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Volume 7 Issue 12  December 14, 2007
Buckley Annex controversy spawns
Lowry United Neighbors
by Devon Barclay
Spanning some 72 acres between was to be the final public comment
Monaco and Quebec, First and meeting on November 14.
Bayaud, plans to redevelop the area This reduction in size and scale did
adjacent to Lowry known as the little to quite neighborhood concerns -
Buckley Annex have stalled under and Crestmoor neighbors overwhelm-
public pressure for more responsible ingly voted against the condo towers.
development. The annex is currently At the public hearing, more than 300
to a Department of Defense account- neighbors filled the gymnasium at
ing facility. Montclair Academy, and around 35
Still owned by the Air Force, the of them spoke at the meeting’s close -
Buckley Annex parcel will be sold to mostly against the proposal.
an unnamed developer late in 2008 Lowry residents are already angry
or early in 2009, for an amount that that development of the Buckley
has never been disclosed. In a bid to Annex will not be conducted under
make the parcel more attractive for the same redevelopment process and
development, original plans for the design standards as the rest of Lowry,
site included twelve-story, 180-foot and are concerned that the proposed
buildings. After round condemna- project will increase Lowry’s conges-
tion from neighbors of the site and tion, noise, and pollution, block the
demands that the site be developed area’s mountain view, and detract
within the widely-acclaimed Lowry from the award-winning standards of
redevelopment guidelines, new plans the rest of Lowry.
were presented with four 100-foot The Department of Defense is
high seven-story buildings and two using the LRA to oversee the devel-
90-foot high six story-buildings. opment the parcel, but has not for-
Comprising some 800 residential mally conveyed title to the authority
units, this plan was unveiled at what - nor is it expected to. That absence
see LOWRY on page 3
Holiday fortunes mixed in
Cherry Creek North
by Devon Barclay isn’t affected by the holiday season as
Cherry Creek North’s busiest shop- much as other merchants. “We’re a little
ping season is here, and with parking atypical,” he says, “in that our biggest Stockings hung with care in the window of the
kiosks thought to have improved access, season is back to school. But it’s been
and area construction thought to have busy, it seems like to me - traffic seems
Twisted Tulip in Cherry Creek with the reflected
degraded it, merchants face a mixed pretty typical of of what it’s been in glow of the tree lights. The Cherry Creek News
bag. As many people appear to be visit- the past, though I’m not sure what that wishes you a happy holiday season to you and
ing the district as ever, and yet sales for means for them,” he says, referring to
some are down - even as rents continue
Cherry Creek North’s merchant com-
to increase. munity.
Buddy Saper, of Little Feet and More, Says Ira Haber of Europtics, “with
all the construction, it’s down a bit - it’s

Inside the hurt. Our other stores are up, but in





Cherry Creek we’re down about 7% this

Cherry Creek

Dec 17


It’s really just about the same, can’t

News &

say it’s better or worse,” says Mario di

Central Denver
Leone, whose store is on 3rd Avenue.
“But I’ll tell you - I don’t know what it

Dispatch is, if our customers are too wealthy, or



too busy, or what, but it’s like the last ten


days before it starts happening for us. So

Check for locations

ask me again in a week.”

• The Energy issue page 2 And that may just be it - Cherry
Creek has always found its busiest shop-
ping in the days immediately preceding
• Alternative winter Christmas, and this year traffic appears

celebrations page 16 to be slowly amping up.

