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With News of the Heart of Denver
Hilltop • Belcaro • Bonnie Brae • Glendale • Country Club • Cherry Creek
Volume 7 Issue 11  November 16, 2007
Jon Entine pitches Children of Philanthropist Josh Hanfling
Abraham at Mizel JCC - Dec. 16th announces for State House
by Guerin Lee Green
It's one of the best books of 2007. Founder of organization to support firefighters,
Former television producer Jon
Entine's Children of Abraham takes the
to run for Romanoff's seat
power of modern DNA research to by Heather Worrell Udall's Senate campaign as part of the
examine the core of questions of race, Denver's District Attorney Mitch Congressman's Finance Committee,
intelligence, and Jewish identity in a Morrissey and Denver Auditor Dennis Hanfling says he's ready for a tough
book of rare scope and power. Gallagher were among the Democrats campaign.
The author is stopping in Denver at gathered to launch the campaign of "I can't wait to get out, meet more
the Mizel Jewish Community Center entrepreneur Josh Hanfling for the of the people of this district," says
to talk about his book, December 16th Colorado House in District 6. see HANFLING on page 2
at 3:00 pm. Hanfling will seek the Democratic
Few mainstream books marry
scholarship and breadth the way
nomination to fill the seat of House
Speaker Andrew Romanoff, who is term
Inside the
Children of Abraham successfully limited.
Also joining Hanfling was Mike
Cherry Creek
News &
does. On par with Guns, Germs and
Steel, Entine takes history, biblical Huttner, who leads Progress Now, one

Central Denver
and archaeological, and cutting edge Author Jon Entine of Colorado's largest progressive orga-
genetics to explore the meaning of nizations.
Catholic churches with a Jewish iden-
racial identity in a world seething
with shifting perspectives.
tity in New Mexico and Colorado to
provide different patterns of connec-
Hanfling is more known in phil-
Entine explains how recent DNA
tion within the journey of the Jewish
discoveries show how genes can be
used as time machines. The centu-
diaspora. By examining accounts • DPS — Bennet’s big
of the Hebrew lineage of Ethiopian
ries of intermarriage and times of
tribesmen, the building of Africa’s gambles page 2
repression and isolation make the
Great Zimbabwe fortress, and even
genes of modern day Jews a particu-
the so-called Lost Tribes, Entine shows
larly powerful tool for exploring the
how legend and fact now meet. • Buckley Annex/
past. The same factors make Jewish
genes a powerful tool understand-
Not shy of controversy, Entine’s Lowry redev decried
previous book, Taboo:Why Black
ing and, hopefully, someday curing,
Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We’re page 2
diseases with a prominent genetic
Afraid to Talk About It, arose from his
component. Josh Hanfling will challenge for the Statehouse
work as a producer for Tom Brokaw
Entine’s story leaps from syna-
at NBC. • Denver’s Strengthening
gogues in the mountains of India to anthropic circles than political ones,
having founded the non-profit Friends Neighborhoods turns 10
Optimists charge forward of the Denver Fire Department, and
long chaired the Denver Justice Council,
page 17
by Devon Barclay Pam Kirk, who now works with which support law enforcement and
When Buffalo Bill Cody was still kids through the club on an ongoing crime victims. •Doggy Cafés page 18
alive, Denver saw the formation basis at Valdez Elementary. Hanfling founded his first business
of one of the world's first Optimist "These kids just melt your heart - in college, a recycling concern, Aardvark
Clubs. In what would later become I come up from Castle Rock, because Recycling. He also began a high-tech
the Mile Hi Optimist Club, in 1916 I just think its such a cool thing. I startup in Denver, Aartronics.
a group of Denver businessmen like the values - everyone's just so Currently raising money for Mark

decided it would be good to set a nice here. And you don't have to



weekly meeting to get together and make up the meetings you miss,"

talk hopefully about the city they she says, something that sometimes


lived in. Over the years, new mem- happens at other service organiza-
bers joined, and in 1988 the club tions. This, among other challenges,


accepted its first female members. has been one of the obstacles that
Now, the club is one of the oldest has prevented many new members
and most successful Optimist clubs from joining volunteer organizations


in the country, and works to be a in recent years. With increasingly


"friend of the youth" by offering hectic schedules, greater demands

Check for locations

and supporting a suite of programs on time than ever before, and the
throughout the year that give mem- rigors of the workweek, it's hard for
bers a chance to work with young many to get involved. Helping out
people and help make society bet- youth on one's own, as delightful as
ter. it is, requires the kind of time and

But, in weekly meetings at the preparation resources few can find

Denver Country Club, there's still on their own. It can even be difficult

a sense of the club's original feel- to find time for an extra lunchtime
$1 OFF

ews Dispatch

ing. Each Thursday, the Mile Hi

With this coupon Expires 8/07

meeting in the middle of the week.

Optimists host a guest speaker - What the Optimists offer, along with

anyone from Mayor Hickenlooper the social comaraderie and resourc-

to Detective Estrada - sit down for es that come with working with a

lunch, and enjoy the good graces group of like-minded, optimistic,

Box 460142

and fellow feeling that comes from hard-working people, is a degree of

sitting in a room with the distinct flexibility.
Denver, CO

purpose of looking at the bright

entral D

"It's a great place for fellowship,


side. to make new friends, and just get


"I lived in Steamboat, and away for a few hours," says Larry
thought, 'how can I be involved Andersen. "The way I look at it,

