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1. Shays rebellion serves as a very valid example of freedom vs order.

Too much freedom was

given to individual states ultimately leading to a weak central government and disorder among
its citizens.
Shays rebellion took place after the Revolutionary War and was caused by uneven distribution
of power. The power was set by the Articles of Confederation which gave too much power to
states and too little power to the central government due to the bad experience they had
previously had with Britain and the strong monarchy. This led most states to focus their
economy on the merchants rather than farmers. Farmers then rebelled, however due to lack of
revenue for a strong military the rebellion took a while to put down. In his situation order was
sacrificed for freedom, yet it was proved to be a decision that was not very wise due to the
negative outcome.
2. Freedoms that are most important to me personally, are the freedom of self-expression and
freedom of speech, which go hand in hand and are both in the 1
amendment. Both freedoms
allow the citizens of their nation to freely express their beliefs, opinions and thoughts without
any consequence. Unlike many countries out the, the United States allows this. This is important
to me, because by allowing citizens to share their opinions, the nation is also allowing those
individuals to enlighten each other and that is vital in self-growth, therefore this is why theyre
important to me, because growing as an individual is vital.
3. The only freedom I may consider sacrificing (and am already sacrificing to a certain degree) is
the freedom to privacy. After 9/11 I, as a citizen of the United States I comprehend how the
violation of privacy could have stopped this incident. Hence, I understand and I am willing to
have the government see or hear certain types of information that I communicate in order to
protect our nation and its citizens. Which is included in the 5
amendment the freedom to
privacy of information.
4. Government should make their best attempts to maintain the safety of their citizens even if it
means violating certain rights.
After 9/11 America realized that there are individuals out there who wish to harm our country
and therefore out security should become tighter. Not only am I willing to sacrifice the freedom
to my privacy but freedoms or rights such as the ones that involve search warrants should be
removed. Due to the fact that the time that it takes to obtain a search warrant another attack
could occur. Hence, I would give up all my freedoms to privacy and that of the search warrant
because its for a logical cause; which is the safety of our country and its citizens. Sometimes we
have to sacrifice freedom for safety.