Says Jeremy Oster, of Steele Street’s

Oster Jewelers, “it’s been pretty good,

$1 OFF

ews Dispatch

and this week we’ve gotten very, very

With this coupon Expires 8/07

• Handling grief through the

busy.” He doesn’t make much of the con-
holidays page 18

struction impact. “Are you talking about

on Fillmore? I didn’t know there was

any construction. It hasn’t affected us at


• Questions for assisted living

Box 460142

all. Today, it’s very crowded out for sure,

page 19 and this week things have really picked
Denver, CO

up. The merchants close to us have been

entral D

very, very busy, which is good. And with



less employees parking on the street, our

customers appreciate that they can park

Page 2 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch December 14, 2007

An Oil Story The Energy A Colorado

by Guerin Lee Green
The story of oil has been the story of America Response
since the Second World War. Cheap fuel and the
availability of the automobile has transformed
Issue by Colorado Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff
It’s common parlance these days to talk
America into a land of sprawling suburbs, large about red states and blue states, shorthand
homes, and long commutes. Oil has literally pow- for the voting proclivities. It’s even been said
ered American lifestyles and culture in a way that that Colorado, with its recent history of voting
no other single factor has. for Republican presidents and Democrats for
The cost of oil has nearly doubled since last Governor and the Statehouse is a purple state.
year. But in many ways, the most important color
Oil production world wide has been essentially in Colorado is not red or blue. It’s green. That’s
flat since January 2005, hovering between 83 and 85
million barrels a day. Google goes Green the color of a cleaner environment. And that’s
the color of our new energy economy.
Since 2002, the price of oil has increased nearly by the Cherry Creekr News Colorado’s investments in wind, solar, bio-
five times. The dollar has fallen 50% versus the euro With energy prices soaring, oil looking scarce, and little mass, and other renewable resources have cre-
in the period, and now is at a 20-year low. real effort being made by the federal government, renew- ated thousands of jobs and returned millions
Global demand for oil has not slackened in the able energy has an odd new champion— Google. of dollars in new revenue. By diversifying our
face of ever-higher prices. The internet company has announced a major new energy portfolio, we are saving money, reducing
And while the amount of energy used per unit of effort that they call RE<C, shorthand for renewable energy the demand for water, cutting carbon emissions,
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has improved in the at a price less than that coal fired electrical generation. The promoting public health, and protecting our
United States (meaning that we are more economi- company expects to spend tens of millions on research and national security.
cally productive and efficient for the energy we use), development in 2008. It isn’t doing so out of charity. The The people of Colorado are leading the way.
it is difficult to imagine our economy not being lim- company is expecting hundreds of millions of dollars in In 2004, the citizens passed an initiative requir-
ited in some respect by limited sources of energy. revenue, as it creates or funds what it hopes will be real ing 10 percent of our energy to come from
The former head of Saudi oil production, Sadad breakthroughs in technology. renewable sources by 2015. We’re on track to
Al-Husseini, and Texas oil billionaire T. Boone “We have gained expertise in designing and building meet that goal seven years ahead of schedule.
Pickens, both stated in November that they believed large-scale, energy-intensive facilities by building efficient This year, we doubled the renewable energy
that world oil production has peaked, essentially data centers,” said Larry Page, Google Co-founder and standard, requiring 20 percent by 2020.
that, globally, the world will never produce more oil President of Products. “We want to apply the same creativ- We enacted nearly 20 other measures to
than it does today. ity and innovation to the challenge of generating renewable spur the new energy economy in Colorado. We
And that doesn’t even begin to touch upon the electricity at a globally significant scale, and produce it freed renewable-energy equipment from sales
realities of climate change. cheaper than from coal.” and use taxes. We accelerated the construction
While many economists believe that oil price Page added, “There has been tremendous work already of power-transmission lines. And we made it
shocks have been partially decoupled from overall on renewable energy. Technologies have been developed easier to install wind turbines and solar panels
economic growth-- especially when there are not that can mature into industries capable of providing at home and at work. We also took steps to
big disruptions in the supply, every recession in the electricity cheaper than coal. Solar thermal technology, encourage energy efficiency and conservation,
United States since World War II has been preceded for example, provides a very plausible path to providing promote better building practices, and jump-
by a run-up in the cost of oil. renewable energy cheaper than coal. We are also very inter- start research and development of biofuels and
A study from the French Institute of Petroleum ested in further developing other technologies that have other carbon-cutting technologies at institutes of
by Lescaroux suggested that a ten dollar increase potential to be cost-competitive and green. We are aware of higher education.
in the price of oil causes a drop from .5% to several promising technologies, and believe there are many Our efforts are paying off. Vestas, the world’s
5.5% in American gross domestic product (GDP). more out there.” top manufacturer of wind-power systems,
Assuming that GDP growth in 2007 hovers around Page continued, “With talented technologists, great part- announced plans in March to build a turbine
3%, Lescaroux’s math would likely put us in a fairly ners and significant investments, we hope to rapidly push factory in northern Colorado. More than 400
deep recession next year. forward. Our goal is to produce one gigawatt of renewable jobs are on the way. SunEdison will complete
Al-Husseini believes that new oil will not match energy capacity that is cheaper than coal. We are optimistic a solar plant in the San Luis Valley next year.
declining production in oilfields currently in pro- this can be done in years, not decades.” (One gigawatt can It will produce enough clean energy to power
duction. He goes further— stating that many of power a city the size of San Francisco.) nearly 1,500 homes.
the world’s oil reserves are fiction, “not available “If we meet this goal,” said Page, “and large-scale Next year will bring more progress. We’re
for production.” Projecting a base oil price of $166 renewable deployments are cheaper than coal, the world exploring new technologies, such as concen-
a barrel in 2015, Al-Husseini is not bullish upon a will have the option to meet a substantial portion of elec- trating solar. We’re expanding the use of net
future of evermore oil. tricity needs from renewable sources and significantly metering, so that homeowners and businesses
The rate of oil demand growth has slowed in reduce carbon emissions. We expect this would be a good can generate their own clean power. And we’re
the developed world, but demand from India and business for us as well.” enhancing energy efficiency in transportation,
China has urged. Coal is the primary power source for many around construction, and nearly every other sector of
‘‘You look at the globe and ask, ‘Where are the world, supplying 40% of the world’s electricity. The our economy.
the big increments?’ and there’s hardly anything greenhouse gases it produces are one of our greatest envi- Governor Ritter has taken steps to focus
but Saudi Arabia,’’ Al-Husseini said in 2005, in a ronmental challenges. Making electricity produced from public attention and recognition upon those
not-well-reported commentary. ‘‘The kingdom and renewable energy cheaper than coal would be a key part of powering renewable energy in Colorado.
Ghawar (Saudi and the world’s largest oilfield) are reducing global greenhouse-gas emissions. In his inaugural 2007 State of the State Address
not the problem. That misses the whole point. The Thus far Google’s big investments have been in high- on January 11, 2007, Governor Ritter announced
problem is that you go from 79 million barrels a day altitude wind power, and concentrated solar, a technology the creation of the “Governor’s Excellence in
in 2002 to 82.5 in 2003 to 84.5 in 2004. You’re leaping that could be retrofitted to many existing power plants that Renewable Energy Awards.” The annual award
by two million to three million a year, and if you current burn coal or natural gas. honors those individuals, businesses, institu-
have to cover declines, that’s another four to five Others in Silicon Valley have taken to what is being tions and nonprofits that are advancing renew-
million.’’ called “clean tech” as well. able energy in exemplary ways.
In other words, if demand and depletion pat- Tech sector moguls, venture capital funds and compa- Each year, Gov. Ritter and the Governor’s
terns continue, every year the world will need to nies are investing in everything from electric sportscars Energy Office (GEO) will honor organizations
open enough fields or wells to pump an additional to corn ethanol production. Evincing a faith that technol- that have made outstanding contributions to
six to eight million barrels a day — at least two mil- ogy can solve any problem, those dollars represent fresh protecting the environment through the pro-
lion new barrels a day to meet the rising demand investment in a range of renewable energy approaches. In motion, usage, implementation and techno-
and at least four million to compensate for the 2006, U.S. venture capital funds invested $2.4 billion in new logical development for renewable energy in
declining production of existing fields. ‘‘That’s like energy companies, far more than the federal government or Colorado.
a whole new Saudi Arabia every couple of years,’’ Wall Street. Colorado is on track to lead the world in the
Husseini said. ‘‘It can’t be done indefinitely. It’s not Vinod Khosla, a Silicon Valley billoinare, has made research, development and use of renewable
sustainable.’’ investments in twenty-six renewable energy start-ups, energy. America can too.***
For Americans, the oil story does not have a including companies working on cellulosic ethanol, future
happy ending. American oil production in the fuels,energy efficiency and
lower 48 states peaked in 1970, and has declined solar.
ever since. Prudhoe Bay, in Alaska, is a declin- According to Khosla, there
ing resource as well. The Arctic National Wildlife


are a few major areas: biofuels
Reserve, even if drilling were permitted, would take to replace oil, replacement of
ten years to come on line, and would be a drop in
  ! "  %%%% !&
coal with clean coal, wind and *$($%$ $! "! !%'$
the bucket of future demands. Conservation and solar, new renewable materi- $"'! 
!$ $!&
huge investments in alternative resources are the als, and efficiency.
* ( ! "'$) $
only options. Khosla is making major
* $$!%"##!$!%#"$&&"!
* !!!$#$&"!
Renewable energy sources in Colorado— cur- bets on clean coal technology, *&"!  !$%
rently that means wind and solar, with geothermal which seeks to make coal- * "%#&&&$%
on the horizon— are slated to be 20% of household fired electrical plants clean, by
" !!'&) " #%%"!!$ *&!$%"! $ %%%&!
* & "'%#!
electricity supply by 2020. That doesn’t even begin capturing pollution and CO2
to replace the liquid fuel energy needed for the emissions.
  * #") !&##"$&'!&% "$

'$&   $($%
four million vehicles currently filling the state’s
December 14, 2007 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 3