with kids throughout the year,'" says see MOVIES on page 4

Page 2 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch November 16, 2007

Buckley Annex at Lowry Bennet’s high risk gambles

For more than a year we heard that wrong. That all told, when all the risks
Redevelopment spurs outcry
The contentious redevelopment
Denver Public Schools (DPS) would
have to close upwards of fifty schools
are considered, they would rather take
your sure thing than endure the risks of
fact sheet.
plans for the 72-acre area on Lowry's Critics suggest that the process has in order to face down financial disas- the market.
southwest known as the Buckley Annex created a perception that redevelop- ter. They may be right. But don’t tell the
came under fire Wednesday night, ment of the Buckley Annex is taking Then, after drama and fanfare, only cheerleaders in the media or the school
when members of the four task forces place under the LRA guidelines, with a handful were marked for closure. board who follow their fair-haired boy.
charged with reviewing the project, the transparency of task force over- Why? Weren’t the green-eye shades Let’s look around. We are in the
Lowry residents, and public officials sight. These critics suggest that the task and dragons at the door? middle of one the biggest oil shocks
met to hold a final public hearing. forces are in fact just window-dressing, One of DPS’s big money problems in history-- a sure precursor of reces-
Still owned by the Air Force, the masking the reality that the LRA is not is its pension plan, which was sucking sion. The dollar is the sick man of the
Buckley Annex will sell the parcel to holding the project to guidelines at all, millions out of classrooms yearly. DPS, world’s currency markets. Blue-chip
an unnamed developer late in 2008 or but merely facilitating sale of the land alone among Colorado school districts, stocks (where Bennet would make all
early in 2009, for an amount that has for development while quieting neigh- goes it alone in pensions, instead of that extra money) are at a historic high,
never been disclosed. Lowry residents borhood suspicions.*** participating in the state PERA plan. due for a correction (most people call it
are already angry that development of Past mismanagement has left the plan a crash). The sub-prime mortgage mess
the Buckley Annex will not be conduct-
ed under the same redevelopment pro- Being a money-sapping mess.
So Michael Bennet, a Washington
lawyer who is the DPS superintendent,
threatens to submerge an entire sector
of the economy. Is this the best time
to take a gamble with other people’s
cess and design standards as the rest
of Lowry, and are concerned that the is taking a big, taxpayer-backed gam- money? Betting that you can outper-
proposed project - calling for some 800 ble. He is going to bet that DPS pension form your investors by 2% a year, year
new living units in a series of six- and continued from page ONE managers can do well enough in the after year?
seven-storey buildings - will increase I'm working, and I'm going to have market to outperform a lower-interest Maybe. But not without full disclo-
Lowry's congestion, noise, and pollu- to buy lunch one way or another." loan. The fancy term for this is interest- sure and debate, something this school
tion, block the area's mountain view, While the two hour lunch at the rate swap. For many financial play- board is petrified of. Oh yeah. The last
and detract from the award-winning country club is probably more than time DPS did a complicated financial
standards of the rest of Lowry. he'd have alloted to himself other- The last time DPS deal with its pension fund, it screwed
At the meeting, it became clear that wise, "this is well worth it." up the cost of benefits to the tune of $80
did a complicated million. That was back in 2001. In fact,
many are also concerned that the Task Much of the work of the Mile-Hi
Force process was itself a facade. Optimist club focuses on work at financial deal with its the school board never discussed this
"The quick take is that the task Valdez Elementary, in Northwest pension fund, it error in a public meeting, according to
force process is not being driven by the Denver. From bike safety to the David Milstead, the Rocky Mountain
task force," says Christine O'Connor, a PEAKS program, members volun-
screwed up the cost News’ esteemed financial (not educa-
Lowry resident who earlier this year teer to work with kids at school of benefits to the tion reporter or editorial page editor)
worked to defeat the demolition of both as mentors, coaches, and help- tune of $80 million. reporter. That led to a $400 million
Lowry's Hangar No. 2, and has been ers - and the members seem to get tax-payer backed hole. So, like so many
active in the neighborhood on develop- as much out of it as the kids they That was back in booze-addled Vegas hounds would say,
ment issues. serve. 2001. In fact, the “Let’s double down!”
"The task force voted for lower den- Right now, the Optimists are Bennet must be in a gambling mood,
sity, and then somehow last June the
school board never as this would explain why he is play-
seeking new membership. "There
design team came back with higher are several new programs we want discussed this in a ing fast and loose in politics, getting
density...the Design Team is working to do that we need new members to public meeting, That involved in school board races. The
with the LRA, and probably the city, to do - including hiking, nature trips, widely read blog
get zoning appropriate for a high rise." and expanding the Brain Bowl," says
led to a $400 million reports that Bennet has been backing
Says Gail Bell, member of the Andersen, referring to the club's taxpayer backed a slate of candidates including incum-
Planning Task Force that evaluated highly successful annual academic bents Theresa Peña and Bruce Hoyt,
plans at the Buckley Annex: "It's been
hole. So, like so and windsock Arturo Jimenez. Political
challenge. These programs would
a long process. The task forces," origi- dovetail with existing programs
many booze-addled donors have been told the same.
nally five, now four, "started meeting like the Optimist's Heritage High Vegas hounds would Superintendents conventionally stay
last February, and at that time three School essay contest, their oratori- out of politics. After all, the elected offi-
different plans were presented to the say, “Let’s double cials, who are actually accountable to
cal challenge, and their youth work
task forces. They solicited our input, down!” the people, hire and fire administrators.
board. "The essay challenge is great
and asked for a wish list of what would But when you have political muscle and
- there's a topic, usually something
develop into a wonderful plan for what influence, you can short circuit democ-
like 'define freedom,' and for me
would become of the location." ers, companies with significant interest racy and accountability. But it’s still a
it's my way of seeing what kids
"I'm very disappointed in the pro- rate risk, this is business as usual. For gamble.
write about, and what kids think
cess. It's been advertised as very open government, especially public pension —The Cherry Creek News
about. The oratorical challenge is a
and transparent, and it has not been plans, which are to be managed con-
great chance to have lunch with the
that. As a task force member, I've servatively, it is not.
kids in great social functions. And
received virtually no more information As anyone who has made (and lost)
with the youth work board, we take lots of money playing with options can
than the average member of the pub- youth appreciation nominations,
lic. They never took a vote of the task tell you, there has to be someone else on
have kids tell us how great they are, the other side of the deal. Markets are
forces, and there was never a consen-
and get an award," he says. not like slot machines, where you put
sus reached. I don't know who's mak-
ing the decisions, but it's not the task
forces. These decisions are being made
For information about the club's
upcoming speakers and events, or
for membership information, con-
in your money and pull the arm, which
may come as a surprise to school board running
continued from page ONE
behind closed doors." members. In fact, on the other side
tact Terry Barnett: 303-955-1129, or of deal is someone with hundreds of Hanfling. "This is the most vibrant dis-
Mayor Hickenlooper urged the*** millions of dollars, betting that you are trict in Colorado, with a strong tradition
Department of Defense to use the LRA
as the redevelopment authority for the of leadership."
Annex in a 2005 letter obtained by the Previous holders of the District 6 seat
Cherry Creek News. The letter states: include Congresswoman Diana DeGette,
"I strongly recommend your approval
of continuing to recognize the [LRA] You can go a former Governor Dick Lamm, as well
as current House Speaker Andrew
as the designated local redevelopment
authority for Lowry for the planning of
the Buckley Annex." It states that the long way with District 6 includes such diverse neigh-
borhoods as Capitol Hill, Washington
Park, Country Club and Lowry.
Annex is wholly contained in Denver,
but fails to include the land under the
LRA's official mandate. For its part, the a great smile! Observers expect a primary in the race to
decide the seat in August of next year.
Hanfling has the highest public pro-
LRA claims that the Buckley Annex is
"NOT subject to the Design Guidelines file of the candidates in the race, which
as the rest of the Lowry community... is also expected to included law profes-
Generally, these are properties that
have been conveyed to the LRA for 7HETHERYOUREINNEEDOFFAMILYDENTISTRY COSMETICWORK OR Hanfling's business experience
redevelopment. Since the LRA will not WHITENING WEUSETHELATESTTECHNOLOGYTOGETYOUSMILING should carry some votes in the race. "I
take title to this land, the [Annex] is have the experience of creating jobs and
not subject to the Master Declarations
and therefore not subject to the Design public sector to raise money and atten-
Guidelines. However, design guide- tion for public safety and law enforce-
lines specific to the Buckley Annex +̢͝͡-4ӅͥOȪS %.%1$ ment. I've seen what can be done with
will be developed during the rezoning
process through the City and County
of Denver," according to a circulated
photo © Lynne Lawlor Photography
 committed leadership to improve our
community. I want to bring that experi-
ence to the Statehouse.”
November 16, 2007 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 3

Share a cycle creates

holiday joy for children
the Cherry Creek News the personal challenges of higher risk FDA Cleared Medical Breakthrough
This holiday season, The Cherry environments to successfully complete
Creek Bike Rack will transform used
kids’ bikes into the gift that children
high school and become useful, pro-
ductive members of the community.
86% Relief
have cherished for generations. The Transportation Solutions works to
Bike Rack is spearheading Share A
Cycle, a collection drive for used bikes
foster a balanced transportation system Scientific Discovery
and increase the use and availabil-
to be fully refurbished and donated ity of multi-modal options, including in the relief of back pain.
during the winter holidays to children commuter trip options such as transit
served by Denver Kids, Inc. Bikes can be use and ridesharing programs, land- Now available in Cherry Creek.
dropped off daily during the month of use planning, community outreach and
November at two locations: The Cherry educational activities. The organiza-
Creek Bike Rack, 171 Detroit Street tion works with businesses, property
in Cherry Creek North;
and its companion shop,
Campus Cycles, 2102 S.
Washington St.
“We look forward to
making the used bikes
donated through Share
a Cycle as clean, safe
and fun to ride as new
ones,” said Tracy Fifer,
Manager of The Cherry
Creek Bike Rack. “This
is a great opportunity
to put those outgrown
kids’ bikes to good use.” managers, developers, institutions,
The Bike Rack, operated by employers and commuters in the South
Campus Cycles in partnership with Colorado Boulevard, South University Call For A FREE DVD
Transportation Solutions, provides
free indoor bike parking with private
Boulevard and Cherry Creek areas.
For more information about the And A FREE Consultation
changing facilities and gear storage, as Share a Cycle campaign, please call
well as bicycle repairs, rentals and gear Transportation Solutions at 303-377-
for sale. Additionally, this serves as a 7086. To donate a bike or for store hours,
community information center, provid- please contact the stores directly.
ing transportation resources including The Cherry Creek Bike Rack
bicycle maps, transit routes and car- 171 Detroit St 303.388.1630
pool matching. Campus Cycles 2102 • Dr. James J. Hoven Jr., DC
Denver Kids mission is to help stu- S. Washington St 303.698.2811 Spinal Aid Center • 4100 E. Mississippi Ave., #310
dents in Denver Public11/12/07
Schools facing
Glendale, Colorado 80246
MP_CCnews3-1007.qxd 3:25 PM Page 1

