Community Relationship Plan

for the Dallas Police Fire Pension System
David A. Neumann
Financial Performance

Return on investments that will fund future benefits

Attracting quality investments…….We want to ensure that our current and future
investment partners do not lose confidence in our capacity to do the job based on
public opinion.

Community Relationships

Historically, the DPFPS has kept a low profile in the community and
media……….this has changed as all public entities are being held more
accountable within their community.

As a taxpayer funded state charter pension system….we are dependent on public
opinion and support both locally and by the State of Texas.
The long term viability of the Pension System is dependent on financial
performance but is influenced by community relationships.

What are we here for?
We are not here for:

-An over-arching Public Relations Campaign that includes message, image,
press releases, and media.


-To independently represent DPFPS

We are here:

-To propose a Community Relationship Plan separate and aside from a PR campaign.

- One-on-one strategic relationships with follow-up that creates allies & partnerships.

-To advocate for the DPFPS and its mission in the Dallas community.
Laying the Groundwork….
April and May Focus

J asper Neumann Consulting, Ltd. was hired on a month to month basis with limited scope and time.

April and May were spent:

1) Attended and participated in meetings with Spaeth Communications, Margulies Communications, and
The Buzzell Company – an external perspective - to differentiate current PR efforts from a potential
Community Relationship Plan.

2) Attended DPFPS Administrator and staff meetings to become updated on internal perspectives.

3) We assisted DPFPS staff to prepare for issues in upcoming board meetings.

4) Reached out to all twelve Trustees and visited personally with eight, one-on-one, to obtain their feedback on public
perception and the viability of a Community Relationship Plan separate from an over-arching PR plan.

5) Attended ground breaking ceremonies representing DPFPS.

6) Began personal visits with stakeholders and opinion leaders to get their first brush opinions on the pension system.
The Administrator, with encouragement from the Chairman and Vice Chairman,
engaged Jasper Neumann Consulting, Ltd. to……

Explore & develop the viability and creation of a Community Relationship Plan for DPFPS
…..that had not previously existed.
Plan of Action
 DPFPS previously contracted with Public Relations (PR) firms for press releases, media,
messaging, advertisements, and imaging.

 However, the DPFPS does not have a Community Relationship outreach, effort, or staff.

 The Chairman and Vice Chairman have voiced a need to enact a Community Relationship
Plan in addition to the PR efforts.
Our Goal

Creating ALLIES

Establishing personal RELATIONSHIPS
Forge long-term PARTNERSHIPS
1) Leveraging Dave Neumann and J asper Neumann Consulting, Ltd.’s 32 years experience cultivating
long-term relationships as a business CEO, leader of organizations, former Dallas City Councilman and
DPFPS Trustee.

2) Engaging Trustees and DPFPS executives as part of the Relationship Plan. Taking a personal and
professional inventory of each trustee and key staff member so we are prepared to meet with stakeholders,
opinion leaders, and community leaders in Dallas most effectively.

3) Creating strategic maps that lead to one-on-one meetings with Dallas’ leaders, stakeholders, business,
community and opinion leaders to build relationships and allies leveraging this personal and professional
inventory of our Trustees and our key staff.

4) Sharing the “Community Asset Value” of DPFPS in the hiring and retaining of superior police and firefighters,
in investing in Dallas’ economy, and providing income security to over 9,000 families of first responders.

5) Developing strategic partnerships with organizations and causes in Dallas that confirms
DPFPS’ engagement in the community as a company headquartered in Dallas.

6) Moving DPFPS from being an outsider of the broader Dallas community to being a contributor with a positive
impact on the community.
Strategic, Informative, and Personal:
Choose strategically who we meet with, inform about our “Community Asset Value,”
and do it in a way that relates personally

Our Plan…..
OUR COMMUNITY: Need to connect with Leaders of Dallas
Relationships ♦ Allies ♦ Partnerships
Jasper Neumann Consulting, Ltd’s
Qualifications for Executing a Community Relationship Plan

“ An outside voice of business, political, and civic knowledge with inside perspective”
Qualifications of Jasper Neumann Consulting, Ltd.
“An outside voice of business, political, and civic knowledge with inside perspective”
32 years of cultivating relationships in Dallas within the business, non-profit, academic, and governmental

Served 4 years as one of you…a Councilman and a Trustee.