Furor over Buckley Annex

challenges Lowry process
continued from PAGE ONE for people to become involved or FDA Cleared Medical Breakthrough
of transparency has fueled controv- heard. Says Dodie Hudson, one of the
ery. In December of 2005, the Lowry
Community Master Association
group’s founding members, “it’s been
formed out of frustration, and to have
86% Relief
called the redevelopment of the DFAS a voice over growing issues that have
property (Buckley Annex) “critically
important” and stated that the LCMA
presented themselves. Issues that the Scientific Discovery
LCMA has not been able to take a
“(would) be working closely with position on.” in the relief of back pain.
the LRA and others to ensure that After the November meeting,
those developments match the feel Councilwoman Johnson went back Now available in Cherry Creek.
of Lowry and that our design guide- to developers and the design team
lines are followed .  To help maintain and made clear that the seven-story
Lowry’s place as a premiere commu- maximum height would have to be
nity, we are looking to annex any such lowered to four stories, in keeping
developments into the LCMA.” with the surrounding development at
As part of the development pro- Lowry. These building heights would
cess that ensued, the LRA created range from 60 to 65 feet, and devel-
several task forces to evaluate plans opment would include underground
and gather input from the surround- parking.
ing community. However, because In June, it was proposed that the
the LRA isn’t formally in charge of development hold a much lower den-
the parcel’s redevelopment - merely sity - 500 units, or roughly seven
the planning - critics argue that the units per acre. Alternative A, the pro-
Department of Defense is using the posal was accepted by the surround-
LRA’s credibility and veneer of task ing community and the Task Forces
force oversight to help sell develop- picked by the LRA, but then ignored.
ment at the site that is unpalatable Because of the infrastructure
otherwise. The LRA has stated that development costs— estimated to
the Buckley Annex isn’t subject to the
design guidelines that govern devel-
be $24 million— recouping those
costs will lead to higher density Call For A FREE DVD
opment at Lowry, and that guidelines
will be established for Buckey during
than many Lowry residents support.
Councilwoman Johnson will be form- And A FREE Consultation
the city’s rezoning process. ing a Buckley Annex Community
That has neighbors concerned. Advisory committee to provide fur-
And they’re also concerned that the ther input as the city must legislate
LCMA hasn’t been able to take a zoning for the annex in the form of a
position. On December 7, a group of PUD, or planned unit development.
these neighbors met to form a new The LRA will present the Buckey
registered neighborhood association, Annex plan at a combined meet- • Dr. James J. Hoven Jr., DC
Lowry United Neighborhoods, in a ing of the Community Advisory Spinal Aid Center • 4100 E. Mississippi Ave., #310
bid to break through the multi-level, Committee and Planning/Disposition
multi-tiered development and pub- Subcommittee at the Eisenhower Glendale, Colorado 80246
lic input process that has had the Chapel on Dec. 18. at 6 p.m
effect of making it extremely difficult

Pr emiu m
Opening the day
after Thanksgiving

located at:


University & Alameda

(303) 382- 9880

ww w.SantasBes
Page 4 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch December 14, 2007

Going Postal for Christmas

I recently read that average me tell you, I have placed cushion- one foot. Now, try the other foot. Then start a conga
Americans spend two to three years ing all around my items, and I have Invite your neighbor to stand on line. Your neighbors
of their lives waiting in lines, all added more newspaper, styrofoam, one foot, then the other. When he may trip and fall.
kinds of lines. And that is in total. I or bubble wrap if I heard items shift- does, push him over. Your partners Laugh out loud. Join
disagree. I’m sure I’ve spent at least ing. I have, yes, I swear to you, I have waiting patiently in line may laugh. in.
six years of my life waiting in line taped the opening of my box and Join in. Make up stories about the per-
just at the post office at Christmas reinforced all seams with 2-inch wide Catch up on your daily calen- son ahead of you in line. Has he
time. And no matter what day or tape. I have NOT used cord, string or dars and monthly hit lists on your made a fortune in the subprime real
time I choose, I am always behind twine. Why? Because I know they get cell phone or PDA. This might be a estate market? Are his assets depos-
the shifty-eyed guy trying to over- caught in mail processing equipment. good time to organize all those little ited in overseas bank accounts? Is
night insecticide to Kabul. Either And I will swear on my mother’s entries that never seem to get sorted he getting a divorce? Will he fly
that, or I’m behind the sweet little old grave that I have used a complete out. Weed through your phone lists to Cancun to spend time with his
lady who simply can’t decide if she and correct address, which I know is and remove the names of those peo- lover? Now tell your stories to the
wants a candy cane, a Santa Claus critical for efficient delivery. ple already whacked. Add names of person behind you in line. Be out-
or the Virgin Mary on her Christmas Now, after all of that, I have to “made” guys and new potential tar- rageous. The person ahead of you
stamps. If I adroitly sidestep these wait in line. I need relief. Yes, I do. gets. They’ll appreciate your time may take exception, but the person
two, I wind up mired behind the And you do too. What can we do to management skills. behind you may laugh. Join in.
individual who simply doesn’t get ease the tedium? What can we do to Notice things. How many people Once you have reached your
that Wrigley’s spearmint is not an feel as though our time is not totally standing around you are wearing destination, the end of the line, an
appropriate package adhesive. wasted? Heretofore, some sugges- jeans? Count them. How many are actual postal service worker behind
What to do about the annual inter- tions for what to do in the eternal in soft restraints? How many are a counter with a working computer,
minable holiday post office wait? I post office waiting line. carrying concealed weapons, and if you are still in a mischievous
think all of us line people need to You may be here a good long what is their caliber? You’d be sur- mood, ask if they accept plastic.
have a positive outlook and take a while. Bring something to snack on. I prised at how enjoyable this activity When he says they do, offer him
proactive approach. I don’t know always find a bucket of fried chicken can be, and how willing others are a plastic grocery bag. If he looks
about you, but after I’ve followed with potatoes and gravy hits the to join in the fun. Participate. Join irritated, hand him your maxed-out
the strict postal service guidelines for spot when I’ve got the munchies. in. credit card. When the $7.59 charge
packaging, I’m ready for relief. Let Unfold a red checkered tablecloth Bring a deck of playing cards. is declined, ask if he’s heard of
in the lobby and unpack your picnic Start a game of poker with yourself. the Patriot Act. Flash your work-
basket. Invite your neighbors to set Deal yourself a losing hand. Get place ID so quickly he cannot really
a spell. They may decline at first. angry at being cheated. Threaten examine it. Tell him you are a secret
Persist. death to the thief trying to steal agent, and Al-Quaida has interfered
If you happen to be standing on your money. Secure your place in with your credit card account. He
multicolored floor tiles, hop on each line, then run to the door and shout, may laugh. Join in. Or he may not.
color, one at a time. Offer out-loud “He’s getting away. He’s getting His loss.
praise to yourself for the fastest hop away.” Go to your on-line compa-
and most accurate landing. Your fel- dres and raise a posse to pursue this Merry Christmas.
low line-waiters may offer applause. criminal and bring him to justice.
Accept it graciously. They may laugh. Join in. —Teresa Keegan
See how long you can stand on Give an impromptu salsa lesson.