Luxury Residences at Cherry Creek

333 South Monroe Street

Mid-300’s to $2 Million

900 to 3,000 sq. ft. single-level residences

Heated Underground Parking

Premier Fitness Center

Guest Suites

Entertainment Area

Catering Kitchen
Luxury Living in Cherry Creek
Private Outdoor Garden
Starting in the Mid-300’s Walk to Cherry Creek Shopping & Restaurants
Enjoy all that Cherry Creek living has to offer without spending a fortune. Luxury
residences at Monroe Pointe are exquisitely appointed condominiums with all
the amenities you could want. Best of all, our homes start in the mid-$300s.

Our unique design gives you choices no other property in Cherry Creek can offer.
Stop by our sales office at 314 S. Monroe Street. But hurry, because Cherry
Creek’s best address won’t be a secret much longer.

Represented exclusively by

Contact: Barbara Edwardson, Cate Dobson or Rhonda Knop
Page 4 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch November 16, 2007
Cirque du Politiques Nightmare on Spruce Street
It’s hard to believe that we still have gymnastics event. Trying to outdo Seemingly overnight, branches to water. Again, the tree is dropping
over 365 days until the presidential each other as the most conservative dropped dead from pines and spruce. the weakest foliage produced during
election. Given the fact that the current candidate. The whole “conservative How can this be? the drought and severe water restric-
occupant of the White House has already enough” contest reminds me of What can you do? tions.
taken more vacation time away from Monty Python’s Flying Circus “Four Shedding of branches is a natu- Age also signals a reassessment
his job than any previous US president, Yorkshiremen” sketch where four ral process. All trees make decisions of resources. As time goes on, we as
or British royalty or even French Prime well-dressed men are at a vacation for branch shedding in the fall (ever- humans may not want to carry all the
Minister for that matter; let’s outright resort recalling the challenges of greens) or during the winter (decidu- possessions that we have accumulat-
give him the undisputable record of their childhood. Here’s some of their ous, leaf bearing). Evergreens (pines ed. We adjust our investments to more
the most vacation time taken by a dialogue for those unfamiliar with the and spruce) are the most obvious. One conservative issues. We might find a
world leader by voting this November sketch: day the branch may be green and the smaller home that is easier to maintain.
6th. So many would benefit from this Fourth Yorkshireman: “I was next it turns yellow, gold and finally Trees do the same, no longer making
bold move. George W. can finally earn happier then and I had nothin’. We brown. Deciduous (leaf bearing) trees new branches, but grow from existing
an accurate title “The Vacationer” and used to live in this tiny old house with are less obvious as the foliage turns for branches via sprouts. Larger branches
Darth Cheney can go… well, let’s just great big holes in the roof.” fall we don’t notice the dead branches may die. Trees may get smaller.
say we (I’m using the global we here) Second Yorkshireman: “House! You until the following spring when the While we have just gotten over
will be out of harm’s way once he were lucky to live in a house! We used branches fail to leaf out. the dead spruce branches, the same
leaves office. We would also save to live in one room, all twenty-six of us, Shedding begins early in the tree’s phenomena will happen to your leafy
millions of dollars spent on the entire no furniture, ‘alf the floor was missing, life. Recently transplanted trees grow (deciduous) trees this spring.
election process and use it to begin the and we were all ‘uddled together in little and their needles or leaves are Shedding is a natural process of
repair on our own country caused by one corner for fear of falling.” small. The tree makes do until it can which we cannot stop. Pruning along
the neglect of the past 7 years. Third Yorkshireman: “Eh, you were produce better branches and foli- with proper horticulture including
Mostly, we would be spared the lucky to have a room! We used to have age. Once the tree is established it watering and mulching are essen-
awful “swift boating” character attacks to live in t’ corridor!” sheds those branches with the weakest tial for long-term landscape health.
that will begin right around the winter First Yorkshireman: “Oh, we used growth. Pruning starts with training the new
holiday season as the primaries draw to dream of livin’ in a corridor! Would When times are lean, the tree tree for good architecture later in life.
closer. Nothing says Happy Holidays ha’ been a palace to us. We used to live assesses its options. It puts less energy Pruning should continue on an every
like a television attack ad! I’m sure in an old water tank on a rubbish tip. into growth and makes more conserva- 3 to 5 year cycle. How many times
many of you would agree voting now We got woke up every morning by tive investments. Think back to early have you said, “That was a dry winter,
would have so many positive benefits having a load of rotting fish dumped 2003 when we were in the midst of a bet I should have watered”. Watering
but alas, four years means four years; all over us! House? Huh.” historical drought. Trees put on less of trees and shrubs should begin now
so we are stuck with the current rogue Fourth Yorkshireman: “Well, when growth. For the past few years, water and continue while there is no snow-
administration and a disappointingly I say ‘house’ it was only a hole in the restrictions have relaxed allowing us fall and the ground is thawed.***
ineffectual Congress until January 20, ground covered by a sheet of tarpaulin,
2009. but it was a house to us.” From the
So for the next year, we get to observe
our political leaders participate in the
ongoing mini-series I’m calling Cirque
album Live At Drury Lane, 1974
It’s not just the Republicans who
are trying to appease their base,
de Politique, where the art of political,
religious, economic, social and values
contortionism will be mastered. It
particularly since their base is no
longer monolithic; the Democrats in
Congress are wasting more time trying
for just $62/month
would be somewhat amusing if our
country and world weren’t in such dire
not to offend anyone than addressing
the issues. Is it possible right now that
straits. The most recent episode took inspirational leadership can emerge
place in Washington, DC. at the Values from either party? I’m not sure. I
Central Denver Dispatch
& Cherry Creek News
Voter Summit! My invitation must do find myself longing for the days
have gotten lost in the mail! Since I of President John F. Kennedy who
missed the summit, I decided on the challenged us as Americans to ask what
next best thing - search we could do for our country. Perhaps P.O. Box 460142, DENVER, Colorado 80246
A quick aside, I confess I absolutely what we can do for our country is
love especially now challenge the candidates to tell us what Phone: 303.458.7541
that I figured out that I could watch their positions are without the input
missed episodes of “House” as well as of focus groups, look for the evidence • The Central Denver Dispatch & Cherry Creek News
“Real Time with Bill Maher” without within their experience and hold them
having to sell my car for HBO cable accountable. Is it possible? I hope so. is published MONTHLY free of charge to its readers. It
programming. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long year is mailed to more than 8000 residences in Denver, and
After viewing some related summit of Cirque de Politique! ***
video clips, it was like watching the —Rev. Laurene LaFontaine nearly 300 area businesses.
potential Republican candidates • The Central Denver Dispatch welcomes news releases,
perform in some philosophical
calendar events, photos and letters.
• Send releases and other information to
We do not accept press releases or calendar materials
by fax.
More advertising information, along with additional
editorial content, can be found on-line at:
garden design installation
Garden Design • Installation • Maintenance
Letters to the editor must be signed. We reserve the right to
Contact Karin Harvey
edit letters and other contributions for space. Publisher assumes
303-733-3793 no responsibility for return of unsolicited manuscripts or art. We
attempt to verify all matters of fact but hold contributors liable
for the content, accuracy and fairness of such contributions.
The Cherry Creek News is a legal, independent newspaper