Personal passion for the long-term success of the Dallas Police Fire Pension System and City of Dallas.

Capable of uniquely speaking to/advocating for the long-term “Community Asset Value” of DPFPS.

Successfully started, grew, and sold a profitable small business in the span of 23 years.

Leading, serving, and contributing to Dallas organizations’ of all scales to help people in need and that are
in change mode.

Served in many leadership roles: Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO, Board Member, and volunteer.

High energy, people-oriented, and enjoy connecting with people in organizations

Proven success with other Dallas clients in converting mere presence to advocacy, representation,
and community participation.

Jasper Neumann Consulting, Ltd.
Current and Previous Clients

Measurement of Success
GOAL: Relationships ♦ Allies ♦ Partnerships

Quantify daily and weekly engagement of leaders within the community on
behalf of DPFPS and report on a quarterly basis.

Qualify with objective feedback to the DPFPS Board of Trustees and Staff
on perceptions from opinion leaders as they evolve and report on a quarterly

Recognize new partnerships of DPFPS within the Dallas community and
report on a quarterly basis.

DPFPS is a Community Asset……

We (DPFPS) are a Community Asset…..and the Dallas Community needs to know
We are a Community Asset
…….because our defined benefits plan helps the City of Dallas to hire/retain superior
police and firefighters to meet the expectations of the citizens, taxpayers, and
business community.

We are a Community Asset
…….because we invest in companies that create jobs, real estate value,
and pay property taxes to help Dallas’ economy grow.

We are a Community Asset
……..because our defined benefit plan provides for income security for
over 9,000 families of our first responders.
The long term viability of the Pension system is indeed dependent on
financial performance but is influenced by
community relationships, allies, and partnerships that need to be formed.
After 8 years of corporate experience (Interfirst Bank and Fidelity Investments) Dave started a family-owned business. He owned and operated
F.L. Malik Inc. dba Ivy Jane as President & CEO for over 23 years with 500 customers throughout the United States and $25M + revenue.

In 2007, Dave was elected as a Dallas City Councilman representing District 3 with 100,000 residents and served two terms.

Dave resides in the East Dallas neighborhood of Lakewood with his son Corbin, a student at Bishop Lynch High School and daughter Ivy, who
attends Texas A&M University. He is a member of First United Methodist Church in downtown Dallas.
David A. Neumann is President of Jasper Neumann Consulting, Ltd., a Dallas-based business and relationship
consulting firm.

Dave and his team specialize in creating and strengthening relationships between business, civic, government, and
community leaders here in the DFW area. Clients include but are not limited to Parker University, Dallas Police Fire
Pension System, Children’s Medical Center, and Clarkson-Davis.

As a Dallas resident for 32 years, Dave has served locally as a CEO, father of two, elected official, and a volunteer
leader on boards and of organizations.

He attended and graduated Indiana University where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business-Finance.
Upon graduation in 1982, he relocated to Dallas, Texas and has been active within the community.
Current and Previous Board Service includes:
Twice elected Dallas City Councilman
Chairman, Trinity River Corridor Project
Council Committee
Board of Trustees, Dallas Police and Fire
Pension System
Vice Chairman, City Plan Commission
Member, City Board of Adjustment

Chairman, Stemmons Corridor Business Association
Board of Directors, Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors, Greater Dallas Planning Council
Board of Directors, Dallas Friday Group
Methodist Health System Community Council
Board of Directors, Dallas Summer Musicals
Vice President, Dallas Apparel Mart Board of Governors
Board of Directors, Trinity Commons Foundation
Vice Chairman, Bishop Lynch High School
Chairman, First United Methodist Church
Lilly Pastoral Residency Committee
Finance Committee, First United Methodist
Dallas Baptist University/Oak Cliff Partnership
Board of Trustees, First Baptist Academy
Current and Previous Business Experience:
President, Jasper Neumann Consulting, Ltd. Business Relationship Consulting
President & CEO, F.L. Malik, Inc. dba Ivy Jane Manufacturing
Vice President & General Manager, Fidelity Investments Financial Services
Banking Officer, Interfirst Bank Financial Services
Assistant Manager, McDonald’s Food Services

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