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December 14, 2007 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 5

Cel Roybal’s stained glass illuminates everyday like a holiday

The house sits back sleepily from Roybal. “We were not rich but we cal scenes were found in French and in England. In the 15th century, the
the street in the secluded North were loved and we were encour- German churches and decoratively apex of the high Gothic era, stained
Denver neighborhood. An ornate aged to read about the world” glass became so sophisticated
wrought iron fence surrounds the Roybal, who began to drawing at that even today this period
huge lot of pine and oak trees beck- 10 years old, recalls the first time he is considered the crowning
oning visitors to push through its saw his brothers home-made soap glory of the art form.
heavy gate and wander the leaf-lit- box derby. “My brother Joe made The Renaissance era sadly
tered pathways leading to the faux this great soap box derby. It was brought the art of stained
adobe home decorated with intri- red and shiny and the craftsman- glass into a 300-year period
cate tile work. This could easily be ship that went into it stunned me. I where windows were only
the Chicano version of the infamous knew then that human beings were heavily painted white glass
“Ginger Bread House” of European blessed with an ability to create and the original symbolism
fairy tales. Small nichos, courtyards beauty.” and innate beauty of stained
and sculptors adorn every square This fascination with color, line glass was forgotten.
foot. and structure fueled in Roybal a Roybal is, in a way, a
Inside the home, delights are burning desire to experience first- modern day version of the
beyond all wild imaginings. Every hand the great works of the mas- old masters. He has spent his
window is adorned with elaborate ters. After he got out of the Navy adulthood making a liveli-
stained glass murals. The walls are in the late 1960s he worked to save hood in the personal care
covered with the works of some money and then took off on what he industry, but every spare
of Denver’s most famous Chicano calls his “Grand Tour” of Europe. moment before and after his
artists and even the furniture is He spent months traveling Holland, day job is spent on his pas-
hand-crafted work of art. Welcome Germany, Italy and France. There he sion: recreating and redefin-
to Casa de Cel Roybal, master crafts- fell in with the grandeur of stained ing the art of stained glass.
man. He is a painter, a sculptor glass windows that adorn nearly “His techniques are metic-
and most notably one of the finest every church and significant build- ulous; his attention to detail,
stained glass window makers in the ing. his design, and his mastery
Southwest. After returning home, he enrolled of the art form are unsur-
Roybal at 60 something years at C.U. Boulder and majored in his- passed. I believe he is one of
old, comes by his talent naturally. tory. For Roybal this was an epiph- the last of the true modern
The son of farmers from the San any; he began his life-long jour- day master.” Said Stevon
Luis Valley in southern Colorado, he ney perfecting an art form that is Lucero, nationally celebrat-
grew up surrounded in the wealth both ancient and misunderstood by ed Chicano painter, “I have
of a people who valued the richness today’s instant gratification craft-in- never seen any one with his
of the earth’s bounty, the warmth a-box crowd. skill and he should be creat-
of sunshine on your face and the While the mention of stained ing Cathedral windows. He
cacophony of nature’s palate. glass conjures visions of grand at the same time is a very
“My mother and father raised cathedrals and Victorian mansions, humble man and continually
seven children and were starkly it in fact has its beginnings from pushes the art form to a new
aware of economic hardship. They jewelry making, cloisonné and level. We are very fortunate
were from the era of the Great mosaics of Egypt and Mesopotamia to have a master of this qual-
Depression. If we wanted something as early as 2750 BC. By the 10th cen- Photo by Todd Pierson. Cel Roybal's stained ity living in Colorado.”
we could not buy, we made it,” said tury, depictions of Christ and bibli- glass is inspired by European masterworks. Roybal’s skill may match
that of the great European
masters but his images are defi-
nitely today and cutting edge. He
is comfortable with classic designs
and iconology but also brings a
Hispanic flair to his work that is
undeniable. His larger than life ren-
ditions of Quetzalcoatl, La Muertes,
and Frieda Kahlo grace some of
Denvers most famous galleries.
Every Dia de Los Muertos he cre-
ates new windows for the Chicano
Humanities Arts Council and the
Pirate Gallery. He is a legendary fig-
ure among the movers and shakers
3915 E. Exposition Ave. of Chicano art in Colorado.
(Colorado Blvd. and Exposition) When asked about his most
prolific pieces, he shies away from
Denver’s the overwhelming task he must
describe. Perhaps one eight foot by
seven foot window contained over
Hippest a 1,300 pieces of cut glass, and took
over a year to create working night
If this “everyone’s home for and day. When asked about how his
the holidays” moment turns Fitness Studio culture influences him, he smiles
and says “I am a product of my
into an “everyone has the flu” familia and all we are. Their images
emergency, isn’t it nice to
Unique Fitness Classes, are my images, this is my life.”
He has produced over 1000
know you have a trusted ER Expert Instruction stained glass windows in the past 30
right in the neighborhood? -Zenfit Workouts (boot camp style) years, most of them taking between
-Fitness Dance Classes four to five months to complete. He
Porter Adventist Hospital offers a beautifully -Yoga for Athletes is a painter who uses finger sized
remodeled Emergency Department, expert care
Porter Adventist Hospital
-Lunchtime Express Workouts pieces of cut glass to paint breath-
3$OWNING3T taking images of beauty in motion.
and the peace of mind of being close to home.
We’ve been right in the heart of your neighborhood Located at S. Downing St. He describes stained glass as the
for more than 75 years, and we are the experts you and E. Harvard Ave. frosting on the cake. “I have a gift
want for emergency care: and I use it to celebrate life. For
Denver’s Healthiest Happy Hour! me everything glorious and sacred
orthopedic injuries and patients with complex comes alive in the stained glass.
medical conditions Every day is a holiday with stained
glass. I never grow weary of creat-

720.379.3441 ing with it.”
To contact Cel Roybal call his
studio at 303-455-4805.
10 Years Exceptional Service
For more information, contact us at 303-778-1955
-- Renee Fajardo
or Certified * Professional