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!$ $!&
surrounding neighborhoods.
* ( ! "'$) $ For advertising information, call 303.458.7541. Discounted rates
* $$!%"##!$!%#"$&&"!
* !!!$#$&"!
*&"!  !$%
for new advertisers with special promotions.
" !!'&) " #%%"!!$
* "%#&&&$%
*&!$%"! $ %%%&!
Guerin Lee Green, Publisher and Editor
* & "'%#!
Laura Douglas, Managing Editor
  * #") !&##"$&'!&% "$

'$&   $($%
Devon Barclay, Associate Publisher
November 16, 2007 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 5

Black Friday Timeline

11/22/07 - 10:12-11:55 P.M. Post- there is still access to ESPN. Remove the way to shopping
Thanksgiving kitchen cleanup: pack- items from shopping cart. Polish off center. Ignore disap-
age leftovers, hand-wash Grandma’s Christmas champagne. proving looks from
china and silver, scrub pots and pans. sober friend. Enter big-
Polish off Thanksgiving Chardonnay. 11/23/07 - 2:10 A.M. - 3:45 A.M. box retail store. Add cappuccino
Place blanket over snoring signif- Visit web site of major home improve- maker, portable DVD player and
icant other ensconced in recliner. ment store. Add screw drivers, step- iPod to shopping cart. Contemplate
Attempt to debone turkey. Sustain ladder and snow shovel to shopping sad demise of snoring significant
deep knife cuts on first three fingers cart. Contemplate lazy worthless other. Add big-screen hi-def LCD
of left hand. Curse loud enough for significant other snoring in recliner. TV with home theater system to
snoring significant other to hear. Remove snow shovel from shopping shopping cart. Mull over amount
No response. Break open Christmas cart. Add snow blower. Pull cork on of life insurance benefits. Add dis-
champagne. Place gross disgusting Christmas Cabernet. Continue shop- count diamond tennis bracelet and
carcass of non-deboned turkey in ping on home improvement store matching earrings to shopping cart.
trash bag and carry to garbage can web site. Buy floor coverings, win- Ignore disapproving looks from
in alley. Wade through knee-deep dow treatments and siding. Rethink sober friend. 3915 E. Exposition Ave.
leaves not yet raked by lazy snoring purchase after realizing rundown (Colorado Blvd. and Exposition)
significant other. Return to house. aging 1,200-square-foot bungalow 11/23/07 - 11:45 A.M. - Return
Have another glass of champagne.
Viva Thanksgiving. Almost time to
cannot be converted to spacious,
elegant, high-tech modern-day pal-
home after real-time bargain shop- Denver’s
ping binge at local big-box retailer.
log on. ace, especially with no help from Log on to realtor web site. Firm up

11/23/07 - 12:15-2:10 A.M. Black

slothful unmotivated lazy snoring
significant other. Remove items from
offer on Tudor-style Cherry Hills
Village mansion. Place gross dis-
Friday. Log on. Prepare for battle. shopping cart. Cancel cable account. gusting carcass of non-breathing
Early-bird on-line bargains abound.
Visit web site of big-box retailer. Add
Have another glass of Cabernet. significant other in trash bag and
carry to garbage can in alley. Return
Fitness Studio
three lighted chrome mirrors to shop- 11/23/07 - 3:45 A.M. - 4:30 A.M. to house. Break open New Year’s
ping cart, one for every bathroom in Log on to realtor web site. Surf champagne. Unique Fitness Classes,
the house. Rethink purchase after new home listings. Marvel at spa- —Teresa Keegan
realizing swanky lighted chrome cious, elegant, beautifully decorat-
Expert Instruction
mirrors will highlight every facial ed high-tech modern-day palaces. -Zenfit Workouts (boot camp style)
line and wrinkle in luminous detail. Contemplate ungrateful loutish -Fitness Dance Classes
Remove items from shopping cart. snoring significant other ensconced -Yoga for Athletes
Add $500 stainless steel cooking set, in recliner. Make offer on Tudor-
-Lunchtime Express Workouts
on sale for $225. Rethink purchase style Cherry Hills Village mansion.
after realizing mac ‘n cheese can
be prepared equally as well in big-
Check beneficiary on life insurance
policy. Place plastic bag over face of also...
box retailer’s discount $30 micro- snoring significant other. Polish off
wave. Remove items from shopping Christmas Cabernet. Denver’s Healthiest Happy Hour!
cart. Add 253-piece tool set for lazy
worthless snoring significant other. 11/23/07: - 4:55 A.M.- Predawn
Rethink purchase after realizing said pickup by sober friend for live, real-
significant other will never remodel
kitchen or bathroom, at least while
time bargain shopping at local big-
box retailer. Sing "Material Girl" all 720.379.3441
10 Years Exceptional Service

Handel’s Messiah
Certified * Professional

Sunday, Dec. 9, 7:30 p.m.

1350 Washington Street

Whatever your spiritual tradition or path,

we invite you to step away from the hectic
preparations of the season. Spend an evening in
the soaring setting of the Cathedral, absorbed in
the music of The Messiah.

Richard Robertson will play

a Handel concerto prior to
the choral performance.

Tickets are $18 and $16

$14 for seniors and students.

Call 303-577-7723 after Oct. 23

Page 6 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver
keyline Dlive
We do expect to see this white space around the keyline;
is inset .25 from ispatch November 16, 2007
area of ad. Thanks.

Links of Lagniappe
Lagniappe is a pop- To Judy this may not have seemed
ular term in Southern like a big sacrifice; after all, her bread
Louisiana, which means
“an extra or unexpected
gift or benefit.” It comes from New World
maker is just collecting dust in the
cabinet. But to Joyce, whose bread
hospitality hinged on that device,
“best of the best”
Spanish la ñapa, "the gift," and ultimate- the kind-hearted gesture warmed
ly from Quechua yapay, "to give more." her heart.

Over the last month, I have been

The interesting thing about the
incident to me is that Joyce had just R A N K I N G S.
contemplating whose story would be given me a special gift that very
an interesting one to tell for this col- afternoon. A gift that may not have
umn. There are so many people to meant much to her – but meant the
write about – everyone has a story. It’s world to me. When I was recuperat-
not a matter of whether there is one. ing from knee surgery in September,
It’s a matter of which one to tell? she and her husband Jim loaned me
And this morning, as quickly as their extra laptop. After all, what is
a child gobbles his favorite sweet, a writer without a laptop? Especially
the idea came to me. I thought about a writer confined to the living room
what happened when a group of us recliner.
were over at my friend Joyce’s home Now that my knee is doing well,
last night and she had made fresh it is time to relinquish the baby
bread for us, but told us her bread back into its mama’s arms. But I’ve
maker broke in the middle of her bak- become so used to it, I don’t know
ing. This caused her all sorts of grief what I’ll do without it.
in trying to prepare for the evening, Joyce recognized I have a couple
and saddened her to think of not hav- of large writing projects on the table
ing the appliance to make bread for and hardly time to go shopping for
future guests. the right deal. So, earlier that day Littleton and Parker Adventist Hospitals want to thank everyone for their vote

