etter understanding that 4here
things are getting 4rong.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
&he) are suggested to create programs and activities to provide s2i-- deve-opment
+ecause in toda)Fs 4or-d emp-o)ee s2i-- deve-opment is ver) important and compan)
shou-d understand that these s2i-- deve-opment programs 4i-- u-timate-) +ene*it them.
/n +eha-* o* this report it is suggested to arrange so*t s2i-- deve-opment programs *or
this purpose. &hese programs can +e in house or the) can avai- services o* some
trainer, ma) +e t4ice a )ear.
6ompan) is suggested to use 3o+ rotation and cross trainings techni.ues to
improve the s2i--s and 2no4-edge o* there emp-o)ees. &his techni.ue 4i-- enhance
emp-o)eeFs 2no4-edge and 4i-- give them a +etter understanding o* over a-- s)stem.
Management is suggested to invo-ve emp-o)ees 4hi-e p-anning. &he) shou-d conduct
surve)s +e*ore imp-ementing an) change, so that it can +e +etter ana-)5e that ho4
much a p-an can +e success*u-.
Mess *aci-it) is there +ut emp-o)ees are pa)ing *or it. It is suggested to the 6ompan)
to provide mea- to their emp-o)ees. &he) can deduct some percentage appro9imate
;L to 'L *rom the sa-ar) o* emp-o)ees 4ho are earning more then Rs. !0,000/month
and can compensate those emp-o)ees 4ho are getting -o4 sa-ar). In this 4a), there
4i-- +e a managed e9pense o* mea- *or a-- emp-o)ees and emp-o)ees 4i-- de*inite-)
admire it. 6ompan) 4i-- not pa) *rom their e9pense and at the same time a ver) sma--
percentage deduction 4i-- not a**ect emp-o)ees and a-- emp-o)ees can get more
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
1romotions are suggested to +e on the +ases o* com+ination o* seniorit) and merit
+asis. In this 4a), the) can get advantage o* a personFs e9perience and 3o+s can +e
grouped into di**erent -adders such that e9perience on one 3o+ constitutes good
training *or the ne9t. Another advantage o* this 4i-- +e that the 4or2ers 4i-- not see2
to gain *avor 4ith supervisors and this dra4+ac2 o* merit +ase promotions can +e
minimi5ed and there are man) possi+-e variations -eading to di**erent resu-ts.
In do4nsi5ing process, outp-acement, is suggested to +e used to protect emp-o)ees. It
4i-- he-p to maintain the mora-e o* the 4or2*orce and to enhance the pu+-ic image o*
the compan). 6ompan) is suggested to provide counse-ing and 3o+ search assistance
to their emp-o)ees in do4nsi5ing process
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
667 pharmaceutica- is using HR process ver) e**ective-) +ut there is a room *or
improvement. &his internship report gave me chance to -earn the practica- concepts o* the
Human Resource process.
6ompan) is using their peop-e s2i-- in a ver) e**ective 4a). &he) are tr)ing to improve their
HR process and uti-i5ing ne4 concepts and techni.ues o* HR to provide +etter *aci-ities to
their sta** as 4e-- as to improve their s2i--s to gain more advantages. &he) tru-) +e-ieve that
their peop-e are their asset and to emphasi5e this concept the) shou-d invest more on their
peop-e, 2eeping this in vie4 that in this 4a) this industr) 4i-- groom. &he investment is not
on-) *or one person or compan) rather this investment 4i-- +e in the industr) and 4hen the
industr) 4i-- groom then ever)one re-ated to this industr) 4i-- get +ene*it.
667 is using a comp-ete process o* HR, the) are p-anning their sta**ing re.uirements and
department head use to gave re.uisition *or a ne4 resource then HR department use to *o--o4
a comp-ete se-ection process and gather resume in there resume +an2 and then the) use to
start there se-ection and recruitment process *o--o4ing +) intervie4s in 4hich intervie4ee is
compared 4ith the set standard o* HR and then the) *o--o4 the steps o* se-ecting the
candidates. A*ter se-ecting a person and *u-*i--ing a-- mandator) re.uirements the) use to
give him o**er -etter and conduct orientation session *or the ne4-) hired sta** mem+er. &hen
the) use to give training to the person as per re.uirement and then the ne4-) hired emp-o)ee
starts his 4or2. A*ter comp-etion o* pro+ation period manager o* the concern department use
to *or4ard a per*ormance eva-uation report to the HR department 4ith suggested increment
and upon success*u- comp-etion o* pro+ation period emp-o)ee got con*irmation -etter.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
6ompan) use to conduct training sessions o** and on to enhance the a+i-ities o* its emp-o)ee.
&he) use to conduct training need assessment programs and use to arrange training programs
as per re.uirement. &he) are using in-house training program techni.ues.
At 667 annua- increments are +ased on per*ormance. Managers use to revie4 per*ormance
o* there emp-o)ees. &he) use to chec2 and compare standards 4ith the actua- per*ormance
and then use to 4rite per*ormance reports.
667 is providing compensations and +ene*its to there emp-o)ees that ver) *rom grading
sca-es. $i**erent grading sca-es are en3o)ing di**erent compensations and +ene*its +ut +asic
+ene*its that inc-ude medica- etc are *or a-- emp-o)ees.
6ompan) is encouraging the process o* career management. &he) are providing
opportunities *or there emp-o)ees *or there career gro4th and is tr)ing to minimi5ing the *ear
o* 3o+ -ose in its emp-o)ee.
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
=mp-o)ee #eparations: 7a)o**s vs. &erminations %or 6ause HR Maga5ine, /ct, !000
+) 1au- %a-cone
M=mp-o)ee +ene*itsN @ritten +) 6arter Mc<amara, MBA, 1h$, Authenticit)
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California&Ari'ona Farm (ress.
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B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
-e$ %ite%
B) #ada* Ari*
Internship Report
B) #ada* Ari*