CEN SR.018_ERCmpnCCNAd5x7.7BW_M.indd 1 12/10/07 2:11:08 PM

CEN SR.018 Centura — Porter

Page 6 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch December 14, 2007

You hear a lot of talk this time Joy
of year about the True Meaning of Longevity
Christmas. Usually it comes in the Wealth
form of a lament, as in, “With all Love
the commercialism and the hustle and Comfort
bustle of decorating, baking, shopping, Luck
wrapping and partying, we’ve forgot-
ten the True Meaning of Christmas.” Each month I chose one candle to
I came late to religion, so for most light and spent that month exploring
of my life, I celebrated Christmas as a the value it presented. How could I
purely secular holiday. To me the True attract more adventure, success, joy,
Meaning was decorating, baking, shop- etc. into my life? How could I bring
ping, wrapping and mostly receiving more balance, peace and fun into the
gifts. I refused to buy the Madonna world? What represented comfort to
stamps issued every year by the post me? It was an interesting exercise that
office, and my decorations leaned more reminded me of Christmas (and my
toward Santas, teddy bears and rock- beloved nieces) all year long.
ing horses than manger scenes. These days, I still love my quirky
After all, I’d explain, Jesus wasn’t little Christmas tree (another pagan
really born on December 25. Most schol- holdover), but I also display a crèche
ars think his birth came in the spring. and an Advent wreath. I find joy in
The early Christian church found itself finding just the right gift for my loved
competing with the older pagan tradi- ones and in opening the presents they
tions, almost all of which celebrated a give me in return, but also in donat-
festival of light sometime around the ing gifts to those who struggle with
winter solstice. It wasn’t until 350 AD day-to-day life. I appreciate the lavish
when Julius I, a Bishop of Rome, chose excess of holiday lights and displays,
as well as a quiet moonlit snowfall.
December 25th as the observance of
Christ’s birthday.
Once I joined Highlands United
To me, the True Meaning of
Christmas is loving and being loved as $ęģĚĤĥĞĒĤ
Methodist Church, I began to learn a citizen of our big blue marble. That’s
true all year long. More than anything,
Saint John’s Episcopal Cathedral
about Advent, a time of waiting, antici-
pation and preparation. Each week we this is the time of year to dedicate "ğ"ĕħĖğĥ1ģĠĔĖĤĤĚĠğ
light an advent candle symbolizing a ourselves to one another. That’s what An Advent Procession
sacred quality: hope, peace, love and Jesus did.*** Lessons, Hymns and Carols of Advent
joy. These are admirable qualities and —Dixie Darr Sunday, December
QN2 4:00 p.m.
I like the idea of focusing on one each
week. “Messiah” by George Frideric Handel
The African-American celebra- Sunday, December 9 7:30 p.m.
tion of Kwanzaa starts the day after )BOEFMT0SHBO$PODFSUP/PJO(NJOPS
Tickets $18, $16; seniors and students $14
Christmas and continues for a week, 4VOEBZ %FDFNCFS
dedicating each day to one of seven Tickets available at 303-577-7723 (Suzanne)
principles: unity, self-determination, 5JDLFUTPS4FOJPSTBOETUVEFOUT
collective work and responsibility, A 5JDLFUTBWBJMBCMFBU 4V[BOOF

Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

cooperative economics, purpose, cre- Saturday, December 15 Sunday, December 16
ativity and faith. 4:00 p.m.
Although the founder of Kwanzaa "'ĖĤĥĚħĒĝĠė/ĚğĖ-ĖĤĤĠğĤĒğĕ$ĒģĠĝĤ
called this “the sevenfold path of black- 4BUVSEBZ %FDFNCFSt4VOEBZ %FDFNCFS
ness,” these seem like qualities we
can all champion. Working together to
Come Celebrate the Festal Eucharists on Christmas Eve
Monday, December 24
make a better world at the same time Holidays at 34ĦğĕĒĪ.ĠģğĚğĘ8ĠģĤęĚġ4ĔęĖĕĦĝĖ
p.m. and 5 p.m. especially for children & families
we try to develop the best in ourselves 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.
is an admirable goal that encompasses BOEBN$BUIFESBM
Services preceded by 30 minutes of special music
the spirit of Christmas. The next step is 
to spread that spirit throughout the rest
of the year. 'ĖĤĥĒĝ&ĦĔęĒģĚĤĥĤĠğ$ęģĚĤĥĞĒĤ&ħĖ
Festal Eucharist on Christmas Day
A couple of years ago, my nieces Tuesday,4VOEBZ %FDFNCFS
December 25 10:00 a.m.
gave me one of my all-time favor-
•your classically
classically hip furniture
hip upscale furniture • BOEQN
ite gifts. Called the Year of Wishes The Feast of the Epiphany
Candles, it contained twelve rainbow- • fun, decorative, wonderful gifts •
Sunday, January 6, 2008 4:00 p.m.
colored candles, each labeled with one personalized service
• personal service • &
of the following values: everyday low prices
• reasonable pricing.

Adventure 'ĖĤĥĒĝ&ĦĔęĒģĚĤĥĠğ$ęģĚĤĥĞĒĤ%ĒĪ
Sunday Worship Schedule
Balance 303-756-2222 7:30, 9:00 and 11:15 a.m. Cathedral
Success 2553 S. Colo. Blvd. BN
8 a.m. Saint Martin’s Chapel
Peace 6 p.m. the Wilderness, Cathedral
Health University Hills West
/FF/NE)TEM 5ęĖ'ĖĒĤĥĠėĥęĖ&ġĚġęĒğĪ
Weekday Services Saint Martin’s Chapel
Morning Prayer 8:30 a.m.

Kids Consignment Boutique�

Evening Prayer 5 p.m.
The Holy Eucharist 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday mornings 7 a.m.
*Clothes*� *Baby Equipment*� .POEBZ'SJEBZ
size 14� *Furniture*� ɨ F)PMZ&VDIBSJTUQN

*Shoes*� *Maternity*�
*Dance� *Crib�
Clothes*� Bedding*�
A Unique Resale Experience� 1350 Washington Street • 303 831 7115
of All Sales Goes To Children’s Charities� 303*355*0191�
938 Jersey St.�
(between Holly & Monaco Off 8th�)� Tues.- Fri 10-4* Sat. 10-4�

December 14, 2007 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 7

Former Bronco Van Heusen

enters sport nutrition business
Max Muscle, the nation’s pre- ence library, full medical data sheets
mier franchise in sports nutrition, on the products sold in the store that
weight loss and fitness, has opened can be taken to a customer’s doctor,
its newest retail outlet at 1550 S. trainer, or other professional, and
Colorado Boulevard. Owned and certified sports nutritionists on staff
operated by  former Denver Bronco who can provide expert advice on
wide receiver and punter Billy exactly which products a customer
Van Heusen and his son, Billy Van needs and what the effects of taking
Heusen, Jr., the new store is Max them will be. Most innovative of all,
Muscle’s first in Denver and third in perhaps, is the interactive library and
Colorado. on-line meal and nutritional plan-
“We are incredibly excited about ning software, infusing education
joining the Max Muscle team and and knowledge with leading edge
building upon the brand’s already technology and electronics.  Called
strong history and loyal customer ISYS, the online library holds over
base,” says Van Heusen. “As spe- 11,000 articles on sports nutrition,
cialists in our segment, we look for- and the meal planning software is
ward to offering the highest quality fully customizable.
line of sports nutrition products and “Nobody else does that,” says
athletic gear to local customers.” Van Heusen, Jr. “The plan adjusts as
While the store built its early the exercise plan moves along, fully
reputation among bodybuilders and taking into account what you’re eat-
athletes looking to get huge - and ing and how and how much you’re
much of the store’s branding and exercising. It’s important, because
marketing still reflects this - Heusen, you’ve got to keep eating - and eat
Jr. reports that most (51%) of his consistently” to get the best results,
customers are women. Only about he says.
4% of their clients are bodybuilders, In addition to top-of-the-line
and the store’s main demograph- supplements (all the store’s Max
ics tend to be people looking to Muscle line vitamins are guaranteed
lose weight, get healthy, or boost to contain 102% of label value), the
athletic performance. With that in store also sells lines of clothing,
mind, Heusen and his staff have magazine, books, and can order in
tailored their approach, and rather some 4,000 third party products.
than attempt to sell supplements, Everything in powder form can be
they look instead to sell knowledge. tried at the store, before purchase.
“Let’s step back, take a look at Heusen’s wife, a former phar-
what you’re doing - instead of a maceutical sales rep who has now
quick fix, what you’re looking at is a joined the enterprise, has also given
lifestyle change. We’ve not sold peo- the store a more feminine touch, and
ple product, because we could see introduced lines of clothing from
that they weren’t ready for it. People Bea Brazil. “She blows us away with
are so used to being sold - they come the amount of knowledge she has,”
in with a product in mind, and says Heusen. “Her ability to work
might say, ‘I need this protein.’ Our with women has been great.”
response is ‘why?’ They’re usually For more information, stop by the
pretty surprised by that.” store at 1550 S. Colorado Boulevard,
The store offers several innova- or call 303-629-5326.
tions to make the store more cus-
tomer-friendly - including a refer-

You can go a
long way with
a great smile!