Job #: CEN_SR.011
Out of the blue another friend she said, “Why don’t you go ahead of confidence.Once again, both of these Centura hospitals have been named

File Size: 5.x 7.7

Judy, while swallowing her slice of and keep it till the first of the year.”
warm cranberry bread spread with My heart soared. What a gift!
“best of the best.”
homemade cinnamon apple butter, What a blessing! • Centennial and Littleton communities voted Littleton Adventist “Best Hospital.”
said, “I have a breadmaker I don’t use Then that got me to thinking • Parker and Elbert County communities voted Parker Adventist “Best Hospital.”
– you can have it!” about something I had done for a • Elbert County community voted Parker Adventist Hospital “Best Urgent Care.”
girlfriend previously – she was try-
On behalf of our associates, physicians, and volunteers, thank you for placing your
ing to lose weight and I made her a trust in us. It is our privilege to serve you by providing advanced medical expertise and
special notebook with copies of this caring for each patient like family. We promise to continue giving you our very best.
great Soup Diet I found in Good
Housekeeping. I also dropped off
Rankings provided by the Centennial Citizen, Elbert County News, Littleton Independent, and Parker Chronicle.

samples of two of the homemade

soups for her to try.
Well, that wasn’t such a big deal,
I reminded myself. Because just a
few weeks before that, soon after my
knee surgery, this same friend took
time out of a busy work schedule CEN_SR.011_BofB_Ad5x7.7_Mech.ind1 1 9/11/07 10:36:32 AM

to bring a delicious lasagna dinner

for our household, heat it up along
with bread, make a salad and serve
it to us, before going home to make
dinner for her husband.
How many times over the last
month have we given a gift – wheth-
er it is a sacrifice of our time, an
encouraging word, or an actual trea-
sure - and then been recipients of
an unexpected gift from somewhere
else, in an unanticipated way?
It shouldn’t surprise us. When
we give, we do receive. There are
principles of the universe in force
here. The Bible says in Galatians
6:7 (NKJV): “Whatever a man sows, art for today. . . and tomorrow
that he will also reap.” The wise
King Solomon said in Proverbs 11:25
“The generous soul will be made (303) 458-6540

rich,/And he who waters will also
be watered himself.”
Have you ever received a gift that

touched you in an unforgettable,
personal way? Have you given such
a gift? How did it make you feel?  %#

Kids Consignment Boutique�

Next month I would like to share
one or more of your stories! Please
send them to TellYourStoryToo@ with “GIFT STORY” in the #$
subject line. Or call me at 720-301- ""!# 
TELL (8355) by November 15. *Clothes*� *Baby Equipment*�
Until then, why not spread a little ! " &
Newborn to� &
lagniappe during the holidays? "   "%
Marla Lindstrom Benroth is a size # #
14� *Furniture*�
Denver-based freelance writer and *Toys*�
member of the Association of Personal *Maternity*�
Historians, has 25 years’ professional *Shoes*�
writing experience and a special knack
&2%%IN HOMECONSULTATION for finding the heart of the story. Slice
*Dance� *Crib�
   of Life stories, such as a special event or Clothes*� Bedding*�
milestone are a great way to start tell- A Unique Resale Experience�
%)LIFF!VE5NIT ing your family’s stories! Contact her of All Sales Goes To Children’s Charities�
at or 720- 938 Jersey St.� 303*355*0191�
$ENVER #/ Tues.- Fri 10-4* Sat. 10-4�
301-8355.*** (between Holly & Monaco Off 8th�)�
November 16, 2007 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 7

You've Got Mail

My life flashed before my eyes of ink they
when I opened the box. A lifetime used sometimes
in letters. I spent a happy afternoon described them
waxing nostalgic over all the stored as clearly as a photograph. A girl-
experiences. friend’s perfumed paper still wafted
There were letters to my parents faintly above the mustiness of forty
my freshman year, whining about years of storage.
classes and asking for money; letters Sometimes just touching that
from high school friends scattered paper put me back where I’d been
over the country; letters between when I read it the first time. All those
me and my husband-to-be the sum- kinds of paper – onionskin, long
mer after our sophomore year; let- skinny pages with flowers down the
ters from college friends during our side, 3-hole notebook paper and legal
nomad time crisscrossing the coun- pads and newsprint. Some were fold-
try, sometimes sharing an apartment, ed to fit the envelope; some were just
sometimes half a continent apart. folded and made a kind of wad in the
Somewhere in my 30s the flood middle. Some had envelopes hand-
petered out. Maybe I have another made especially for them.
box in the attic, but more likely, as we The envelopes told their own sto-
settled into our lives, long-distance ries – wedding invitations in heavy
relationships weakened until they velum, crinkly blue onionskin air-
consisted of holiday cards. mail envelopes (when was the last
Then, of course, email arrived. It’s time you saw one of those). I knew
easy to zip off a message to fifty of all the manila-yellow ones were from
your closest friends. You get instant Doug, the hot pink ones from me.
responses. You can store that whole The addresses and return address-
lifetime of information on one disk es chronicled our travels, as email
and keep copies of everything you addresses never can. Even the price
sent. of postage was an indicator of infla-
It’s just not the same. If you were tion.
my age in 2040, looking back over “Use the post and learn the vir-
your correspondence – but you tues of patience and silence,” Charles
wouldn’t. You’d have changed com- Frazier says in Thirteen Moons. The
puters ten times since that first fresh- character is criticizing the invention
man letter home. Somewhere in there of the telephone. I know the phone
you would have deleted most of the did take the place of much corre-
messages, or lost them in a crash or spondence. In my mother’s box of
they’d have been eaten by a virus. letters, now in my basement, there
If they were still there, they’d be is a card that says, “We hear Bob’s in
embedded among all the chain let- town. Let’s get together for dinner.”
ters from the Dalai Lama and humor- What a cumbersome way to plan a
ous cartoons. It would be work to dinner date!
tease out the ones you wanted, so But real correspondence, the kind
that sense of surprise would be miss- that takes patience to write and to
ing. That’s what it was all about. read, stayed around for a few more
Emailing ten friends isn’t very generations. I’m glad I was a mem-
personal – you might tell this secret ber of one of them. Would that I still
to one friend, but not to another, so were.
you don’t write it at all. People are -- Cyndeth Allison
more abrupt in email, less descrip-
tive, less polite, even less grammati-
Among my letters I found a hand-
drawn map of San Francisco show-
ing the Grateful Dead House and the
Airplane Mansion, sent just before
my first visit by a friend who’d lived
there. There was a long description
of buying a $300 Dodge Dart, and
a hand-lettered birth announcement
for a litter of kittens. Who would
take the time in email for any of
those? Yet each one transported me
back to the time when I’d read it,
where I was, how I’d felt.
An email is all content. The con-
text is your own PC, the same for
every message. But the content was B`SOb[S\bPgO0]O`R1S`bW¿SR;SRWQOZ2]Qb]`a^SQWOZWhW\U
only one trigger for the flood of
memories and emotions when I read W\bVSb`SOb[S\b]T[caQZSX]W\bO\R\S`dS^`]PZS[aeWZZVSZ^

those letters.
The letters were portraits of the ESeWZZVSZ^g]ceWbV(
people who wrote them. Everyone’s ■0OQY>OW\ 
handwriting is unique. The color <SQY>OW\  
b`SOb[S\b]^bW]\aT`][]c`B3/; ■



Nails by Terri ■;caQZS8]W\b>OW\

Do you like to get your nails done but hate going to a salon?
I am a licensed manicurist and have been doing nails out of my ■A^]`b@SZObSR7\Xc`WSa

home for 15 years. I am currently looking for some new clients. ■/cb]@SZObSR7\Xc`WSa

I am located in the Lowry / Montclair neighborhood in Central ■A^W\S@SZObSR7\Xc`WSa

