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BU TOH W ORKSH OP IN B arcel ona wit h fina l perfor mance: Fr om The 10 to

15 th o f m ay 2 008

For actors, dancers, performers and people interested in experimenting and creating
with the body and together with other artistic disciplines.
Opportunity to put into practice the experience from the workshop into the
performance “El Cant o de l a Me dusa ”, by ME DUSA PR OJECT , chosen to be
performed in the International audio-visual fes tival L OOP . It requires availability the
14 an 15th of May, for rehearsals, recording and performance. Limited places.
Languages: Spanish an d Eng lish .
Mor e in fo a bo ut M EDUSA PR OJEC T a t:
More info Contact:


Satur day 1 0 th o f M ay : Lecture-presentation of Butoh (1-2 hours): Origins, basis and

evolution of butoh in the contemporary world.
Satur day 1 0 of Ma y: 4 hours, training in the studio (10:00-14:00H).
Sunday 1 1 th of Ma y: 4 hours, training in the studio (10:00h-14: 00H).
Mond ay 12 th o f M ay : 2 hours training outdoors (17:00-19; 00h) 2 hours training in
the studio (19:00-21:00h)
Tuesd ay 13 th of Ma y: 2 hours training outdoors (17:00-19:00h), 2 hours training in
the studio (19:00-21:00h)
Wednesda y 14 th of Ma y: from 2 to 4 hours rehearsals and recording.
Thur sd ay 15 th of Ma y: Rehearsals and performance at 20:30h.
(Rehearsal times to confirm)
Fee: 120 Euro, 100 Euro if paid before the 10th of April. Pay ment to : Maria Teresa
Vaos Solano. IBAN : ES13 2038 9810 1030 0018 7536. BI C: CAHMESMMXXX.
Pla ce: L ab or at ori o-escuela : Torres i Amat, 5. Barcelona. Metro: Universitat
Con ta ct:

Tea cher: M ay te Va os :
Mayte Vaos is a choreographer, performer, teacher, and specialist in Butoh, studied
Grotowsky Laboratory and Contemporary dance from 1986. Found butoh dance in 1992
and from then study and collaborate with many butoh masters, Performing and
teaching all around the world. Mayte Vaos has been working and teaching in Japan,
Thailand, Europe, U.S.A. Nowadays her work is especially in site-specifics, outdoors
performances, unusual places and experimental work creations
Perfor mance 15 th
o f M ay in B arcel ona:

Ma yt e Va os, direct an interactive team of multidisciplinary artists in this “Interrupted

“El Cant o de l a Me dusa” is a poetic piece, but at the same time is an engaging
exploration of the repressed femininity.
The experimental piece is nourished from individual recordings and experiences as much
as from artistic collaborations in different places, so the piece is growing even out of
the personal ideas of the creator, pretending like this, to reach a true, bigger than

Concept, creation, direction and performance: Ma yt e Va os

Video Creation and realisation: Apatc hes ( Raquel Labrador and Noemi Laviana)
Collaborative artistic creation: To confirm in every place.