+̢͝͡-4ӅͥOȪS %.%1$
photo © Lynne Lawlor Photography

Nails by Terri
Do you like to get your nails done but hate going to a salon?
I am a licensed manicurist and have been doing nails out of my
home for 15 years. I am currently looking for some new clients.
I am located in the Lowry / Montclair neighborhood in Central
Denver and specialize in manicures, pedicures, gel nails (a great
alternative to acrylics) and handpainted nail art. I also do mini
manicures and nail art for kids. $5 off your first visit!
Call today @ 303-947-1121 to set up an appointment.
Page 8 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch December 14, 2007
Technology and families Mowatt Financial Inc.
Cold weather has finally hit and 12.5 minutes communicating with their
we’re moving our leisure activities parents each day! And communication
indoors. During this time of year it’s is important. It’s our opportunity to
easy to consume larger amounts of influence each other, crack jokes, give
technology - television, Internet, video advice, all of that good stuff. Couples
games, text messaging, etc. In my work are affected by communication defi-
with couples and families I often see cits as well. When couples struggle
the damage that consuming too much to create time alone with each other
technology can have on our relation- there’s usually time they’re spending
ships, as it can render us disconnected online or watching television that can
from one another. Yet there are also a be minimized to create more time for
number of fun ways that technology one another.
can bring families together. Everyone in the family benefits from
Technology has given us many con- setting limits on technology that causes
venient leisure activities. Yet what disconnection. (Most child experts still
recommend only 1 hour per day of
screen time in any form) In addi- David S. Mowatt Casey O. Hartnett
tion to its practical uses, families can
One study found also use technology to increase cohe-
President Investment Advisor
that the average sion between one another. The parent • Using a competent financial advisor can help to maximize the benefits of the
American child who challenges their kid to a Guitar
market and tax advantages that are often overlooked.
Hero competition instead of just watch-
spends a measly ing may lose but will probably create

12.5 minutes great memories in the process. A sport Mowatt Financial is highly known and respected, and has provided clients a safe

communicating with called “geocaching” allows families to and profitable place to invest their funds for over thirty years.
treasure hunt by using handheld GPS
their parents each devices and coordinates to find caches • Whether you're investing for yourself, your family or
day! hidden by others. (See www.geocach- your business, we have the experience, resources and And of course we can knowledge to keep you in step with the latest
show our kids how to use technology investment opportunities.
to achieve things greater than enter-
tainment. For example, take your child
we’re often unaware of is how we cease to and for every
Mowatt Financial Inc.
to interact with our own family mem- vocabulary question they answer cor- 383 Inverness Parkway, Suite 400
bers when we’re online or engrossed rectly 10 grains of rice will be donated Englewood, CO 80112
in a good movie. Most of the popular to the UN World Food Program. They
forms of technological consumption learn, hungry citizens of the world eat,
(303) 843-9500 ! Fax (303) 843 0447
are solitary activities. While we may be and you get to make that difference
watching television in close proximity together.
Securities offered through Pacific West Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services provided through
Pacific West Financial Consultants, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor.
to others, there is rarely much interac-
tion going on. Psychotherapist Angela Sasseville, MA,
A large body of research on today’s
5.715 NCC supports adults and kids of all ages. Advertise in the Cherry Creek News from
busy and overscheduled families indi- She specializes in helping couples and
cates that our time to converse and families strengthen their relationships. See just $89/month
connect with one another is endan-, call 303.875.0386
gered. One study found that the aver- or stop by her office at 44th Ave. and Lowell No other paper delivers Cherry Creek North, Lowry,
Hilltop, Country Club, Bonnie Brae and the Polo
age American child spends a measly Blvd. for more information.***
Grounds DIRECTLY BY MAIL every month. Brokerage for buyers

2245 Osceola
2938 Osceola St.
D 2245 Osceola Street
3329 Utica Street
2938 Grove
Osceola St.
Street 3ȢMǣӰǑOȠ3ȪOȪӮ 2978 2938 OsceolaStreet
Osceola St. 2938 Osceola
Highlands St.
8Ȣ͝͝Oɺ 1BD͕BHɚ
Junior Academy is a fun and safe
$239,900 $239,900 $359,900
$449,900 )ͽ͝JEBӲT $469,900 $469,000-$669,900
$274,900 environment
$274,900that allows students
$274,900 $274,900
new &
Quaint 1930’s &
"!%( home near Sloan’s
%! Lake. Remodeled
"! %' " *'with two
+!' Quaint 1930’s home near Sloan’s Lake. Remodeled with two full
"!%(  & %! "! %' " *' +!' Modern design&with
open Denver Squarenatural
floor plan, half duplex,
light, just blocks
"!%(  & %! "! %' " *' +!' Walk to Highlands Square and Sloan’s Lake. Wonderful 1/2
"!%(  & %! "! %' " *' +!' "!%( %! "!with 6 townhomes
%' " *'style
full baths, family room addition with gas fireplace, wood floors, baths and familyprogress at gas
room addition with their ownwoodpace.
fire place, floors, It includes
floors, custom1/2kitchen
cafes &with granite
from fine shops, nightlife. balcony,
gourmet kitchenopen "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%&
duplex new construction with designer finishes, hardwood "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%&
condos, modern design and finishes, priced from $459,900
coved ceilings, finished basement, covered patio with large 
")!&(#''!% &'%%"" ")!&(#''!% &'%%""  staircase with wood stairs, contemporary finishes
")!&(#''!% through out,
&'%%""  ")!&(#''!%
floors, custom kitchen, balcony off the master&'%%""
bedroom and  ")!&(#''!% &'%%"" 
coved ceilings, finished basement, covered patio, landscaped with custom cabinetry, slab granite, stainless steel appliances, original to%
$659,900 located*'
at 17th Street
fenced ,% *' #'"
oversized two car! %!
garage, %
Walk to %
the Lake! % ,%hour of#'"
*' organized
! %! practice and 1/2
% % hour
% theof
heart of Berkeley,
*' #'"1!
from Tennyson $̙ɂ͛ΝӅӂΝӅSǑNǣ[̢OH
% % % ,%
a study or *'
den off the living#'"
Units%! %for%
are pre-wired ,% #'" !&%!
Boulder Street
% %
%*'*"%!!*(%!! backyard, large two car garage, Close to Lake!
%*'*"%!!*(%!! character & details throughout, mantel & tiled hearth, built-in & trim.
%*'*"%!!*(%!! %*'*"%!!*(%!! %*'*"%!!*(%!!
Presented by CallBrad
Brad Lewis 720-971-1200
Lewis 720.971.1200 Presented by instruction
BradLewis for up to 8 times a month
720.971.1200 for Call
Presented byJordana
by Brad
Brad Lewis
LewisLebowitz 303-921-0332
720.971.1200 ͳȪӮMΕDǑҿJΝ͸ǑOȠ surround sound. Last Unit!
Presented by CallBrad
720.971.1200 Presented by
Lewis 720 -971-1200
only $89. (This program runs year round).
*** %"%&''" -  
-  ''%'!)%
Call 303.333.5411 ext. 33
to reserve your place. 
D LD ǑOȪXTѵ̢̢҅ӂD΍ͨ ce!
e! SO Pri