Denver and specialize in manicures, pedicures, gel nails (a great

alternative to acrylics) and handpainted nail art. I also do mini
manicures and nail art for kids. $5 off your first visit! ;]abW\ac`O\QSaOQQS^bSRj1OZZcaOb!!!'"#
Call today @ 303-947-1121 to set up an appointment.
Page 8 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch November 16, 2007
Frank Bingham: a Lesson in "I'm doing the best I can"
Forgiveness author at Stylelicious Nov 23
This Saturday my family and I gath- me.
ered with our friend Frank Bingham Frank has now had a year to experi- “Did you really think parenting valuable lessons is that “when you
and others to commemorate a very ence the deep pain of being the sole sur- was going to be easy?” That is the supply your child with all of their
somber occasion. One year has now vivor. And yet he continues to search question author Lisa Hein poses in ‘needs and wants,’ you take away their
passed since Frank's wife Becca and for ways to bring good to others as he her new book, The Book: I’m doing character. When one takes all the time,
their two young children, Macie and honors the memory of Becca, Macie the Best I Can: They Won’t Always it’s difficult for them to understand the
Garrison, were killed downtown by and Garrison. (For more on Frank's be Cute and Adorable. Hein returns meaning of ‘giving back,’ and or being
drunk driver Lawrence Trujillo. One experience and charitable work see The home to Colorado where she lived for ‘self sufficient.’”
year of shocking, disturbing reality: Denver Post's Nov. 11th article online.) 27 years, and will answer that question The purpose of the book is to
Three beautiful people were torn away He is deeply wounded, for sure, but and discuss other parenting related empower parents and give them tools
from life in the blink of an eye by the not bitter. He could have retracted the issues during a book signing on Friday, to help them regain their passion of
wreckless actions of one person. intention he set last year to forgive Mr. November 23, 2007 at Stylelicious parenting and to help them develop a
I miss my friend Becca. She was Trujillo because it's too hard and none Children’s Boutique in Cherry Creek wonderful, healthy family. “When we
the type of low-maintenance girlfriend of us would have thought any the less from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. stay positive, focused and realize that
every woman should have, always of him. But no! Frank is still aspiring The book is a journey through our family is “under construction,”
pleasant, always delighted to have you to find a way to forgive! He has lost Hein’s own parenting experience in then we have no alternative but to
over for a play date. I miss Macie's EVERYTHING yet he continues to cre- raising her son. Hein learned hard, reach our goal and have hope to pull
sweet voice and Garrison's head full ate and manifest love and charity, not practical lessons in the art of parenting our family back together,” explained
of silky hair. Yet as deeply as my six- anger or hatred. and is dedicated to sharing her insights Hein.***
year-old daughter and I grieve over our Frank has inspired me to take stock with other parents. One of those
friends, our sorrow is merely a drop of how often I struggle to forgive -
in the bucket comparted to how much whether it's the vendor that got my
Frank aches for them. order wrong three times, the driver
Shortly after the accident, I start- who doesn't use his turn signal, or a
ed gathering newspaper clippings of loved one who let me down. How
Lawrence Trujillo. I was envisioning an would our lives be different, how
angry and cathartic art project in which would our households and our society
my daughter and I might deface pho- be different if we each endeavored to
tographs of him. My anger was sharp: give others the benefit of the doubt and
How dare he destroy that family! But to forgive them?
then Frank's minister spoke for Frank Please join me in continuing to sup-
at the funeral. Frank wanted to encour- port Frank with your healing thoughts,
age us to move beyond our anger prayers, and energy. Those touched
and try to find a way to forgive Mr. by Frank's experience can also support
Trujillo. He asked us to recognize that his effort to raise $2,500 for a memo-
the Trujillo family was also destroyed rial bench at the zoo, where Becca
that night. At a funeral service packed could often be found hanging out with
with three separate coffins containing the kids. Go to
everyone most dear to him, Frank set and earmark your contribution for the
his intention to take the moral highroad Bingham Memorial. Every contribu-
and asked that we join him in finding tion is significant. 5.715
a way to forgive....Woh. The depth of
Frank's character stopped me cold. In Angela Sasseville, MA, NCC has a
that moment I first found peace with holistic and strengths-based approach to
the fact that Frank's life was spared. counseling. Her specialty area of training
Suddenly I recognized that he had the is in helping couples and families to recog-
strength and determination and moral nize how their actions are interconnected. Brokerage for buyers
compass to survive and not get eaten Angela provides psychotherapy services in
alive by anger. I discarded the news- her office in Northwest Denver. She can be !&%&&!


paper clippings and started to forgive reached at 303.875.0386.***
Mr. Trujillo
2245 for what
2938 Osceola St.he had taken from 2245
St. 4185
3329 Utica Street
2938 Grove
Osceola St.
Street 29782938 OsceolaStreet
Osceola St. JUNIOR GOLF ACADEMY 2938 Osceola
Highlands St.

ehHecWdY[\eh( $359,900
$449,900 $469,900
Junior Academy is a fun and safe
$239,900 $239,900
Quaint 1930’s &
home near Sloan’s
%! Lake. Remodeled
"! %' =_\j9[hj_Å
" *'with two
+!' YWj[i7lW_bWXb[
"!%( home near
 & Sloan’s
Lake. Remodeled
"! %' with+!'
" *' two full Fully4.5
design& &
"!%( remodeled
with open
%! Square
%' half
"light, just
*' blocks
+!' Walk to Highlands
"!%( Square
%' Lake.
"Wonderful 1/2
*' +!'
$274,900 to
%! "!with 6 townhomes
%' " *'style
full baths, family room addition with gas fireplace, wood floors, "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%&
baths and family room addition with gas fire place, wood floors, floors, custom
cafes &with granite
from fine
with wood stairs, contemporary finishes
gourmet kitchenopen
through out,
progress atcondos,
duplex new construction with designer finishes, hardwood theirmodern
pace.and It includes 1/2$459,900
finishes, priced from
coved ceilings, finished basement, covered patio&'%%""
with large  ")!&(#''!%
coved ceilings, finished basement, covered patio,&'%%""
landscaped  ")!&(#''!%
with custom cabinetry, slab granite, stainless steel&'%%""
original ")!&(#''!%
floors, custom kitchen, balcony off the master&'%%""
bedroom and  ")!&(#''!% &'%%"" 
,% *' #'" located
% in,%
the heart of Berkeley,
from Tennyson Street. hour to%
of organized located*'
practice at 17th
Boulder of
hour Street
fenced oversized two car! %!
garage, %
Walk to %
the Lake! % ,% *' #'" ! %! % %
backyard, large two car garage, Close to Lake! character & details
throughout, mantel & tiled hearth,
% %
built-in & trim. a% ,%
study or *'
den off the living#'"
Units%! %
are pre-wired for% ,% #'" ! % %
%*'*"%!!*(%!! %*'*"%!!*(%!! %*'*"%!!*(%!! %*'*"%!!*(%!! %*'*"%!!*(%!!
Presented by Brad Lewis 720-971-1200
Call Brad Lewis 720.971.1200 Presented by CallBrad
720.971.1200 Presented Call byJordana
by Brad
Brad Lewis
LewisLebowitz 303-921-0332
surround sound. Last Unit!
Presented by CallBrad
720.971.1200 instruction for up
Presentedto by8 times
Brad a
Lewis month
720 for
Call Brad Lewis 720.971.1200
only $89. (This program runs year round).
*** %"%&''" -  
-  ''%'!)%
M[bbd[ii9[dj[hIfW Call 303.333.5411 ext. 33
to reserve your place.
)&)#*--#',+(š+&(&D M$(/j^7l[$":[dl[h"9E.&('( LD ce!
D Pri
ce! SO w
L w Ne

Brokerage for buyers


2938Osage Street
Osceola St. 30872938
DenverSt. 1927 West
3329 33rdStreet
Grove Avenue
St. 2938 Osceola St. 2938 Osceola
Yale St.
Place nit 1735 Boulder Street 5100 East Circle




$274,900 $349,900
$274,900 $359,900
$274,900 $575,000
$274,900 $495,900
Unique remodel
"!%( of a turn
 & of the
%! "!century
"Modern minimalist
*' +!' Don’t miss this &
"!%( unique turn of the
%! "!century
%'two story*'
" home+!'
with Nice
Fully Victorian
"!%( in a%!
restored & & great
remodeled location,
"! Square
" just+!'
*' blocks Stunning city &
"!%( views from master
%! bedrm!
"! %' New*'
" sprocket tower
+!' 24 New townhomes
"!%(  &adjacent to RTD’s
%! "! %'new South
" East+!'
*' Light
interior design, multi-functional use of space, concrete counters, "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%&
Beautiful landscaping. This well maintained home has a newer roof, "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%&
from fine shops,newcafescarpet.
& nightlife.Great
Newerproperty in a rapid
systems, gourmet kitchen "'"!'*!!&&$!&"!"(%&
townhome filled w/light! Attached garage! Amazing location, Rail! Design feature: Main floor master private rooftop deck, 40’
wood floors, vaulted ceilings, large raised deck, &'%%""
updated electrics ")!&(#''!% &'%%""  ")!&(#''!% steel&'%%"" original ")!&(#''!%
steps from restaurants,shops, parks! 2nd bdrm &'%%""
loft/study -  ")!&(#''!%
skylight, &'%%""
atrium, private garage and optional 3 stop elevator. Ask
% ,% *' #'" ! %! % %
electrical, plumbing, furnace and windows. Main level bedroom makes
% ,% *' #'" ! %! % % redevelopment
with custom
% ,% area.
cabinetry, slab granite,
*' #'" stainless
! %! appliances,
% % % ,% *' #'" ! %! % % %preconstruction
about ,% *' #'"Move
incentives. !in%!
fall 2008.%
plumbing and furnace. Cool House, come check it out!
%*'*"%!!*(%!! a%*'*"%!!*(%!!
great office/ den or a guest bedroom, Great Neighborhood! character & details throughout, mantel & tiled hearth, built-in & trim.
%*'*"%!!*(%!! great unit, hurry! One-of-a-kind, will go fast at this price!
%*'*"%!!*(%!! %*'*"%!!*(%!!
Presented by HOA estimated.
720.971.1200 Presented by
720.971.1200 Presented Callby BradBrad Lewis 720-971-1200
Lewis 720.971.1200 Presented by CallKristen
Brad Lewis
303-726-7597 Call Brad Lewis 720.971.1200
Presented by Rachel Grace Hultin 303-667-0609

*** %"%&''" -  

-  ''%'!)%
Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch
November 16, 2007
LE Page 9










5ęĦģĤ /Ġħǻǻo5ęĒğĜĤĘĚħĚğĘ5Ġ(Ġå







Page 10 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch November 16, 2007

The Denver and Rio

Grande Railroad
The Denver and Rio Grande a narrow gauge
Railroad, generally referred to as the engine, the con-
Rio Grande, became the Denver and figuration was 2-8-2: 2 pony truck
Rio Grande Western Railroad in 1920 wheels, 8 driving wheels and 2 trailing
Today it is a railroad that has been truck wheels.
absorbed into a larger system – the Narrow gauge is 3 feet wide where-
Union Pacific - as the result of a merg- as the standard gauge track is 4 feet
er. The D&RGW served mainly as a 8 ½ inches wide. Narrow gauge track
transcontinental bridge line between cost less to build— lighter, used smaller
Denver and Salt Lake City and a major cars and locomotives as well as smaller
origin of coal and mineral traffic, with bridges, smaller tunnels and could nav-
a motto of “Through the Rockies, not igate tighter curves. Narrow gauge was
around them.“ The Rio Grande was used in mountainous terrain where

the epitome of mountain railroading, the savings in heavy civil engineering

operating the highest mainline rail line work could be substantial. Also there
in the United States over 10,240 ft was more power because the rails were
on Tennessee Pass in Colorado and not spread out so much.
the famed routes through the Moffat The narrow gauge also had dis-

Pr emiu m
Tunnel and the Royal Gorge. At its advantages. It could not interchange
height, around 1890 the D&RG had the equipment like freight and passenger
largest operating narrow gauge rail- cars with standard gauge railroads
road network in North America. unless variable gauge axles were used.
The painting is of ENGINE NO. 491 Thus, expensive and time-consuming

Denver & Rio Grande Western 2-8-2 to run, the narrow gauge lines were
built in 1992 as standard gauge 2-8-0 small, financially strapped railroads
No. 1126.It was rebuilt to narrow gauge and unless they used variable gauge
by Rio Grand in 1928 and was donated axles, all the freight/passenger ship-

to the Colorado Historical Society and ments had to be manually switched
cosmetically restored by Cumbres & over to a standard gauge train, where
Toltec Scenic Railroad. narrow gauge was not in use. The nar-
It is long-term loan to the Colorado rower gauge reduced the stability of
railroad Museum in Golden. the train, so it was not able to run at
The engine was originally built stan- high speeds like the standard gauge.
dard gauge, but was rebuilt in 1928 to Fran Schroeder’s paintings in this
narrow gauge. series are for sale at the Berkeley Trading
The engine was originally built in
standard gauge with a 2-8-0-wheel con-
Company, 3900 Tennyson Street Opening the day
figuration, which means 2 pony truck
wheels, 8 driving wheels and 0 trailing
-- Fran Schroeder and
Corinne Hunt after Thanksgiving
truck wheels. When it was rebuilt as

located at:
Custom Pet
By Local Artist PARKING LOT
University & Alameda

Paula Veschore
(303) 382- 9880 ww w.SantasBes
November 16, 2007 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch Page 11

Dining Detective: $75

pays the rent for Kevin ($*
Taylor's at the Opera

I love the theater and I love fine slices of cold cooked pear had been !# ' #!
!# ' #! &##$)
dining, so I was really looking for- arranged on the plate and sprinkled
ward to our recent outing to the DCPA with walnuts and blue cheese. They
and Kevin Taylor’s newest incarnation were all stuck together, indicating that
at the Opera. While the theater was this was pre-plated as part of the after-
delightful, I’ll cut right to the chase and noon prep. Once the order was placed
state that we were all disappointed with the watercress was tossed with dressing
our dinner. and added to the top. It was fine, but
The ominous impressions begin at the flat, and certainly not worthy of the $9
entrance. Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera is price tag. The Romaine Heart salad ($8)
located below the Ellie Caulkins Opera was really just a Caesar salad, and with
House as part a dressing that
of the DCPA. didn’t remotely
The entrance is Kevin Taylor's resemble any
off of the DCPA Caesar I’ve had
courtyard, just
at the Opera before.      
east of the ticket 14th and Curtis in the Performing For my If you suffer from headaches and take medication to
windows. I men-
tion this in detail
Arts Complex entrée I tried the
Veal Scallopini
alleviate your pain, then you need to call the
303.640.1012  Cynergy
 Cynergy Chiropractic
Cynergy Chiropractic Center.
because frankly Marsala ($26).     
it is very easy to
miss. The door’s
The veal was
tender but over-
Discover what your doctor may not know
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poorly lit lettering makes it only slight- breaded, and the marsala sauce was cause of most headaches. Learn what medical studies have
ly more distinguishable from the other desperately lacking mushrooms or any
doors along that wall. Once you enter of the other textures one might expect.
proven to be the most effective treatment to date. And best
you find yourself in an empty atrium, It was served on a mound of whipped of all, this treatment doesn’t involve taking any pills or
eyes wandering about looking for some potatoes and topped with “oven dried
direction as to where you should go. prosciutto.” To this latter I must ask …
surgery of any kind! To finally find the answers to ridding
Fortunately there is a sign directing why? There was very little taste to the   
   yourself of headaches, 