LD P w

SO w 8Ư"WȺ




Brokerage for buyers


St. 30872938
Place 4575 Tennyson
3329 Grove Street
St. 2938
it 1735 OsceolaStreet
Boulder St. 2938West
2837 Osceola
s tU

$274,900 $349,900
$274,900 $359,900
$274,900 $575,000
$274,900 $459,900
"!%(near Regis and%!
 & Willis Case golf course.
"! %' "All systems
*' are
+!' Don’t miss this &
"!%( unique turn of the
%! "!century
%'two story*'
" home+!'
with 14"!%(
Fully row homes
restored & &across
%! from
Denver Berkeley
%' half Park*'
" features:
just+!' Stunning city &
"!%( views from master
%! bedrm!
"! %' New*'
" sprocket tower
+!' Renovated
"!%( classic turn%!
 & of the"!
"Tasteful 2 story
*' +!'
in this solid bungalow w/new copper plumbing, upgraded elec- "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%&
Beautiful landscaping. This well maintained home has a newer roof, level
fromdesign w/private
cafes &rooftop
Newer40’ sky-litgourmet
fine shops, systems, atrium,kitchen
slab "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%&
townhome filled w/light! Attached garage! Amazing location, "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%&
addition w/large family rm, updated open kitchen w/ concrete
trical, new furnace, new central air, new windows, &'%%""
new roof and ")!&(#''!%
electrical, &'%%""
plumbing, furnace and windows. Main level bedroom makes  ")!&(#''!%
with ss applncs,
custom unfinished
cabinetry, slab bsmnt
granite, w/bath
stainless steel&'%%""
appliances, original
Photos ")!&(#''!%
steps from restaurants,shops, parks! 2nd bdrm &'%%""
loft/study -  ")!&(#''!%
counters and custom cabinets, large master, lots&'%%""
of natural 
% ,% *' #'" ! %! % % % ,% *' #'" ! %! % % %
from ,%
similar *'
project;throughout,layout ! %!will % % % ,% *' #'" ! %! % % %
new,% *' #'"
yard,%! %don’t
gutters all within the past five years. Hardwood under carpet.
%*'*"%!!*(%!! a%*'*"%!!*(%!!
great office/ den or a guest bedroom, Great Neighborhood! character & details mantel&&inclusions
tiled hearth, built-in & trim. great unit, hurry! One-of-a-kind, will go fast at this price!
%*'*"%!!*(%!! light, deck & pergola, shows great,
Presented by Presented
PresentedbyCall byRachel Grace Hultin 303-667-0609 miss!
720.971.1200 Presented by
720.971.1200 Brad
Brad Lewis 720-971-1200
Lewis 720.971.1200 CallKristen
Presented by Brad Lewis 720.971.1200
Moore 303-726-7597 Presented byCall Brad Grace
Rachel Lewis 720.971.1200
Hultin 303-667-0609

*** %"%&''" -  

-  ''%'!)%
December 14, 2007 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 9

Why settle for Beginner’s Luck

when you can have Beginner’s Fortune?
New players eat free at Fortune Valley.
Free to any new UC member with a minimum of 100 same-day unadjusted points.

Only 30 minutes from Denver, Reservations: 1-800-924-6646

take I-70 exit 243 at Hidden Valley or 303-327-2200.
to get to Fortune Valley.
Page 10 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch December 14, 2007

The Georgetown Loop

A century after the discovery ofmantled in 1939,
gold near Georgetown, Colorado, the but with the
increased interest in both history
Colorado Historical Society formed the
Georgetown Loop Historic Mining & and tourist business, the new high    
bridge was rebuilt with track and
Railroad Park. After nearly 100 acres
of land had been acquired through ties donated by the Union Pacific
the donation of mining claims and
mills by 1973, a restored segment of
the Colorado Central, mirroring that
Railroad to assure its being opened
in 1984. Today you can recreate the
experience early visitors to Colorado
of Georgetown. It included a 95-foot
first opened in 1884, was opened west
Although Georgetown and Silver
Plume are only two miles apart,
high trestle that reflects the history of

the first line. the two miles lie in the narrow can- $!   $ $
That original line had been dis-yon of Clear Creek. Those early
engineers connected them with a !   
corkscrew route that "$! ng and working
took almost twice that
distance to cross and like#
gaining more than 600
feet in elevation. Used
to haul silver ore from  $   
Silver Plume, the pres-
ent-day line’s loads are
4Dэ .̨D̙Ȣ͝MȺ
I’m John Doe   $ $
the tourists who come ǑOȠ)Ǒ҅W˒'JȢMȠ    $! #  
to marvel at the 95 foot I’m Kitchen Tune-Up.
high trestle and the  $  
magnificent scenery of
our Colorado Rockies.   720-841-6887

An optional walk-
ing tour of the Lebanon t


Silver Mine gives the t

visitor a glimpse of


the silver veins as the
guides tell the story of t
the mine’s history. 
You may board
the train in either
Georgetown or Silver
—Fran Schroeder
MP_CCnews3-1007.qxd 11/12/07 3:25 PM Page 1
and Corinne Hunt

Luxury Residences at Cherry Creek

333 South Monroe Street

Mid-300’s to $2 Million

900 to 3,000 sq. ft. single-level residences

Heated Underground Parking

Premier Fitness Center

Guest Suites

Entertainment Area

Catering Kitchen
Luxury Living in Cherry Creek
Private Outdoor Garden
Starting in the Mid-300’s Walk to Cherry Creek Shopping & Restaurants
Enjoy all that Cherry Creek living has to offer without spending a fortune. Luxury
residences at Monroe Pointe are exquisitely appointed condominiums with all
the amenities you could want. Best of all, our homes start in the mid-$300s.