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you down a grand staircase, but heaven ham-chips, and what there was wasn’t complimentary consultation!
help the individual requiring the eleva- complementary to the sweetness of the
tor for access. Without directions you marsala. It was more unpleasant than
won’t find it. anything, and quickly banished to the
Descending the staircase you feel bread plate. There were no vegetables 

as though you are making a grand served with this “summer” menu item,
entrance. I’ll admit to a few self-con- so the plate was little more than a
scious moments when I felt like I was mound of beige.
skiing under the chairlift (the only One of my companions ordered the
time I ever fall is with an audience). Angus Tenderloin with potato gratin,
Fortunately I made it safely to the lower grilled asparagus and Bordelaise sauce 303-832-3668
level where I was actually pleased to ($28). The meat was decidedly deli- Insurance Accepted
discover that the acoustics and décor cious, although the potatoes, which
really diminish the impact of the stair- were baked as a casserole and served
case arrivals. as a wedge next to everything else, was -POHNPOU4QJOF$FOUFS
The restaurant seating space may at overly crisp on the outside, another

Live Longer - Become

first seem cavernous but it really wasn’t sign of advance preparation and pos-

that bad. Colors are muted, the ceiling sible heating and reheating.
is treated like a star-lit sky, and faux The dish that suffered most from

an Optimist!
window light panels compensate for the advanced preparation was the
the fact that you are actually in a base- Roast Duck ($27). The top was moist
ment. Art from Taylor’s own collection (although greasy as duck tends to be)
decorates the walls with splashes of but the bottom was tough and leather-
abstract color. like, a sure indication that it was sitting
The menu at The Opera is promoted in a warming pan for some hours (if not
It’s a proven medical fact that Optimists
as “seasonal,” although on the night of reheated in the same pan from the night
our October visit we were still ordering before.)
live longer... Come visit us at the Mile Hi
off of the “Summer 2007” version. A The desserts were fine, but again,
quick check this evening (October 26) terribly overpriced at $9. For that fee I
Optimist Club and find out how...
shows that the same summer menu is would like to see more onsite prepara-
still in place. At this point, though, I tion and fresh ingredients. But the cakes
have to say that this is all a moot point, and tarts are all made at a bakery offsite November 29: Susan Walker, Community Sales director
because the menu was far from “sum- and simply sliced and plated with a
mery”. There was very little produce, little drizzle of sauce. While I’m sure
for Atria Senior Living Group
and what there was has been poached this is standard procedure, it seems a bit
or sautéed or roasted in advance of serv- pretentious to charge so much for some- Programs are held Thursdays at noon at the Denver Country
ing, so much so that it really wouldn’t thing that was, frankly, common. Club, 1700 E. 1st Ave. For more information, contact Terry
have mattered if it were farm-fresh or The cost per person for salad, entrée,
not. dessert and a cocktail was $75 with tip. Barnett at
Bearing in mind that the restaurant That is a lot of money for something
caters to the theater crowd and must that was barely average. It is hard to
therefore be prepared to serve and clear understand how the management can
all of their tables in under three hours, look patrons in the eye, knowing that
all of their dishes are kept very simple most of us have eaten at other high-end

Lawn Care & Plant Health Care

and can be put together in almost an restaurants and received freshly cooked
assembly line fashion. And because of meals prepared with loving attention
this we forfeit some of the love that and served with flare and style, and
we would expect for the prices we are knowing that their efforts are flounder- Pruning / Landscaping / Irrigation / Holiday Lighting / Organic Mulch / Pest Control
paying. ing in comparison. My conclusion? For
I began my supper with the “Roasted the quality of the food and the execu-

Pear and Watercress” salad ($9). When tion of service, I believe that most of

it arrived it looked like a pile of water- our $75 has gone to pay the rent for that
cress and nothing else, but a bit of dis- dubiously prestigious location.***
section led to the discovery thata few

1 9 4 7- 2 0 0 7 Contact: Jon Elliott your neighborhood representative at 303.337.6200 or visit
Page 12 Cherry Creek News & Central Denver Dispatch November 16, 2007

Boettcher replacement coming,

boasts city
With the Denver’s Elections concert-goers will be able to appreciate
Division reporting victories for ballot the excellence of the musical perfor-
issues 1-G and 1-H, Denver’s Division mances." The symphony center will

of Theatres & Arenas is providing include spaces for public gatherings,
details of a new symphony center to educational offerings, artist dressing
be constructed on the Boettcher site at rooms, a music library, and rehearsal
the Denver Performing Arts Complex.  and office space.  Both the City and
The passage of the ballot issues will the CSO have committed to build-
provide $60.7 million in public fund- ing a facility that will be comfortable
ing for a complete and much-needed and accessible. The project also will
renovation and expansion of Boettcher result in a new façade for the Denver
Concert Hall, the home of the Colorado Performing Arts Complex that will
Symphony Orchestra (CSO).  Passage draw residents and tourists alike into
of these bond issues also triggers a $30 the country’s second-largest perform-
million donation from the Colorado ing arts center. 
Symphony Association. Those private   The City’s Division of Theatres &
funds will add to the city funds to total Arenas and the Colorado Symphony
a $90.7 million design and construction Orchestra will jointly "assemble a
project.  nacoustical, architectural and construc-
“Voter approval of ballot issues tion team to design and build Denver’s
1-G and 1-H affirms the critical role new symphony center." The CSO also
that Denver’s cultural assets plays in will work with Theatres & Arenas to
the City’s infrastructure,” argues Jack identify a temporary performance  
Finlaw, Director of Theatres & Arenas.  site for the organization during con-
I want particularly to thank Douglas struction.   Details of Denver’s New
Adams and George Sparks, the chief
executives of the Colorado Symphony
Symphony Center:
•Acoustical fine-tuning of the con-
Association and the Denver Museum
of Nature and Science, respectively. 
cert hall will be a major focus of the
project, which should result in a recon-
Their leadership and hard work in sup- figuration of the stage, audience seat- You’ve got a vision. A fresh new look for
port of the Better Denver campaign led ing areas and other interior features of $%#%"!"&!'$!#
your kitchen, bath or business. Please
to these happy results.” Both organiza- the concert hall. #!$""" "&# #
tions spent tens of thousands support- • Approximately 35,000 square feet allow us to help. We’re the owners of the
#!'&" "!"
ing the campaign. of public space will be added to the Denver-based franchise of Kitchen Tune-
 #$ ) !#'!
Built in 1978 and suffering from Speer Boulevard side of the concert
Up. We are the only remodeling company
what the city calls acoustical, acces- hall, bringing dining and event space,  '##!"$$"#! !%( ™
that offers In-Tune Customer Service.
sibility, and safety issues, Boettcher an expanded lobby, education and lec- 4Dэ .̨D̙Ȣ͝MȺǑOȠ #%!'$!%" "###'!
Concert Hall will now undergo a major ture space, additional restrooms, and
 Whatever your vision, please contact us
renovation and expansion.  Denver’s retail space.  today for a free estimate. 720-841-6887.
new symphony center will provide • Musician space and support facil-   


the Colorado Symphony Orchestra ities in an addition of 13,000 square feet
with a new home that will include a dedicated to instrument/equipment   

state-of-the-art acoustical hall "where storage, a music library, warm-up and # #$ $"! 720-841-6887
#$# #$ $"!
musicians can fine-tune their craft, and rehearsal rooms and CSO office space.

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