Our unique design gives you choices no other property in Cherry Creek can offer.
Stop by our sales office at 314 S. Monroe Street. But hurry, because Cherry
Creek’s best address won’t be a secret much longer.

Represented exclusively by

Contact: Barbara Edwardson, Cate Dobson or Rhonda Knop
December 14, 2007 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 11

Dining Detective: M
M M M m m m m m 2+ ,#00',%*',%
Cheeeeese Denver—Do you ',#02*1',%$/-+,(2/5

suffer from Numbness and

Earlier this year a colleague and I as I took my first crunchy bite. I was Tingling down the arms or #/3#0-4,

were trying to select a meeting place, and very concerned that it would be overly legs? Most numbness/tingling 1&#/+

she suggested “Why don’t we meet at spicy, but the good folks at Chedd’s have
#/1# /
sufferers have no idea what to #!)'0!

Chedd’s and try to chat with cheese drip- found the perfect combination of peppers do when they experience these
ping down our chins?” OK, I thought, counterbalanced with the coolness of the symptoms.

she has my attention! It ends up she was turkey and mayo. It was wonderfully

Although there are --1 .',*-/"

talking about Chedd’s Gourmet Grilled savory without setting your tongue on

many causes of numbness/


Cheese, a franchise eat- fire. I am so glad I tried

&/-,'!',2+ ,#00

tingling one of the main reasons &##!)-4,1-1&#,"


ery featuring melt in your something new! All of

mouth cheesy delights.
the melts can be had for
is  to the joints, '"#2145'#4

ligaments, and discs in the neck If you suffer from these or other warning signs call
They are not known for 1906 Pearl Street the reasonable price of or low back. Damage may have immediately to prevent possible advancing
their cheese sandwiches, $6.25. occurred as a result of an injury complications
but rather for their GREAT On a superficial level, or could have developed slowly
cheese sandwiches. As 8966 W. Bowles, Unit O I might expect a number over time.
a certified cheese lover, I of people to be turned In addition to pain,
clearly had to check this
303.948.2421 off by the appearance of damaged spinal joints and
out! Chedd’s. On the day of
discs (cushion between the
The first thing I dis- my visit I opted to drive
bones) will place pressure on
covered was that this was north to the uptown
the nerves that go down the
not a ‘new’ discovery. Chedd’s has been location. In the corner storefront of what
arms, hand, fingers, and even
around for about 4 years and has earned appears to be a relatively new building,
the upper back. This ‘pressure’
the coveted “Reader’s Choice” award for Chedd’s is in a relatively quiet neighbor-
is the cause of numbness/tin-
best sandwiches from 5280 Magazine, hood business/residential district rather
gling. See '%2/#  When left
several “Top of the Rockies” nods, and a than in a more urban shopping district.
handful or Westward “Best of …” honors. Surrounded by new construction, apart- untreated, pain and weakness in
The lack of recognition on my part seems ments and condos, I was really surprised the muscles may be the even-
to lie in the fact that Chedd’s is off the to see the interior of Chedd’s take on the tual result.
beaten path. Their two metro locations appearance of a poor restaurant that has Generally, most of you
are uptown at 19th and Pearl, and down been ridden hard and put away wet! The resort to medication use. When the problem is in the neck or lower back, using
south near Southwest Plaza. Though furnishings are mismatched and range over-the counter, and even prescribed drugs to fix the cause of the problem is not
local institutions in their own neighbor- from plastic lawn chairs to duct-taped the answer for many. And if medication fails, surgery might be considered the only
hoods, unless your path swings you in naugahyde. The carpet is well-stained other alternative.
that direction you never learn of their and appears to have been ripped up in Dr. Alison Milbauer, DC wants to let you know that there is another way.
existence. Therefore, I am very happy areas to purposely expose concrete floor- To discover the “best kept secret” that has given thousands of people relief
that someone was kind enough to usher ing. It seemed very strange to have such without the use of drugs or surgery call to receive a complimentary Numbness and
me to this lactose nirvana. a run-down interior given the newness of Tingling analysis and consultation. Take Back Your Life.
Founded on the principle that great the area.
cheese comes from Wisconsin, Chedd’s There isn’t much “décor” to speak of,
boasts a menu of specialty grilled cheese unless you count the _ wall of Wisconsin
sandwiches as well as a “create your license plates or the map of Wisconsin
own” sandwich board that is equivalent inviting you to mark YOUR Wisconsin
to building your own pizza. They stock roots. I actually liked that last one, but
35 varieties of cheese, 12 types of bread, mostly because my dad’s family is from
and 22 meat and vegetable add-ons. You Wisconsin (look for my pin in the north- 303-832-3668
could eat there every day of the year and ern-most location of Cornucopia!) Insurance Accepted
never have the same sandwich twice! The Logistically it’s pretty awkward
basic price begins at $4.75. Add $1.25 for inside. Once you’ve placed your order
a meat add-on, and 75 cents for up to four you must cross back through the line
veggies. you’ve just been standing in to retrieve 

For those of you wanting to try some- napkins, drinks, plastic ware, etc. It is a
thing completely different, Chedd’s has very confined area that extends partially
twenty-eight special combinations that behind the order counter, and can only
are very unique and almost certainly not accommodate one or two people at a time.
something you might think of building Indoor seating is limited so you would do
yourself. This is where I turned when well to arrive earlier or later in the lunch
placing my order. I asked for their most hour. My 11 a.m. arrival put me there
popular sandwich and was quickly direct- before any other customer, but by 11:30
ed to the “Hot Gobbler.” This sandwich there was a line to the door of people
features Habanero Jack, turkey, jalapeños, waiting to place orders, and by noon all
banana peppers, onions and mayonnaise seats were taken.
on Vienna white bread. In other words, And yet, despite the aesthetic incon-
something I would never EVER consid- gruities and the logistical faux pas, I
ering ordering off of the top of my head. wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Chedd’s
But I decided that four years of public to anyone. They claim to be exactly what
appreciation couldn’t be wrong, so I gave they are, a great place for the grilled
it a whirl. Oh. My. God. This was one tasty cheese sandwich lover. They do not dis-
sandwich! Grilled to absolute perfection, appoint and I will definitely be back.***
the cheese was oozing ever so slightly

For 129 years,

students have
found a home at
Regis University. Lawn Care & Plant Health Care
Pruning / Landscaping / Irrigation / Holiday Lighting / Organic Mulch / Pest Control
Steeped in the Catholic, Jesuit tradition, Regis University

offers a values-centered education that encourages its

students to become the best they can be – intellectually and

as a person. Like its sister institutions Georgetown and
Boston College, Regis University challenges students to attain
the inner freedom necessary to make intelligent choices
about how they want to live their lives. Lifelong learning has
been the hallmark of Jesuit education for 460 years. OF QUALITY SERVICE

3333 Regis Boulevard | Denver, Colorado 80221-1099

1 9 4 7- 2 0 0 7
800-388-2366 |
Contact: Jon Elliott your neighborhood representative at 303.337.6200 or visit
Page 12 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch December 14, 2007

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